By the Numbers: Streaking No More: Boston’s Run End in Miami

Goran Dragic leads the way to end the season’s longest winning streak, so far

The Boston Celtics came into this game, carrying a 16-game winning streak and they were hoping to extend it to 17 against the Miami Heat who have dropped 3 of their last 4 games. While things haven’t gone according to plans for the Heat this season, the rest of the league shouldn’t count out Miami just yet because they may surprise you.
And it turned out, the Heat surprised the no-longer streaking Boston Celtics as Miami successfully defended their home court after beating the Celtics, 104-98. And this was just one of those games when Boston couldn’t get anything going. Why? They allowed the Heat to build a big lead. They almost erased that lead late in the game and in the end, the Heat still held on for the win, their second in 3 games.
What happened in Miami? Below are the numbers:

The Heat owned the Boards

If you have a player as tall as Hassan Whiteside on your team, you should be able to get more rebounds, right? Against the league-leading Celtics, Whiteside had only 10 rebounds but he has 5 other teammates who were able to get 5 rebounds or more.  Overall, the Heat outrebounded the Celtics- 48-37.

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Kyrie Struggled

The Celtics won some of their last 16 games despite the fact that Kyrie Irving was struggling offensively. They even won two games without him. However, things finally went south for the Celtics as Kyrie Irving only made 11 out of his 22 shots against Miami to finish with 23 points. He failed to make any of his 3 attempts from deep which would have made a difference considering how slim the final score was. He was also miserable from the free throw line, only making 1 of 4 charities. No wonder why they lost.

52 Points in the Paint

One of the main advantages of having someone like Hassan Whiteside is it gives the Heat the manpower to dominate the shaded area and that’s what the Heat did against Boston. Miami outscored their opponents in the paint, 52-40. 


Like it or not, the Boston Celtics will become a better team after this latest setback. They can look at the things which they did wrong against the Heat and try not to repeat those mistakes in the upcoming games- specifically Kyrie Irving who has been struggling miserably and that cannot be taken granted especially if Boston wants to make a deep run come playoff time. The Celtics will be back on their winning ways- one way or another. 

Hassan Whiteside May Have a New Secret Weapon Plus He Wants Dwyane, How About LeBron?

Miami is Hassan Whiteside’s house now and he wants Wade in!

Dwyane Wade an Hassan WhiteSide
Hassan Whiteside is one that you would consider as a steal and a great steal that is. Drafted by Sacramento Kings in the second round of 2010, Hassan never had a chance to showcase his wares in Sacramento due to limited playing times. After two years and 19 games, the Kings decided just to give up and traded the big man to Miami that turned out to be just what the Heat needed.
Fast-forward today, and after three successful seasons, Whiteside became one of the pillars of the Heat and the heir to the King’s throne. He has averaged a double-double in points and in rebounds wearing the Heat uniform and his production has increased over the years.  Only at 28 years old, Whiteside is in the prime of his career and is also looking to add another dimension to his already amazing repertoire of basketball skills.

“I might shoot a three every once and while,” Whiteside said. “I don’t really want to be like a big-time perimeter guy. I just want to shoot enough to where you’ve actually got to guard it. Even threes, I can shoot threes. But I don’t want to be one of those centers that shoot five or six threes and then you’re not even dominating in the paint anymore.” – Hassan Whiteside”

Wade Going to Miami Heat?

If that doesn’t make you happy as Heat fans, then maybe this would.  Hassan recently was quoted as wanting to have Dwyane Wade back in the city.

“It’d be great. It’s a three-time NBA champion coming back, coming in and really helping… Obviously this is something that D-Wade helped build, so obviously this city and us as a team being able to have somebody like that on our team would be amazing.”- Hassan Whiteside.

Lebron, Wade and Bosh’er in Whiteside in Miami?

If the Heat can figure out a way to get Wade, they could also put themselves in the position to also get LeBron James. It’s the second coming of the King and it is not far fetched. I can see them again bring a championship to South Beach, not one, not two, not three.
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Do you want Wade back in Miami?

Not Sure
Bring Wade and LeBron back

Quotes 2 Know


Basketball Culture : Hassan Whiteside style

Introducing Hassan Whiteside, Miami heat’s Center, named Conference USA Defensive Player of the Year (2010), NBA D-League champion (2013), NBA blocks leader (2016), and NBA All-Defensive Second Team (2016) ; our theme for today’s Basketball Culture.

A photo posted by Hassan whiteside (@hassanwhiteside) on Dec 19, 2015 at 4:12pm PST


A photo posted by Hassan whiteside (@hassanwhiteside) on Dec 18, 2015 at 10:18am PST


A photo posted by Hassan whiteside (@hassanwhiteside) on Jan 19, 2016 at 9:43am PST


A photo posted by Hassan whiteside (@hassanwhiteside) on May 2, 2016 at 4:42pm PDT


Photo courtesy of Worldredeye, and @hassanwhiteside / Instagram

Whiteside Agreed to Re-Sign with the Miami Heat

Hassan Whiteside has agreed to a four-year, $98 million deal to re-sign with the Miami Heat. Whiteside has drawn interest from different teams with the Dallas Mavericks are favorites to sign him. But the defensive big man decided to re-sign with the Heat instead.
Whiteside averaged 14.2 points, 11.8 rebounds and 3.7 blocks in just 29.1 minutes of action per game last season. He led the league in blocks per game and is third in rebounding. 
Re-signing Whiteside is the first off season move of the Miami Heat as they’ll try to convince their star player Dwyane Wade to stay and re-sign with the team.

NBA Free Agency: Update on Hassan Whiteside’s Decision after he met with the Dallas Mavericks

 (Artwork by Sean Curate)

At around 1:45 a.m. Friday (Times Eastern), the Heat reportedly ended their meeting with Whiteside without an agreement in place. He met with the Mavericks after that. (Shams Charania, The Vertical) 

But the rumors about him leaving will now stop.

Just a few hours ago, Hassan Whiteside ended the buzz for the teams that are aiming to acquire him. 

He finally made a decision after he announced his plans on Snapchat, making a post with the message “#Heatnation it is” over the top.

So for Heat Fans. Chill. He is Staying with the Miami Heat.

Free Agency News: L.A. Lakers – If They Can’t Land Kevin Durant, The Back-Up Plan is to Choose From Their Wish List

(Artwork by Sean Curate)

The Los Angeles Lakers are going All out in pursuing free agents this offseason. There are a lot of talents in mind that they’re aiming to acquire before the NBA Season starts.

The Primary Objective is to land Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant to the Lakers. Durant has been one of the hottest topics in Free Agency this year. It has been reported that the 27-year-old small forward has already talked to different teams, but the Lakers were not among the list.

But aside from Durant. The Lakers have also been eyeing on some players like Hassan Whiteside, Al Horford, Nicolas Batum and Harrison Barnes.

It is still unclear if they’ll get one from the list, but we’re hoping and still waiting for the Lakers to make their move.

Chief Justise Winslow helped Heat get the W over Pacers!

Justise Winslow

Yes I know he only scored 7 points, grabbed 6 rebounds and 1 block but the fact that during the game winning moments he has provided excellent defense against Paul George and sink in a free throw that gave the the lead in OT 102-100 with 5 seconds remaining in the game. 

Winslow played excellent denial on PG during the last seconds of the game causing the Pacers to call all of their time out that led to their victory. The Pacers was able to get the ball into the hands of Paul George but it was still Winslow who was there to challenge the shot.

The future looks good for the heat organization but its even better for Chief Justise Winslow as he is would be a force to reckoned with. He is just 19 years old but plays like Butler on defense and I won’t be surprised if he would be the face of the franchise a couple of years from now together with Hassan Whiteside.

Here is the highlight of his defense to offense;

Full highlights of the game:

Written by:
Team Powcast

Big 3 in Minny 55 pts combined burns Heat but wait Shabazz has 16 pts on 6-8 shooting!

The big four? 

It was a game full of Hassan Whiteside’s monstrous triple double 22 pts 14 rebs 10 blocks! a monster indeed but that wasn’t enough as the big 3 in minny combined for 55 pts, 24 from Wiggins, 17 for Lavine, 14 pts 14 rebs for towns and 16 from Shabazz. Rubio is back as well after missing 4 games.

Here is the highlight of the game:

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Team Powcast

Paul George IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! 36 pts 12 rebs against the Heat! (+flashback dunk)


The Indiana Pacers strut a new uniform to honor the 1986 Movie “Hoosiers” a small town Indian High school Basketball team that won the state championship. 

That may have inspired PG to come back stronger firing at all angles and stroking it like he’s cooking something special. He ended the night giving the Heat a blast from the past when George did this to them.

I hope he keeps it that way, Healthy. It still early he is just 25 years old. He may have had that injury but boy it didnt bother him at all after being gone. 


Here is the monstrous performance of PG13 courtesy of FreeDawkins:

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Team Powcast

I Love me Some Gerald Green! 24 pts with insane dunks vs Pelicans.


Gerald Green is playing insane in the pre-season last 3 games he has led the Heat with 20 or more points. He also led the team in pre-season with 17.3 ppg. He has accepted the role in this team making the Heat squad looking like the favorites to go up against LBJ and the rest of the NBA’s Eastern teams. 

This game against Davis’ and the Pelicans,
Green scored 24 pts in 26 minutes with 10-15 shooting 1-2 from 3pt. 

I have discussed a lot about Green in the past few days so let me just give you the highlights below. 

Caution: The Rim got murdered!

Written by:
Aldrin C.
Team Powcast

Why I picked Gerald Green in my NBA Fantasy league! Latest Highlights inside

Gerald Green

Gerald Green has revived his NBA career with the Phoenix Suns, but since he got traded to Miami expect that it can only get better barring any injuries, Green was able produce a career best average during the 2013-2014 NBA season with the Phoenix Suns.

2013-2014 Green played all games 28.4 MPG 15.8 PPG 40% from 3 pt range, 84.8% FT, almost 4 RBG and a steal or a block. Green will have a significant role with this Heat Squad providing minutes for Dwade and Loul Deng, I wont be surprised if Gerald can average better this year with probably easier schedule as compared to the West. 

Here is the highlight of his game vs Atlanta Hawks: 19 pts he was a key part of their Victory to give the Hawks their first pre-season lost.  Score Heat – 101 Hawks 92 

What are you waiting for if you still have a slot in your fantasy better get your hands on Green before snatches him away.

Written by:
Aldrin C.
Team Powcast

Beware: Miami HEAT ! The Heat is On! 2015 – 2015 NBA season preview

Beware: Miami HEAT ! The Heat is On! 2015 - 2015 NBA season preview
Pat Riley 

Beware: Miami HEAT ! The Heat is On! 2015 - 2015 NBA season preview

People thought that the heat is over! no Its ON! Yes the heat is on next year. Hold your horses am not saying that Winslow is going ham next season. They just happen to resign Wade, Dragic, Deng, and they also signed Gerald Green and Stoudamire. So what makes it special? 

Just look at this roster and tell me if this isnt good enough;

PG – Dragic / Chalmers / Napier
SG – Wade / Winslow
SF – Deng / Green
PF – Bosh / Stoudamire
C- Whiteside / Birdman

Yes that’s just ten but i think that would be good enough to win it all barring any injuries.They still have Josh McRoberts, Haslem, Ennis, Henry Walker and Zoran Dragic. 

I am definitely excited because this team can really win it all. Whiteside’s emergence as a dominant force in this league would work wonders once Bosh comes back. We all want Dwade to be healthy but if in any case he needs to rest Winslow, Green would be there to back him up .

Honestly I am surprise that there’s just a number of posts with Green signing there, people will be surprised because Dragic somehow brought the fire to Green’s game when they were still in Phoenix. But lets set that aside and lets just all watch this :