Is LeBron James Going to Philadephia in 2018?

76ers say they will try to sign the King next year

Whether you like it or not, LeBron James remains as one of the most sought-after superstars in the NBA right now. Despite being 32 years-old, the King still has a few good years ahead of him and yes, he can break a few more records before retiring.
Over the course of his well-decorated NBA career, LeBron has switched from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Miami Heat and back to the Cavs. Ever since his blockbuster move to the Heat before the 2010-2011 season, LeBron James has yet to miss an NBA Finals although he is 3-5 in the Finals, so far. But, that doesn’t take away the fact that he already has 3 championships under his belt along with numerous MVP awards.
Now, heading into the 2017-2018 season, speculations regarding where LeBron James would be playing next have been popping out like popcorn. But, there’s one specific team in the Western Conference which appears to be LeBron’s next destination assuming he leaves Cleveland anew next year:  the Los Angeles Lakers to team up with the young core that includes Lonzo Ball.
While the prospect of seeing LeBron make the jump to the Lakers appears to be a near possibility, that doesn’t take away the fact that he can be signed by other teams- not to mention the possibility of him remaining with the Cavs although, given the fact that he already has a strained relationship with the Cavs’ front office, we can at least, eliminate that possibility, now.

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Among the teams that might make a push to land LeBron is the Philadelphia 76ers. Yes. You’ve read it right, folks.

Why? Here’s why:

If LeBron James goes on to leave the Cavs and his goal remains the same which is to win more championships, the Sixers would be among the best choices LeBron would have by then. As of now, the Sixers have been playing one of their best seasons since the Allen Iverson era as they are currently in 5th place in the Eastern Conference with a 12-9 record.  Ben Simmons has been playing terrific basketball as a rookie. So is Joel Embiid. Add a LeBron James into the picture and you have a mixture of two young scoring machines and a veteran leader who can do everything. And that’s scary.


While the LeBron-to-Philadelphia scenario remains a dream especially for the fans of the Sixers, LeBron’s future will depend on how the Cavs will perform this season and how deep they will go come the playoffs. As of now, the Cavs are on a 10-game winning streak and LeBron is on a tear offensively. But, will that be enough for the Cavs to keep him? It depends on LeBron himself,  too. 

By the Numbers: A Look Back at Joel Embiid’s Career Game Against the Lakers

And why Philly fans should continue trusting the Process

Joel Embid exploded for a new career high against Lonzo Ball and the Lakers.

Everyone was talking about the most-hyped rookie in NBA history in Lonzo Ball and his horrible statistics. Everyone was talking about how super teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Oklahoma City Thunder were failing to meet expectations as they are stumbling during the early goings of the season. Everyone is now talking about the Boston Celtics’ impressive 13-game winning streak heading into their match-up against the defending champions, Golden State Warriors.
But there’s one team that has been overlooked. Slightly.
In case you haven’t noticed, the Philadephia 76ers are currently in 6th place in the East- 2 places higher than the Cavs. They are no longer the same Philadelphia team that used to dwell in the bottom of the East during the past few years. Not anymore.
They are fighting. They are winning. And yes, they are trusting the process.
If there’s one guy whom the Sixers should thank for their early success, it’s none other than the big guy in the middle, Joel Embiid. Sure, Ben Simmons is playing like a super rookie but it’s Joel Embid who is leading the Sixers- at least in scoring, averaging 23 points per game while making 51% of his shots.
Against the Los Angeles Lakers of Lonzo Ball and company, Joel Embiid came out and clearly outplayed the young Lakers, especially Ball and fellow rookie, Kyle Kuzma. Below are Embiid’s numbers:

46 Points- Highest by any Philadelphia player in 11 years

If you want to know how dominant Joel Embiid was, or how poor the Lakers’ defense on him was, just look at the box score. He took 20 shots, making 14 of them, en route to finishing the game with a career-high 46 points. Mind you, folks. He went 2 for 3 from the three-point line and 16 for 19 from the free throw line. If that will not leave you a good impression on  Joel Embiid, then nothing will.

40+ Points. 7 Assists. 7 Blocks- The First since Julius Erving back in 1982

Another stat line that will be remembered as Joel Embiid’s. By recording 7 assists and 7 blocks against the Lakers, Joel Embiid joined another Sixer legend, Julius Erving, as the only players who recorded 40+ points, 7+ assists and 7+ blocks in a single game. In fact, Embiid had more blocks than the entire Lakers who only had 6 blocks. Now that’s how you dominate. 


At 23 years-old, Joel Embiid’s career is still young and he’s yet to become a potentially-big star but if anything, his performance against the Lakers is a great start to becoming a dominant big man. The only thing that he needs aside from consistency: staying healthy. Why? He missed 2 seasons due to injury. And you can’t dominate if you’re wearing a suit, can you? 

Funny Joel Embiid Wants a 100 Million Dollar Contract Extension, Does he Deserve it?

Joel Embiid has big potential to be a star but injury may hold him back

There is no denying that the 23 year old big man who was drafted 3rd overall 2014 got a lot of upsides and potentials. In 30 games last year, he averages 20 points, 7 rebounds, 2 assists with 2 blocks. This line is amazing for a rookie.
With contract about to expire and extension talks are around the corner, the team of Joel Embiid is looking to make the young center rich. According to Tom Moore of the Bucks County Courier, Joel Embiid team would like to negotiate on a 100 million dollar contract to keep him in Philadelphia, but is he worth the risk/s?
Joel Embiid was limited in minutes last year and while he expresses his intention to play more minutes, he was held back by the medical team to ensure that the young center stays healthy due to injuries.

Joel Embiid Still Not Clear to Play: The Long and Winding Process

Can you still trust the process?

The 23-year-old Joel Embiid was drafted 3rd overall by the Sixers back in 2014. Fast forward today, Embiid has only played 31 games total in his 3 years in the NBA.  Although he averaged 20 points with 7 rebounds and 2 blocks, it is but concerning that his knee and foot injury has kept him away for the majority of his NBA career.
Report from the 76ers Director of Performance Research and Development, Dr. David T. Martin, indicated that Embiid should be able to resume basketball activities sometime this summer. 

There is still a lot of hype surrounding Joel Embiid but it could die at any moment if he could not sustain his health. The Sixers has been delicate in handling Joel and has been protective in ensuring that they will be able to utilize Embiid in the long haul.

Now with Markelle Fultz, Ben Simmons and a few other young and potential superstars, Joel Embiid needs to stay healthy and stay playing now.
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Will Joel Embiid be healthy?


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Sixers Fold as They Have Decided to Sit Embiid and Simmons for the Season

How many years was it since we saw Sixers had a winning record for the season?
That was 2011-2012 when Sixers had a 35 win and 31 loss record. But since then, the Sixers has been tanking and after a number of first rounders and top picks they are still on the look out for key players to once again up lift the franchise.
This year was no different as they have decided to sit Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons for the rest of the season. I am certain that they are also intrigued in the upcoming draft class and could already be eyeing someone.

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Do you think that this will be the last year Sixers will have a losing record?

Joel Embiid: What to do When Injured?

Isn’t Joel Embiid supposed to be recovering?

The 22- year old has a torn meniscus in his left knee according to the &76ers center. He already missed 9 consecutive games because of a left knee bone bruise and now getting that small tear again on the same knee. He might be held back until the end of the All-Star break.

But he is sure having a lot of fun trying to get better ‘in the raw’.

youtube video by: Basketball&More

Top 10 3-Point Shooting Centers In The NBA

Check out the NBA’s best Three-Point Shooting Centers In The 2016 – 2017 NBA Season! Usually there are only three positions in the NBA that are designated for 3-point shooting. But the changed a lot during the last few years and therefore we are also having NBA Centers shooting 3-pointers! I even think that it’s possible that a nba center can belong to the top 10 nba 3-point shooters. 
Here are the Top 10 Three-Point Big Men in the NBA: Kristaps Porzingis, DeMarcus Cousins, Joel Embiid, Karl-Anthony Towns, Serge Ibaka and Al Horford. 

youtube video by: Black9ne

Joel Embiid Tribute to Tripple H, Yes he did it! One of the reason why he is an All-Star

Joel Embiid Tribute to Tripple H, One of the reason why he is an All-Star

We can all argue that there are other players worthy of the spot, probably other big men better than him but no one else can do this.  Joel Embiid making some noise not only because he is playing tremendously, certainly not because his team is doing well but also because he is an entertainer and he got that quality that people want to see and follow, He is a darn charismatic player. NBA All-star is for the fans and I can already imagine how much fun it would be with him participating. He got my vote for the all-star.

Check out this video.

76ers: Joel Embiid to miss 2nd straight season, because of his foot!

Joel Embiid

It maybe a bit worrying for most of us because Embiid was supposed to be the guy who would give Anthony Davis a run for his money. However, we might have to wait another year for it. Its also a bit surprising because according to Joel he didn’t feel pain but as reported its still needs surgery. Its the same right foot that needed surgery, it is critical and its common for big guys. This is the same injury that caused Yao Ming to retire but on the bright side Ilgauskas had the same injury but he spent 10 seasons after “successful” recovery from it. 

Lets just hope that this would be a good amount of time off for the 76ers and its organization. 

Here is part of the statement regarding his status right now: From

 A collective decision has been made that the best approach to promote full healing would be to proceed with a bone graft of the fracture site. We anticipate the procedure will take place in the next 7-10 days and result in Joel missing the upcoming season.

Here was Embiid’s warm ups last March:

2015 NBA POST DRAFT Analysis : The 76ers, their process and their 3rd pick !

#3rd pick of 2015 NBA DRAFT : Jahlil Okafor

Philly wanted Russell so bad because they already have Embiid, Noel and Saric as their front court. Due to the fact that Lakers picked Russell, they had no choice but to draft the best player available. At first I felt a little bit uncomfortable with how the 76ers is running their organization. On the other hand Okafor and Noel will compliment each other well, while Embiid is still on a healing process. For Okafor though, he might need to trust the process as well since they might not win many games this year even if Embiid is to come back this season, the bright side is let’s say Saric might play after this season, that makes Noel an intriguing prospect for next year’s draft since the best big man next year might be Skal Labissiere after that its a bit weak compared to the big’s in this year’s draft. 
The combo of Embiid and Okafor could be the force to reckoned with for years to come barring injuries.

The fans and the current players though will have to see this team in the top 3 pick again next year,

Here is the introductory press conference of Okafor: Courtesy of Jory Peto NBA.

There were not a lot of smiles from Okafor, although it may be his personality but hush young fella you still have a young career and if Embiid recovers 100% free agents would want to play for the 76ers. 

Keep it posted here @ for more NBA updates. 

Joel Embiid may or may not play this season! 2015-2016

Joel Embiid

According multiple sources, Joel Embiid’s right foot injury is still a question mark, if he could play or may need surgery next season

According to CSN Philadelphia, the Sixers have not ruled out Embiid needing surgery on his injured right foot. It is not clear if surgery is needed, but the fact that it hasn’t been ruled out is not a good sign.

To me this should be a no brainer that they should go after a PG come draft day. Unless it is certain that Embiid might have the same injury as Zydrunas Ilgauskas which we all know could make or break Embiid’s future. Ilgauskas on the other hand was able to recover fully but took its toll on him because his peak didn’t last long, the good thing about Embiid, he is just 21 years old. 

Even if it would take another year for Embiid to recover and play. They don’t need to worry because Russell/Mudiay and Noel will be better players by that time. 

Lets all hope for the best and keep it posted here @