Boxing and the "Art" of Matchmaking

Photo courtesy of Art Monis Facebook Account

“Matchmaking is a challenging kind of  job. You need a lot of patience when some unusual instances appear out of nowhere. Like, when a boxer didn’t show himself on the day of weigh in or the boxer suddenly got sick and hospitalized before the day of his bout. You need to find a quick replacement and make the impossible, a possible one.”
Art Monis stated during his interview with at the Ferlinski’s In’tl Boxing Championship.
Artemio “ART” Monis, is one of the well-known matchmakers in the Philippine Boxing since 2013. He entered the matchmaking world unexpectedly. His promoter friend, Joel Ostria is the one who pushed him to become a matchmaker. At first he doubted himself for he didn’t have enough experience about matchmaking. He also has a job at that time, but he tried to challenge himself and explored something he never have expected he will be entering.
He is a former security body guard of Alfred Vargas’ brother (Patrick Vargas) for almost 3 years and also he is a former boxing trainer. He also tried to experience boxing during his early time.
He said that in doing the matchmaking job you need to consider a lot of things. You need to find a perfect match for the bout or it will end up with a mismatch. You also need to consider the capacity of every boxer if he is fit enough to be set up with another, because the viewers deserve to watch an equal match.
What can Monis advise to aspiring matchmakers?
Monis explained, “You need to be honest and can’t be biased in terms of matchmaking at the same time you should know how to deal with different kind of people with different kind of personality.”
Art Monis always give credits to those people who are behind his success, and he is even more thankful when he is being trusted and grabs the chance to go beyond his comfort zone to try something else for he is known to be one of the most famous matchmakers at the present time.