UFC Fight Night 89 : Donald Cerrone vs Patrick Cote

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Welterweights Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and Patrick “The Predator” Cote threw down at the UFC Fight Night 89 as a co-main event inside TD Place Arena in Ottawa, Canada.

In dominating fashion, Cerrone attacked Cote’s head, body, and legs, for the entire fight. From powerful lefts inside to heavy leg kicks that slowed “The Predator” down, “Cowboy” looked amazing.After tagging Cote for a final time in the third round, Cerrone pounced on the Canadian and captured the technical knockout victory.

Here is Dallas Winston’s play-by-play from the third round below:

Cerrone opens with a crushing low kick. Cote commits to a one-two but Cerrone ducks it and drops him again with a left hook. Cote goes for a counter single an Cerrone backs off to let him stand up. Cote switches stances to protect his lead leg from the low-kick punishment, but Cerrone gladly obliges him by zinging his other leg with a low kick. Cerrone reaches out for the single collar tie and surprisingly throws a right high kick when he gets it. Cote crumples to the canvas again courtesy of another Cerrone left hook and a straight right. This time Cerrone swarms Cote on the ground and finishes him with a flurry of strikes.

Photo courtesy of mmajunkie


Luke Rockhold may have been the underdog in this fight but unless you are as powerful as Vitor Belfort there’s not a lot of middleweight that can beat this guy. Even a Lyoto Machida only lasted 2 rounds against this tough dude. Rockhold delivered a stunner to the world as he left Weidman bloody to the canvas in the 4th round of their fight. 

I, for one, was a believer because he was as good as Chris in every aspect of the game but i think he is more well rounded and packs a heavier punch than Weidman.

I am sure that Rockhold would want to avenge his loss against Belfort but we will see if UFC will give that shot or give Weidman a rematch. Rockhold is not invisible by any means but you really have to deliver a solid blow to put this guy down. 

Congrats Champ! 

Written by:
Team Powcast