Vlog: Powcast Climbs Mt Pamitinan, Our Epic Adventure

Mt Pamitinan Hike by Powcast
Mt Pamitinan Hike by Powcast

We should have stayed playing basketball, or probably just watched a boxing or an MMA fight but we ended up in  the mountains.
It all happened so fast, my hiking buddy was just forcing me to do my first climb.

My first ever climb would be at Mt. Pamitinan in Rodriguez, Rizal. Tagged as a beginners mountain it proved to be a bit more challenging even for a sporty guy like me, well at least in the beginning.
Mt. Pamitinan isn’t exactly a straight and easy way up. This rocky mountain is about 2 hours up and there are some stiff rocks and obstacles you need to go over to before making it to the crowded peak on top.

Here’s our journey to the top of Mt. Pamitinan.