Barangay Ginebra Defeated But not Beaten: Are you ready for Commissioner’s Cup?

Barangay Ginebra although fell short in the championship last conference, actually had a great showing.  We have to remember that they are the 7th place during the elimination and beating top seed teams is not easy.
We created this video to share our heart with the Ginebra fans.

"Joe Devance Is The Best Player For Me" – Leo Austria

Another frustrating day for the Ginebra fans as they listed another setback after being down with as much as 26 points. Coach Leo Austria said in a post game interview that when they have a good start, they win the game. “If we have a good start, most probably kaya namin ipanalo. We had a dominant 26 point lead.” 
After a threatening last stretch run of Ginebra, Leo Austria thought that Joe Devance is the best player of the game. “For me si Joe Devance yung best player of the game but fortunately we won so it’s being awarded to us.” Pointing out the huge contribution of the Devance who’s playing in the series in pain and getting pain relievers in each game just to be able to help the Ginebra team. 
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“For me sya (Devance) yung reason kung bakit nakahabol sila, they were successful dun sa run nila but the time wasn’t enough”.

Austria and the rest of the Beermen will try to bag the PBA’s All Filipino Cup Perpetual trophy on Sunday at Smart Araneta Coliseum in front of an expectedly sold out Sunday.

Score 94 – 85

Unsung Hero of Game 2: Joe Devance Playing in Pain

What is the definition of a hero?
Sometimes, it’s someone who saves the day, sometimes it’s Joe Devance.
After a disheartening game 1 loss to the San Miguel Beermen, the team was probably left wondering if they can really triumph against the mammoth that is SMB. It was really horrible for Ginebra from start to finish that night. The score was wrapped up at 109 – 82. 
Is it a mismatch?
Ginebra answered that question early as they surprised SMB with a scorching start and making a statement scoring 67 points in the first half and rousing the big crowd inside the Quezon Convention Center in Lucena at yesterday’s game. We thought it could be an easy victory for the Barangay until the Kings helplessly staggered in the third quarter allowing the Beermen to catch up.

That’s when the Kings needed someone to step up.
Joe Devance was that guy nailing 3-pointers in the crucial minutes of the game and taking it upon himself to make a move in the dying seconds of the game to take it to overtime. The score did not come easy as he was blocked from behind and had to pick up the ball and release it again on time for the buzzer. What a presence of mind.
Although responsible for some critical errors, he fought back and never lost his compusure. He has shown his never die spirit and without Joe Devance Ginebra may have faltered that day.
Joe Devance ended up with 16 points, 7 out of 10 shooting from the field and 7 rebounds.

Joe Devance Game routine, Injection for his plantar fasciatis

Joe Devance is the real hero of game 2!

Watch Joe Devance buzzer beater shot in game 2:

Chris Ross Leaked Their Strategy on Game 1 and His Excitement Going to Game 2

After a surprisingly dominant performance in game 1 against the crowd favorite Ginebra, the best player of the game Chris Ross shared their strategy coming into the game.
Chris talks to the courtside reporter and discusses the plans to go at it right away and make a statement against Ginebra. The plan was to take out the crowd and showed force and they did just that ultimately making it look easy.

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But the success of SMB will not come easy on the second game as they recognized that Tim Cone and the rest of the Ginebra players will sure bounce back and adjust.
Chris Ross is excited for the out of town game but before they travel to Lucena for game 2 they have to once again hit the gym.
SMB has shown over and over why they are the best team in the PBA right now and in the game 2 of the Finals they certainly won’t back down and give it away to Ginebra and tie the series.
Which team will take Game 2?

Coaches Battle: Ginebra’s Tim Cone vs SMB’s Leo Austria, Who Wins?

Coach Tim Cone and Coach Leo Austria

I am shaking in my Boots. Believe it or not that phrase came from the winningest Coach in the PBA and the current coach of Barangay Ginebra. Tim Cone is up against Leo Austria a long time a long time coach and a champion coach as well.  There is a good reason to be shaking in his boots.
Tim Cone may have a slight edge of advantage in coaching having more championships under his belt but it does not assure him of a win against the tough SMB team.

We know it will be a big uphill challenge and we will continue to battle for the championship. We will find a way to compete and make them uncomfotable – Tim Cone.

Tim Cone knows the task ahead will not be easy. The SMB is the top team of the series and had looked seemingly unbeaten in the elimination round until the playoffs series in which they also showed resilience and ruggedness  against tough opponent.

The first thing that most teams and people would think playing against them is how to stop JunMar and we know that already but JunMar is not the only one. We have learned a lot from our semi-finals series – Leo Austria.

This will be tough and exciting. The battle of full house vs power house – Leo Austria 

Power House and Full House, indeed it’s a good subtitle to this upcoming finals series. The smoke is almost clear and tonight the two teams will start another epic PBA finals series.

Let’s look at the accomplishments of each coaches.

atOptions = { ‘key’ : ‘2d50940ae9f4b271b70e6555ad6e8dc8’, ‘format’ : ‘iframe’, ‘height’ : 250, ‘width’ : 300, ‘params’ : {} }; document.write(”); Tim Cone’s accomplishments so far:

19× PBA champion (1991 Third Conference, 1994 Governors’, 1995 Governors’, 1996 All-Filipino, 1996 Commissioner’s, 1996 Governors’, 1997 Governors’ 1998 All-Filipino, 1998 Commissioner’s, 2000 All-Filipino, 2003 Invitational, 2007 Fiesta, 2010 Fiesta, 2012 Commissioner’s, 2013 Governors’, 2014 Philippine, 2014 Commissioner’s, 2014 Governors’, 2016 Governors’)
2× Grand Slam champion (1996, 2014)
3× PBA Coach of the Year (1994, 1996, 2014)
7× PBA All-Star Game Head Coach (1992, 1994, 1999, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2014)
William Jones Cup Gold medal – first place, 1998 Taipei
Asian Games Bronze medal – third place 1998 Bangkok

Leo Austria’s accomplishments so far:

As coach:

3× PBA champion (2014–15 Philippine, 2015 Governors’, 2015–16 Philippine)
2× PBA Baby Dalupan Coach of the Year (2015, 2016)
PBA All-Star Game head coach (2016)
2002 PBL Challenge Cup Champion
ABL Coach of the Year (2013
ABL champion (2013)

As player:

PBA champion (1990 First Conference
PBA Rookie of the Year (1985)
1988 Quezon Medalya ng Karangalan Award for Sports

Who you got?

Ginebra vs SMB: A Sister Fight That We’d Love to See, Players Comments

PBA Finals Presscon

The Philippines is a close family ties country. We are very much family oriented. We even live with our parents even as we become older. It’s every parents desire to have a peaceful and loving home and seeing a sibling fight is the last thing they want to see happen in the family.
Ginebra and SMB are sisters in the PBA for a long time. This upcoming 2017 All Filipino – Philippine Cup Finals however, we will see a start of a sister rivalry.
It’s been a while since we last saw these two teams in the finals and having both of them compete against each other would be thrilling. I guess this is the only fight a parent would be happy to see. And regardless, it’s a win-win situation for their Mother Company.
But what do the players think about the 2017 Philippine Cup Finals series?
Here are some excerpts from the recent PBA Finals presscon:

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Ginebra Players:
Japeth Aguilar – I am just excited to be here.
JayJay Helterbrand – It will be a tough series, let’s get it on!
Sol Mercado – It will be a huge task but we are up for the challenge!
Mark Caguioa – We are ready for them!
LA Tenorio – Our job is not yet done, we need to defeat the giant that is SMB!
Scottie Thompson – I just want to thank God.
Tim Cone – We know it will.

SMB Players:

Chris Ross – Happy to be back in the finals. We are one task short of our goal. We are ready to get the trophy!

Arwind Santos –  Even though we are sister company we will still go at it each other.
Marcio Lassiter –  We work really hard to be in this position and we will not stop.
Alex Cabagnot – Thank God and hopefully no injuryand may the best team win!
Ronald Tubid –  Tim Cone is a good coach, we need to adjust and be patient.
Game 1 of the PBA finals is today, February 24 at 7 pm, Mall of Asia Arena.
PBA Fans will flock to the venue for sure but before that, 

Let us know which team you are supporting and your comments on the upcoming finals series?

Joe Devance Only Needed the 3rd Quarter to Score

Joe Devance playing with Plantar Fasciitis didn’t mind the pain at all as he contributed 14 points in the 3rd quarter including a number of critical field goal that changed the complexion of the game. During the interview we were briefly interrupted by Marc Pingris, a long time friend of Joe.
Check out what this big boy had to say about his game. Winning also won’t be too bad as he will be celebrating his birthday on Tuesday at Game 7.

Sol Mercado Talks About His Divine Performance in the 4th

When you are in trouble all you need to do is ride the Sol Train. Tonight, Ginebra rode it once again all the way to the end of Game 6. Mercado who had a hot shooting night with 8 of 10 shooting carried the Ginebra and took over the 4th quarter chipping in 12 points and having a total of 21 in the game. Here’s what he got to say about his 4th quarter performance.

Ginebra Shoots Star Down to Take Game 6! Watch our Vlog!

Game 6, Star Hotshots leads the series and they only need to win this game to move on to the finals, while on the other hand Ginebra is on the edge once again and need to pull anything and everything in their arsenal to extend the series to a deciding game 7.

As usual Ginebra fans flocked the stadium in pack, the stadium was colored red as majority of the Ginebra fans came in to show their support to what could be the last and a pivotal game for the crowd favorite.

Chants of Ginebra immediately filled and rocked the stadium but they where silent by the early run as Star hotshots lead by Allein Maliksi who collected his early 7 points.

The bright colored red turned dim as the worried crowd felt it may be the end but  LA Tenorio and Japeth Aguilar different plans as they rose to the occasion early and finished the first half with a combined 18 points. Suprisingly, Ginebra led at the end of first with a score of 25-22.

At the 2nd quarter, Star was reminded that this Ginebra team just will not easily give up. Veterans Barroca and Pingris of Star came alive and helped Star take the lead at the end of the 1st half to 39-30.

For some reason, Star could not find the bottom of the net and the hot hands of Malikis suddenly turned cold. After a 9 point production in the first half, he was unable to score. Paul Lee who was instrumental during the early wins of Star could not be found as well as he had another awful performance with just 8 points from a 3 of 13 shooting.  The only bright spot for Star is Barroca who ended up with 13 points. Hotshots became a cold shot as quarter after quarter their production shrinked. From 22, 17, 15 and on the 4th they only had 13 points as compared to Ginebra who poured it in the second half with 53 points.

The Game ended with a score of 91-67 and with the crowd of more than 18,000, majority of which are Ginebra fans filled the stadium with inspiration and hope that on Tuesday at the Mall of Asia Arena their much loved team will take it all the way to the finals.

GINEBRA 91 – Mercado 21, Tenorio 19, Devance 14, Aguilar 11, Cruz 11, Ferrer 6, Taha 3, Jamito 2, Thompson 2, Helterbrand 1, Ellis 1, Caguioa 0, Mariano 0, Marcelo 0.

STAR 67 – Pingris 14, Barroca 13, Maliksi 9, Lee 8, Ramos 6, Melton 4, Jalalon 4, Reavis 4, Sangalang 3, Brondial 2, Abundo 0, Dela Rosa 0, Simon 0.

Quarterscores: 25-22, 38-39, 62-54, 91-67

Meralco retakes series lead at 2-1 beyond Durnham, Hugnatan’s heroics

Allen Durnham and Reynel Hugnatan led the Meralco Bolts to take the series lead again at 2-1, in the PBA Governor’s Cup finals at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum on Wednesday, October 12.

Durnham, who was shut down by the Kings in game two after a monstrous output in game one, paced the Bolts with 36 markers and 20 boards double-digit outcome, including his two free throws that decided the winner of game three.

Furthermore, Reynel Hugnatan, who performed fantastically in the court to back up Durnham, shone again with his perfect shooting from the arc, including a three that gave the Bolts enough space to keep the momentum on their side in the dying seconds of the game.

In the first half, Ginebra started big but Meralco attempted to cut it down as Jonathan Uyloan swished a big trey to give Meralco a 31-30 lead, and then Durnham and Newsome took over in doing the rest of the damage.

But the crowd-favorite Ginebra squad bounced back in the third frame and sparked a 7-0 run to tie the game at 51-all, and continued with a 8-5 run to steal the lead over Meralco, 59-56.

Both teams exploded in the fourth quarter, but the Bolts were able to find the perfect winning rhythm as they put some crucial shots at the right time, especially for Reynel Hugnatan, who shone again after his life-saving triple to stop a run established by Kings import Justin Brownlee.

Aside from Hugnatan, rookie Chris Newsome led the locals in the Bolts’ side with 22 points.

On the other hand, Ginebra import Justin Brownlee was the only one to score beyond 20s with 42 points.

Game four is set on Friday, October 14, at the Big Dome.

Ginebra to battle San Miguel, Santos ready for action

Defending Champion San Miguel Beer will clash against Barangay Ginebra today, 6:45 p.m, in the PBA Governors Cup at the MOA Arena in Pasay City. Both teams will try to win to improve their spots in the Top Four.
The Beermen will play with full arsenal as ace forward Arwind Santos back in action.
“I’m ready. Hopefully, makatulong ako for us to sustain a good start in this tournament,” said Santos, who missed the team’s first four games after undergoing arthroscopic surgery to clear foreign objects in his ankle.
Without Arwin Santos, the Beermen still manage to have 3-1 record with big performances of their import AZ Reid and locals June Mar Fajardo and Alex Cabagnot. Reid averages 35.2 points, 9.0 rebounds and 5.2 assists, with Fajardo chipping 19.5 points and 10.0 boards and Cabagnot with 18.7 points, 4.5 rebounds and 3.0 assists per outing.
The Gin Kings stretched their winning streak to three games last Wednesday with 107-95 out clashing Blackwater Elite after returned from the All-Star break. Kings has 4-1 record with their lone loss was an upset by Mahindra (103-105).

“Hindi lang nagkakakapaan na, talagang nagkakaamuyan na,” said Tenorio with the Inquirer.Net. “Gaganda pa ang laro namin nyan once bumalik na sila Greg (Slaughter) at Chris (Ellis),” Tenorio added. The veteran point guard and the Kings will try get the win to grab to solo second spot in the standing.

Ginebra are looking for a shooter right now

Everybody noticed what is lacking in Ginebra, and that is a pure shooter for downtown.

Here are some players that they can target before the start of Governor’s Cup.
Karl Dehesa – Definitely one of the up and coming young shooters that can give youth, energy and sharp shootings skills from downtown.
RR Garcia – He is probably having his best season so far. His type of play will definitely fit in the triangle sysyem of Coach Tim Cone.
Almond Vosotros – Not playing much as we want to see but we all know that Almond is one of the streakiest shooters in the league.
Most likely with the rumors lingering around the league, Dehesa will most likely the target of Ginebra.

Ginebra squad doing Extra EFFORT!!!

During off season there’s alot of changes in PBA Teams especially in Barangay Ginebra Team. From the head coach, assistant coach and even players. The management are doing their jobs just to have a good deal to different teams to have a good player. New coach — new system! 

Since the Ginebra team have an idea about the Triangle offense when former Ginebra coach Jeff Cariaso introduced that play to them. The players have the opportunity to improve their skills and adopt the play with the help of their new coach. Coach Tim Cone is the master of ‘T’ offense. 
The Ginebra team started their practices last August and everyday is a learning process to the team. Luckily they have enough time to master the new system before the opening of the 41st season in the PBA. Ginebra’s practice is twice a day, morning and in the afternoon. 
As I observed, the crowd favorite team most of the players are improving their skills, from dribbling, perimeter shooting, pull up jumpers and drive to the basket. After the practice some players doing extra effort to continue to improve their skills like Sol Mercado practicing shooting the three, Chris Ellis work out for the pull up jumper and even Japeth Aguilar. 
TALENT is nothing without HARD WORK. Never underestimate the POWER of PRACTICE.”

New Kabarangay The Laguna Pride: Dennice Villamor

Lee Dennice Villamor

Manila, Philippines – The Barangay Ginebra San Miguel who have been vocal about the changes they need in the team and specified that is in need of wingmen and shooters, has finally found a player that will fit the new system, and will definitely play a big role in the new Ginebra campaign.

Lee Dennice Villamor, a San Pablo City, Laguna native who started playing with San Pablo Central school in his primary level and Liceo de San Pablo in his secondary level made his step on the stage of his journey when he entered the collegiate league with the NU Bulldogs and showcased his talent by being one of the best defensive players in the UAAP with a soft touch on the perimeter and superb handling skills.
Villamor has now been drafted in the 3rd round of the 2015  PBA Gatorade Rookie Draft and will be representing the crowd favorite Barangay Ginebra San Miguel. Fans are now excited with this promising addition to the ballclub’s roster. Villamor, who also played for the Jumbo Plastic Giants in the PBA D-League has now reached his dream in becoming in the Professional league and  in a Team with the biggest fan base.

Writer : Nathaniel Jayson B. Sangcap

Nate Sangcap

Rodney Brondial Describes The New Ginebra Squad

The Adamson University cager Rodney Brondial has been expressing his happiness  and excitement about the renewed and improved Ginebra Squad since  the 2 time grandslam coach Tim Cone’s move and the upcoming roster improvement which Cone promised as he sees unbalanced roster of the crowd favorite ballclub.

Rodney Brondial described Ginebra as “Godzilla”, when asked via social media about the new Ginebra Team. It has been 7 years since the franchise won a championship and all the fans of the franchise is hoping that the 41st Season of the PBA will be the right season to end their title drought. One more thing to look forward to aside from the trades is the up coming PBA rookie draft which will happen this August 23 where Ginebra will pick number 5 in the first round will also make a big impact in Ginebra’s current roster as they try to balance the team’s current line up.

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Will Blakely be the next Ginebra Import?

Will Blakely be the next Ginebra Import?
A good future has been waiting for the Ginebra Squad, with the month-long celebration of Tim Cone’s transfer to Ginebra, does this mean that his favorite reinforcement player will come along with his new squad? 
Marqus Blakely, who became a part of the San Mig Coffee mixers’ success of having a Grandslam title will be considered as one of the top candidates in the next season’s reinforced conference of the Barangay Ginebra San Miguel, and there’s no doubt that the said import will be happy in joining the league’s crowd favorite. As for now, things are still blurry on how Tim will address the flaws in the roster but as day goes by nearing the 41st PBA season, things will be clear and things will be more likely be in favor of the fans as they cry for another PBA title.
And for every reader’s information, marqus is a good friend of most of the Ginebra players, chemistry is not a question a one sure thing to look forward to.

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Nate Sangcap

Former Ginebra Coach Jeff Cariaso hot-seat on twitter!

Some Ginebra fans asked former Ginebra coach Jeff Cariaso on twitter about his thoughts on the Ginebra team and to the newly appointed Ginebra coach Tim Cone. 
Marvin Reyes: How do you feel about the transfer of coach Tim Cone to BGK?
Jeff Cariaso: Excited for his new challenge.  
P I A: Does Tim Cone fits in Ginebra? 
Jeff Cariaso: TC fits anywhere, with the right players.
P I A: Anong nangyaring pagbabago nung nag coach po ikaw sa Ginebra? 
Jeff Cariaso: Japeth and Greg became the focal points. 
Angel Velasco: Who was your go to guy at the wing when running the triangle: Ellis or Mac? Why?  
Jeff Cariaso: No go to guy but LA, Japeth and Greg became the ones who saw more success in it because they bought into it. 
D-day: Do you think Greg and Japhet will unleash their full potential under coach Tim ? 
Jeff Cariaso: Coach Tim will definitely make them better all around players.  
Adam Jerome Hipolito: Now that Ginebra is under coach Tim Cone do you think they need to change some players in their roster now?
Jeff Cariaso: My opinion. YES…!  
MARSSS: What can you say po sa paglipat ni coach Tim Cone sa Ginebra?
Jeff Cariaso: Ginebra is very lucky.  
Myles Juls Rubio: Is Ramon Ang desperate on Ginebra that’s why he transferred Tim Cone?
Jeff Cariaso: And smart…!  
Cariaso has been a product of the triangle offense as a player under Tim Cone in Alaska during the 1990s, and was also an assistant coach for coach Cone in the San Mig Super Coffee team before he tapped as the coach of Ginebra for two conferences. The ‘triangle offense’ did not fit to run-and-gun Ginebra style during coach Cariaso. 
Can the Ginebra team embrace the ‘triangle offense’? We will find out!! 

Ginebra Fans to Ginebra Players "Maawa Kayo Sa Fans!"

Ginebra fans are now filled with happiness as they witnessed a great picture of the team’s future. We spoke to some of the ginebra fans and took some of their comments on the current stand of the team and the players that needs to be retained and removed from the roster. Here are the top 3 questions that we asked and their responses.

Q.) “Who do you think should be traded to another team in the Ginebra’s current roster and who will he be traded with?”

A.) “Sa tingin ng mga fans, ok na yung team e,di na kelangan ng trade, kelangan lang ng disiplina, tama si boss RSA, hindi ganun kabilis makikita yung pagbabago sa team after ng pagtransfer ni coach tim. Basta kahit anong mangyare andito lang kaming fans para sumuporta.”

A statement which only shows that ginebra faithfuls are still intact and are still surrounding the team with love and support.

Q.) “Do you think that Mark Caguioa and Jay jay helterbrand can still deliver quality minutes for the team?”

A.) ” Yes, ofcourse may mga times lang na frustrated sila and talagang kita naman sa laro kasi nga papalit palit sila ng coach at staff. Si mark at jayjay na yung puso ng Ginebra, pag inalis yan siguradong maraming aalma. Magaling sila pareho they just need to get that confidence back and the trust in the team na kaya nilang magchampion.”

Q.)“If you are to speak with the Ginebra Team, what will you tell them?”

A.) “Isa lang sasabihin namin , maawa sila sa fans, kinacancel namin lakad namin para mapanood sila. Gumagastos kami para mapanood sila ng live nagpapaload kami ng cellphone para suportahan sila sa social media at higit sa lahat ipagtanggol sila sa bashers nila, yun lang. Yung puso dapat laging anjan, pinalalakas nila katawan nila hindi para umupo lagng sa isangtabi at intaying manalo. Pinalakas nila katawan nila para bumangga, bumalya at magpakamatay sa bola, kasiyahan na ng fans yung manalo sila at lahat kami yun lang ang gusto.”

All of the questions were asked in social media groups and pages. And everyone is eager to answer. Now that the voice of the supporters have been solicited, will this awaken that true Barangay Ginebra Spirit? It’s still a big question mark.

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It’s official! Tim Cone to coach the Gin Kings!

Rumors has come to an end! 

Coach Tim Cone, one of the PBA’s efficacious coach will now lead the Barangay Ginebra Kings. 

Ramon S. Ang, SMC boss has just confirmed Coach Tim Cone’s transfer to Barangay Ginebra Kings, memo will be finalized upon his return from a scouting trip in Las Vegas this Tuesday.

Will Coach Tim be the answer to Ginebra’s hunger for championship title?

Is Coach Tim Cone fit for the Gin Kings?

Rumors say Coach Tim Cone to lead the Gin Kings this season? Known for his “triangle offense”Coach Earl Timothy Cone currently holds 18 PBA Titles including 2 PBA Grand Slam (1 with Alaska and 1 with San Mig Coffee) and was awarded as Coach of the Year for 2014.

In the 2014 Governors’ Cup,  Ginebra’s former head coach Jeffrey Cariaso  introduced the “triangle offense” yet, the most popular team in the PBA failed to nail a spot in the playoffs.

Will the “triangle offense” master Coach Tim Cone be the perfect fit for the ‘run-and-gun’ Barangay Ginebra team? Can Coach Tim bring the Gin Kings to the finals and win the Championship? 

Find out soon!