Bellator 149: Shamrock vs Gracie and Kimbo Slice vs DADA 500 – Oldies but Goodies

I don’t care how old they are, I am watching this fight. These guys are legends of the game.

Bellator brings back the oldies but goodies MMA fighters and it will surely be a hit, we just hope no one gets injured before the actual fight.

BELLATOR 138 Kimbo vs. Shamrock

There was a brief few moments in their much-hyped war where mixed martial arts legend Ken Shamrock thought he had nemesis Kimbo Slice beaten.

Fight started with a few takedowns by shamrock. But action took turn when Ken secured doube hooks and a good rear choke. Kimbo looked like he was going to either go out or tap out, but the submission specialist was unable to seal the deal and Slice eventually escaped the choke. After a wild scramble, the hated rivals stumbled to their feet, both gasping for air. After they squared up, Slice was all over Shamrock and landed a few right hands. They bothered the 51-year old Shamrock, who tried to brawl with the more powerful Floridian former street fighter, but it was of no use. Another booming right hand landed cleanly on Shamrock’s forehead, sending him sprawling backward into the cage and down onto the seat of his trunks.

Slice was about to rush in for some good ground and pound but referee Big john McCarthy stepped in to stop to the fight for a dazed shamrock was still out. 

Kimbo Slice came out a victor of the recent Bellator MMA 138.

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Kimbo Slice Vs. Brian Green Fight Replay Knockout

Kimbo Slice Vs. Brian Green Fight Replay. You read that right Kimbo Slice the legend is street fighting is still fighting and he is now 4 wins with 0 lost with his boxing career. Wow! the 38 year old muscle cant still kick ass. If you watch previous boxing match of Kimbo Slice you will see that he finished his opponent right away but this fight isn’t as pretty as his previous fights it does not even look real. Kimbo Slice upper cut knock out Brian Green in the fourth round. Kimbo Slice is passed his prime and he is fighting nobody’s in the ring. Kimbo Slice Vs. Brian Green Fight Replay

Kimbo Slice Vs. Brian Green Fight Replay Knockout

Is this fight fixed or what?

Kurt Angle vs Kmbo Slice in UFC?

What is the truth about Kurt Angle joining Dana White’s UFC?
Is it true that Kurt Angle will fight Kimbo Slice in a PPV fight?
All of these and more is answered by Dana White himself:
Kurt’s Desire To Compete in the UFC: “I like Kurt Angle. He’s a nice guy. I’ve never had any problems with Kurt Angle. Good guy. Kurt Angle was calling me to fight in the UFC. He wanted to fight in the UFC. He wanted to come over here and whatever, especially after Brock got in.” 
Do you want to know what Kurt Angle was offered?

What Kurt Angle Was Offered: “What I offered him was, I said, ‘Come over here. I’ll put you on ‘The Ultimate Fighter.’ The season Kimbo Slice was on, I was going to put him on ‘The Ultimate Fighter.’ He wanted to do it. We worked out a deal, but he didn’t pass the medicals.”
Angle’s claim that UFC Wanted Him To Fight Kimbo Slice: : “That’s it. That’s all I’m saying. I never set up a pay-per-view fight for him. I never told him, ‘You’re fighting Kimbo Slice on pay-per-view.’ Kurt, you’re a good guy, but that’s not true, and that never happened. I thought it would be interesting, and I thought it would be cool, but never once did I say, ‘We’re going to set up a pay-per-view match with you and Kimbo.’ That is not true.

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MMA/Streetfighter Kimbo Slice to Try Pro Boxing Next


The YouTube street fighting sensation. Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson known for this backyard brawls in the Miami beach area, has gotten back together with his original promoter, Gary Shaw, and is looking forward to make the leap into professional boxing sometime this year.

Kimbo left Gary Shaw to sign on as a contestant on the MMA reality show TUF (The Ultimate Fighter), Slice was a ratings hit, bringing in some of the highest ratings in the history of the show. Kimbo didn’t fair to well in the UFC, mainly due to the fact he had an existing knee injury that made an easy target for leg kicks. Kimbo was released from the UFC after his stoppage loss to Matt Mitrione at UFC 113 on May 8, 2010.

Boxing promoter, Gary Shaw, believed in Kimbo’s marketability along with female MMA fighter and future movie star, Gina Carano, that he pushed the two as the faces of EliteXC (the now defunct MMA organization that was replaced by Strikeforce on Showtime and CBS) by heavily promoting the two every chance he got when he was an executive with the company.

Shaw basically jump started the meteoric rise of Slice and Carano. Shaw no longer involved with MMA since the EliteXC went under, is back promoting boxing full-time, and wants to bring Kimbo’s name value to the world of boxing.

Shaw told ESPN that he was confident he would have a boxing deal soon with Kimbo Slice after weeks of negotiations. Shaw is one of the top boxing promoters in the game, having promoted top caliber fighters such as; Manny Pacquiao, Sugar Shane Mosley, Diego Corrales, Winky Wright and currently Alfredo Angulo, Rafael Marquez, Vic Darchinyan, Timothy Bradley, and Chad Dawson to name a few.

Kimbo is looking forward to the transition to boxing, but at 36-years-old, many critics believe he is too old to make a serious run into title contention and get a title shot at the Klitschko brothers or David Haye. But his name alone and the curiosity of how he will do in his first boxing match will have viewers tuning in whenever Kimbo’s pro boxing debut is. Slice may never be the next American boxing champion, but he can become the next Eric “Butterbean” Esch, who made a name for himself fighting 4-round fights on undercards of Bob Arum Pay-Per-Views.

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