Hugh Jackman injured a WWE Superstar

 Hugh Jackman's WWE Reel Steel Punch! Hugh Jackman’s WWE Reel Steel Punch!

Hugh Jackman have an upcoming sport movie, It is only right for him to promote it. But only few Actor has gone this far to promote a movie. Hugh Jackman the star of the upcoming futuristic boxing movie was featured in pro wrestling and he did some reel steel damage. Acting as the manager of Zach Ryder he was yelling and doing all he can to help his guy win the match. Yes he did just that by punching Zach Ryder’s opponent Dolph Ziggler straight in the face. Well they won the match but Dolp Ziggler was injured, check out the awesome Hugh Jackman WWE punch video.

Hugh Jackman WWE punch video
Hugh Jackman Reel Steel Movie Trailer