Can Blackwater Beat Streaking Gin Kings?

LA Tenorio of Barangay Ginebra
(Photo by the PBA Media Bureau)

Leo Isaac says the Elites are “STRONGLY MOTIVATED” to beat Ginebra

For any team to be able to beat a well-coached, a well-oiled team like the Barangay Ginebra Gin Kings, you will need more than just a talented team. You will need a disciplined team because you are talking about a Tim Cone-coached Ginebra squad that has won the last two of the Governors’ Cup championships so you’ll definitely need all the help you can get especially if you’re a mid-field team like the Blackwater Elites.
According to Head Coach Leo Isaac, the Elites are STRONGLY MOTIVATED to start 2018 by handling the Gin Kings their first win of the conference. Coming off a victory over the Rain or Shine Elasto Painters to end their 2017 campaign, the Elites are hoping to move to 2-1 record after tonight’s game although Blackwater knows for themselves that they are faced with a daunting task of defending the powerful Twin Towers of Greg Slaughter and Japeth Aguilar.

Question: Can the Elites actually beat the Gin Kings fair and square?

Realistically and statistically, the odds are against the Elites but if we are to look at the performance of their notable players against Rain or Shine, you will see that Blackwater MIGHT have a shot at taking down the Gin Kings. Why? Mac Belo played one of his best games since coming into the PBA after leading his team with 25 points which included 5 for 9 shooting from the three-point line. Mike Digregorio added 23 points while rookie Reymar Jose totaled 12 points. Allein Maliksi had 10 points, 10 rebounds, and 5 assists although he went 3 for 12 from the field while coming off the bench. 

Key to victory for the Elites: Bench Production

While Blackwater has a continuously re-emerging Mac Belo plus a promising rookie in Reymar Jose, the Elites must work as a complete unit meaning the bench players must produce more than 17 points- the numbers they had against Rain or Shine. And they won despite 53 points from the bench of Rain or Shine. 
You can’t just rely on your starters to carry your team and save the day. Especially not against Ginebra. 

Prediction: Ginebra will win against Blackwater. 

The Cool Old Cat Mike Cortez Signed by Blackwater, Needs to Prove Himself

Mike Cortez is Back to Blackwater 

The former 2x UAAP player of the year and 2X UAAP Champion from Lasalle is probably at the tail end of his basketball career after being dropped by Global Port Batang Pier who is looking to have a young and fast roster this season.
At 37 years old, the former 1st pick overall in 2003 by Alaska has played for a total of seven teams already. His best years were with Alaska where he became an All-Star and a 2-time champion with the same team. Mike Cortez has recently seen a decline in usage especially with his last team, Global Port Batang Pier were he saw himself behind star player Terrence Romeo and Stanley Pringle.

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Blackwater took a chance of getting back the veteran player after he was officially released. This is the second stint of Cortez with the Elite. Blackwater offered a one conference length contract, this means that Mike Cortez needs to prove himself in the Philippine Cup to get an extension for the two other conferences of the season. 
Here is a look back at the best game of cool cat Mike Cortez with Blackwater Elite.

The Curious Case of Chris Ellis: Have We Seen The Last of Him?

Will Airforce Ellis take flight again in the PBA?

Where is Chris Ellis? 

Chris Ellis was drafted in the PBA by Ginebra as the 6th overall pick in 2012. The 6’4 shooting guard from Oceanside, California immediately made an impact in the league as he charmed fans with good looks and his ability to take flight. 
In 2013, Chris Ellis further added a feather to his cap at an early stage in his career and became a PBA All-Star and a slam dunk champion. 
He was on his way. 

Chris Ellis’ career, however, didn’t quite take flight like his dunking ability. Averaging as high as only 8 points in his first year, his point average has dwindled down every year but his loyal following stuck with him. Unfortunately though, the team which drafted him has suddenly changed direction and traded him for Art Dela Cruz.

Crash Landing for Ellis

Chris Ellis spent a good five years with the most popular club in the PBA, Ginebra, and after all the experiences and the bonding moments the shooting guard has definitely developed a relationship with his teammates beyond basketball. The news about him being traded probably came as a surprised and unfortunately, most people think that he was not able to take it well enough.  His tweets, his none attendance at practice and being hospitalized only added to what seemed to be a fading career for Chris Ellis.

Will Airforce be back?

The Chris Ellis Saga is still ongoing but Blackwater Dioceldo Sy thinks it may be over. Blackwater has patiently waited for Chris Ellis but unfortunately, he is a hard man to come by these days and the management may have lost its patience and was looking to trade him again after showing no interest to play with Blackwater.

Blackwater tried to trade Chris but there were no takers. As capable as he is, it looks like teams are looking beyond just the physical capability and the current state of Chris maybe questionable to other teams.
Ellis’ last cryptic message. Did Chris Ellis already say goodbye? What is he up to these days? The above is the last official tweet of Ellis and while his PBA career might potentially be on hold, and according to his last tweet, Chris Ellis is still excited about his future. We do not know exactly if this future still includes basketball but what we do know that thousands of fans are hoping that he would come back and play again.
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Will Chris Ellis be back in the PBA?

I really hope so
He has lost it
Not Sure
I don’t care

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Will President Duterte Step in to Solve the PBA Issues?

It’s possible according to Blackwater’s owner

But is it needed, maybe not?

One of the owners of the PBA team may already be calling the government to get help especially after the recent predicament that the PBA is in right now.
The PBA Board of Governors are now split and the commissioner is in the middle of it. 
Last Thursday, 7 of the 12 teams in the PBA has put out a press release and said that they are no longer supporting Chito Narvasa as the commissioner and will no longer extend his term. The 7 teams are Talk n Text, Meralco, NLEX, Alaska, Rain or Shine, Blackwater, and Phoenix.
A few hours after, the other half of the PBA board which consists of SMB, Ginebra, Star, Kia and Global Port has called a press release and has countered the previous statement and has clearly stated that they want Chito Narvasa to stay and what was done by the 7 PBA board was whimsical and was just out of procedure.
Today, we have read on the news that Blackwater may already be calling for intervention from the government and from the president himself and his advisor Bong Go who have been seen watching PBA live for a number of times.
There are reports that the PBA board will reconvene in the US where they aim to talk about plans for the next season but then again it would be the most awkward executive meeting especially if they don’t sort down the issue and agree on one thing before the date.
PBA, don’t wait for  General Bato to step in : )
We hope this will be resolved the soonest possible time.

Allein Maliksi is Expected to Re-sign with Blackwater But Can Still Sign Somewhere Else?

Allein Maliksi is set to get a 2-year deal worth 10 million pesos with Blackwater Elite

At 30 years old, the 10 million deal he is getting may be his last big paycheck and while it seems like good money, a longer-term contract may be much more beneficial.
Allein Maliksi was acquired recently by Blackwater in a trade that involved Bambam Gamilida and Kyle Pascual. Maliksi, whose contract expired is technically open to signing with any teams but Blackwater is not taking any chances and had offered the prime scorer with a 10 million 2-year contract.
Maliksi instantly became one of the primary gunners of Blackwater and was one of the key players responsible for the playoffs run of Blackwater’s last conference.
The 4x Champion and All-Star is laying his 7th season in the PBA. Maliksi has played with Barako Bull Energy, Barangay Ginebra and San Mig (Star Hotshots) and Blackwater Elite.
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Should Allein Maliksi sign with Blackwater Elite?

Go back to Star
Sign with other team



How Much (More) Money will the 1st PBA Pick Make Compared to the 3rd Pick, Seems Unfair!

Christian Standhardinger picked 1st while Raymar Jose was 3rd overall in the 2017 PBA Rookie Draft.

Christian Standhardinger and Raymar Jose 2017 PBA Rookie Draft
Standhardinger and Jose are only one pick apart in the rookie draft but their salary won’t be that close as Blackwater Elite may still be unsure if the D-League MVP is worth the same hefty money that number 1 and number 2 pick is getting. 
If you have not heard yet, San Miguel Beermen Rookie Christian Standhardinger and NLEX Road Warriors Kiefer Ravena are getting a max rookie deal that is worth around 8 million or about 230,000 per month. We certainly have no qualms about the salary of the first two picks as they deserved it given that they are already a proven star in their own rights and their upside is just astronomical but, Raymar Jose isn’t exactly far behind as the young Raymar is also a proven leader during his college years in FEU amassing good numbers in points and rebounds. He wouldn’t be picked number 3 for nothing, right?
Raymar Jose has also played with the ASEAN Basketball League squad Kaohsiung Truth and of course, he also represented the Philippines as part of the Gilas Pilipinas squad so surely he has all the achievements to show and get a good starting salary at par with what Standhardinger and Kiefer Ravena is getting.

Blackwater Elite offer
According to sources,  the 6’5 forward will be getting P100,000 less than the first and the second pick, in fact, he might be getting less money than Perkins or Teng.  Blackwater team manager Johnson Martinez is said to offer Jose a meager amount of P120,000 a month for the first year and P180,000 for the second.  Even Perkins who is the fourth pick will get more money than Jose at 150,000 for the first year. 
Blackwater, however, added that his second-year salary would go up to 180,00K and if he will be able to prove himself, then he would get an additional performance bonus.
Side note: Last year Mac Belo(2nd pick), Kevin Ferrer(3rd pick) and Jio Jalalon(11th) got the max deal.
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Do you think Raymar Jose should get a higher salary?

He needs to prove himself first
Blackwater low balling Raymar

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A Wheeler’s Opinion: Kiefer Ravena’s 2-Year Delay is Worth it

Former King Eagle finally entering the PBA Draft after 2 years

The Phenom is about to make his much-awaited arrival in the PBA. 
Worry no more, fans of Kiefer Ravena. 
Two years after his final playing season with the Ateneo de Manila University Blue Eagles in the UAAP where he won an MVP award and a couple of championships, he has declared that he is joining the PBA Draft which is scheduled to take place this month. 
Sure, fans would have rejoiced had Kiefer joined the draft right away but trust this basketball pundit in saying that the wait is much more worth it. Why? Right after he hanged his blue and white jersey, the Phenom went to the United States where he explored different opportunities. In fact, he was signed as a developmental player by the Texas Legends, the NBA D-League affiliate of the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA. 
Setting aside his personal ambitions to play in the NBA for the greater need of the country,  he came back home, don the national colors and went on to win his 4th SEA Games gold medal, breaking a 16-year record that was previously held by Rommel Adducul for most number of gold medals won as an individual player. Who doesn’t want to have a SEA Games legend in his team? Kiefer, at 23 years of age, without a doubt, remains as one of the highly-touted prospects to watch for in the upcoming draft. 
If anything, Kiefer’s grand decision to finally apply for the PBA Draft adds a big amount of talent to a  draft class that already has Bobby Ray Parks Jr., Jeron Teng and, Filipino-German and Gilas Pilipinas big man, Christian Standhardinger. While Standhardinger is poised to be picked as the top pick by the Talk N Text KaTropa as predicted by the mock-up of the draft that was made last July, make no mistake about it, folks. 

Kiefer Ravena will be a top 3 pick, top 5 at max. Assuming that TNT does select Standhardinger, the Kia Picanto are predicted to get two-time UAAP MVP, Ray Parks Jr. and with the 3rd pick in the PBA Draft, the Blackwater Elite will choose the Phenom. 
Now, assuming that the Blackwater Elite selects Ravena in the draft, Ravena is expected to start at the point guard, something he did multiple times during his stints with the Blue Eagles and with the national team. He will be reunited with fellow Ateneo graduate, JP Erram. 
In addition to this, he will be providing much-needed reinforcement especially in the offensive end which is needed especially when Allein Maliksi is struggling to get anything going from his end. If anything, Ravena’s recent stint with the Chooks-to-Go Pilipinas during the FIBA Asia Champions Cup, which saw him lead the team in scoring with 20 points per game, is another proof that he is more than PBA-ready. 
Regardless of which team colors, the Phenom will wear come his first PBA game, the rest of the league should watch as the former King Eagle makes his first flight because whether you like him or not, the name Kiefer Ravena has been associated with greatness ever since he was tormenting his opponents in the UAAP- something that Ray Parks Jr. and Jeron Teng have experienced first-hand. And, if you have seen him play with the national team, then you all agree with one simple thing: Kiefer Isaac Crisologo Ravena belongs to the big stage and that big stage is none other than the PBA, with the greatest players that the league has ever seen. 
One bonus of having Kiefer Ravena in the PBA: we may see more of his Queen Phenom, Alyssa Valdez at the game venues during the King Phenom’s games. 

What Went Wrong for Blackwater: The Numbers

Breaking down the numbers that doomed the Elite

Allen Maliksi was a non-factor in last night’s game. (Photo by the PBA Media Bureau)
After Allen Maliksi drained that game-winner against the Bolts which forced a do-or-die game, in the minds of the Blackwater fans, the Blackwater Elite already had the momentum coming into last night’s game to score another upset win against the league leaders, the Meralco Bolts. That was the case for the Elite in the first half as they took a double-digit lead into the break. From that point on, it was a free-fall for the Elite as the Bolts came back to take the lead in the 4th quarter- a lead from which Blackwater never recovered from.
Now, let’s take a look at the important numbers which explained why the Elite missed an opportunity to beat a powerhouse team and book a date against the Star Hotshots in the semifinals:


After torching the Bolts with his 6 three-pointers in the first half, Henry Walker only made 1 in the second half to finish the game with a 7 of 11 shooting from downtown. In addition to this, the Bolts’ defense limited Henry to 7 points in the second half after he almost scored easily in the first half with 27 points. Whatever Norman Black yelled about the Bolts’ defense during the halftime break, it hit the Bolts and responded well. Result: Walker was contained and that doomed Blackwater.


Blackwater only scored 5 points off their opportunities to run on the break which is by the way, slightly better to the 2 fastbreak points that they had last Tuesday. There were many instances in last night’s game where the Elite were able to run on the break only to miss both open and contested lay-ups. Or worse, the Bolts were already back on defense which prevented Blackwater to score quickly. 


Allen Maliksi only had 10 points in last night’s loss to the Bolts. If anything, last night’s game proved one thing: if Maliksi struggles with his offense, Blackwater will struggle and the Bolts’ defense made sure of that. In fact, Maliksi missed 8 of his 11 shot attempts and that’s a big blow for the Elite. 


If anything, the lousy defense of the Elite, especially in the second half, is also one of the things which cost them the game in the first place. Blackwater allowed Baser Amer to torch them and score 31 points, many of them were scored during the decisive 4th quarter run which enabled the Bolts to take the lead for good. Also, 31 was the number of points that the Elite allowed the Bolts to score in the 4th quarter. And one more thing, 31 was also the total number of points that the Bolts’ bench players had scored which is a far cry to the Elite’s 19 bench points.
While there’s no denying the fact that the Bolts had more experience, you can’t simply take away anything from Blackwater. With this latest setback, they can only get better because as it is, they’re already one of the most exciting teams we have in the league and we can expect more from them come next season and beyond. 

Bolts Recover in Time to Book Semifinal Slot

Amer led the Bolts as Durham gets hurt late

Amer played one of the best games in his career to lead the Bolts (Photo by the PBA Media Bureau)
The Blackwater Elite knew that they were facing a twice-to-beat disadvantage against the top-seeded team, Meralco Bolts when they first faced off against last Tuesday to open the quarterfinals of the PBA Governors’ Cup. It seemed that the disadvantaged didn’t bother Allen Maliksi who completed the Elite’s comeback win when he drained that game winner in the dying seconds of Tuesday’s battle. As a result, both teams get another chance to decide which of them will have the honor of dancing against the Star Hotshots in the semifinals.
They fell behind during most of the first half. Henry Walker was torching them early on. Their own import, Allen Durham got hurt in the 4th quarter and yet, the Meralco Bolts will now face the Star Hotshots in the semifinals after eliminating the Blackwater, 104-96.
Wanting to make up for their slow start last Tuesday when they fell, 24-17 at the end of quarter number 1, the Bolts went firing on all cylinders as Baser Amer scored 5 points during the opening minutes of the game after missing most of Tuesday’s game due to injury that he sustained just a few seconds into the game.

However, shortly after the Bolts held an 8-point lead, the Elite went on a scoring to take the lead, at 18-18 with under 4 minutes to play, thanks to Maliksi’s 3-point play. Maliksi later added another jumper with under 2 minutes remaining in the opening quarter to increase the Elite’s lead to 5, forcing Norman Black to signal that he needed a timeout. The Bolts went 4 minutes without scoring a field goal, a spell that was only broken by Ranidel de Ocampo who went on his 5-point run to tie the score at 22 apiece with a minute to play.

In the second quarter, the Bolts took the lead on multiple occasions but their inconsistency allowed the Elite to take the lead and that lead increased to 33-28 on Henry Walker’s three-point shot 3 minutes into the quarter. Walker scored on a 3-point play to furthermore push the lead to 8. Eventually, Garvo Lanete contributed on a Meralco run as his three-pointer gave them the lead at 37-36 only to be answered by Walker who made a pair of three-pointers of his own to make it 42-37 with under 4 minutes before halftime. He also drained another three-pointer to give Blackwater their first taste of a double-digit lead.
The Elite took a 52-40 into the halftime break as Henry Walker led the way with 27 points which included a 6 of 11 shooting from rainbow distance and, 11 rebounds. JP Eram had 11 points in the first half to go along with 5 boards. Blackwater held a double-digit lead at the half thanks to their three-point shooting which saw them make 6 of 18 attempts, all by Walker. Allen Durham had 10 points and 10 rebounds to lead Meralco. The Bolts were outmuscled on the boards at 33-25 and were outscored on second-chance points at 7-4.
Meralco then started the 3rd quarter by trimming down the Elite’s lead to 6 thanks to Baser Amer who completed a 3-point play. But Allen Maliksi drained a 3-pointer to bring the lead back to 11 only to be answered by an Allen Durham basket off an offensive rebound. Mike Digregorio later answered with another trey for the Elite and Ranidel de Ocampo added another one from long distance to keep the lead down at 8 with under 8 minutes to go in the quarter.  The lead went down to as lowest as three after de Ocampo completed a 3-point play with 5:40 to play. 
Finally, the Bolts grabbed the lead for the since the first half after Jared Dillinger drained another trey for Meralco, making it 68-67 with 2:52 remaining in the 3rd. After making 6 threes in the first half, Henry Walker finally drained his first one in the second during the final 5 seconds of the quarter as Blackwater took a 77-73 lead into the fourth quarter.
If anything, the Meralco Bolts found their shooting touch back in the 3rd as they started the fourth quarter with a series of three-pointers from Baser Amer, Garvo Lanete and the last one, on Jared Dillinger’s trey to put the Bolts up by 87-84 with under 9 minutes to play, prompting Leo Isaac to call for a timeout. 
Just when everyone thought that things were starting to go the Bolts’ way, Allen Durham was hurt after landing awkwardly while driving for a lay-up. He was taken to the bench and was attended by the trainers. He later returned to the game and scored 4 straight points to widen the lead to 99-91 with less than 4 minutes to spare. Dillinger again, drained another bomb from the 3-point line to put the Bolts up 10 with under 2 minutes left and that proved to be the dagger that put the life out of the Elite, for good.
Baser Amer led the Bolts with 31 points while making 4 of his 7 attempts from downtown. Allen Durham added 18 points to go with his 20 rebounds and 9 assists. Garvo Lanete provided the needed spark off the bench with 17 markers which were built on 5 makes from rainbow country. Dillinger finished with 15 points. Ranidel de Ocampo added 14 as the Bolts recovered from their early struggles especially when it comes to shooting threes as they finished the game by making 41% of their attempts from that area. 
Overall, Meralco made 46%  of their shots as compared to the Elite who only managed to make 39% of their total attempts.
Henry Walker concluded his stint with Blackwater with 34 points, but only scoring 7 of them after the halftime break. JP Eram added 18 points while Mike Digregorio scored 10 points. Allen Maliksi only had 10 points on a miserable 3 of 11 field goal shooting.
Meralco – 104
Amer 31, Durham 18, Lanete 17, Dilinger 15, de Ocampo 14, Newsome 7, Hodge 2, Atkins 0, Yeo 0, Sedurita 0, Caram 0, Hugnatan 0, Nabong 0, Faundo 0, Tolomia 0
Blackwater – 96
Walker 34, Eram 18, Digregorio 11, Maliksi 10, Canaleta 6, Marcelo 6, Belo 5, Sumang 4, Pinto 2, Miranda 0, Banal 0, Sena 0, Cervantes 0, Cruz 0, Ellis 0, Javier 0
Quarter scoring:
22-22, 40-52, 73-77, 104-96

Bullock, Almazan Take Charge, ROS Secures Important Win

ROS bench players stepped up with big production

J’Nathan Bullock scored 30 points in this important win for the Elasto Painters (Photo by the PBA Media Bureau)

Although both teams are already assured of their respective quarterfinals slots, the Blackwater Elite and the Rain or Shine Elasto Painters knew that they need a win to at least have a fighting chance to improve their standings and lessen the possibility of fighting a stronger team especially if you’re a Blackwater team who will possibly face the league-leading Ginebra should the latter win their must-win game against Talk N Text.

A win by Rain or Shine on the other hand, will make things complicated for the NLEX Road Warriors because this would mean that the Road Warriors will need to win against the Star Hotshots tomorrow.

There is a lot of complications that can shake the standings especially in the Top 4. Regardless of who wins in this game, it will have a rippling effect as to who will face who come the quarterfinals.

At the end of the game, Rain or Shine’s experience prevailed against the Elite after successfully finishing the elimination round with a 122-98 victory.
Throughout the first half, both the Elasto Painters and the Elites, led by newcomer Allen Maliksi, traded runs and blows with the former taking the lead right after the first quarter, at 30-21 and then the Elite started to shot better in the field as their import, Henry Walker and Maliksi led the way as the Elite kept themselves close even taking the lead on multiple occasions and settled for a single-digit deficit at the half.
Despite multiple occasions where the Elite were threatening to take back the lead, Coach Caloy Garcia’s players stepped up in the 3rd quarter as the Elasto Painters, led by Maverick Ahanmisi, who made a couple of three-pointers both during the first half and in the 3rd quarter, and import J’Nathan Bullock.

By the time 4th quarter came around, the Elasto Painters’ offense was already despite a few more turnovers as Rain or Shine held a double-digit lead and they did it by running at every opportunity and making both inside and outside shots with complete accuracy.

The lead went up as high as 103-83 after a trey from big man Raymond Almazan with under 8 minutes to go. Almazan would later be called for a flagrant foul after hitting Walker in the face while trying to block the latter’s shot. From that point on, both teams traded made shots after made shots and, missed shots after missed and Walker was taken out of the game with under 6 minutes to play with the lead up 19.

The Elasto Painters were led by Bullock who had 30 points and 8 rebounds. What made it easier for Bullock is the fact that he didn’t have to carry most of the scoring load as Raymond Almazan scored 20 points off the bench. Gabe Norwood played another stellar game with his 15 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists. Maverick Ahanmisi finished 12 points while Don Trollano provided additional spark off the bench with his 11 points.

Overall, Rain or Shine made 49% of their shots including 44% from the outside.

On the other hand, the Elite of Coach Leo Isaac, were led by Allen Maliksi with 29 points while Walker had 21 points and 13 rebounds. KG Canaleta added 15 points off the bench while big man JP Eram contributed 14 points as a starter.

What exactly doomed the Elite? Bench scoring was the difference. The Elasto Painters’ bench players combined for 62 bench points and only 19 for Blackwater and they will need everyone contributing come the quarterfinals regardless of who they will face.

Rain or Shine – 122
Bullock 30, Almazan 20, Norwood 15, Ahanmisi 12, Trollano 11, Daquiaog 11,  Belga 5, King 5, Matias 4, Maiquez 2, Robles 2, Borboran 2, Cruz 0, Tiu 0, Yap 0
Blackwater – 98
Maliksi 29, Walker 21, Canaleta 15, Eram 14, Digregorio 9, Sumang 6, Belo 2, Sena 2, Miranda 0, Banal 0, Pinto 0, Cervantes 0, Cruz 0, Elis 0, Javier 0, Marcelo 0
Quarter scores:
30-21, 57-56, 89-77, 122-98 

Trade Alert: A Week Before his Birthday Allein Maliksi Got Traded to Blackwater Elite

A Star lands on Blackwater 

After close to four years Allein Maliksi will have a new team again

 Allein Maliksi  trade

Advance Happy Birthday to Allien Maliksi (Born: September 18, 1987)

Star Hotshots escaped buying Maliksi a birthday present and a cake as the star forward is set to be traded to Blackwater Elite.
In 2011, Allein Maliksi was drafted in the PBA 8th overall by the Barako Bull Energy where he played 19 games or 3 months, until he got traded to Ginebra but his stint with the Barangay also did not last long as he sees himself back with his the team that drafted him after once again being involved in a trade that included five teams and five players.
Allien Maliksi could not find a home early in the PBA and it seemed that the Barako Bull doesn’t really want him back as he was moved out again. He found a home with the Hotshots franchise where he played for almost four years. 
Allien Maliki’s journey in the PBA was not easy and before he got the minutes and recognition, he needed to work hard and prove to all the teams that passed on him that he is truly a keeper.
Star Hotshots was able to nurture and utilize the now 29-year old forward. During his time with the Hotshots, he was able to capture four championships, became an All-Star, a three point shooter and had been a part of the national squad.

Career highlights and awards

4× PBA champion (2013 Governors’, 2013-14 Philippine, 2014 Commissioner’s, 2014 Governors’)
PBA All-Star (2017)
PBA Three-Point Shootout champion (2017)
Maliksi was able to accomplish feats that a lot of players can only dream of, however, we might have seen the last of Allien Maliksi as a Hotshots as he is again part of a trade that will send him and rookie Chris Javier to Blackwater Elite in exchange for BamBam Gamalinda and Kyle Pascual.
The trade is not yet approved by the PBA Commissioner but it is expected to get a nod.
Star Hotshots and Blackwater are both in the middle of the standing and saw themselves needing to make a move in order to hopefully get better results.
Blackwater management is confident that the Prime Maliksi can find his form back with Blackwater and the team is looking to utilize him more than Star Hotshots.
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Will Allien Maliksi play well for Blackwater Elite

Not Sure
I don’t care



Chris Ellis Took His Frustration to Twitter, Will not be Available to play Against his Former Team Ginebra

Chris Ellis is having the worst week of his life

Chris Ellis strectched, sad
After a blockbuster trade that sent Dave Marcelo and Chris Ellis to Blackwater, the fans still could not get over what happened and it maybe the same for Chris Ellis. 
The 28-year old Chris Ellis was one of the fan favorites in Ginebra. Born in California, the high flying slam dunk champion was drafted by Ginebra and played his PBA career under the same team since 2012. 
Chris Ellis got obviously too attached to the team and did not take the news well as it was reported that he broke out in tears when he heard the news. This was confirmed by LA Tenorio during my conversation with the point guard.  
Chris Ellis was scheduled to play in a game that will pit him against his former team Ginebra but for some reason, his body did not also cooperate. According to our sources, Chris Ellis was taken to the hospital due to muscle cramps and was recommended to get a break from playing.
Ellis vented out his frustration on twitter stating that this is the worst week of his life. 

Chris Ellis was a part of  the 2016 PBA Governors Cup Champion team of Ginebra.

Highlights: Blackwater Elite Broke a Team Record in a Win Against Suffering Alaska Aces

Blackwater Elite continues their streak to three wins against Alaska Aces

The Blackwater Elite is riding on a 3-game winning streak and it is the first time in franchise history that they have ever done the feat. On the other hand, Alaska Aces seemed to continue with their suffering after losing 13 games in a row dating back to the last conference.
“This victory is going to be somewhat special for us because it’s the first three-game winning streak for the franchise since entering the PBA,” said Leo Isaac”
The Elite and the Aces had a close battle against each other lead by their imports who both lead their respective teams. Henton with 31 for Alaska and Walker with 35 for Blackwater.
Both teams had a bad shooting night with 36% but Blackwater lorded over the rebound with 80 compared to 60 of Alaska. Blackwater also converted their second chance points to 26 against 12 of Alaska.
Both teams also went on a three point shooting battle at the later part of the game and Blackwater emerged victorious, Digregorio put the game away for good as Alaska was unable to answer after his dagger three.

The scores:

BLACKWATER 111 – Walker 35, DiGregorio 17, Gamalinda 15, Erram 13, Canaleta 9, Cruz 8, Pinto 6, Sumang 4, Sena 2, Miranda 2, Aguilar 0, K. Pascual 0.

ALASKA 106 – Henton 31, Casio 25, Enciso 11, Banchero 10, Thoss 10, Manuel 6, Baclao 6, Galliguez 3, Exciminiano 2, Mendoza 2, Hontiveros 0, Racal 0.

Quarterscores: 25-13, 44-40, 68-60, 91-91, 97-97, 111-106.

Highlights: The Elite Upsets the Road Warriors, Sumang Was Amazing!

Blackwater gets 2nd win while NLEX Gets 2nd loss

Roi sumang Blackwater

Roi Sumang was the man of the night as he helped the Blackwater Elite get past the improved Road Warriors to get their second-straight win in the 2017 PBA Governors Conference.
Sumang, the unlikely hero registered a total of 32 points on a 12 out of 20 shooting. He also drained 5 long bombs as he came out of his shell and showed his true skills.
Coach Leo Isaac on his post game interview is certainly happy about their victory and hoped that other players would also progress, just like what Sumang did tonight.
NLEX fell short in the last quarter and was not able to deliver in the dying minutes of the game.

Walker, the former import of the Road Warriors scored 29 points but his defense played a big role late in the game.

NLEX actually shot at 50% with Kevin Alas leading the charge with 19 points and 11 rebounds.
Blackwater capitalized on the bad turnovers of NLEX(23) and converted a  total of 28 points which helped them defeat the Road Warriors that will now drop to 5 wins with 2 losses.

The scores:

BLACKWATER 107 – Sumang 32, Walker 29, Digregorio 18, Erram 8, Cruz 7, Pinto 7, Gamalinda 4, Sena 2, Miranda 0, Canaleta 0, Pascual 0.

NLEX 106 – Alas 19, Quinahan 13, Fuller 13, Al-Hussaini 11, Tiongson 11, Fonacier 10, Baguio 7, Mallari 6, Soyud 6, Monfort 5, J. Villanueva 5, Lastimosa 0.

Quarters: 32-29, 59-56, 84-86, 107-106.

Highlights: SMB Won the Game in Almost Every Basketball Categories Against Blackwater

Start counting the W because SMB is here to dominate again

SMB won the Game and Almost Every Categories Against Blackwater

Consider this as notice. SMB is back and they are back in championship form as they easily dismantled Blackwater Elite with the score of 118- 93.

The story of the game is simple and there is no need to prolong this. The Beermen is just too good for the struggling Blackwater who have yet to find a win. SMB won every statistical category of the game aside from free throws and block shots, everything else is virtually dominated by the Beermen hence reflected in the score.
The Blackwater appeared to have some teeth early by tallying the first few points but was busted wide shut by SMB who controlled the rest of the game. Lassiter, McKines, and Fajardo led the Beermen in scoring and Espinas added with a surprised 16 points.
The Elite had to play the game without an import that helped assure a win against SMB. Simpson got injured in the game and could potentially be replaced in the next game.
Belo is back with Blackwater and scored 13 points and quickly realized he is no longer with Gilas and winning games will not be that easy.

Lazada Philippines
The scores:

SAN MIGUEL 118 – McKines 19, Lassiter 19, Fajardo 18, Espinas 16, Santos 12, Cabagnot 8, Heruela 7, McCarthy 5, Rosser 4, Tubid 3, Pessumal 2, Agovida 2, De Ocampo 2, Reyes 1, Ross 0, Semerad 0.

BLACKWATER 93 – Digregorio 18, Sumang 14, Erram 14, Belo 13, Gamalinda 11, Sena 6, Pascual 4, Cervantes 4, Banal 4, Canaleta 3, Cruz 2, Simpson 0, Miranda 0, Aguilar 0.
Quarters: 27-19, 59-36, 94-57, 118-93.
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Will SMB get a grand slam this year?

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Humble Baser Amer Lifts Meralco Bolts Against Blackwater

The whole Meralco team did great at 47% FG percentage but none of them greater than Baser Amer who has emerged to be a great player under the tutelage of Coach Norman Black.
Amer led the scoring parade with 20 points on 9/12 shooting while dishing out 8 assists.  Durham also contributed 18 points and Lanete added 15. Meralco Bolts is making a statement as they want to start the conference with a big bang.
Best Player Baser Amer:

Watch the highlights of Meralco vs  Blackwater

The scores:

MERALCO 107 – Amer 20, Durham 18, Lanete 15, Dillinger 14, Newsome 13, Hodge 11, Hugnatan 4, Nabong 4, Caram 2, Yeo 2, Sedurifa 2, Faundo 2, Chua 0, Atkins 0.

BLACKWATER 78 – Simpson 25, Gamalinda 10, Sena 7, Cruz 7, Digregorio 6, Sumang 5, Erram 4, Canaleta 3, Pascual 3, Aguilar 2, Miranda 2, Banal 2, Cervantes 2, Buenafe 0, Pinto 0.

Quarterscores: 32-15, 63-34, 88-52, 107-78.

Led by Brownlee, Barangay Ginebra Breaks Away For the Win

May 26, 2017 – Tight ball game between Ginebra and Blackwater Elite as both teams put on a show in front of the hefty crowd inside the Alonte Stadium in Binan Laguna.
The first three-quarters were competitive as Blackwater tried to get a win to save their last games and end their conference campaign in a more decent note. The Elite led by import Smith who scored 37 points held on within striking distance with Ginebra until the last quarter when Ginebra found the groove and never looked back.
Tenorio and Aguilar combined with 32 points but it was Justin Brownlee who carried the Gins tonight with 35 points. on a 52 % field goal shooting.
Barangay can secure a twice to beat advantage if they win against Meralco in their next game.

4 Key Stats Comparison

– FG in favor of Ginebra 40% against 35%
– Assist in favor of Ginebra with 25 against 19 of Blackwater
– Rebound for Ginebra 67 against 47 of Blackwater
– Points in the Paint  for Ginebra with 46 against 38 of Blackwater Elite

The Scores:

Ginebra (96) – Brownlee 35, Tenorio 17, Aguilar 15, Mercado 9, Caguioa 8, Mariano 5, Marcelo 3, Taha 2, Cruz 2, Ferrer 0, Thompson 0, Ellis 0.

 Blackwater (82) – Smith 37, Digregorio 18, Pinto 7, Pascual 5, Buenafe 4, Sena 4, Cruz 2, Gamalinda 2, Aguilar 2, Cervantes 1, Perez 0, Canaleta 0, Banal 0, Sumang 0.

 Quarterscores: 22-23, 43-43, 65-62, 96-82.

PBA Highlights: Mahindra Floodbuster stuns Blackwater Elite with 96-87 Victory

Floodbuster ruled the first show after they notched a win against the Elite troops with Reden Celda and Keith Wright scoring double digits in the Oppo PBA Commissioner’s Cup Sunday at SMART-Araneta Coliseum.
At the start of the game, Revilla lost his cool and got mad at Sena after their battle for the loose ball. It was the Blackwater who prevailed in the first quarter at 26-25.
With 2 minutes left in the clock, Blackwater had the lead at 48-41. But Celda managed to heat up and tied the first half at 48 all.
Both teams exchanged leads at the start of second half. But Blackwater regained their lead with 2 points better than Mahindra and end the quarter, 70-68.
Paniamogan and Khobuntin both scored on breakaways and contributed to Mahindra’s biggest lead in the last quarter and pulled off the win shortly afterwards.
Reden Celda ended the game with 18points, 4rebounds and 4assits. Keith Wright also led the team to victory with 16points and 16rebounds.

The scores:

MAHINDRA 96 – Celda 18, Wright 16, Khobuntin 15, Camson 9, Paniamogan 8, Corpuz 8, Caperal 6, Revilla 4, Ballesteros 4, Teng 3, Yee 3, Salva 2, Elorde 0.

BLACKWATER 87 – Smith 29, Canaleta 11, Pascual 11, Digregorio 9, Cruz 9, Sena 7, Sumang 4, Gamalinda 4, Aguilar 2, Banal 1, Buenafe 0, Pinto 0.

Quarterscores: 25-26, 48-48, 68-70, 96-87.

(courtesy: youtube/Sports5)

NLEX Road Warriors Demise Continues at 0-8, Mixed Fans Reactions

Just like the regular road warriors in the city of Metro Manila, it seems like the NLEX Road Warriors isare stuck in a traffic jam and could not find any way to get through their destination.
With three more games to go, Yeng Guiao and his crew is on the verge of an epic misfortune as they are the only team so far in the PBA Commisioners Cup who have not tasted a win.
Last night was their chance to finally get the elusive win against another team who has not found the rhythm this conference but they once again fell short and suffered their 8th defeat in as many games against Blackwater Elite.
The score ended at 104 -98 in favor of the Elite who has managed to hold on to the lead against the fighting Road warriors. Elite held the cards early and held on to it leading the scoring parade each and every quarter. The Road Warriors tried to catch up but could not as they missed critical points after another.
The Road Warriors has a lot of work to do and I am sure they are aware of it being led by one of the best coach of the PBA, Yeng Guiao. Suffering humiliating loss after another may just be too much to handle for the management. Could we foresee a change of name, coach or management? It’s obvious that a big shake up should happen for the Warriors. Take a look at some of the fans’ comments.

BLACKWATER 104 – Smith 24, Canaleta 24, Digregorio 22,Cruz 9, Pinto 7, Pascual 6, Cervantes 4, Aguilar 4, Sena 2, Gamalinda 2, Sumang 0, Buenafe 0.

NLEX 98 – Alas 18, Al-Hussaini 17, Lastimosa 10, Taulava 10, Anthony 9, Chism 9, Khobuntin 8, Camson 5, Villanueva J. 4, Monfort 4, Soyud 3, Rios 1, Tiongson 0, Guinto 0, Baracael 0.

Quarterscores: 28-17, 49-42, 86-68, 104-98

Kelly Nabong Did Not F@(% Up, I Mean Did Not Mess up as Meralco Downs Blackwater

Photo courtesy of PBA Media Bureau

Kelly Nabong was not the highest scorer tonight but he was the best player of them all contributing when the team needed him most. Nabong scored 13 points, 9 rebounds on a 6/8 shooting.
Blackwater Elite was in control the first 3 quarters and was leading at the end of each quarter.
The 3rd ended with an 80 – 72 score in favor of the Elite, but the wind changed in the fourth quarter.
The water suddenly ran dry for Blackwater as they only scored 11 points against 30 points of Meralco in the 4th quarter allowing the Bolts to surge for the win.
Meralco credits their defense for the win. Meralco has now 2 wins in a row and is currently second in the standing with 6 wins and only 1 loss against the top seed SMB.
Blackwater is now at 1 win and 5 losses.
Kelly Nabong was interviewed after the game and he said his job is basically not to “F up”, I mean mess up” and he sure didn’t.
The scores:
MERALCO 102 – Dillinger 21, Stepheson 18, Newsome 14, Nabong 13, Amer 12, Hugnanatn 9, Daquioag 7, Yeo 4, Chua 4, Uyloan 0, Caram 0.
BLACKWATER 91 – Smith 19, Digregorio 16, Canaleta 14, Pascual 8, Pinto 7, Sena 7, Cruz 5, Aguilar 5, Buenafe 5, Cervantes 3, Miranda 2, Sumang 0.
Quarterscores: 22-24, 44-48, 72-80, 102-91.

No Japeth, No problem as Ginebra banks 5th win

Photo Credits to PBA Media Bureau

Barangay Ginebra finally gets a back to back win this conference after beating the Blackwater Elite on Friday at the Cuneta Astrodome.

Ginebra who’s known for it’s triangle offense system has proved their championship experience after giving the Elite a beating, leading by as much as 15 points. The Elite made a run who got the 3rd deadlock of the game after being down by 15points.

After Japeth’s heart pounding exit caused by a muscle strain after a transition jam, the Ginebra squad continues to surge their way up giving the Elite no chance of getting back in the game with the help of their sophomore combo guard Scottie Thompson.

Thompson recorded another double-double performance with  13points, and an impressive 15 boards going over his conference average with 7 assists and two steals. In the absence of Aguilar, Jervy Cruz filled that big slot to man the paint and knocked those jumpers who contributed 16 points while Tenorio also contributed with 15points.

Sumang tried to save the Elite from getting an L in a Friday game contributing 20 points mostly from the perimeter while Mac Belo had a 16points outing.

PHOTOS: Blackwater Elite pounces NLEX Road Warriors

Art dela Cruz
Best Player of the Game, Art Dela Cruz

The scores:

BLACKWATER 96 – Dela Cruz 18, Pascual 16, Buenafe 13, Sena 11, Belo 9, Aguilar 8, Cervantes 7, Pinto 6, Ababou 4, Gamalinda 2, Miranda 2, Sumang 0
NLEX 85 – Lastimosa 23, Baracael 16, Soyud 9, Anthony 8, Camson 6, Guinto 6, Khobuntin 5, Alas 4, Monfort 4, Rios 2, Villanueva J. 2
Quarterscores: 24-18, 47-41, 77-64, 96-85

2016 PBA Offseason Grades: Blackwater Elite

It was just a month ago after the Barangay Ginebra San Miguel won their first championship in eight years and the PBA already opened it’s 42nd season. Let us examine how each team did in the offseason.


Players in: James Forrester, Dylan Ababou, Ronjay Buenafe, Raymond Aguilar

Players out: Carlo Lastimosa, Frank Golla, Mike Cortez, Almond Vosotros, Raphie Reyes, Juami Tiongson, Ronald Pascual, Roi Sumang, Jaymo Eguilos

Drafted Players: Raphael Banal, Mac Belo, Tristan Perez


The new-look Blackwater Elite team will try to improve their 7-27 (W-L) finish last season as they’ve added much talented and young players acquired through the draft, trades and free agency signings.

More than half of the team’s lineup last season were out and 2 scorers were acquired through trades namely James Forrester and Dylan Ababou. Both these players can revive their young PBA career with this team if given time.

The Blackwater Elite also picked up Ronjay Buenafe who can provide some veteran leadership and carry some scoring load for this young team and Raymond Aguilar who can help the team in rebounding and give them an inside presence.

The team drafted two young talented players with so much potential in Mac Belo and Raphael Banal who can be the face of this team and lead the Blackwater Elite to atleast their first ever playoff spot.


Point Guards
Raphael Banal
Nard Pinto
Denok Miranda

Shooting Guards
James Forrester
Dylan Ababou
Ronjay Buenafe

Small Forwards
Mac Belo
Bam Gamalinda
Jason Melano

Power Forwards
Art Dela Cruz
Tristan Perez
Reil Cervantes

Raymond Aguilar
James Sena
Kyle Pascual

JP Erram

Head Coach: Leo Isaac

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Globalport acquired Mike Cortez from Blackwater in exchange for Ronald Pascual

Globalport’s backcourt will get even deadlier with the addition of the veteran, Mike Cortez who they acquired in exchange for Ronald Pascual.

Cortez joins Joseph Yeo as a supporting players behind the starters, Terrence Romeo and Stanley Pringle.

Blackwater meantime will have the service of Ronald Pascual. He was a member of the college trio named Pinatubo Trio composed of him, Abueva and Sangalang.

While Abueva and Sangalang already made a name from themselves, Pascual failed to duplicate his collegiate exploits due to lack of playing time with his former teams.

LA Tenorio lifts Ginebra, gets 3rd straight win against Blackwater Elite

Photo Credits : PBA

LA tenorio and the rest of the Barangay Ginebra San Miguel squad struggled during the first quarter as they were outscored by the Blackwater Elite. Gin Kings, found their way back in the driver seat in the 2nd quarter as Justin Brownlee started to gain its tempo with points coming from the rest of their starting lineup with the help of their second stringers Dave Marcelo and Aljon Mariano.

Blackwater Elite still proves they deserve a win over the Kings, with the help of Carlo Lastimosa and their import Dawson as they try to get back on track and get the lead back but the Ginebra’s starters are still in full offensive mode as they maintain their lead at the end of the 2nd quarter.

Justin Brownlee banks his treys after the second half finally making it from downtown. LA tenorio also buried treys extending their lead at the 2nd half with as much as 16 points.
Smooth offense have been displayed by Ginebra as most of their players made baskets and also displayed excellent defensive stops led by Japeth Aguilar listing multiple blocks.

LA tenorio was chosen as the best player of the game with 23 points  but Justin Brownlee listed a huge 27 points while Aguilar also contributed with double figures with 19 points.

Best player of the game : LA Tenorio

FINAL SCORE : 107 – 95

The scores:
GINEBRA 107 – Brownlee 27, Tenorio 23, Aguilar 19, Devance 9, Marcelo 9, Mercado 7, Caguioa 6, Cruz 5, Thompson 2, Bonifacio 0, Mariano 0, Salva 0.
BLACKWATER 95 – Dawson 26, Lastimosa 21, Dela Cruz 15, Erram 13, Cervantes 8, Gamalinda 4, Pascual 4, Cortez 2, Qahwash 2, Canada 0, Reyes 0, Sumang 0, Sena 0.

Quarters: 21-23, 48-40, 74-69, 107-95