Who Will Win 2015 NBA Rookie of the year ? Towns, Porzingis or Okafor?

We are mid way down the season and its no surprise that the 3 big men from this year’s draft is leading the competition. 

Lets break it down by the numbers

Towns – 15.4 points, 9 rebounds, 2 blocks 27.9 minutes per game

Porzingis – 13.3 points, 8.1 rebounds, 2 blocks playing 27.4 Minutes per game

Okafor – 17.9 points, 5 rebounds, 1.4 blocks playing 32.4 Minutes per game

Out of the 3, Okafor has the biggest responsibility because he is the only option for this team, while Towns and Porzingis have better team mates. 


Karl Town’s monster game 21pts 12 rebounds 6 blocks against Magic on 11/18/2015.

Jahlil Okafor’s monster game 26 points, 7 rebounds 4 blocks against Raptors on 11/11/2015

Kristaps Porzingis Scary, Monster Game 24 points, 14 rebounds 7 blocks against Houston 11/21/2015

Who is my pick? Sorry I am a homer Towns for me. Who is your bet?

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Andrew Wiggins 32 pts to keep Sixers with 0-15 start! Okafor monster though 25 pts 12 rebs and 2 blocks over KAT!

Karl Anthony Towns got owned by Jahlil Okafor in this game, unfortunately for Jah he was the only one really trying to get the W for his team. On the other side of the court Mr. Wiggins didn’t want to be the first victim of this win-less 76ers squad right now. Seems like the 76ers are on the verge of tanking this season once again, they don’t have a choice they still don’t have Embiid.

Wiggins kept the Twolves on this game and ignited the come back to help his team get the W. 
He scored 32 pts grabbed 6 rebounds and dished out 3 assists. It maybe just 3 but the last 1 was the 3 pointer by Martin that stretched the lead to 5 (96-91) with 28 seconds remaining. Final Score 100-95.

Highlights of Wiggins:

Highlights of the game:

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Jahlil Okafor pre season Debut 12 points 2 Blocks! and can shoot!

Jah Okafor

This kid has been questioned because he can’t apparently shoot but seems like dude has put in a lot of work and showed that he can make jump shots which is a good sign for the 76ers enough of the talk let me just give you the highlights.

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2015 NBA POST DRAFT Analysis : The 76ers, their process and their 3rd pick !

#3rd pick of 2015 NBA DRAFT : Jahlil Okafor

Philly wanted Russell so bad because they already have Embiid, Noel and Saric as their front court. Due to the fact that Lakers picked Russell, they had no choice but to draft the best player available. At first I felt a little bit uncomfortable with how the 76ers is running their organization. On the other hand Okafor and Noel will compliment each other well, while Embiid is still on a healing process. For Okafor though, he might need to trust the process as well since they might not win many games this year even if Embiid is to come back this season, the bright side is let’s say Saric might play after this season, that makes Noel an intriguing prospect for next year’s draft since the best big man next year might be Skal Labissiere after that its a bit weak compared to the big’s in this year’s draft. 
The combo of Embiid and Okafor could be the force to reckoned with for years to come barring injuries.

The fans and the current players though will have to see this team in the top 3 pick again next year,

Here is the introductory press conference of Okafor: Courtesy of Jory Peto NBA.

There were not a lot of smiles from Okafor, although it may be his personality but hush young fella you still have a young career and if Embiid recovers 100% free agents would want to play for the 76ers. 

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NBA DRAFT 2015: TOP Center prospects

Last part of the top possible prospects after this I would create a mock draft for the first round. Enjoy Guys!

Karl Anthony Towns 
Height:7′ 0″
Weight:248 lbs
(19 Years Old)

Ppg: 10.3 pts
Reb: 6.7
Stl: 0.5

Blks: 2.2
Asst:  1.1
MPG: 21.1
FT%: 81.3

Towns is one of the Defensive Anchors for the stacked University of Kentucky last season. His stats doesn’t reflect how great he can be. Potentially this kid can be the next big thing after the likes of Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, etc. He can shoot the ball well and has a jumper already. He can also score using his left or right hand. I put him at the Center position because of his size, He is a listed @ 7’0″ with a wingspan of 7’3.25″. I view him as a better version of Javale McGee. Projected pick 1 or 2. 

Jahlil Okafor

Height:6′ 11″
Weight:272 lbs
(19 Years Old)
Ppg: 17.3 pts
Reb: 8.6
Stl: 0.8

Blks: 0.8
Asst:  1.3
MPG: 30.1 

                                                                                    FT%: 51

Jah is what his teammates call him. Is the #1 prospect coming out of high school before he joined Duke and he has been their go to guy down the stretch which he showed during the Ncaa Men’s Basketball Finals against Wisconsin Badgers, Okafor is viewed as the best big man offensively, he has a great touch around the rim and can finish through contact, the only knack on Okafor’s game is his defense. Its not like he is a terrible defender he just need to commit to it on every possession, he showed flashes that he can be effective because of his size. He also needs to work on his Free Throw shooting as this may results to hack-a-okafor game.
His game reminds me of a Eddy Curry/ Al Jefferson and Brook Lopez, he can surpass all three if he can prove that he can defend on the next level. Height 6’11” wingspan 7’5″ . Projected pick 1 or 2.

Willie Cauley-Stein

Height:7′ 1″
Weight:242 lbs
(21 Years Old)

Ppg: 8.9pts
Reb: 6.4
Stl: 1.2

Blks: 1.7
Asst:  1.0
MPG: 25.9 

FT%: 61.7

WCS is a junior from University of Kentucky Wildcats. He is the team mate of Towns. They were the mean reasons why the team was able to sweep the college season and only lost to Wisconsin Badgers in the Final Four of Ncaa Men’s Basketball. WCS was just known for his defense when he first joined Kentucky, over the years he has improved on his game as a whole. His offense is still not as polished as they could be but he is a defensive monster he can guard multiple position because he is very mobile for his size. His game is a combination of Marcus Camby and Tyson Chandler. Height 7’1″  wingspan 7’3″. Projected pick 6-10

Frank Kaminsky
Height:7′ 1″
Weight:231 lbs
(22 Years Old)

Ppg: 18.8pts
Reb: 8.2
Stl: 0.8

Blks: 1.5
Asst:  2.6
MPG: 25.9 

FT%: 78.0

Frank “The Tank” Kaminsky is the epitome of hard work for Wisconsin Badgers. He has carried this team together with Sam Dekker to the National Championship before they lost to Duke Blue Devil, in the 2014-2015 Ncaa Men’s Basketball. Kamisky has a more polished game due to the fact that he has stayed four years in college, some people thinks that it was a bad decision but for him its just right because he has made strides year after year. His game maybe a bit of an older Pau Gasol or a better Ryan Kelly. Height is 7’0″ wingspan 6’11” this could be a concern for him but i don’t think that would be much of a factor because he can defend guys well due to his experience. Projected pick 7-15

Myles Turner
Height:7′ 0″
Weight:239 lbs
(19 Years Old)
Ppg: 10.1pts
Reb: 6.5
Stl: 0.3

Blks: 2.6

Asst:  0.6
MPG: 22.2 

FT%: 83.9

Myles Turner was actually the 2nd best player right behind Okafor before coming to college. His stock dropped because of possible health issues that may be the biggest concern if not for that he could be right up there within top 5 pick . To read more about this please go here. http://www.draftexpress.com/profile/Myles-Turner-72850/
His game could be like a Lemarcus Aldridge because he can shoot it well and he could also be a better defender than Aldridge because of his size and length. Height 7′”0 wingspan 7’4″. Projected pick 7-15 

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