George "Rush" St. Pierre – Big Announcement Coming Soon!

The Canadian MMA legend George “Rush” St. Pierre has teased us with UFC comeback rumors in the past few months.  Yesterday a Quebec radio station FM93 tweeted that GSP will announce his return to the UFC in the next few days.  Can this be true or is this just another rumor?  GSP fans, let’s cross our fingers!

Benson "Smooth" Henderson VS George St. Pierre ?

After his win at UFC Seoul Korea Benson “Smooth” Henderson had a cryptic message to someone during his post fight interview.  As he was taking off his MMA gloves he looked in the camera and said “Was that impressive enough for you?”
The MMA world has been speculating on who he was addressing this question to and why he laid his gloves on the Octagon floor.  This week Benson revealed that he was directing his question to former champ George “Rush” St. Pierre.  It seems that Henderson has decided on a permanent move to the welterweight division and he wants to test himself against one of MMA’s greatest.
Will we ever see this match-up come to fruition?  Since Henderson is now a free agent and George St. Pierre is also not on the UFC roster, is it possible to see this fight happen outside the UFC?
All we can do is wait and see 🙂