I Love me Some Gerald Green! 24 pts with insane dunks vs Pelicans.


Gerald Green is playing insane in the pre-season last 3 games he has led the Heat with 20 or more points. He also led the team in pre-season with 17.3 ppg. He has accepted the role in this team making the Heat squad looking like the favorites to go up against LBJ and the rest of the NBA’s Eastern teams. 

This game against Davis’ and the Pelicans,
Green scored 24 pts in 26 minutes with 10-15 shooting 1-2 from 3pt. 

I have discussed a lot about Green in the past few days so let me just give you the highlights below. 

Caution: The Rim got murdered!

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Aldrin C.
Team Powcast

HEAT WIN with Gerald Green’s 28 pts with a sick block as well Vs Wizards, highlights inside

I understand its just a couple of games, but with this pick up you can see that the heat found a gem in Green. He is the reason why they won back to back so far and putting 19 pts the other day and now scored 28 pts on 5-8 3 pts. 

Green showed that he is a better catch and shoot player now over the years he has always been touted as over rated as if he was drafted #1 he was picked #18 for crying out loud. Now that he has matured Green is poised to help this Heat Squad to a better winning record and make noise in the playoffs. The Heat has found a gem in Whiteside now Green is an additional fire power for the Heat.

Oh and did i just say that he did a sick block over Gooden check out :40 seconds mark on this video

You may say I am so high on Green, well be the judge!
Written By:
Aldrin C.
Team Powcast

Why I picked Gerald Green in my NBA Fantasy league! Latest Highlights inside

Gerald Green

Gerald Green has revived his NBA career with the Phoenix Suns, but since he got traded to Miami expect that it can only get better barring any injuries, Green was able produce a career best average during the 2013-2014 NBA season with the Phoenix Suns.

2013-2014 Green played all games 28.4 MPG 15.8 PPG 40% from 3 pt range, 84.8% FT, almost 4 RBG and a steal or a block. Green will have a significant role with this Heat Squad providing minutes for Dwade and Loul Deng, I wont be surprised if Gerald can average better this year with probably easier schedule as compared to the West. 

Here is the highlight of his game vs Atlanta Hawks: 19 pts he was a key part of their Victory to give the Hawks their first pre-season lost.  Score Heat – 101 Hawks 92 

What are you waiting for if you still have a slot in your fantasy better get your hands on Green before snatches him away.

Written by:
Aldrin C.
Team Powcast

Beware: Miami HEAT ! The Heat is On! 2015 – 2015 NBA season preview

Beware: Miami HEAT ! The Heat is On! 2015 - 2015 NBA season preview
Pat Riley 

Beware: Miami HEAT ! The Heat is On! 2015 - 2015 NBA season preview

People thought that the heat is over! no Its ON! Yes the heat is on next year. Hold your horses am not saying that Winslow is going ham next season. They just happen to resign Wade, Dragic, Deng, and they also signed Gerald Green and Stoudamire. So what makes it special? 

Just look at this roster and tell me if this isnt good enough;

PG – Dragic / Chalmers / Napier
SG – Wade / Winslow
SF – Deng / Green
PF – Bosh / Stoudamire
C- Whiteside / Birdman

Yes that’s just ten but i think that would be good enough to win it all barring any injuries.They still have Josh McRoberts, Haslem, Ennis, Henry Walker and Zoran Dragic. 

I am definitely excited because this team can really win it all. Whiteside’s emergence as a dominant force in this league would work wonders once Bosh comes back. We all want Dwade to be healthy but if in any case he needs to rest Winslow, Green would be there to back him up .

Honestly I am surprise that there’s just a number of posts with Green signing there, people will be surprised because Dragic somehow brought the fire to Green’s game when they were still in Phoenix. But lets set that aside and lets just all watch this :