URCC is Going Up and Global

URCC is going up and global.

URCC has been around for awhile now and as one of the pioneering MMA shows in Asia it is but right that it grows and be globally recognized.

URCC has regained its dominance and is looking to do more.

Alvin reveals the plans with us.

Why is URCC the Number One MMA Show in the Philippines?

Alvin Aguilar, founder of URCC has been very straight forward and outspoken about his thoughts. 
He earned the right to do so being one of the pillars of Philippine MMA. He knows his martial arts. 
We recently talked to him about why URCC has been successful  and what makes it different from the rest.


Alvin Aguilar Explains why URCC is different and the number 1 rated MMA show in PH

URCC, Founder Alvin Aguilar Talks About the Recent Cancellation of UFC Manila 2, GAB and Drug Testing

Alvin Aguilar one of the pioneers of Mixed Martial Arts in South East Asia and regarded as the Father of MMA in the Philippines have something to say about the recent cancellation of UFC and other speculation around it. 
URCC, Founder Alvin Aguilar Take on Recent Cancellation of UFC Manila 2, GAB and Drug Testing Speculations...
 Below are the exact words from his Facebook post dated October 7, at 120om Manila time.
I personally started the mixed martial arts movement in Southeast Asia 14 years ago. 
To do this, we had to go to the Games and Amusement Board and present the rules of mixed martial arts. After numerous hearings, we made MMA a recognized and regulated professional sport. Our country was the first in Southeast Asia to do this.
Now recently with the cancellation of the worlds biggest promotion of the UFC here in the Philippines, a lot of foreigners and even Pinoys (WTF??!) have been saying a lot of crap about our regulations. The general theme is that it is because we have “ridiculous and extreme drug testing” because of our President.
Just to make things clear we have ALWAYS had drug tests for everybody in our shows for the past FOURTEEN YEARS. Fighters, judges, referees, ring announcers and even promoters. These are done ALL THE TIME. This is nothing new and is something I fully support. Who would want an MMA fighter on Shabu fighting or a fighter judged by an official on shabu? These tests are also done in the U.S. And everywhere else where there is proper regulation.
If there is nothing to hide why worry about the drug test??!! If you are on drugs then you got no business in our business. SIMPLE
The foreigners will always judge us in the negative no matter what. They can not be blamed for their ignorance. The only time they hear about the Philippines is when something bad happens here or when Manny Pacquiao is fighting. A mistake every foreigner makes is using your own culture to judge other peoples culture. Read well and do some real research before you talk and criticize.
The ones that really get to me are the Pinoys who are so quick to judge and condemn our country. Porke may sinabi ang puti naniwala kaagad kayo. Kung alam niyo lang na mas matalino at mas magaling tayo sa mga nagsasalita against us.
Do some research and find out the REAL reason for their cancellation here. I know it and most of you do also but I will not share it as that wont be proper on my part.
We have one of the best men ever to sit at the Chairmans office in Games and Amusement board (no disrespect to former chairmen) in Chairman Mitra. You will see HUGE growth in all of the sports under his watch TRUST ME.
Side Note: URCC will be having an event on November 6, at the Mariott Hotel.

Natural Born Fighters meet the Baddest Man in Manila

URCC Manila, Alvin Aguilar
Alvin Aguilar, Streets of Manila

Filipinos are known for hospitality and Adaptability.  What the rest of world probably doesn’t know is that, Filipinos are “natural born fighters”.

Well, the fighting history is well documented; Started from Spanish colonization to American and Japanese invasion.
Wow! Can you freakin’ imagine how long has it been?
Without a doubt fighting runs in our blood. In fact, for many different reasons (which mostly are none sense) street fighting were so prevalent in various places back in the 90’s.
Thanks to the “ Baddest Man in Manila “ and his partners for founding ” Universal Reality Combat Championship” 

The first ever MMA league in the  South East Asian region.
For more than a decade now,  URRCC has been providing a platform for people who have a passion for martial arts, and of course for our “natural born fighter “countrymen.

Unlike street fighting and underground fighting, URCC gives an opportunity to our “Natural Born Fighters “to further develop their skills in the safest and most prominent way possible.

Moreover it gives them an opportunity to somehow make a living out of their fighting passion plus the opportunity to earn “respect out of greatness” instead of fear.

Isn’t it cool to earn respect and admiration out of your greatness?


ABOUT URCC – The Universal Reality Combat Championship is Southeast Asia’s first professional mixed martial arts tournament. We held our first mainstream event in 2002 in front of a sold–out crowd at the Casino Filipino. Ever since 2002, we have always sold out all of our events. The URCC is often referred to as “ASIA’s MOST EXCITING MMA LEAGUE”. This is due to the fact that the league has the highest rates of finishes in the region. Our fighters ALWAYS come to FIGHT!