2015-2016 NBA Team Preview: Toronto Raptors is this enough to win it all?

The Raptors has been consistent enough to get to the playoffs this past few years thanks to their Front Office and Dwayne Casey, the emergence of Derozan has been good but it wasnt enough at certain times it maybe in the same mold of what Joe Johnson did during his prime except Johnson maybe a better shooter. Speaking of Johnson, Amir just left the Raptors to play for the Celtics, but they were busy enough this off season and acquired one of the most improve player this past year. Demarre Carroll is a highly coveted free agent even though he is currently injured and he chose to play for the Raptors for the next 4 years and will get earn $60 million. 

They didnt stop there certainly they had a void to fill with Johnson leaving. They were able to sign Luis Scola, BismackBiyombo, they still have James Johnson and Pat Patterson for the PF spot. I know that it maybe a bit boring to read if I continue this way so let me go ahead and provide their possible Lineup this up coming season.

PG – Lowry / Corey Joseph /Wright (#20th Pick)
SG – Derozan / Powell / Fields
SF – Caroll / Ross /Roberts Jr
PF – Patterson / Scola / Johnson
C – JV (Valanciunas) / Biyombo / Nogueira

This line up is stack and I think its better than last year even though they lost Vasquez they got Caroll and Derozan would be better playing at SG than SF at times. Caroll is also a great defender and with Casey as the head coach expect that there team will strive to be greater next season. 

Expectation is huge for this team this coming season but it won’t be easy in the east now, however rumor has it that they might still be able to sign Tristan Thompson. They will need to remove some pieces to make room for Thompson. If that happens Raptors might beat Cavs 🙂 of course I just mentioned that to make you guys wonder. 

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NBA: Atlanta hawks unveils new uniforms

That’s right these are the new uniforms, that the Hawks will be sporting this coming season. The Hawks was the 2nd runner up in the 2015 NBA Eastern Conference Finals. Will this change have a better effect for the Hawks and its franchise? They have to keep their core in Teague, Caroll and Horford. Korver is good but he may not be enough as their starting SG. I think they should also let Millsap walk or they can also use him for a sign and trade. 

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