Standhardinger: A Rookie that Possesses a Veteran’s Presence

Christian Standhardinger

How could a rookie even before playing a single game in the league become a massive threat to teams racing for the title?

Christian Standhardinger just got the ultimate aura to put everyone in shock even before playing at least a single tournament. So to answer the question raised above, we must get to know this season’s rookie who apparently is a huge threat to the league’s powerhouses.
Despite being a rookie relative to the PBA, Christian already has the experience particularly internationally. He is a Filipino-German player who has played for some other foreign teams like Nebraska and Hawaii.
He used to play in other lands were much larger guys exist. What made his presence even more alarming is when he joined the Team Gilas Pilipinas and contributed a lot to the team with his iron inside mechanism. Christian’s like the Mini Andrei Blatche for Gilas. He could lead the offense despite not being the point guard.

Was it just Standhardinger alone who established this threat?

Well, Standhardinger undeniably has the substance of being a monster player sooner or later in the league but the tension he has unleashed within and beyond the league was practically not by him alone.
His team, the San Miguel Beermen’s name plays a relevant role in this shock. We know that the San Miguel Beermen is undefeated in the Philippine Cup. They have the 4-time MVP June Mar Fajardo, a huge guy wherein as time passes, seems that he becomes more and more unstoppable. Even Greg Slaughter, the one who can match the Kraken’s size could not get the job done.
With Standhardinger entering a very strong team, which he’s not an infamous player with, his intensity fluctuated upward. The title ‘twin towers’ became more sounding due to matchup against last cup’s champion Brgy. Ginebra which is expected to be their toughest opponent.
Standhardinger stunned the league with his presence alone already. We are all waiting for him to unleash his full potential and mix his skills to produce an even stronger and solid SMB Squad.

Balls-Eye: Will June Mar Fajardo Bag his 5th Straight MVP Award this Season?

June Mar Fajardo shooting over Sonny Thoss

As the San Miguel Beermen looks to dominate this year’s Philippine Cup with their geared up twin towers, the Kraken June Mar Fajardo is also eyeing to reign as a 5-time MVP.

But would it still be possible?

Rumors say that Christian Standhardinger empowered the Beermen. But with him being Fajardo’s partner, would he hinder the Kraken’s MVP streak?
Another huge monster to test June Mar’s limits is of course the biggest man in the league Greg Slaughter. Ginebra is a team that can win championships and thus increasing Slaughter’s chance of bagging the MVP award this year.
More or less, the Most Valauable Player Award would be hooked by any of the four towering beasts of the Beer and Gin. It would be an ultimate test of strength, endurance, power and most importantly, consistency.
June Mar apparently is the toughest of the four. Greg has the size but is a bit lousy, Japeth has the boosted jumping power while Standhardinger’s cards remain concealed.
Fajardo already became MVP 4 times with Japeth and Greg’s presence. The only big question mark left unanswered is on his new teammate Standhardinger. Nevertheless, we should not neglect Japeth and Greg’s improvement.

Would the MVP showdown hinder SMB’s success?

Most probably not. Big guys do not tend to frequently work together. Most of the time plays start with the small guys and finishes with the big men. SMB may balance their inside scoring fairly with their two towers. Thus, both would have their own break to prove themselves. It may be a healthy competition as these two guys would go all out just not to waste every single opportunity at hand.

Historical MVP Award

If either June Mar or Christian bags the award, it would be historical no matter who stands out. June Mar would be the first to be crowned with 5 straight MVP’s. In fact he’s the first to have 4 straight. On the other hand, Standhardinger may be the 2nd to Benjie Paras if he would be the MVP and if SMB would be the champ or would gain dominance throughout the season.

A Rocky 2017: Stories that Rocked the PBA in 2017

A Rocky 2017: Stories that Rocked the PBA in 2017
Ginebra’s championship run during the Governors’ Cup is just one of the many stories that happened this year (Photo by the PBA Media Bureau)

What a year it has been for the PBA.

In case you haven’t been updated as to what happened in the PBA during the past 12 months, well, you’ve missed a lot. From an aborted Grand Slam to a controversial trade, 2017 has been indeed a busy year for the PBA and it has been a controversial year, too.
To help you have a recap of what happened in the league, below are the stories which this pundit on wheels thinks that rocked the entire league the most:

The Standhardinger Saga

Let’s start with one of the biggest stories in local basketball scene this year. Christian Standhardinger’s name has been very much familiar with the Filipino fans owing to his stint with the Gilas Pilipinas. When he announced his intention to join the draft, it had been expected by many that he would be picked ahead of the likes of Kiefer Ravena and Jeron Teng.
First, he missed the Draft Combine. Then, the Kia Picanto traded away the rights to pick first in the draft to the San Miguel Beermen for a bunch of bench players. Many questions were shocked by Kia’s decision with some even questioning if they intend to become a competitive team in the future. Despite questions from almost every direction, Commissioner Chito Narvasa still approved the said deal. Despite the questions, there was nothing illegal in the deal, to begin with. It was a lopsided trade, yes but it’s within the rules and regulations of the league. 

The Chito Narvasa Stand-off

The deal that sent Standhardinger to the Beermen created a rippling effect to the league and among those affected was none other than the good commissioner, Chito Narvasa. Why? He approved the trade despite calls for him to veto him. That started a war between two factions: the one led by the MVP Group who wanted Narvasa out of the picture, and the one that was led by the SMC Group who stood behind Narvasa. The MVP Group managed to get 7 votes to terminate Narvasa’s contract which a vote short of the 8 votes required to remove or retain a commissioner. This war canceled the annual planning session of the PBA in the United States, creating speculations of a possible lockout. 
Then came along the opening day of the 43rd season. The board members gathered around during a press conference just a few hours prior to the opening ceremony- announcing that Chito Narvasa has tendered his resignation. Then, the board came up with a resolution, retaining Narvasa until the end of the year to allow Narvasa to help in the selection of his replacement. 
Who will replace him? We’ll have to wait until next week to know. 

Ginebra’s Back-to-Back Governors’ Cup Championships

Ginebra’s road to another Governors’ Cup championship wasn’t easy as many people initially thought. First, they had to face a Grand Slam-seeking San Miguel Beermen that was bannered anew by 4-time MVP, June Mar Fajardo in the quarterfinals. Then, the Gin Kings battled the TNT KaTropa in a controversial semifinal series. 
Then came to the Finals where they faced the Meralco Bolts- the same team they beat for the championship in 6 games last year.
After winning the first two games of the series, many people began coming up with predictions that Ginebra would sweep Meralco this time around. The Bolts fought back and forced a Game 7 at the Philippine Arena. However, LA Tenorio showed us that yes, despite playing through pain, he still has what it takes to lead his team to a championship and that’s what he did. He drained jumper after jumper in front of a 50,000+ crowd who trooped to the Philippine to witness Ginebra being crowned a champion anew. LA Tenorio finished the 42nd season of the PBA with a Finals MVP. 


As it is, 2017 will be remembered as both a controversial and an exciting year not just for the PBA but for the basketball scene in general. While we are still waiting for the replacement of Chito Narvasa as the PBA Commissioner, this pundit on wheels believes that 2018 will be a better year for the PBA. If anything, this year’s draft class is already loaded with talent enough to shock the league next year. 

Chito Narvasa to Step Down as Commissioner

PBA Board appoints Willie Marcial as OIC

(Photo by the PBA Media Bureau)

For almost two months since the Christian Standhardinger trade was approved, the entire PBA was put in a complete gridlock. Literally and figuratively. Why?
Here’s why:
Despite hearing worries and warnings from some of the team governors and owners- as well as from the fans themselves, Chito Narvasa still approved the trade that sent top pick Christian Standhardinger from the Kia Picanto to the San Miguel Beermen in exchange for bench players. While the said trade deal was practically legal, some people said that this deal just destroyed the very essence why the PBA Draft is being held.
And that was only the beginning.
The MVP Group led 6 other teams which held an emergency board meeting in which, Narvasa was also present. That was the board meeting where the MVP-led group filed a resolution- stating that they won’t be extending Chito Narvasa’s term as PBA commissioner because Narvasa was no longer enjoying the trust and confidence of the  7 teams who wanted him out of the picture. 
By the PBA rules, a commissioner can either be removed or extended in office by 8 teams. So technically speaking, Narvasa is still the commissioner despite the fact that the supposedly annual planning session of the PBA in the United States was turned into a vacation because of the absence of the 5 teams who were standing behind Narvasa.
While the 43rd season of the PBA was stated to open yesterday, December 17, 2017, there was no assurance until the all 12 team governors alongside Narvasa showed up for the official launching event of the new season. Although rumors have started to pop up which regards to Narvasa’s impending resignation, nothing was made official until yesterday’s press conference led by PBA Chairman, Ricky Vargas, prior to the opening ceremony, announcing that Chito Narvasa has already submitted his resignation which was supposed to take effect immediately. However, the PBA Board filed a resolution, asking Narvasa to stay put until December 31, 2017, so that he could help during the transition period. In effect, the board also appointed Willie Marcial as the officer-in-charge until such time when a new commissioner is appointed.


Now that Chito Narvasa is set to leave office, the PBA can now set its focus on finding a new commissioner who can lead the PBA with full trust and confidence of all 12 teams also, to win back tons of fans who expressed displeasure in some of Narvasa’s ways of running the league. This should be a Christmas gift for the Filipino fans because it will serve as a new start for better things not just for the PBA but for the Philippine basketball in general. 

Questions to be Answered in the New PBA Season

Fans will finally get the answers once the season kicks off next week

(Photo by the PBA Media Bureau)
With the originally scheduled opening of the PBA’s 43rd season just 6 days away, fans are a bit worried. Why?
Here’s why:
There’s no official statement that is released just yet with regards to the status of PBA Commissioner Chito Narvasa- whether he will stay on as the commissioner or not. The last thing we heard about the Chito Narvasa Saga was that the SMC Group, along with their allies, failed to show up in the board meeting that would have allowed both sides to settle this issue, once and for all. 
Even though outgoing PBA Chairman Mikee Romero has already stated a few weeks ago that the issue surrounding the commissioner would be settled before the season opens on the 17th, we haven’t received anything official- just yet. 
Which brings us to the first question that needs to be answered ASAP:

Who will be the PBA Commissioner come December 17, 2017?

While Chito Narvasa is still the commissioner as far as the 5 teams that have been backing him are concerned, the 7 teams that wanted him out of the picture would have Rickie Santos as officer-in-charge until such time that a commissioner gets 8 votes from the 12 teams. 
Technically, Chito Narvasa is still the PBA commissioner- for now. That’s because if you are to look at the rules, 8 votes are needed to either remove or retain a commissioner and so far, it’s technically and figuratively a stalemate. 

Will San Miguel win a Grand Slam this time?

Possibly. If the Beermen can figure out the  Ginebra problem, a problem which ended their chances at a rare Grand Slam last season. 
But talent-wise, a Grand Slam for the Beermnen is more than possible than ever because of the fact that they will have Christian Standhardinger who is expected to suit up upon the completion of his stint in the ABL. Plus, the Beermen’s best starting unit remains intact headed by 4-time MVP, June Mar Fajardo. 

Who will win the Rookie of the Year?

This year’s draft class is filled with talent, probably one of the most talented draft class in recent memory. So the race for the Rookie of the Year will be tight. Here’s the catchy part: Christian Standhardinger will miss the Philippine Cup so that’s a big blow for his chances which means guys like Kiefer Ravena, Jeron Teng and even Reymar Jose are the probable candidate for the ROY. 


Will the season start as scheduled? There’s no word that there’ll be a move so yes, the PBA will be back on December 17, 2017. The commissioner? Grand Slam? ROY? We’ll sure get the answers. Eventually. 

New Twin Towers in Town: Dominance of Standhardinger and Fajardo is Inevitable

And PBA fans should expect more from one of the league’s most hyped rookies

He has contributed to the success of our national team which won the gold medal in the SEA Games earlier this year. He joined the draft and was traded to the San Miguel Beermen even before the draft day itself. 
However, we all have to wait until Christian Standhardinger’s stint in the Asian Basketball League is over before we can see him play in the PBA. But the long wait will be worth it especially for the Beermen. Why? Standhardinger will get to team-up with the Kraken himself, the now 4-time MVP, June Mar Fajardo.
And if you look at how Standhardinger has been playing in the ABL as of late, particularly his last game against the Mono Vampire when he exploded for 40 points while grabbing 17 rebounds, 5 steals and 3 assists, then imagine what he can do once he starts playing alongside Fajardo as they are about form one of the league’s most formidable frontline duos that could challenge the dominance of Gnebra’s Twin Towers of Japeth Aguilar and Greg Slaughter. 
Or, can they actually challenge Aguilar and Slaughter once the two teams face each other?
Japeth Aguilar and Greg Slaughter may be taller than both Fajardo and Standhardinger but talent-wise, it’s a good battle. However, if we are to look back at the previous battles between the two teams,  Greg Slaughter and Japeth Aguilar needed to double-team the Kraken just to limit his production which enabled the shooters of San Miguel to hit their outside shots. Now, put  Standhardinger into the mix and you now have two dominant big men.
One of the reasons why the Fajardo-Standhardinger duo will be a force to be reckoned is the fact that San Miguel already has the best starting unit in the league right now whether they have an import or not. In addition to this, the arrival of Standhardinger will also allow Leo Austria to have one of his starters come off the bench, possibly Arwind Santos because Standhardinger will likely to start at the power forward position unless, Austria will put Santos at the 3 spot.


The Fajardo-Standhardinger duo looks scary on paper but who knows, this is the duo that can perfectly match-up against the Barangay Ginebra Gin Kings. And who knows? Christian Standhardinger might give June Mar Fajardo a run for his money. But of course, we all have to wait until he makes his PBA debut. 

Balls-Eye: Will Standhardinger be Worthy of SMB Releasing Three Men?

Christian Standhardinger
San Miguel Beermen took a huge risk on giving up three players (Jay-R Reyes, Ronald Tubid, Rashawn McCarthy) of their current roster to have the right to let Christian Standhardinger on their team. With this huge change, how can Standhardinger suffice the power needed by SMB which the whole team believes it is in him?
Well, we do not have that much data of Standhardinger and how well he played in the PBA league itself but chances are high, we’ve seen him play for Gilas Pilipinas. If you have watched his Gilas games, then most probably, you believe that he’s a humongous addition to SMB, way bigger than the player loss of the team.

What are the ups and downs of the Standhardinger addition?

Let us start with the latter. SMB lost a clutch shooter like Ronald Tubid. Tubid is known for his outside shooting hustle off the bench. He scores well as part of SMB’s second unit. Well, Standhardinger isn’t much of an outside shooter. He plays inside and post-up matchup most of the time – due to his size and style of play of course.
Of course, SMB would not do such a huge thing for nothing. Standhardinger will be a great addition to the interior of the Beermen. With a strong center June Mar Fajardo backed up by another ferocious big man, defense will be even tighter and their points in the paint would increase significantly.

This style of a team, despite not having a great outside shooting when speaking of Fajardo and Standhardinger is still a great weapon to match up teams with high outside shooting percentage.

With a very solid interior, then the higher chances of controlling the rebounds. It is not as though outside shooters would not miss a single shot, so every time they miss shots, then that means a lost possession on their part.

Another thing is that the inside or the shaded area is called the region of high percentage shots, meaning shots have high chances of going in as compared to the region beyond the arc which is the strength of SMB.

Standhardinger is a great addition for the SMB.

Yes he isn’t much of a shooter, but he and Fajardo aren’t the only one to carry the team, their outside weakness will be filled by Alex Cabagnot. Another thing is that SMB is looking to re-sign gun-shooter Super Marcio, Marcio Lassiter.

With this current lineup, SMB leaves no room for weakness.

At Risk: Christian Standhardinger will not be able Play in the PBA Until May?

SMB’s number 1 will not be available until May or June of 2018

Christian Standhardinger was the celebrated number 1 pick of the 2017 PBA Rookie Draft and SMB is willing to gamble with the risk and wait until Standhardinger is able to play for the PBA.
While Christian Standhardinger is drafted in the PBA, he will not be able to play until he fulfills his contract with the Hong Kong Eastern Long Lions where he will play as one of the ASEAN Heritage import. 
His obligation with ASEAN Basketball League team was also the reason why he was not able to attend the Rookie Draft Combine but none of these situations matter as SMB is willing to take the risk and wait for the big man.

Kia may have made the right move or did they really? 

SMB is one of those teams who can wait for Standhardinger as they really doesn’ need a lot of reinforcement, especially in the upcoming All-Filipino Conference which they have dominated in recent years. Chrisitan Standhardinger, the 29-year-old Filipino-German is expected to make an immediate impact as he makes SMB an, even more, stronger team in the coming years.
The 2017–18 ABL season will be the seventh season of competition of the ASEAN Basketball League. 

The regular season will start on 17 November 2017 and will end on 28 March 2018. 

How Much (More) Money will the 1st PBA Pick Make Compared to the 3rd Pick, Seems Unfair!

Christian Standhardinger picked 1st while Raymar Jose was 3rd overall in the 2017 PBA Rookie Draft.

Christian Standhardinger and Raymar Jose 2017 PBA Rookie Draft
Standhardinger and Jose are only one pick apart in the rookie draft but their salary won’t be that close as Blackwater Elite may still be unsure if the D-League MVP is worth the same hefty money that number 1 and number 2 pick is getting. 
If you have not heard yet, San Miguel Beermen Rookie Christian Standhardinger and NLEX Road Warriors Kiefer Ravena are getting a max rookie deal that is worth around 8 million or about 230,000 per month. We certainly have no qualms about the salary of the first two picks as they deserved it given that they are already a proven star in their own rights and their upside is just astronomical but, Raymar Jose isn’t exactly far behind as the young Raymar is also a proven leader during his college years in FEU amassing good numbers in points and rebounds. He wouldn’t be picked number 3 for nothing, right?
Raymar Jose has also played with the ASEAN Basketball League squad Kaohsiung Truth and of course, he also represented the Philippines as part of the Gilas Pilipinas squad so surely he has all the achievements to show and get a good starting salary at par with what Standhardinger and Kiefer Ravena is getting.

Blackwater Elite offer
According to sources,  the 6’5 forward will be getting P100,000 less than the first and the second pick, in fact, he might be getting less money than Perkins or Teng.  Blackwater team manager Johnson Martinez is said to offer Jose a meager amount of P120,000 a month for the first year and P180,000 for the second.  Even Perkins who is the fourth pick will get more money than Jose at 150,000 for the first year. 
Blackwater, however, added that his second-year salary would go up to 180,00K and if he will be able to prove himself, then he would get an additional performance bonus.
Side note: Last year Mac Belo(2nd pick), Kevin Ferrer(3rd pick) and Jio Jalalon(11th) got the max deal.
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Do you think Raymar Jose should get a higher salary?

He needs to prove himself first
Blackwater low balling Raymar

create your survey here


A Wheeler’s Opinion: The Narvasa Removal: Will it Happen?

Here’s why it can happen and why it will not happen

Due to his approval of the Kia-SMB trade, Chito Narvasa’s days in office are numbered? (Photo by the PBA Media Bureau)
The weather here in Quezon City is gloomy and so is the future of Chito Narvasa as PBA Commissioner. Why?

Here’s why:

Rumor has it that the majority bloc in the PBA Board, led by the teams under the MVP Group, is currently on the move to out the good PBA Commissioner Chito Narvasa. 
Let’s face it, folks, when Mr. Narasvasa approved arguably one of the most questionable and equally one of the most lopsided trades in the history of the PBA, the one involving the Kia Picanto sending the rights to pick Christian Standhardinger on draft night to the San Miguel Beermen in exchange for bench players, future picks and cash. 
Question: Was it lopsided? Definitely. Questionable? Indeed. 
So why did Mr. Narvasa approve deal despite concerns from the PBA teams? Simple: there was nothing wrong with the trade if you were San Miguel. There was nothing really wrong especially after both teams submitted a 3rd revised version of the deal which sealed Narvasa’s approval.
Now, that decision by Mr. Narvasa not only changed the balance in the league as San Miguel gets to have Standhardinger team-up with 4-time MVP June Mar Fajardo but also angered the majority of the team owners who now, want him out of office.  
And if you remember just a few days ago, Talk N Text blasted Narvasa for divulging the information to the media, stating that it was actually Magnum Membrere, a team official of TNT, who filed Standhardinger’s draft application on the latter’s behalf. TNT, in a statement, called the move made by the good commissioner, biased. Given that TNT is under the MVP Group, it came as no surprise that it’s now leading the move to remove Narvasa.

Question: Will it Happen?

Yes. Provided…

Here’s the catch, folks. Removing Chito Narvasa as PBA commissioner can be done as long as you have the support of the majority of the team owners. Now, there are 12 teams in the league. Get 7 from those teams and Chito Narvasa’s stint will be done in no time.
Now, according to league insiders, the MVP Group has already found supporters in Alaska’s Wilfred Uytengsu and Blackwater’s Dioceldo Sy. 
Additionally, sources are now saying that both Rain or Shine and Phoenix are backing the move so that’s 7 against 5. They are said to agree to call a board meeting tomorrow to finally decide whether or not Chito  Narvasa will go on as commissioner. 


Why? Simple. According to league insiders, Chito Narvasa still has the support of the three teams playing under the San Miguel Corp block as well as SMC ally, GlobalPort, and Kia, of course. These teams firmly believe that 5 votes are enough to keep Narvasa in office thanks to the gray area in the league’s by-laws.


Even though the move to oust PBA Commissioner Chito Narvasa falters should it happen tomorrow, this pundit on wheels firmly believes that Mr. Narvasa won’t last long in office because he has lost the trust and confidence of the majority of the team owners. Now, it all depends on the outcome of tomorrow’s board meeting but one thing is certain if we are to believe a league insider: Chito Narvasa won’t have a full 1-year extension.

A Wheeler’s Opinion: Was It Right for TNT to Call Chito Narvasa "Biased" for Standhardinger Saga?

Here’s why it’s right and not

Chito Narvasa 2017 PBA Rookie Draft
PBA Commissioner Chito Narvasa was called “biased” by the KaTropa management in a statement. (Photo by the PBA Media Bureau)

Even though he has yet to play a single second in the PBA and won’t play until he completes his stint in the Asian Basketball League, Christian Standhardinger, the top pick in last night’s 2017 PBA Rookie Draft, has become the hottest topic over the last few weeks. 
To begin with, he was one of the last applicants to submit his application for the draft. He then missed the Draft Combine where he could have showcased why he is indeed, the most sought-after rookie which almost caused him to be disqualified from joining the draft. 
But perhaps, nothing could have made Standhardinger as the most talked-about rookie than the trade involving the Kia Picanto sending the rights to pick Standhardinger to the San Miguel Beermen for bench warmers, future draft picks and cash. Due to the lopsidedness of the said deal, many were puzzled land were asking the same question: “What is wrong with Kia?”

Despite concerns from other PBA teams, the good PBA Commissioner Chito Narvasa approved the trade anyway and Christian Standhardinger walked out of Robinson’s Place Manila with a Beermen jacket. 
Just when everyone thought that the Stanhardinger Saga could be finally buried, nope. 
Apparently, the Beermen wasn’t the only team who was trying to trade for the number one pick. 
As it turned out, the Beermen just beat the Talk N Text KaTropa to the rights of picking Stanhardinger and incidentally, the KaTropa through an official statement released to the public, questioned the statement made by Commissioner Narvasa just a few hours prior to the Game 7 of the PBA Governors’ Cup Finals, saying that it was TNT’s team official, Magnum Membrere who initially submitted Standhardinger’s application to join the draft.

Apparently, the statement made by the good commissioner, according to TNT’s statement, proved that Commissioner Narvasa was biased. Talk N Text also mentioned that Narvasa mentioning the name of their team official was meant to help him explain, justify his decision to eventually approved the widely-questionable deal between SMB and Kia.
Was it even fair to call the good Commissioner Chito Narvasa “biased” for his statement? Let’s take a look at the points:

TNT has a point

Simply put it this way, folks:
  • Standhardinger submitted his application through a proxy.
  • He was allowed to miss the Draft Combine regardless of the validity of the excuse. 
With all due respect to the good commissioner of the PBA, what he just allowed to happen, was a show of disrespect not just to TNT or the other teams but, to the rest of the PBA. It can send the wrong message to future draft aspirants that they can do such things in the PBA and they can walk away from them. 
It’s simply unacceptable. It’s also questioning the priorities of Standhardinger who has an upcoming stint in the ABL which is the main reason why the Beermeen can’t utilize him for the big chunk of next season. 

No. It’s Totally Disrespectful

To call Commissioner Chito Narvasa “biased” is to question the integrity of the entire institution that Mr. Narvasa is representing. 
With all due respect to the officials, players and fans of the KaTropa, there was no need for such a statement. Sure, Chito Narvasa was in Lebanon to support the Smart Gilas Pilipinas during the 2017 FIBA Asia Cup and invited Standhardinger to join the draft. Would it be nice for Narvasa to offer a little flexibility with regards to the rules to a player who contributed a big amount of effort during that tournament and the ensuing 2017 South East Asian Games where Gilas dominated, anew? 
Sure, Standhardinger’s not applying on his own and missing the Draft Combine, sends the wrong message but Chito Narvasa is only doing what he could to help Stndhardinger get into the big league. After all, once Stanhardinger suits up and teams up with 4-time MVP award winner, June Mar Fajardo, we can expect bigger crowd during the games of the Beermen. 


The Standhardinger Saga is not yet done and is far from over. One thing is certain, we can expect a statement from the good PBA commissioner and TNT should watch out because Chito Narvasa loves to hand down hefty fines to teams, players and coaches who say disrespectful things towards the PBA, in general. 

Christian Standhardinger has Spoken About his PBA Rookie Draft Status

I am officially under contract in Hong Kong – Christian Standhardinger

But I’ll see you all on draft day

Photo from Christian Standhardinger official Facebook Page. 
Christian Standhardinger has been making waves in the Philippines even if he is not literally in the country. The top prospect was not at the PBA Rookie Draft Combine yesterday and today. It got PBA teams and fans concerned.  A lot of questions around his intentions and eligibility especially after news about his disqualification surfaced.

Christian Standhardinger, the 28-year-old Filipino German is the consensus number 1 pick in this year PBA draft and even got SMB scrambling to make trade proposals in order to grab the service of the big man.
Finally, Christian has spoken and has cleared the clouds about his real intention.
// Christian speaking in his absence from the recent PBA Draft Combine at the Gatorade Center in Mandaluyong.  He is the only rookie absent.
Christian also made it clear that they have advised the PBA and will certainly be present during the PBA draft day ceremony.


A Wheeler’s Opinion: The Standhardinger Saga: Who will Benefit?

Reminder: He will not play in the PBA until the ABL season is finished

With Standhardinger’s possible disqualification, who will be the top pick? (Photo by the PBA Media Bureau)

He didn’t show up yesterday at the Draft Combine 2017 because he was practicing with his Hong Kong team who are preparing for the upcoming new season of the Asian Basketball League which kicks off this November. 
He is expected to miss a big chunk of the next PBA season assuming he gets drafted at this Sunday’s PBA Draft. And yes, Christain Standhardinger has indicated that he will attend the draft rites at Robinson’s Place Manila. 
Oh and by the way, remember the trade deal which would have sent Kia’s rights to pick Standhardinger as the top pick to the San Miguel Beermen in exchange for 3 bench warmers, future draft picks and tons of cash? That deal has been forwarded to the commissioner’s office and as of this very moment, the deal is in on hold.
To begin with, Christian Standhardinger, the Filipino-German Gilas Pilipinas standout, should have not beaten the deadline and decided to join this year’s draft knowing that he won’t be able to join the team that he would be joining because of his commitment to the ABL team in Hong Kong. 
Oh, don’t get this basketball pundit on wheels wrong, folks. He has been rooting for Standhardinger ever since he came aboard with the national team especially during the South East Asian Games where Gilas reigned supreme anew. However, this pundit finds it difficult to accept a player whose priority is elsewhere and yet, fans are treating him as if he was LeBron James during his pre-draft moments in the NBA. Standhardinger is talented. His numbers don’t lie either. 

But missing the Draft Combine? An opportunity where he can furthermore showcase his talents alongside his fellow draftees?  That’s clearly unacceptable.

Now, there are two scenarios which can happen here:

Standhardinger will be Drafted and Traded

Let’s assume that PBA Commissioner Chito Narvasa decides not to disqualify Standhardinger from the draft, approves the deal between Kia and the Beermen, there’s one clear beneficiary here: it’s none other than the defending Philippine Cup champions, the Beermen themselves. 
Sure, they will have to wait until Standhardinger’s stint in the ABL is done but it will all worth the wait aside from the fact that San Miguel will lose three bench warmers, the Beermen will gain another potential superstar to provide reinforcement to the already mighty starting unit that includes 4 of the 5 members of this year’s Mythical First Team including the 4-time MVP, June Mar Fajardo. 

Or, Standhardinger will be Disqualified

If Chito Narvasa does disqualify Standhardinger and does not veto the trade deal, the Beermen still emerge as the winner here. 
Simple. Kiefer Ravena is on the list. So is Jeron Teng. This year’s list draftees is filled with young bloods that have the talents to make it to the pro league. 


The fate of Christian Standhardinger, as well as the of the Kia Picanto, will depend on whether or not the former will be allowed to participate in this Sunday’s draft. In short, the ball is now on the commissioner’s hand. 


SMB and Kia Trade Revision Still Unfair? What are the Potential Reasons Behind the Trade?

Kia and SMB are Cooking a Big and Controversial Trade

Will it work for both teams? Will it be fair this time?

KIA and SMB Trade
The top and the bottom teams are working together and while many questions the move, there are definitely a few good reasons why Kia is letting go of their potential number one pick over a number of SMB role players. 
Kia has been the outlier of the PBA since they started, except maybe for one conference that no one actually remembers. While they certainly had some quality players who have come and go, they mostly either fail to get a hold of them or to make it work. Canaleta, Rosario, DiGregorio, Ramos, Mallari, Guinto and the list goes on. These are just some of the players who either played for Kia or could have played for the team. 
This season, they probably not only have the worst season but also the worst roster in the league.

Reason for Trading Number Pick: Maybe

Kia bolstering up their roster, one-time big time. Having four veterans and PBA tested players from SMB may help Kia cause in beefing up the roster right away without spending too much. While Standhardinger is a good player, he is not PBA tested yet and might not be fully committed to playing for the PBA especially since he still got a contract with an ABL team.  It’s a risk to take Standhardinger but the reward may be great and Kia may not be ready to make that big leap as they play safe, but wait there is Kiefer Ravena if they want a sure player.

Why They Want the Stand Man?

What if Standhardinger got disqualified for not attending the PBA Draft Combine? Will SMB still push through with the trade?
The simple reason why SMB wants Standhardinger so much is that a true big man playing beside JunMar Fajardo would give the team a chance against other teams that also have bigs in their line up, like sister team Ginebra. SMB has been one of the best teams, in fact maybe still the best team in the PBA this season after winning two of the three conference championships and they are looking to upgrade their already great line up by adding Christian Standhardinger.
The trade for the number one pick will only work if Christian will be picked, if it’s Kiefer Ravena or Jeron Teng then it may be a different story. And if those players are their target then they could have traded either Cabagnot, Ross or Lassiter because it will be such a waste of talent if Kiefer will be playing from the bench.

SMB and Kia Trade Revision Still Unfair, Here’s why.

Reyes 34
Mcarthy 28
Tubid 36
First round pick 
After, trying to pull a quick one, SMB is still trying to get the number 1 pick in a trade that may not change their team or may not present a true risk for SMB. RaShawn McCarthy, Keith Agovida, and Jr Reyes these are the names that could have been wearing the Kia jersey but PBA board was quick to veto as it was simply one-sided. Now with new names on the revision, SMB still tries to use a quick slight of hands as they dispose some old reliable names in the trade, and when we say old, we mean players that is on the downhill if not already there, except of course for Rosser who was also a disappointment after his highly advertised rookie season. 
Except for Espinas, SMB rarely uses its bench players and a movement of their bench players would not really affect their plays and chemistry on the court as they will be able to keep their mythical core in JunMar Fajardo the 4x MVB, Alex Cabagnot, Chris Ross, Arwind Santos and Marcio Lassiter. The only thing that would change with SMB is the bench seating arrangements. 

Kia where are you going? 

Sometimes you question why a seemingly obvious move to keep the number one pick seems not the right one for the others. While other teams are willing to give away cash and multiple players for a rookie, it seems like Kia could not take a hint of the real value of the number one pick. Kia wherever you are going this season, I hope it’s the right way because many think otherwise.

What do you think? Is this fair in your opinion?

A Wheeler’s Opinion: San Miguel’s "Tama" Has Gotten Stronger with Standhardinger Trade

Update: SMB vs KIA trade vetoed by the Commissioner and now being revised

Christian Standhardinger San Miguel Beermen
Imagine this guy playing alongside June Mar Fajardo

A few weeks ago, this basketball pundit on wheels said in one article that Filipino-German prospect, Christian Standhardinger, the Gilas Pilipinas standout who is predicted by many as the top pick in next Sunday’s PBA Draft, will be traded. Away. 
And it happened. Yesterday, a blockbuster trade blew PBA fans around the archipelago. Kia Picanto, like it did a few years, is trading their potential top pick to the San Miguel Beermen in exchange for 3 players, plus future draft picks, plus money considerations.

3 players? All third-stingers for the Beermen:

  • JayR Reyes
  • Rashawn McCarthy
  • Keith Agovida
Don’t worry, PBA fans. This basketball pundit on wheels is asking the same question everybody has been asking since the news first broke out: What is wrong with Kia? They had the chance to draft Troy Rosario but threw away that chance and gave it to the Talk N Text KaTropa. Now, they are about to repeat that huge mistake. If you’re going to trade a potential big star, you will ask for players who can produce notable big numbers and not just a trio of bench warmers who only averaged a combined 8 points per game during the Governors’ Cup. 
Now, assuming that PBA Commissioner Chito Narvasa will not do a David Stern who vetoed a trade that would have Chris Paul team-up with Kobe Bryant right before the lockout-shortened 2011-2012 NBA season, then the San Miguel Beermen have gained more than what they have to lose. Why?
Here’s why: 
  • Chris Ross
  • Alex Cabagnot
  • Arwind Santos
  • June Mar Fajardo
If you watched last Friday’s PBA Leo Annual Awards Night, then you know what team did the four players above belong. They made up 4 of the 5 members of this season’s Mythical First Team with Japeth Aguilar of the Barangay Ginebra Gin Kings being the 5th member.

If anything, having 4 of Leo Austria’s starters on the Mythical First Team serves as a testament to one thing: take away the imports and nobody in the PBA can match the firepower of an-Filipino San Miguel starting unit. Now, put another big man in Christian Standhardinger’s caliber and SMB will now have the potential star power to match the Twin Towers of the Gin Kings. 
Having a Standhardinger alongside the Kraken, now a 4-time PBA MVP, will mean that San Miguel will have a SUPER Starting 5. If Commissioner Chito Narvasa approves this deal come tomorrow, below is the potential starting unit for the Beermen come the season opener, PBA Philippine Cup:
  • Fajardo
  • Standhardinger
  • Santos
  • Ross
  • Cabagnot
No wonder why other PBA team executives are not so happy with this. No wonder why they will raise this concern on Thursday during the meeting of the PBA Board of Governors. And this basketball pundit will not be surprised either if Chito Narvasa will do a David Stern. Well, if there will be a miracle and should the good PBA commissioner approves this deal, the rest of the PBA will be having a more difficult time dealing with this upcoming SMB hangover. 

Motives and Money: Kia Trades Potential Top Pick Christian Standhardinger to SMB?

Kia to Trade Top Pick to SMB for Players and Cash, and it must be a lot of cash!

When Money is more important than winning

Kia is set to trade their top pick once again, this time to San Miguel Beermen.

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San Miguel is set to acquire Kia’s top overall pick for this year PBA draft that can potentially be either Christian Standhardinger, Jeron Teng or Kiefer Ravena for R. Reyes, Rashawn McCarthy, Keith Agovida, a future first rounder, and cash considerations. That’s four players in exchange for one rookie.

They must really like this player.

This is not the first time Kia did the same stunt. They traded their top pick back in 2015. Troy Rosario was supposed to be playing for Kia and could have helped the longtime bottom team in the PBA to win some games but they chose to trade him for reasons that only they can understand. Rosario has since gotten 5 gold medal for the Philippines, two all-star appearances, and an All-star MVP.
Kia who had been struggling since they joined the PBA in 2014 has long been missing its identity and has struggled to get a franchise player and now that they have another chance, they are looking to give it away once again for a number of unknown players. That’s questionable.
PBA Board Vice Chairman Dickie Bachmann has already voiced his concern regarding the intention of the move. Fans alike have scratched their heads and have challenged the PBA to decline the said trade.
If the trade pushes through, SMB could acquire Christian Standhardinger and will get to keep its core players like JunMar Fajardo a 4x MVP, Chris Ross, Alex Cabagnot and Arwin Santos. All part of the mythical team.

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Kia should think twice about this trade.
Do you agree with this trade? Comment below.

A Wheeler’s Opinion: Kia Picanto will Draft Standhardinger but will Not Stay with the Team For Long, Here’s Why

Christian Standhardinger Could be Traded. Soon.


Christian Standhardinger will be one of the most sought-after big men once he enters the PBA. 
Christian Standhardinger, the Filipino-German who replaced Andray Blatche as the naturalized player for the Smart Gilas Pilipinas national team is about to enter the PBA upon announcing that he is applying to join the upcoming PBA Draft this month.

See Also: Other Fil-Foreign Players who applied for the 2017 PBA Rookie Draft

This announcement came in a few weeks before the likes of Kiefer Ravena and Jeron Teng made their respective intentions to join the draft.  The 3 of them will make up the top 3 picks in the draft.
If the initial order is to be believed, Kia Picanto holds the top pick followed by the NLEX Road Warriors and the Blackwater Elite who will select 2nd and 3rd respectively, then it’s a no-brainer that Kia will go on to select Standhardinger as the top pick bearing any last minutes swaps. Kiefer Ravena will have to listen and endure to the yells of Yeng Guiao assuming that NLEX will select him while Jeron Teng will team-up with Allen Maliksi and Mac Belo should the Elite picks him.
Now, let’s focus on the possibilities of trades for Christian Standhardinger. While there’s no doubt that he will start for Kia assuming he is still around come the opening night, make no mistake, PBA fans. Don’t get surprised of Standhardinger will start for another team and this is something that we should all expect. 
He was the leader in efficiency during the 2017 FIBA Asia Cup where he also averaged 15 points per game. In addition to this, he was also a vital piece to Gilas’ gold medal finish in the SEA Games where they ran unbeaten. If you want to win right here, right now, keeping Standhardinger would be a must for Kia and getting Standhardinger will be a must for the other teams.
Now, speaking of trade possibilities, one strong contender who will definitely try to trade for Standhardinger is none other than the Talk N Text KaTropa especially considering the ugly way they ended their Governors’ Cup campaign after they bowed down to the defending champs, the Barangay Ginebra Gin Kings during their semifinal series. One of the reasons why the KaTropa lost that particular series was because the big men of Ginebra outmuscled and outperformed the big men of TNT in every possible way. 
While Troy Rosario and Kelly Williams were producing good numbers and Jayson Castro is still making people remember that he used to be the best point guard in Asia, just imagine a TNT starting 5 with Christian Standhardinger at the center position. June Mar Fajardo may want to watch out because a Christian Standhardinger playing for a powerhouse team will give the former a run for his money. 
Of course, TNT would need to trade away some of its assets if it wants to have Standhardinger on board. The question is: who? Back in December 2014, TNT was said to be willing to trade away superstar playmaker, Jayson Castro for Kia’s pick. We all know that the deal didn’t materialize. But, will TNT pull the trigger this time around? Will Kia accept?
Let’s just say that both Kia and TNT agree to the said swap. Let’s assume that Kia decides to let go of a future for an established star. This will enable Nash Racela to put former UAAP MVP, RR Garcia into the starting unit to team up with Roger Pogoy. But then, it’s a big gamble especially for Kia because Standhardinger will be one day, among the dominant big men in the PBA especially when the Kraken retires. Kia can even ask for additional players and future draft picks like Moala Tautuaa because they are trading away a big part of their future.

On the other side of the fence, keeping Standhardinger will also benefit Kia especially with players like Nico Elorde, Eric Camson and even Rey Guevarra starting to produce good numbers on some of the games and that’s one proof that the system of Chris Gavina is already clicking. Slowly but surely. That is. 

There are other trade possibilities which Kia can explore for Christian Standhardinger but two things are for sure: Standhardinger will be traded and, the rest of the PBA will be watching Standhardinger.
Or, we could probably see a Christian Standhardinger-Stanley Pringle-Terence Romeo team up for the Global Port Batang Pier. But that’s another story for another time. 

Simple Stand: The Tale of Christian Standhardinger 16 Points Game Against Iraq

Not Flashy but Effective, Standhardinger Delivers the Goods

Christian Standhardinger 16 Points Game Against Iraq

A flashy layup or dunk has the equivalent points as a simple jump shot. Standhardinger doesn’t have the prettiest basketball stance, his shot looks awkward but don’t be deceived as this 28-year Filipino German is as effective as German Engineering.
The Philippine team was having a hard time scoring some points against Iraq especially in the first half but there is one man that kept us at bay and was able to grind it in shot after shot. Standhardinger was a workhorse against Iraq contributing a total of 16 points while grabbing 7 rebounds as he helped Gilas Pilipinas captured its second win with the score of  84-68.
Here is the sample highlights on how Simple Stan scores a basket:

Christian Standhardinger was Thrown out by his Coach After Committing a Technical Foul

Christian Standhardinger Too Passionate or Just Defiant?

It is not the first time that we have heard the news that the Filipino-German Christian Standhardinger was involved in a brawl or a debate, whether it’s against his coach or another player. Before the Jones Cup, Calvin Abueva and Standhardinger had their altercation together during a scrimmage between the national team and Alaska Aces. Both players down played the incident. 
Now at the Jones Cup, Christian Standhardinger was at the center of attention once again but this time it’s for a good reason. He was playing hard ball and hustling every game that immediately got him praises from the fans and even from his teammates and coach.  But behind these commendations, there were also comments about him answering and being resistant to his coach. 
Against Qatar, we have seen a frustrated Standhardinger who collected 5 fouls that resulted in him only being able to play 9:11 minutes. Nothing was going right and emotions were pouring as Standhardinger played physical ball game against Iraq who is also being physical against him. He was doing his job, however, last night’s game must have gone to his head as he was doing unnecessary things that irked the coaches and even his team mates. 
At one point in the game, he even looked like he has thrown a punch in the gut of an Iraqi player who went down for a good minute before even recovering. During the last few minutes of the game, he also initiated unnecessary contact that resulted in a technical foul. 
While he was walking off the court he was talking to his coach as if he was pointing the scoreboard that the technical foul he committed was not going to cost them the game. But Gilas Pilipinas Coach Chot Reyes was having none of it and threw him out of the court for good. 
Is this a case of Christian Standhardinger being too passionate? 
Do you think he can get his emotion in check?

Did Coach Chot over reacted by throwing him out?
Video by: News5’s Lyn Olavario

Get to Know Christian Standhardinger and His Roots

Christian Standhardinger is making a name in the Philippines after just three games in the 2017 Jones Cup.
Standhardinger for Filipino basketball fans is a player that can rebound and can score. His style of play has fancied the Filipinos and he has earned the admiration of fans for working hard and hustling on the court. It would have been great if he can play as a local. Unfortunately, he can only play as a naturalized player at FIBA Asia and SEA Games. He only got his Philippine passport after 16 years old.
Christian has Filipino-German roots. Her mother has the biggest impact on him and is very proud of being a Filipino. Basketball has taken him to different places and has connected him to his Filipino roots.
Watch this interesting video we saw on Youtube about his journey as a basketball player.
It looks like we can now answer the last question on the video.

Watch: Calvin Abueva and Christian Standhardinger Talks About their Altercation

Heated tune-up game between Calvin Abueva’s Alaska and Christian Standhardinger of Gilas Pilipinas turned to an altercation as the veteran Abueva showed the newbie a bit of his feisty personality.
After the game reporters talked to both players.
Calvin Abueva jokingly said that he is just introducing himself as Abueva but gives credit to Standhardinger as being a tough person.  He wanted to prepare the newbie for more potential incidents like this and the type of play of the Philippines. But it was nothing personal.
Christian Standhardinger was also cool during the interview and downplayed the incident. He mentioned that it was all emotion.
Watch below.