Laker Jordan Clarkson’s Twitter HACKED, tweets Kobe Bryant is a p***y

Yahoo confirmed yesterday about the hack of 500 million accounts. And just this very moment, a hacker calling himself Mr. Chikri and is using the hashtag Cyber Wolfgang managed to get into Jordan Clarkson’s Twitter account. He tweeted that Kobe Bryant is a p***y….

The hacker wasn’t done though, he continued to send out tweets:

“i’m better than D’Angelo Russell”

“it’s official guys, i’m joining the warriors”

“without me lakers would lose every game”

“oh well boys, dating a kardashian isn’t as good as you think.”

Let us see if Jordan Clarkson will look into the specifics of how and why his twitter was hacked.

The hacking and hating never stops. SMH.