A Guide on How Sporty Guys Can Effectively Keep their Eyes Healthy

Here's a Guide on How Sporty Guys Can Effectively  Keep their Eyes Healthy

Effective Ways of Keeping Your Eyes Healthy
Our eyes are rightly said to be the real windows to our souls. They are indeed vital to a healthy existence. Never take your eyes and any issues associated with your eyes lightly. You must religiously follow these simple tips for ensuring that your eyes are healthy even when you are in your old age.
Opt for a Comprehensive Dilated Eye Check-Up
Many of you simply ignore your eyes thinking that you have a perfect vision, but you should visit a professional eye care facility for a comprehensive dilated eye check-up. This would be the best way of ruling out any issues with your eyes. There are several common vision issues like, diabetic eye disease, age-associated macular degeneration, and glaucoma etc. that often go unnoticed as there are no warning signs. The best way of detecting these issues in their initial stages is by going through the dilated eye examination.
Find Out Eye Health History of Your Family
Find out from your other family members if there is any clinical history associated with their eyes. It is quite essential for everybody to know if anybody in the family had been suffering from any serious eye disease as many such issues could be hereditary. This would be really helpful in determining if you seem to be at a definitely higher risk of getting an eye issue.
Eat Healthy Food for Eye Protection
Many of you know that eating carrots would be great for your eyes. However, the fact is, you must eat a nutritious diet that comprises lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, especially, leafy greens such as kale, spinach, or even collard greens. Your eyes would stay healthy and in perfect condition if you consume fish such as tuna, salmon, and halibut that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids.
Maintain Your Weight
Maintain ideal body weight as obesity could increase the risk of acquiring diabetes or some other serious systemic conditions like glaucoma and even diabetic eye disease that could result in vision loss. If it is increasingly getting difficult for you to attain and maintain an ideal weight, you must seek a doctor’s advice.
Keep Your Hands and Of Course Contact Lenses Scrupulously Clean
Always keep your hands scrupulously clean. Your contact lenses must be cleaned as frequently as possible. You could stay away from the infection. Keep washing your hands and wash the contact lenses thoroughly. It is best to keep your contact lenses disinfected.
Conclusion: Practicing Safety at the Workplace Is Of Utmost Importance

You must work in a safe and germ-free environment. You must ensure that you are wearing protective eyewear if your job necessitates that for safety purposes. Moreover, do not ever be callous about your eye safety and protection. Wear protective gear and eyewear to provide ample protection to your eyes. Always remember your eyes are pretty precious to you and so you must take excellent care of your eyes.

How Should Weightlifting Shoes Fit – Find Out Right Here!

How Should Weightlifting Shoes Fit

Hey there! Since you are here, I am sure that you are an iron lady/man in the making. Weightlifting is not everyone’s cup of tea. Unlike running and walkinweightliftinging is only for the elite. Several things can help you become a better weightlifter. I am here to tell you about one of the most important factors, ‘weightlifting shoes.’ Let’s begin with the most commonly asked question.
Why Should You Wear A Weightlifting Shoe?
A lot of people think that it is fine to lift weights with their regular running shoes or CrossFit shoes. Let me tell why it is not such a good idea. Your running shoes are built with extra cushioning which will absorb the impact and the force. They are perfect for running, but for weightlifting, you need a shoe which will help you use all your force to move weight rather than absorbing it. The more force you can produce, the more weight you lift. It’s as simple as that.
When you wear a weightlifting shoe, you can generate more force through the ground and can invariably pull the bar higher. The incredible stability and traction offered by the shoe can help you transform the force you are creating from the floor through your body and into moving the barbell.
How Exactly Does the Shoe help?
Weightlifting shoes come with a raised heel which will allow you to squat into a deeper position by providing an increased ankle range of motion. Your overall position is also improved since it makes you feel more upright. The upright torso along with the raised heel helps you to activate more of your musculature to lift the bar upwards. The strong and consistent base guarantees injury prevention and increased performance.
The best weightlifting shoes have a lot of features that are designed to help to get the maximum out of your lifting session.
Anatomy of a Weightlifting Shoe
In general, weightlifting shoes have the following parts.
Lining: The inside of the shoe has a sock-like fabric. This contributes to the comfort and ease of the shoe.
Eyelets and Eye-stays: The shoe’s laces stay in place because of eyelets and eye-stays.
Strap: The strap is one the significant parts of the shoe. It ensures foot lockdown and comfort of the shoe.
Toe box: The toe box contributes towards flexion. It should be fairly flexible and have room to allow full flexion.
Heel wedge: The raised heel as already mentioned is a significant contributor towards weight lifting. It reduces the amount of dorsiflexion which is needed from the ankle for weight lifting
Insole: The footbed of the shoe which is also known as the insole contributes towards two main factors in weightlifting shoes, comfort and orthotic support.
Midsole: The midsole is the cushioning between the insole and the outsole. In weightlifting shoes, it incorporates the heel wedge.
Outsole: The part of the shoe which is mainly responsible for stability and traction is the outsole. A flat and extremely stiff outsole does a great job.
Last: This part sits below the insole and determines the shape of the shoe. The perfectly shaped ones will fit more snugly in the heel and the arch.
Now that you know the parts of a weightlifting shoe let’s get onto to the important points.
Features of a Good Weightlifting Shoe
Hard Outsole
The outsole as mentioned before is the soul contributor towards the stability and traction of the shoe. The shoe should have a hard, non-compressible sole which will give you a surface that is stable even under hundred pounds of weight. The outsole makes sure that the energy you drive through your feet is not absorbed or misdirected but utilized to lift the weight up
Snug Fit
Here I will be answering the billion dollar question of, how should weightlifting shoes fit. The shoes should fit snugly. They shouldn’t be too tight nor be flopping around your feet. The right fit will give you proper foot support, lateral stability and also protect your ankles.
No-Slip Traction
Weightlifting shoes should have excellent traction. This will keep your feet planted on the ground when you are deadlifting or performing squats. Even if you are performing something as extreme as power cleans and snatches, weightlifting shoes will offer you a fantastic grip
Types of Weightlifting Shoes
Raised Heels
More than 80% of weightlifting shoes come with raised heels. They are the best if you are going to perform deep squats like front squat and high bar back squat. They are also the best choice for Olympic style lifts like the snatch, power clean and for overhead movements. The heels facilitate better leg drive, reduce the amount of ankle flexibility and also prevent injury
Flat Soles
If you are going to perform more of wide stance squats like low bar squats you should go for flat soles. They do not tilt your body forward, hence ensuring that you stay close to the ground. Best for performing deadlifts and Pendlay rows.
Some shoes are built having more than one purpose in mind. The hybrids are mostly designed for lifters who CrossFit. They are lightweight compared to other standard weightlifting shoes.
These shoes are designed having Olympic weightlifters in mind. They are solid and cumbersome and provide unsurpassed stability.
The Wrong Shoes
When it comes to weightlifting, picking the wrong pair of shoes can be a disaster. So here are a few tips to avoid the wrong ones.
Avoid shoes which are soft with compressible soles. Running shoes, Baseball shoes, Casual sneakers all fall under this category. Shoes which do not provide a stable base can increase the likelihood of injury. All shoes with compressible soles fall here. These shoes cause uneven weight distribution which can lead to trouble.
Ladies, Are You Ready To Lift?

You can be a weightlifting champion with the right amount of training and gear. Weightlifting shoes, in particular, can provide you with improved safety, better technique and also ensure stronger lifts. Pick the right ones which fit snugly and bring the medal home!

Legal Steroids can be Beneficial to the Body

Legal Steroids can be Beneficial to the Body

Anyone would agree that the body you have right now is one of the best gifts that you could ever have. While that is true, what you do with your body is really a more special gift that you could ever give to yourself. But anyone who’s gone after the path of obtaining a better body knows that this path is not a path for the weak because building your body is pure hard work, some pain and a great deal of patience. This is what you have to undergo if you really want to have that perfectly built body. Most people have tried looking for shortcuts and easier ways but there’s been no magic wand discovered yet. The bad news is that you still have to sweat to get that dreamed perfect body but the good news is that there is a dreaded short cut that you can take to get you where you want to be. It was once known to be risky but with technology and science, it is now legally possible.

Many have considered the use of steroids in bodybuilding as the secret way to getting that perfect body but was not legally possible before as it caused some negative effects even the loss of life itself. It was just recently that there has been a breakthrough in making this secret formula work better in achieving that perfect body. A legal form of steroid known as HGH & Peps on valkyrie-online.net is among those brands today that is making a name in giving that easy boost in bodybuilding. What this product does is that it boosts your muscle’s capacity to grow itself. When you take a closer look to what it contains, it is basically made up of amino acids, mass gainers, and protein shakes, all considered to be under the category of legal anabolics. These legal steroids are now everywhere and can even be purchased on a nearby store like Walmart, GNC and other stores. While this legal steroid may not give that huge muscle boost like a common steroid, a single serving of this product is already loaded with protein, which is considered the ultimate building block of muscle building plus amino acids to facilitate the growth of your muscles. This is already good enough if you’re looking for something that would give you fast and desirable results. While most would not want the initial taste of these legal steroids, taking them would in the long run help you as it gives not only fast results but also a healthy legal way of giving you that satisfaction from your hard works and diligence.

While you may not really enjoy the full benefits of a steroid, these legalized ones may come in handy when it comes to considering your safety and health. You may consider taking a closer look at every product and see which provides the better boost that could mirror the benefits of an actual steroid. The magic wand to getting that perfectly built body is still in your hands.

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How Do The Pro’s Get Past Fitness Plateaus?

Fitness is a dynamic process, never something which is achieved and then stays static in achievement. That’s what makes the art of getting in shape so beautiful; you are continually refining and developing your approach to challenge. Over time, you will become much more adept and able to tackle challenges in your life, because the microcosm of your fitness struggle has contributed to developing your warrior spirit, male or female.
However, those of us who are experienced in fitness know that we can’t act at 100% all of the time. Sometimes, we find ourselves having trouble overcoming the goals we have set for ourselves, even when we have done everything right in the pursuit of our achievements. Even the professional athletes experience this, but luckily they are intelligent and so are their coaches. They are quickly offered alternate means to identify what has gone wrong and to adapt to the new challenge they face. But what advice to do they receive? We’d like to explore that now:


Taking a deload week dedicated to low-intensity cardio, good nutrition and stretching can be of immense benefit to reducing the stress your system has otherwise faced in the recent months. A deload week gives your body the chance to recover from everything it’s been through, and come back bigger and better than ever in the forthcoming months. 
Be sure to lessen your calorie intake during this period, but keep your protein and other dietary macros high to prevent you from losing muscle or too much process when you return. Much like a detox, when you return to training your body will feel much better than it otherwise had, and this will give you the platform to attack your goals once more with integrity and hopefully resulting success.


Sometimes, the supplementation schedule you have imbued your diet with isn’t quite as on point as it could be. Taking zinc (ZMA) supplements before bed can help contribute to restful sleep and healthy testosterone levels, as can testosterone injections. It may be that supplementing your healthy grooming could be of immense benefits, such as taking hydrotherapy or ice baths to help recover muscle damage or fatigue in an accelerated way. It could simply be getting more Vitamin D into your system or implementing Fulvic Acid into your diet in an effort to replace the lost supplements that a lack of healthy mineral-dense foods can provide.

Try Harder

Sometimes, everything you’re doing is right. You have the perfect sleep schedule, your body is getting the perfect and most surgically accurate nutrition, and your sporting schedule is ideal. Perhaps, and only perhaps, you need to train harder. It could be that you’ve lost the youthful energy you once had, and need to compromise that with pure grit. It could be that after an injury you’re mentally holding yourself back, and could do with a sporting psychology assessment. Assessing and fixing the attitude you bring to training each morning could have a bigger impact than you know, but be sure you’re not running into this blindly with the possibility of injury.
With these tips, you can be sure to get past your fitness plateaus. 

How Long Will It Take You To Get In Shape?

Isn’t this the question that we’re all hoping we can work out the answer to? After all, if it’s a journey that’s going to take a lot of time and effort, is it really worth starting at all? The answer to that is always yes. And the latter? Well, that isn’t as much as a straight forwards answer. Instead, there are a lot of different factors that affect the answer. In fact, the answer to that question is as personal as you are. But if you really want to know how long it’s going to take YOU to get your body into the condition that you want it to be in, here’s what can tell you.

Your Age

First up, there’s your age. And this plays a huge part in your health and fitness. When you’re young, you can often feel like you can run and jump and play for hours. And you can probably carry on like that all through your teens and on into your twenties too. But then, it all starts to slow down. As you approach 30 and surpass it, you will notice that your metabolism starts to slow down. You may also find that exercise feels harder, and that your body gets tired easier. And this contributes to how well you can get (and stay) in shape.

Your Lifestyle

The kind of lifestyle that you choose to lead also has a big impact on things. Although no one choice of lifestyle can be considered “right”, nor wrong, there are things that will help you to get your body into the shape you want it to be in, and things that will hinder your progress. So if you’re serious about getting into shape, you need to make your lifestyle changes stick for the better, and try to focus on a healthier, more-positive version of you.

Your Commitment

The truth is, no matter how young you are, and how healthy your lifestyle is, if you’re not committed, it’s going to be hard work. Consistency and commitment go hand in hand, and being in the best shape of your life doesn’t happen by accident. It’s something that you have to work really hard for. But if you’re committed, that’s as easy done as it is said.

Your Attitude

You should also think about the attitude you have towards your health and fitness too. If you want to get into shape, you have to have the right mindset. As Erny from Are They On Steroids shows us, results are possible, but only when you’re willing to make it happen. And to do that, you need to have the right attitude.

Your Genetics

But it’s also worth noting that your genetics have a huge influence on how well you’re able to get into shape. Every body is different, some will be naturally better at fat burning and building muscle than others. But with a bit of hard work, determination, and dedication, you should be able to get in shape as soon as you want to.

4 Simple Tips to Lose Weight Easy

Lose Weight The Right Way
Losing weight can be difficult if you do not know how to do it. You can go to an expert and ask for tips or search on the internet to find suggestions, however it will not work unless you actually find a customized plan that is designed for your body type.

Before you begin to lose weight, you must decide how much weight it is that you need to lose. For this purpose, check out your ideal weight and decide how much to shed. Once you have made a goal, work on it by following the tips given below:

  1. Go for a Healthy Diet

The food we eat largely adds to our weight, especially if we eat unhealthy food such as junk food. It is important that we consume a healthy diet, which should consist of a mix of all important nutrients.

Healthy Food

You should start focusing your diet on vegetables and fruit. Avoid taking saturated fats completely. You have to drink sufficient water as its fastens your metabolism rate which helps weight loss. Also try to include green tea in your diet as green tea speeds up metabolism.

  1. Workout Regularly

When it comes to weight loss, following a diet plan is just not good enough. Physical exercise is important as it will help you burn extra fat so you can get closer to your goal. Moreover, exercise also helps to counter diseases and make you healthy.
You don’t need to go to a good gym for this purpose. There are many easy daily activities  you can start practicing which count as physical activities.

These include:
.Cleaning your house
.Walking to and from your workplace
.Taking stairs instead of elevators

These daily activities are enough to help you in losing weight. Other than this, you can turn to simple bodyweight exercises and even perform yoga. It is all about being physically active and burn more calories than you consume.

Image result for Workout Regularly

  1. Quit Unhealthy Activities

You have to quit unhealthy habits like drinking and smoking if you really want to lose weight. Drinking affects your liver and destroys your metabolism rate. It also causes you to gain weight as drinking can make you lethargic. Plus, it has other side effects as well.
In addition to this, smoking is also very harmful for your body. It destroys your lungs and largely decreases your inhaling capacity. You cannot exercise for more than five minutes if you are a chain smoker because you will end up coughing badly. So giving up bad habits is necessary if you wish to be fit.
  1. Sleep on Time

One study conducted in Chicago concluded that sleep deprivation causes some changes in the hormonal system and metabolism which may result in an increase in appetite. This shows the importance of sleeping on time and sleeping enough.
Make sure to sleep for 7 to 8 hours a day, and enjoy uninterrupted sleep at night.

Follow these tips and you will find it easy to lose weight.

Em Benefits of Green Tea to Sports

Em Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is a beverage that is adored all around the world not only for its taste but also the health benefits it provides. Green tea s more beneficial compared to other teas because it contains antioxidants and various nutrients that are healthy for the body. There are many varieties of green tea which include Hojicha, Sencha, Kabusecha, and Gyokuro etc.

Free stock photo of cup, mug, drink, glass

Green tea is obtained from a plant called Camellia Sinensis. It is grown all around the world, which is why green tea is consumed everywhere and is loved by people of all ages. It is even prescribed by doctors due to its health benefits.

Here are some of the most common benefits of green tea:

  1. Weight Loss
There are many types of tea that aid in weight loss, so does green tea. The special thing about green tea is that it’s rich in nutrients that are healthy for both the mind and the body. Catechin is a chemical that is present in green tea which is the main source of reducing weight and also helps to keep it maintained.

Free stock photo of healthy, woman, sport, reflection

An experiment was conducted among two groups which involved one group drinking normal tea while the other was on a daily intake of green tea. The members of both the group were obese. After a 12 week period, the results were in the favor of the group which were on green tea and had reduced a considerable amount of weight (0.2 – 3.5kg).

  1. Eye Protection
Green tea also helps reduce  puffiness, dark circles and swelling around the eyes. Tannins present in green tea helps absorb the fluid which is causing the puffiness and make you look fresh as ever.

Vitamin C, E, Lutein and Zeaxanthin are some of the important antioxidants that make up green tea and are responsible to strengthen the eye tissues and prevent the occurrence of eye diseases such as Glaucoma, cataracts etc.
According to studies, consuming green tea can offer eye protection for up to 20 hours from free radicals and diseases.

  1. Speeds Up Metabolism
A poor metabolism slows down the rate at which you burn calories and can even make you ill. Consuming green tea on everyday basis can help you speed up your metabolism as the catechins present in the green tea helps to burn calories (70-100) in a day. The more calories you burn, the better.

When you have a fast metabolism, you will have a good sleep pattern and will fall less sick. So make sure to consume green tea to have an improved metabolism rate as green tea speeds up metabolism, and it has been proven via research as well.

  1. Improves Blood Pressure
High blood pressure can lead to several heart problems, including cardiac arrest, which can be deadly. Daily consumption of green tea can reduce the risk of having high blood pressure to 50%. The flavonoids in green tea smoothens the blood vessels and also protects against blood clots.

People who are having high blood pressure can start consuming green tea and continue it for at least 3 months to get the desired results.

  1. Smooth Bowel Movement
Green tea is said to have anti-inflammatory properties that help to improve bowel movements. A poor bowel movement can cause constipation, diarrhea, bloating etc. Consumption of green tea daily can help regulate bowel movements and calm the stomach. However, make sure that your version of green tea is free from caffeine and you take it while it’s hot to get maximum results and improve your gut problems.

  1. Improves Bad Breath
The microbes present in your mouth contaminate our breath. Consumption of green tea can help improve bad breath as it contains anti-bacterial properties and antioxidants called polyphenols that helps to kill the Cbacteria which causes bad breath.

Free stock photo of healthy, light, fashion, person

For maximum results, you can also add mint into the tea before drinking it.

5 Misconceptions Filipinos Have About Healthy Eating

By law of supply-and-demand, healthier options generally cost more

1. Healthy foods are too expensive.
You don’t have to break the bank when buying good food. Most people think that buying this type of food from this store is the only way to be healthy. But no. Chicken, fish, vegetables and fruits aren’t high-end foods. You can buy healthy foods at a lower price in palengkes and tiangges. Fortunately, those are ubiquitous in the Philippines.

2. Eating healthy food everyday is hard to do and maintain.

This is relative. If you want to be healthy, you won’t make any excuses and actually EAT WHAT YOU HAVE TO.  It’s not hard to be healthy. Don’t think of it as a “diet” to get you to fit in that shirt, or a way to get your ex back. Think of it as a tool to get better.

3. You are forbidden from eating sweets, and junk food. Forever.
Some people opt to eat healthy because of complications, while others simply want a better lifestyle. It really depends on you. For serious athletes and bodybuilders, sugar is the enemy. But for the rest of the population, giving up sweets and junk food is a no-no. Luckily,  it’s been proven that moderation is key when you plan on being healthy. Try to limit your sugar and junk food to a few servings once or twice per week.
Most Filipinos when eating something without rice

4. Healthy food seems boring and flavorless.

No. Healthy food encompasses a broad spectrum of ingredients. Healthy food doesn’t just mean eating broccoli with chicken. It’s not easy to get bored with healthy food. There are many varieties of whole grains, fruits and vegetables. You can do a lot of dishes with chicken, beef, and fish. There are thousands of combinations, it’ll just depend on your creativity with cooking.

5. Fat is bad for you.
Fat is actually needed by the body. It’s a source of energy, helps the body absorb nutrients, and needed to build cell membranes. Fat doesn’t make you fat, sugar does (Google it and educate yourself). You can eat fat, but stay away from the bad ones. Good fats are monounsaturated fats (olive oil, avocados), while polyunsaturated fats can come from some nuts and fish. Refrain from eating factory made trans-fat, which is found in fast food.

6 Misconceptions Filipinos Have About Strength Training

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If this picture won’t inspire the ladies, nothing will
1. If you’re a woman, you will get a masculine physique.
No ladies, you won’t bulk up when you start lifting. Testosterone, found in men, is the hormone that builds muscle. Naturally, women have less of it. Women who lift see slower gains in muscle and strength than men. With strength-training, you’ll see improvement in body composition, but you won’t look like a guy. Let’s face it, you won’t train as hard as Ronda Rousey, so relax.

2. You can get big in a month’s time.
Building muscle is dependent on many factors. Training volume and diet is one of them. If you train a few times per week, have a lot of rest periods, and generally don’t lift hard, then you won’t see a lot of gains. You are what you eat, so if you eat a lot of crap, there you go. It’s given that a lot can change in 30 days, but getting big takes months and months of training.
Every male teenager’s dream body
3. If you’re a teenager, it will STUNT your growth.
A lot of lolas will tell you that if you lift weights, your bones won’t grow or your muscles will not fully develop. Science tells us that strength training is actually good for you. It actually strengthens your bone density and encourages growth in the skeleto-muscular system. (There are actual studies linked below the article to prove this). As long as you don’t lift TOO HEAVY, and you keep proper form, you’re good to go. 
4. You need to be in a gym to do it.
Sure, most gyms have all the equipment you would want to use. But do you really need all that equipment? Don’t sign up for a gym membership, and go there only 3 times per month. You can save money by exercising in your own house. For a lot of good exercises, you’ll only need a yoga mat and some dumbbells. 
Your grandparents can lift weights, as long as they “exercise” caution (get it?)
5. If you’re too old, you’re forbidden from lifting.
If you know someone in their late 40’s, or even seniors, don’t discourage them from lifting. Sure, there are a lot of difficulties and challenges to overcome at that age. But age is just a number. There are a lot of seniors who strength train and they feel great. Some studies say that lifting actually decreases signs of aging (link to studies below).
 Yes, your little Joshua can do strength-training
6. Children should NEVER lift weights.
Most parents are overprotective of their little tykes. Especially moms. You nurtured that kid for 9 months, and pushed it out of you, so that’s understandable. But lifting won’t harm them, it actually benefits them. They’ll be more efficient in sports and it’ll be good for their bones and muscles. (link to studies below). So moms, your 9 year-old can train with their dads, as long as they use light weights and  keep proper form.


Lifting for teens and children:

Lifting for older-age adults and the elderly:

SPARTA now has 3 gyms details here

18 June 2016 – Manila: Sports and Recreational Training Arena or SPARTA, the only 10,000 square meter sports-facility in the country located in Mandaluyong City, has just opened its third gym in the complex. 
SPARTA now has 3 gyms details here

SPARTA now has 3 gyms that fitness enthusiasts can choose from or alternately go to – 360 Pro, Sparta Calisthenics Academy (SCA) and now, Alpha Strength. 
Alpha Strength owner Aaron dela Cruz, also known as Coach A, is a US Certified Level 1 Weightlifting Coach and also a certified Life Coach.  He was also a Gold Medalist in 2013 and 2011, for the Philippine National Raw Powerlifting Competition. 
According to Coach A, “We’re all about making people stronger, because if you’re stronger, everything becomes easier.”
Alpha Strength offers Power Lifting, Olympic Weight Lifting and Fitness Classes.
“At Alpha Strength, you are not just forced to do reps, you are made to do things at your own pace.  The number of work and the number of sets is up to you, it would depend on what you can handle.  Compared to other gyms, we are really strength-based”, Coach A says. 
Coach A, who described himself as a scrawny little kid while growing up, turned to powerlifting to compensate for his lack of height. He felt that he can instead make himself stronger.
He says, “As a small kid and I just felt I needed to be stronger.  That’s how I started getting into power lifting.  That’s how I built my character as I got stronger.” 
As to what makes Alpha Strength stand out from other gyms, Coach A says, “First, we help people get stronger.  We help them reach fitness goals.  We offer different methods to attain one’s goals.  We are also about changing people’s lives, we help people reach goals thru strength.”
SPARTA is located along Pioneer Street in Mandaluyong City.  For more information, please call 6553799 or 0977-7634402.

Break that routine. Start a Habit. | Benefits of Sports

In our busy days, weeks and months we rarely see ourselves getting in to something that will make us forget that we are a busy person. Our daily routine goes like a cycle, we sleep, go to work, go home from work then go back to sleep and repeat.

Study shows that we are less stressed when we have at least one or two habits that can break that cycle. Going to gym alone or with friends can be the most accessible activity that you can utilize but being involved into sports during your off days or after work can make your body more active and ready for your next days at work. Exercising is a natural way to loosen up and let go of stress. Also, you will most likely make many new friends or circle of friends on the team who can be there for you as a support system. When you find you are having a lot of stress, you can call up teammates and head to the gym to talk it out and play it out.

Many studies focus on the effects of sport on the five “C’s” competence, confidence, connections, character, and caring which are considered critical components of positive youth development. Having a family involved into sports is one of the best practices or gift that you can have, playing with people who knows you as a person will be able to react easily and are sensitive to your daily endeavors.

So break that Routine! Start a Habit. Sweat it and start getting involved into sports.