Anniversary of Hybrid Yaw-Yan This Saturday, September 17

 Anniversary of Hybrid Yaw-Yan This Saturday, September 17

On September 17, 2016 4:pm will be the 16th year founding Anniversary of Hybrid Yaw-Yan as one of the first Filipino Mixed Martial Arts Style who competed at the very first Professional Mixed Martial Arts Event in the Philippine at Casino Filipino wayback November 23, 2002.

The Event was called Universal Reality Combat Championship, sub-titled “Mayhem in Manila” where all Hybrid Yaw-Yan fighters came out victorious namely, Louie Yap, Christian Wong and Allan Marcus Co.

This coming September 17, They invite all Hybrid Yaw-Yan Members, Active and Inactive to come celebrate with us for a few hours. On this day, we will give the Certificate of Completion to all Members who completed their first 36 sessions at Hybrid Yaw-Yan Mixed Martial Arts Training Center. 

Those interested to come may coordinate with Jojo Tabang, Dakila Cutab and Sir Henry Kobayashi. 

Contact us at: 09182746083, 09266141006 and 09223574822.