LaVar Ball and Family Got Exposed in this ESPN Special, Who is this LiDicky?

Recently, the Ball Family has been all over the news They are very popular figures in sports nowadays.

A basketball family who has been making headlines because of Lonzo Ball who was a UCLA standout and is heading to the NBA, LiAngelo who is going to be playing college basketball in UCLA, Lamelo the youngest Ball who had taken the internet by storm scoring 92 points in a single game and of course their infamous father, LaVar, the marketing Guru of the three Balls who’s great at talking about how awesome his sons are.

But Lavar Ball is hiding a secret from all of us and ESPN finally got the chance to find out who this LiDicky is.

Meet The Mystery Brother of Lonzo, LiAngelo and Lamelo Ball:

Meet LiDicky Ball, the unknown older brother to Lonzo, LiAngelo and LaMelo, who turned to the rap game to get father LaVar’s attention. 

(courtesy: youtube/ESPN

Video: The Ball Brothers are Ballin’

The Ball Brothers have been the talk of the town recently and for a reason. Not only because they have a loudmouthed father who has helped so much in promoting his sons. Now they are an internet sensation and expectations for his sons is now much much higher.
Lavar the father, doesn’t seem to be worried at all. 
Check out the highlights video of the Ball Brothers playing basketball.