Anthony Joshua Needs To Fight Deontay Wilder and Give the People What They Want

Deontay Wilder Demands Heavyweight Unification against Anthony Joshua

Denotay Wilder talks about a fight with another king named Anthony Joshua right after demolishing Bermane Stiverne in the very first round of his mandatory defense for his WBC Heavyweight belt.
Hyped up Deontay Wilder immediately calls out the WBA and IBF Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua to a fight and would like to fight no one else but him.

The world wants Joshua, the world wants Wilder, I want Joshua, Joshua come in see me baby, no more hiding , no more ducking no more, no more dodging, no more excuses, Lets make the fight happen, let see whos the best, I know im the best , Are you up for the test? – Deontay Wilder

Anthony Joshua vs Deontay Wilder, A Heavyweight fight of the ages 

At 28 years old, with 20 wins including 20 knockouts with no defeat, Anthony Joshua is a proven monster inside the ring. He had faced great adversary including Wladimir Klitschko and is widely considered as one of the best heavyweights right now. 
However, there is another man who had a greater record and may be able to challenge the rising star in the name of Deontay Wilder. Recently disposing Bermane Stivernerne, the 32-year-old American with 39 wins and 38 KO and no defeats had been looking for a unification fight against Britain’s Joshua and it looks like the two fighters had nowhere else to go but to face each other, at least that’s what most of the fans would be clamoring for.
A fight between the two will be considered one of the best heavyweights in recent years and probably in modern boxing as two young and heavy punchers could bring fire power inside the ring and will certainly attract more fans in a division that has recently gained some traction. Both undefeated and both champions will come out with heads up high with pride as they represent two different counties in an epic event that could crown one of them as the real kings of heavyweights.
We certainly hope Anthony Joshua’s corner would take the fight and give the fans what they want. 
Let’s listen to Deontay Wilder while watching his devastating knockout against Bermane Stiverne.

Joshua is the New King of the Ring As He Overpowered Klitschko for the Win

The 27 year old undefeated and now WBA Super World heavyweight and  IBF World heavyweight title holder Anthony Joshua is the new heavyweight king of the ring after an outstanding showing of skills and power against the long time champion and formidable Wladimir Klitschko.
Dr. Steelhammer, 41-year-old Wladimir Klitschko may have been envisioning a different ending of his career but young Anthony Joshua had a different plan and he executed it well tonight dropping Klitschko 4 times before the referee halts the fight to prevent further damage to Wladimir who was visibly overpowered by the younger, bigger and stronger Anthony Joshua.
This type of scene in boxing is normal as the younger and hungrier lion tries to dethrone the older one. Joshua, however, did it an epic fashion in front of 90,000 boxing fans inside the famous Wembley Stadium. He not only took out a long time reigning champion, he might just have finished off what Tyson Fury had started by giving Klitschko his first back to back loss. The 41-year-old Klitschko has made a name for himself and will certainly be remembered as one of the greatest heavyweights ever but it maybe time to hang it up as father time maybe catching up on him.
Klitschko’s record stand at 64 wins and 5 losses, while Anthony Joshua’s record is still unblemished and impressive with 19 wins and 19 KO’s.
Check out one of the knockdown clips from Facebook.

Klitschko or Joshua: Who will Bring Home the Crown?

Two of the most well-known professional boxers in the decade are having a bout this coming April 9, 2017 at Wembly Stadium in London.
Wladimir Klitschko, a strategic  and cerebral boxer from Ukraine who has a total of 68 boxing bouts, won 64 times and 58 by KO and with a total defeat of 4. A boxing legend and a former world heavyweight champion of three major sanctioning bodies, having held the titles of the WBA, IBF, and WBO.
While his opponent Anthony Joshua, a sensational boxer from Great Britain, who held his IBF World Heavyweight title on 2016. He has a total of 18 fights, 18 wins and 18 by knockout. He never lost a single bout throughout his boxing career.
However, some boxing afficionados are having doubts because they think that it is too early for Anthony Joshua to have a match against the 3-time World heavyweight Champion (Klitschko).
Ninety-thousand people is the expected live viewers of this match.
These two boxing personalities are both eager to bring home the World Heavyweight Title.
So let the battle begin!