Smart Gilas Pilipinas ‘Gangnam Style’ Dance (VIDEO)

 Smart Gilas Creed
Smart Gilas Assassin Creed  
Smart Gilas  having fun in Tokyo, Smart Gilas will be competing 4th FIBA Asia Cup (formerly known as Stankovic Cup) that is being held in Japan from September 14-22, 2012, while their competition is tougher and they have to work hard to make some impact, they also knew that they need to have fun and build team chemistry. Watch as Smart Gilas dance to the tune of Gangnam style.   
Smart Gilas Pilipinas ‘Gangnam Style’ Dance (VIDEO) 

 Will Smart Gilas win the tournament, what do you think?

Smart Gilas interview by Grace Lee

 Enrico flirt with Grace Lee
Enrico flirt with Grace Lee
Grace Lee interview SMART-Gilas Pilipinas members Marcus Douthit, Sol Mercado, Enrico Villanueva, Gabe Norwood, LA Tenorio, and coach Chot Reyes in  for Good Morning Club. Smart Gilas will be joining another tournament in a few weeks and this is the time for them to chill a little bit and have fun. Smart Gilas II will be competing against best of Asia in the upcoming 2012 FIBA Asia.
Smart Gilas interview by Grace Lee 

Embarrassing moment for Enrico Villanueva, sing Call me maybe

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The 2012 Jones Cup Championship Victory dance by Smart Gilas

 Smart Gilas Victory dance

The Smart Gilas II won the 34th Jones Cup championship against the team that everyone think is more superior and athletic than any other team in the tournament but they wrong. The Philippines was able yet again pull out another come from behind win with the help of LA Tenorio and the overall three point shooting of the Smart Gilas squad. It was a glorious moment for Philippines. 
When you just won a hard fought championship its only right to celebrate and be happy about it, while other will light up a cigar and drink champagne, the Philippines team has something else in mind. Gary David teach his team mates to dance to the tune of Rick Astleys Never gonna give you up. Watch the replay and highlights of Smart Gilas vs USA, click here

The 2012 Jones Cup Championship Victory dance by Smart Gilas

Gary David and Ranidel De Ocampo Dance after a win agianst Japan

The game against Japan was hard fought. They know that they will continue to strive on every game and not give up not until the time is finished. That is why these two player Gary David and Ranidel De Ocampo decided to celebrate their victory with a dance number that would reflect their attitude toward their last game against Japan in the 2012 Jones Cup. Gary David and Randiel De Ocampo dance Never gonna give you upDance after a win against Japan. Gary David, Ranidel De Ocampo and the rest of the team. ” never gave you up, never let you down, never ran around, desert you…”

Frustrating lost for the Philippine National Basketball Team!

by: powsalud|

Home court Advantage, reinforcements from the PBA(Taulava and Hontiveros), American reinforcement (Douthit), foreign coach(Toroman),Well endorsed team with a high profile financial support, International trainings, What else?
All these and more are nothing because Smart Gilas had failed once again, and they failed big time. They know that they needed to win this game but I guess they cant. After a very successful and impressive run in the prelims with no defeats, Filipino fans had high hopes that we have a big chance of finally winning this tournament.

But the Iran National team spoiled our big celebration and once again and again and again and again, I am not sure how many times I have felt this frustration with this team and I cannot believe that after all those hype we will end up being in the battle for third place.

I like Smart Gilas and I know that they are a young team with a long way to go, but as a fan I cannot hide my frustrations with the result of the game. However I still want to give credit to Smart Gilas basketball team for being very competitive in the game and for giving Iranians a good fight. 

I always wonder when will we see the Philippines back on top of the basketball scene at least in Asia? What is next for the Smart Gilas?

The Scores:

Mahram Iran 80 – Bahrami 19, Samb 17, Kamrani 17, Williams 16, Eslamieh 11, Sahakian 0, Kardoost 0, Babak 0, Davari 0, Davoudichegani 0.

Gilas Philippines 77 – Douthit 25, Casio 21, Aguilar 8, Lassiter 8, Tiu 7, Lutz 4, Hontiveros 2, Barroca 2, Baracael 0, Taulava 0.

Quarters: 20-21, 45-39, 62-62, 80-77

Smart Gilas slain the KL Dragons of Malaysia

by: powsalud|

Smart Gilas cruises to another victory as they defeated the Malaysian squad with yet another high percentage shooting at 51% field goal and 50% at the 3 points territory. 
This time it’s not just Japeth Aguilar who shone but 5 other players from the Philippine squad were in double figures including Dondon Hontiveros who was unproductive with his first game. The paint was also dominated by Smart Gilas as Asi Taulava and Marcus Douthit collected 26 boards matching the total of the Malaysian team.(stats here)

22nd FIBA Asia Championship cup Day 2 Results

22nd FIBA Asia Championship cup Day 2 Results

Al Ittihad (KSA)       vs      Duhok (IRQ)    83-75 (view stats)
Al Rayyan (QAT)     vs      Al Jala’a (SYR) 90-67  (view stats
KL Dragons (MAS)    vs      Smart Gilas (PHI) 64-95 (view stats)    
Mahram (IRI)           vs     Al Shabab (UAE) 90-73 (view stats)