Gordon Hayward Could Be Ready To Play Sooner Than Anyone Expected

Gordon Hayward Could play soon

Danny Ainge Tweets Photo of Gordon Hayward without Brace

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An even brighter star is shining above the already bright sky of Boston as the team manager teases us with as he posts a photo of Gordon Hayward as if telling us that Gordon Hayward could be ready to play anytime soon. 
Gordon Hayward suffered a horrific injury in his very first game wearing the green uniform and since then has been recovering from the injury.  The Boston Celtics, on the other hand, had been doing good without the service of the star player currently at the top of the standing with 33 wins and 10 loss. And while that’s the best record in the east right now it does not entirely say that they are the best team especially when Golden State Warriors shooters, the Cleveland Cavaliers King and the Houston Rockets Beard are lurking around the top of the standing. 
Gordon Hayward at 27 could be the difference maker between winning many games and being a championship team. His road to recovery has been rather steady and the one-time all-star could be ready for some basketball sooner than expected.
Check out the tweet of Danny Ainge:


Should the Celtics make Gordon Hayward play?

Will Gordon Hayward Affect the Chemistry of Boston?

Gordon Hayward may make a return come the playoffs.

The last time Gordon Hayward was seen on the court, he was being carried off by a stretcher after forcibly twisting his foot with 6 minutes into the Boston Celtics’ opening night game against the Cleveland Cavaliers- a game that the Celtics lost. 
Despite the absence of their newly acquired star, the Celtics managed to surprise the league when it went on a 16-game winning streak that was only snapped recently by the Miami Heat. Along the way, the Celtics had to deal with various injury problems with star, Kyrie Irving and Al Horford.
After a rather lousy loss at the hands of the Chicago Bulls, the East-leading Celtics bounced back as they defeated the Denver Nuggets, 124-118. This game saw Kyrie Irving exploding for 33 points and 7 assists.

Question: What will happen if Gordon Hayward makes a return soon?

To begin with, Gordon Hayward did play for the Celtics, for 6 minutes before that nasty injury took him out of the game. Initial assessments back then had stated that Hayward won’t  be back to basketball action until next season but now, new images of Hayward are now suggesting otherwise. There’s a possibility that yes, Gordon Hayward will miss a big chunk of the regular season but if you have seen him in the pictures that were released to the public, you will be happy.
Gordon Hayward can now walk without using a walking boot.
Going back to the question of what will happen when Gordon makes his return to the floor, one thing is certain. Gordon Hayward’s presence will have an immediate effect- at least on the offense of the Celtics. But will affect the chemistry that his teammates have already established during his absence?
Yes. One way or another, assuming that Gordon Hayward returns either during the latter part of the season or even in the playoffs, it will disrupt the chemistry of  Boston. Brad Steven will have another player to worry about. However, we all know what a Gordon Hayward can do when he’s on the floor.So the Celtics will be fine regardless of when Hayward makes his return.


While we are happy to see a significant amount of progress from Gordon Hayward, the Celtics should not rush him. Not when they are winning without him. Not when Kyrie Irving is letting his Mamba Mentality do the talking. The Celtics may need Hayward healthy for the playoffs but for now, he should be resting. And preparing. Why?
There may be a time when Kyrie Irving needs a Gordon Hayward basket. 

Wife Reveals State of Gordon Hayward’s Injury, Celtic Fans Should be Merry

Gordon Hayward Out Of the Walking Boot

Gordon Hayward played one game with the Celtics and got a horrific injury that put him sidelined and scared the Celtic Fans.  After the surgery, Hayward is graciously recovering and was deemed out of the season. However, his wife recently posted a photo on Twitter that may mean that he may be able to recover faster in time for the playoffs or maybe an Eastern Conference Finals matchup against the heavily favored Cleveland Cavaliers.
Here are the twitter photos.


Gordon Hayward is from the walking booth as he plays with his daughter.
Hayward was supposedly one of the primary players for Celtics championship run but his absence looks to have been a blessing in disguise especially for young players like Jaylen Brown and Rookie Jayson Tatum who have been playing extremely well at their young age.

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Paul Pierce and Tracy McGrady, both legends of the game discusses scenario of Gordon Hayward’s recovery and timeline for return and it seems like that two have different views on the matter.  Paul Pierce does not want to gamble on Hayward while McGrady would let him play especially in the Eastern Conference finals.  
What do you think is the right move assuming Hayward is ready to play?

Boston Celtics Gordon Hayward Injury Update! His Return Date

Gordon Hayward is most likely out for the season

Crossing our fingers and hoping all goes well and we might see Gordon Hayward back in the playoffs. According to the doctors, the best case scenario for his return is March of 2018.
Gordon Hayward is one of the key franchise players of the Boston Celtics and a lot were expected of him as he teams up with Kyrie Irving this season. Unfortunately, things came to a halt when the All-Star forward suffered a gruesome accident in the very first game of the season. 
Gordon Hayward broke his ankle in the worst way possible and if you saw the graphic video then you would agree that this ain’t no ordinary injury. Gordon was grimacing in pain after landing awkwardly to the ground which instigated the injury. Players and fans at the arena were stunned in silence as they witnessed the horrific incident that may have already changed the course of the season for the Celtics.  Everyone went silent and they all offered prayers and support.

Kobe Bryant offered his advice to Gordon Hayward #mambaMentality

Even Kobe Byant a Laker and a rival of the Celtics was all heart for Gordon Hayward. He wrote the chilling post on Instagram offering his support as he goes through this chapter of his basketball career.

 Gordon Hayward’s road to recovery

Shaun Livingston and Paul George these are a couple of players that had horrific injuries and was able to come back even stronger. Gordon Hayward successfully went through operations and is currently is currently recovering. As mentioned above, Gordon Hayward would be going through months of therapy and by the doctors estimate, Gordon can play basketball again as soon as March next year. 
Here is the quote from Boston Celtics:

Celtics forward Gordon Hayward underwent successful bony and ligamentous stabilization surgery for the fracture dislocation of his left ankle sustained on Opening Night. The surgery was performed by Drs. Mark Slovenkai and Brian McKeon at New England Baptist Hospital, assisted by Dr. Anthony Schena, following consultations with Dr. David Porter of Methodist Sports Medicine in Indianapolis. No timetable has been set for Hayward’s return, but he is expected to make a full recovery.

A Wheeler’s Opinion: Everybody Saw the Ugly Hayward Incident but Nobody Saw that he Was Fouled?

The videos stated: A foul should have been called

Gordon Hayward injured
While it was surely unintentional, LeBron James clearly made contact with Gordon Hayward. 
Two games into the season. Two lost games for the Boston Celtics. 80 more to go. And they will have to play the rest of the 2017-2018 NBA season without one of their newest acquisitions over the very busy off-season: Gordon Hayward. 
Hayward sustained a gruesome leg injury 5 minutes into the Boston’s season opener against the defending Eastern Conference champions, the Cleveland Cavaliers. Hayward was then carefully put on a stretcher and was taken out of the court while players from both sides were clearly shocked by the horrific scene- seeing how cruel life can be for basketball players, for all athletes for that matter. 
While the Celtics managed to challenge the Cavs until the final buzzer, it was LeBron James’ MVP-like performance, which included 29 points, 16 rebounds and 9 assists, that propelled the Cavs to open their season with a victory. Mind you, folks. LeBron himself missed a big chunk of the preseason due to an injury but whatever that injury, it didn’t appear to be slowing down the King, at least in the opener.
Now, let’s focus our attention on that specific play where Gordon Hayward got himself terribly injured. Hayward, who only scored 2 points before the incident, was attempting to complete an alley-oop play off a lob from Kyrie Irving. Here’s what happened next: LeBron James rose up to challenge the already on-air Hayward. Bam! The two players collided in mid-air. James was able to land on his feet but things went differently for Hayward, and for the rest of the Celtics. Hayward was headed for a bad fall after that unfortunate collision and made him land awkwardly. 
The rest was all gruesomeness as Hayward was screaming in pain. That was something any basketball player couldn’t bear to watch. Remember Paul George’s injury a few years ago? Well, that was more gruesome than this one but still, a gruesome one.
Right after the game where the Cavs managed to win on a 102-99 decision, this basketball pundit on wheels had a chat with one of his colleagues over Facebook messenger.  This pundit was asked by his colleague to check the replay of that play on YouTube. This colleague asked: “Wasn’t there supposed to be a foul, to say the least?” That question made this pundit on wheels go over YouTube and have a second look at that play.

There should have been a foul

From the personal perspective of this basketball pundit, a foul should have been called against LeBron James or, against Jae Crowder because he was the one guarding Hayward during that time and LeBron just came over as a help defender. LeBron managed to block Hayward’s attempt but it came at a cost. 
Now, LeBron James isn’t someone who will intentionally hurt his opponents as his gestures afterward proved- showing support to the injured guy by making sure he was getting enough medical attention while inside the locker room. And even this pundit doesn’t think it was LeBron’s nor Crowder’s intention to take Hayward out of the game. 
However, regardless if it was intentional or not, the question still remains: why didn’t the referees blow their whistles? Not that a foul could have avoided the injury but the fact still remains: Hayward clearly made contact with either LeBron, Crowder or even both of them and Hayward fell. Badly. Maybe the referees saw differently from their perspective. Maybe the referees missed something. Maybe. Maybe. Lots of maybes. Really. 


Press releases from the Celtics and Hayward’s representatives stated that Hayward’s surgery was successful. He even managed to address the Boston fans right before the Celtics’ defeat from the hands of the Milwaukee Bucks, their second straight to open the regular season. With Hayward possibly missing the entire season, the Celtics may have to rely on Kyrie Irving. Alone. Again.
As for the NBA, they should really review that play. Nobody wanted that to happen and Gordon Hayward knew the risks of that play but that doesn’t change the fact that somebody got hurt and nobody was penalized for it. Nobody.  Hayward was fouled. A foul should have been called. And the referees didn’t call it. That was their call. And we can only respect their call because they were the ones on the court and not us, right? 

Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward Introduced at Boston, Kyrie Looks Different

The New Faces of the Franchise, Irving, and Hayward

Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward Introduced at Boston
After one of the most exciting and franchise changing off season for the Boston Celtics, I think the team has called the offseason moves completed, at least for the major pieces of the roster. 
Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward were acquired separately and are considered to be one of the biggest moves of 2017 not just for the Celtics but the whole NBA.  Gordon Hayward after spending all of his NBA playing careers with the Utah Jazz, decided to reunite with his former college coach Brad Stevens. On the other hand, Kyrie Irving was acquired via trade that may have cost Cleveland to totally change face after a successful campaign last year by trading the best scorer of the team, Isaiah Thomas to Cleveland together with Jae Crowder and a couple of picks. 
Fast forward today, both players were presented to the media in Boston and the mean green team is looking good as the new face of the Celtics were introduced with high promises as they emphasized the Celtics pride and how the team is championship driven. 
Let’s watch in the press con below. 

Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward Have Something in Common that will Blow Your Mind

Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward will be bleeding green next season

The new players of the Boston Celtics Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward are expected to lead the team next season.  
Both Kyrie and Gordon was a high valued target acquisition by Celtics and aside from being great players in their own rights which are obviously one of the main reasons why they were brought in to team, there is one rather surprising similarity between the two that you may have never known until now. 
Both players are young and will be playing for their second team next season but it isn’t that. Gordon Hayward formerly from Utah Jazz was born in Indianapolis, Indiana on March 23, 1990. Two years after, in Melbourne, at the exact date Kyrie Irving was born. 
Not that it’s a big deal but you can expect a double celebration in Boston between the two best players of the new Celtics team. 

Gordon Hayward’s Tribute to Manu Ginobili, He is a Huge Fan

Gordon Hayward  wears the same number as Manu Ginobili: #20

The question on why the 27 year old Gordon Hayward wears jersey number 20 is because he idolizes the Argentinian superstar Manu Ginobili. 

At 40, Manu Ginobili has done a lot of great things in basketball and while his career is over he has given us a lot of good memories and Gordon Hayward?
Yes, Gordon Hayward, the now 27 year old Hayward is a big fan of Manu and has tried his best to emulate his game.  Gordon, who will be playing for the Boston Celtics next season will have a lot in front of him as the Celtics are now expected to challenge the Cavs in the Eastern Conference Finals.
Gordon Hayward has worn the number 20 jersey all his career in Utah Jazz and he will wear the same number in Boston Celtics.
The number Boston Celtics #20 jersey was originally worn by Ray Allen.   

Gordon Hayward Officially Signed a Max Deal- How Much is it?

Coach Brad Stevens could not believe it when the 17-year-old boy he was coaching 10 years ago is back under his tutelage at 27.  Brad Stevens, the current coach of the Celtics and Gordon Hayward has a history together and this move reunites both of them in an effort to fulfill a mission that both of them set.
They want to win a championship together.
“It’s really an unbelievable thing to be sitting with a guy in your office when he’s 16 or 17 years old, and to again be sitting with him when he’s 27,” the Celtics coach said on Friday after Hayward signed his four-year, $128 million deal.” – Brad Stevens, NBA.com
Celtics formally sign Gordon Hayward to 4-yr/$128M max deal.
Hayward will play along sign star point guard Isaiah Thomas.

Celtics: The Back Up Plan to Gordon Hayward: Danilo Gallinari and Paul George

The Celtics will comeback even stronger next year, that’s for sure. 
Already the top team in the east at least in the elimination round, the Boston Celtics led the by the smallest man with the biggest heart, Isaiah Thomas made an impact to the east as they showcased the new and improved Celtics team. 
This upcoming season, expect an even better Celtics as they have won the top pick overall in the 2017 NBA draft at the same time having the salary cap luxury to sign big names in the free agency market. 
There are a lot of things they can do as  they can move puzzles left and right depending on the direction they want to take.  There are a lot of interested teams in the first pick of Boston and they can opt to trade that pick for a current big name that would make a big impact right away. This is not far from happening as the draft pool is point guard heavy and the Celtics already have two good point guards in Bradley and Isaiah Thomas. 
From the news we are getting it looks like the Celtics is looking to add an impact player in the small forward position. Names of Paul George, Gordon Hayward and now Danilo Gallinari has float around the rumor heaven.
While these are great players don’t you think Celtics should concentrate in getting a defensive player to counter LeBron James?
Whatever happens, the offseason of the Celtics will be fun and exciting!

Highlights: Hayward, Gordon’s 33 Not Enough to win Game 2 with Golden State Warriors

Gordon Hayward may have a great performance today but it did not make up against Warriors who scored double today.
Golden State Warriors is now starting to dominate the series, now with 2 wins after today’s Game 2 victory against Utah Jazz. Gordon Hayward may have scored 33 points, 4 assists and 5 rebounds today to lead the Jazz but other than him, Rudy Gobert and Shelvin Mack, no other Jazz player scored doubles today.
Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Andre Iguodala lead today’s victory for Golden State. Golden State powered it up in every quarter shooting 49 percent in the field, 45 percent in the three-point line and 85 percent in free throws.

Final score 115-104, Game 3 on Sunday May 7th.

See the game highlights below.

(courtesy: youtube/Rapid Highlights)

NBA Trade Rumors: Gordon Hayward Unhappy with the Utah Jazz, Wants to be Traded

(Artwork by Sean Curate)
According to HoopsCritic.com, Brian Geltzeiler reported Wednesday morning that the Jazz forward is unhappy in Utah and wants to be traded. According to Geltzeiler, the Jazz are “actively” trying to move him.
If the Jazz do trade Hayward, the Boston Celtics certainly seem to make sense as a potential trade partner. Boston owns eight picks in Thursday night’s NBA Draft, including the No. 3 overall pick. Not only that, Hayward has an obvious connection to Boston. He played for Celtics coach Brad Stevens at Butler before being drafted by the Jazz in 2010.
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