Some Sports babe plants her face on the ice, another highlights!

Have you heard the LA Kings Win Stanley Cup! yehey, well, we don’t really care much about hockey in the Philippines, not yet, not a lot of ice in our tropical country.

There for sure a lot of highlights in the game and if we show you, you will probably get bored but here is something that will put a smile on your face but at the same time makes you feel a little bit worried.

Following the Los Angeles Kings‘ Game 5 win over the New York Rangers to win their second Stanley Cup in three years, one Sports babes walk into the ice with her high heels and boom.  Check out this Sports babe faceplant on ice. 


Greatest Moments In Sports History

You can argue about the greatest moments in sports history and you can always say what other moments should have been included in this clip but no matter what argument we have we can all agree that the following clip has been immortalized in the world of sports. Basketball, Boxing, Football, Golf, Tennis, Hockey, Track, no matter what sports you like you can say that in someways or another have seen this footage somewhere. This is a a compilation of the greatest moments in sports compiled to us by the SeanGshow.
Greatest Moments In Sports History

Watch our very own Manny Pacquiao at 4:23 with his famous one punch Ko against Hatton

I am posting Hockey fight video!

Well for quite sometime I have not seen a hockey fight video, so why am I posting this now? Well same reason why you are reading this or will watch the video below. Anyways this video is pretty new  and the fight is between Giroux and  Reese.
Giroux vs. Reese fight video. 
Someone who knows hockey and not a wanna be tell me why the referee is not stopping the fight not until some one fall down, is the rule is same as boxing?!

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