ICYMI Vlog: SEABA Championship : Gilas Pilipinas vs Indonesia

After having tied at 5-0 each, the Philippines and Indonesia has met for their title match last May 18 for the 2017 SEABA Men’s Championship. The Philippines has been declared as the winner of the tournament for having the best record after defeating the Indonesia team and has now earned that qualifying spot for the FIBA Asia Cup in August.
 Watch the highlights below.

Malaysia finished in 3rd After Defeating Myanmar in last day of SEABA 2017 Championships

Malaysia landed the third spot in the over-all ranking of SEABA 2017 Championships with 3 wins and 2 losses on hand.
Chee Huei Liaw led the Malaysian team scoring 25 points, 7 rebounds and 2 assists. Lok Seng Mak started off the first quarter shooting a jump shot followed by Zhi Shi Chin, Vincent Choong, Heng Yee Tong, Wei Hong Choo and Anthony Liew powering up the game shooting mostly in the two-point line garnering 60% in 2-point percentage by the end of the game.
Aung Wana propelled the Myanmar team contirbuting large digits with 31 points, 2 rebounds and 3 assists. A bad start for Myanmar led to a continuous flopping with the scores. Finishing the first quarter with 18 points for Malaysia and 6 points for Myanmar. 45-32 in the second quarter, 75-52 in the third and Final score 96 over 71. Malaysia wins handing Myanmar their 5th straight loss.

Another Lopsided Win for Gilas Before Moving on to Today’s Game w/ Indonesia

Leaving another team again with only 50 points, Gilas Pilipinas will now move on to prepare for tomorrow’s last game with Indonesia.
Matthew Wright led the 107-52 victory of Gilas chipping in 19 points, 2 rebounds and 1 assist. Troy Rosario started off the first quarter with a jump shot assisted by June Mar Fajardo. Followed by power shots from Matthew Wright, Calvin Abueva, Allein Malicsi, Terrence Romeo, Jayson Castro and Jio Jalalon ending the first quarter 28 over the 16 points of Vietnam.
The next succeeding quarters were clearly in favor of the Philippines with Vietnam continuously missing shots and not being able to get through the defense of the Philippines. Second quarter ended with 53 for Philippines and 29 for Vietnam. 89-40 in the third quarter and final score 107-52. 
Gilas Pilipinas is set to face Indonesia in the last day of SEABA 2017 Championships later at 7pm, May 18th.

Thailand Finished Their Last Game in SEABA w/ a 67-57 Victory Against Singapore

Photo courtesy of PBA media bureau

Thailand concluded their SEABA 2017 Championships journey with 3 wins and 2 losses on hand.
Chitchai Ananti led the Thai team getting their first point in the first quarter via three-point shot followed by shots powered by Patiphan Klahan, Kannut Samerjai, Nattakarn Muangboon, Sorot Sunthonsuri, Nakorn Jainasuk and Suhkdave Ghogar ranging from lay-ups, free throws and three-point shots. Singapore shot poorly in the 3-point line scoring only 26% over the 35% of Thailand. They got most of their points from shooting lay-ups and jump shots, scoring more on the free throw line with 65% higher than Thai’s percentage.
Singapore bounced back in the second quarter being able to catch up to the points they missed in the first quarter. Kok Chiang Delvin Goh led the Singaporean team with 10 points, 12 rebounds and 2 assists on hand. Larry Liew scored the first second quarter point with a jump shot assisted by Wei Long Wong. But Ananti’s three-point shooting is on and continues to gather points for the team. The next succeeding quarters were now in favor of Thailand with 59-51 in third and ending the game with a 10-point advantage against Singapore, 67-57.

Will Indonesia Put Up a Good Fight Against Gilas Pilipinas?

One by one, Gilas Pilipinas with little to no challenge emphatically defeats every team they face in the SEABA tournament that started May 12. Murder may be the better term as Gilas Pilipinas showed no mercy and just about devoured every team in front of them scoring almost double their opponents total score in each and every game.
Myanmar was the first team to taste defeat against the Philippines with a score of 147 – 40.  Followed by Singapore who also bowed down with the score of 113 – 66. Malaysia was no difference as Gilas smothered them with the score of 106 – 51. Thailand was a victim waiting for its prey as they squandered to the ground with the score of 108 – 53. The last victim tonight was Vietnam who easily folded even without the service of naturalized big man Andre Blatche.
Gilas Pilipinas was in a league of its own and no one within the Southeast Asian teams can challenge the dominance of the Philippines in basketball.  Winning in spades 5 of its scheduled 6 games in the tournament with Indonesia being the only and last team in front of them standing in the way of winning the tournament championship.
Indonesia may be different from the rest as they are the only other team aside from the Philippines who haven’t tasted defeat yet. Indonesia is primed to give the Philippines a run for its money.  Also defeating every team they faced in the tournament and even showing a glimpse of their offensive firepower against Myanmar scoring 123 in regulation, Indonesia may be the only team in the current SEABA tournament that may actually have some teeth.
Having their own version of Andre Blatche with American naturalized player Jamarr Johnson, the 28-year-old could be the difference maker for the final game tomorrow (May 18) that would determine the tournament champion.
The big question is, Will this be another Walk in The Park for Gilas Pilipinas or will Indonesia Put Up a Challenge?
My Assesment: I do not forsee any issue for Gilas Pilipinas in easily disposing of the Indonesian on it’s way to a dominant tournament championship. Gilas Pilipinas is just too big and too strong against anyone in the region. With the crowd behind the National team, it would make it more inspiring to win the tournament in dominating fashion as they want to put out a statement against the  Asia-Pacific teams that they are ready for the Asian tournament and maybe the world.
Watch the highlights of the Game between Gilas Pilipinas and Vietnam.

Indonesia Bags 5th Straight Win Before Meeting Gilas Tomorrow on last day of SEABA

Photo courtesy of PBA media bureau
Indonesia is all set for their last game with the Philippines in the ending day of SEABA 2017 Championships.
Hardianus Lakudu led today’s victory of Indonesia scoring a total of 18 points, 2 rebounds and 6 assists. Mario Wuysang quickly started off the first quarter with a three-pointer in 9:49 followed by shots from Abraham Grahita, Jamarr Johnson, Christian Setipu, Arki Wisnu and Andakara Prastawa Dhyaksa which cemented the first quarter points to 28 by Indonesia over the 15 points of Myanmar.
Indonesia continued the good start all throughout the game not letting Myanmar get any closer to 20 points every end of the quarter. Han Thein led the game for Myanmar scoring 12 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists. Myanmar did strive hard to score points in every quarter, but Indonesia’s score became harder to reach for Myanmar. Second quarter 55 for Indonesia and 23 for Myanmar, third quarter 90-Indonesia 39 Myanmar and final score 123 over 50. Indonesia won with a 73 point advantage against Myanmar.
Indonesia is set to face Gilas Pilipinas tomorrow in the last day of SEABA 2017 Championships.

SEABA: Malysia Went to an Overtime Run to Win Game with Vietnam

Photo courtesy of PBA media bureau

A two-point shot from Van Hung Nguyen pushed the Game with Malaysia to overtime.
Chun Hong Ting led the Malysian Team to an overtime win scoring a total of 28 points 2 rebounds and 4 assists. Malaysia seemed to dominate most of the quarters but not the first where both teams tied the score to 15. No one knew it was going to be like this in the fourth quarter. Ting together with Heng Yee Tong scored all of the three point shots in the team followed by lay-ups and power shots of either members. Vietnam tried their best to keep the score close in every quarter with 30-35 in the second quarter and 50-54 in the third. Everything was going fine in the fourth quarter until Van Hung Nguyen made a two-point shot in the last 23 seconds that tied the score to 76 pushing the game to overtime.
Vietnam tried to do their best getting points from overtime. With every two-point shots being very critical for their advantage but Malaysia really has the last shot and ended it with 1-point advanatge 86 Malaysia, 85 Vietnam.
Malaysia’s next game will going to be with Myanmar in May 18th.

SEABA: Gilas 4th Win Was Secured After Tonight’s Victory Against Thailand

Photo courtesy of PBA media bureau

Thailand bags second loss in tonight’s 108-53 crucial game with Gilas Pilipinas.
Araneta Coliseum was filled again with fans excited for the battle of the two of the strongest teams in SEABA 2017 Championships. Japeth Aguilar led today’s victory against Thailand scoring a total of 23 points and 5 rebounds. Aguilar amazed the fans with his signature dunks all through out the game. Together with June Mar Fajardo and Andray Blatche assisting the team, getting rebounds and also doing shots. Gilas are all powered up tonight with almost everyone shooting in the three-point line.
In an interview with the press Thailand player Wutipong Dasom said that the first quarter was a trial game for Gilas. Trying to figure out what the Thai team is capable of. And it shows as the first quarter ended with a close gap in the scores, 18 for the Philippines and 14 for Thailand. The next succeeding quarters was already in favor of the Philippines with Gilas continuing to get away with more points than Thailand. 51-26 in the second quarter, 80-43 in the third quarter and final score 108 for the Philippines and 53 for Thailand.
Gilas Pilipinas is now set to battle with Vietnam tomorrow May 17th.

SEABA: Myanmar Bagged 4th Loss in SEABA 2017 After Giving Singapore Their 1st Win – CHANCE

Photo courtesy of PBA media bureau

Singapore now has 1 win in their hands after today’s 85-32 victory against Myanmar.

Big man Lavin Raj led the Singapore team contributing 19 points and 5 rebounds to the total scores. Singapore ended the first quarter with a 17 point advantage against Myanmar scoring from lay-ups and power shots. Singapore’s great start continued into the second quarter after letting Myanmar score only 4 points over their 22 point advantage which cemented the huge gap in points that made it very hard for Myanmar to erase.
Myanmar scored more points in third quarter with Han Thein leading the team with 11 points on hand. At the end of the third, Myanmar managed to get a total of 17 points close to the 19 point advantage of Singapore. Singapore secured their win in the last quarter with Lavin managing to get a basket in every critical shots Myanmar is trying block. Together with Leon Kwek and Wei Long Wong also scoring three-point shots, Singapore ended the fourth quarter with an 85-32 victory against Myanmar.
Singapore’s next game is going to be with Thailand tomorrow.

SEABA: Thailand to Focus More on Defense in Tomorrow’s Game with the Philippines

After winning today’s game with Myanmar, Thailand is now set to battle out with Philippines in Day 5 of SEABA 2017 Championships.
Thailand’s Power Forward Naratip Boonserm talked about Thailand’s plans in tomorrow’s game with Gilas Pilipinas. In an exclusive interview with Boonserm, he was asked about Thailand’s plan in tomorrow’s game with Gilas. He said that they will focus more on defense because given that Thailand is one of the strong teams to beat in SEABA, Philippines is also one of the top contenders. But other than preparing for the game, he said that the team is very excited in meeting the Philippines tomorrow.
See the full interview below.

SEABA: Indonesia Continues its Winning Streak After Giving Vietnam Their 2nd Loss

Photo courtesy of PBA media bureau

Indonesia is continuing to strike every team that is coming in their way, this time it’s Vietnam that they swept in today’s 95-52 victory.
Indonesia didn’t let Vietnam get any closer to their score as they maintained a huge gap in every quarter of the ball game. Indonesia displayed a strong defense and excellent ball passing to make a run in every quarter. This resulted to a 19-10 in the first quarter, 41-20 in the second, 65-37 in the third and 95-52 in the final quarter which cemented their 4th win in day 4 of SEABA 2017. Indonesia also showed a great shooting in the three-point line with help from Sandy Febiansyakh Kurniawan.
Indonesia’s next game will be with Myanmar on May 17th.

SEABA: Malaysia Bags First Win with Today’s Victory Against Singapore

Photo courtesy of PBE media bureau

Malaysia bags its first win after 3 losses since the start of SEABA 2017 with 45-41 victory against Singapore.

Malaysia were off to a good start gaining most of their victory points from the first and secod quarter. Chun Hong Ting powered the team play of the Malaysian team scoring a total of 14 points and 12 rebounds. Together with Chee Huei Liaw, Chan Kek Thai, Kok Hou Teo, Vincent Choong, Heng Yee Tong, Ong Wei Yong and Tin Chun Hong they chipped in to the 15 over 13 points of first quarter which continued until the ending of second quarter with 26 over 20. Singapore seemed to lack team coordination and power play throughout the game which resulted to continuous missed shots.
Kok Chiang Delvin Goh led the Singaporean team with 14 points and 12 assists on hand. They managed to score most points in the succeeding quarters of the ball game, they even resorted to shooting three points but it didn’t manage to erase the point deficit from the earlier quarters of the game. Resulting to a 45-41 ending of fourth quarter.

Malaysia’s next game will be against Vietnam tomorrow May 16th.

SEABA: Myanmar Stuck at 40 as Philippines Quickly Dominated First Game at 147 Points

It was a home crowd glory, with lots of cheering and screaming in every shot. Gilas Pilipinas left the Myanmar team with only 40 points all through out the game in today’s kick-off of SEABA 2017.
Everyone knew how well it’s going to be, with the starting line-up of the Philippine Team ranging from a former NBA player, Andray Blatche, big guy June Mar Fajardo, Jayson Castro, Allein Malicsi amd Roger Pogoy. It was quite a battle for the Myanmar Team. Jayson Castro started off the game scoring for Gilas right away. Andray Blatche became the foundation of the team in the first quarter assisting fellow teammates with their three-point shooting, lay-ups and rebounds. Finishing the first quarter with a wide gap against Myanmar, 32 over 7.
Myanmar didn’t manage to erase the point deficit of the team in the succeding quarters with Japeth Aguilar, Terrence Romeo, Mathhew Wright and Troy Rosario entering the ball game. The height of the opponent is a huge factor for the players to continuously miss shots. They managed to chip in only 5 points in the second quarter while Gilas is continuing to widen the gap, 66 points by the end of second quarter. The gap is getting more farther and farther for Myanmar to reach with Philippines reaching a hundred points in the last quarter of the game. Final score 147-40.

Watch some of the highlights below:

(courtesy: youtube/Sports5)

SEABA: Singapore’s First Game Ended with a sad 50, Indonesia wins with 71

It was a bad start for Singapore finishing with 50 points in today’s SEABA kick-off game with Indonesia. Mario Wuysang led the Indonesian team scoring 20 points all through out the game. Indonesians left the Singapore team hanging, leaving them with only 3 points by the end of the first quarter. Singapore’s bad start continued until the second quarter where they only scored 8 points over the 22 point advantage of Indonesia.
Singapore tried to step it up in the last two quarters of the game scoring 18 points in the third quarter and 21 points in the fourth quarter. But with them continuously missing shots and not being to catch up with the first quarter and second quarter point deficit, Indonesia was concluded the winner with 71 points.

Foreign SEABA Players and What They Should Try While They’re in the Philippines

Southeast Asia Basketball Association (SEABA) is a subzone of FIBA Asia consisting of countries from Southeast Asia. This year will be its 12th Championship and will serve as the qualifying tournament for the 2017 FIBA Asia Cup. This will be held from 12 to 18 May 2017 in this year’s host country, Philippines.

Foreign players were expected to come a week or days before their actual game, so they will have plenty of time to prepare and adjust in their new environment. They will probably consider exploring the country and make their stay memorable as possible.
Here are a few things they must try while they’re in the Philippines!
There are a lot of spectacular places and magnificent man-made structures to visit in the country that’s just waiting to captivate the eyes and the hearts of foreign people. The UNESCO World Heritage Site; Banaue Rice Terraces; the well-preserved Spanish-style architecture in the historic town of Vigan, Ilocos Sur; one of the oldest churches in the country, San Agustin Church in Paoay Ilocos Norte; the volcano with the most perfect cone shape, Mt. Mayon in Legazpi, Albay; the unique land formation of Chocolate Hills in Bohol and many more…
If players are longing for the beach waves and cold breeze, Philippines just happen to have it all. Since it is a beautiful country made up of more than 7,000 islands, players might want to chill out in the most famous beaches in the country like Boracay island in Aklan, Pagupud beach in Iloscos Norte, Mactan Island in Cebu and many more. Expect to relax as these remarkable beaches attract you.
All around the country, there are many restaurants offering different mouth-watering Filipino and foreign cuisines like American, Chinese, Indian, Greek, Japanese and French. But it would be a best experience for them to try the weirdest yet very tasty food in the country. Indulge and try Isaw (chicken intestine), Balut (egg: boiled developing bird embryo), Betute (stuffed frog) and many other flavorful dishes to satisfy your taste buds.
Jeepney is the most used public land transportation in the Philippines and is one of the cultural signs of the country. It has two benches facing each other and can carry 18-22 passengers. It is most likely recognizable since this type of vehicle has a lot of colors and unique styles. To get familiarized with the place from the Filipino’s perspective and to see how they communicate, Jeepneys are a fantastic way to explore the country and riding it is a must.