Kevin Garnet Sets Most Record for Defensive Rebounds in NBA HISTORY

Yes! You may wonder why other players such as Rodman, Ben Wallace etc are not on the list while there are players who may have been a monster on the boards there aren’t many players who were able to play long and sustained an extensive career like KG. 

This one stat may very well stick under KG’s name unless there’s another player who can play 16 or more season without being injured and who plays underneath the basket. One may argue that Anthony Davis may break it but Davis has been injured early in his career while Garnett got injured after 14-15 years and still was able to come back although not the same player. The other day, he just delivered a dunk over Griffin that made us realize that KG has still some left in his tank. Maybe just a bit more…maybe this is his last year. We will find out soon but let us relive that epic moment and give you the highlights of KG’s Top 10 .
Throwback KG dunk over Griffin

Top 10 plays !

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