Kobe Paras Won a Slam Dunk Contest with his New Team

Kobe Paras shows his hop in front of his new team.

Kobe Paras has not been lucky with his previous teams and this year he is starting a new college career with the Cal State Fullerton Matadors. Kobe Paras started his high school at Cathedral in Los Angeles and after a short stint with Creighton, he is back on the west side and he shows fans what they have been missing.
Kobe Paras is already impressing a lot of people with his dunking ability, he even won the quick pocket slam dunk contest between his teammates.

Check out the New Kobe Slam dunks.

Imagine Kobe and Jordan Playing for the Philippine Team

Kobe Paras and Jordan Clarkson the future of Philippine Basketball is now!

Kobe Paras and Jordan Clarkson the future of Philippine Basketball is now!
Kobe Paras and Jordan Clarkson recently met in the US and had a brief photo op which was then posted by the son of the former PBA legend Benjie Paras.
Kobe Paras continues his basketball journey playing in the US again for a different college team under Coach Reggie Theus, a former NBA All-Star and the current head coach of California State University Northridge Matadors. Kobe was supposed to be playing at UCLA but unfortunately, it won’t be happening.
On the other hand, Jordan Clarkson is already living his NBA dream and is one of the key players of one of the most popular basketball team in the world, the Los Angeles Lakers. Clarkson, already an established player who can still grow as a player and could have bigger roles can make an immediate impact with the national squad if given the chance to play as one of the locals.
Kobe Paras and Jordan Clarkson would make the Philippine squad easily one of the most powerful in the Asian region.
This dream could turn into a reality in a couple of years.

Kobe Paras is Making a Comeback in US Basketball

After a stint back in the Philippines with the National Team, Kobe Paras is back in the US to pursue his NBA dream. 

At 20 years old, Kobe Paras has been through ups and downs and have gone through a lot of basketball adversity, although you can say that his Philippine basketball career may already be definite as he shows athleticism and basketball skills at a young age. 
However, this young man wants to be in the NBA.
This year, Kobe Paras led the Philippines to the (SEABA) South East Asian Basketball Tournament and won a gold and has been getting a lot of exposures in international basketball playing alongside Filipino veterans and going up against international players.
Now back in the US, he is looking to pick up what he had already started but this time he will be playing under Coach Reggie Theus, a former NBA All-star and the current head coach of  California State University Northridge Matadors.

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js Kobe Paras’ journey in the US started really well with Cathedral High School but it went downhill with Creighton in college as he was unable to secure playing time with the team. Now with his new team, Kobe Paras might be able to get the opportunity that he never got with Creighton.
Check out the video created by our friends at MJSKALLDAY:

Never Seen: Kobe Paras Did this in the Game

Kobe Paras is already turning heads with his dunks but you won’t believe what else he can do.
The athletic big man of the Gilas Pilipinas is probably the most popular member too and when he does something crazy like an acrobatic stand up after a play, it will surely be a hit.
Kobe Paras has been showing a glimpse of potential and if he can improve his outside shooting, he may just be able to make to the big league.
Watch Kobe Paras and his acrobatic flip.

Before Kobe There Was Benjie Paras, Can the Son Outdo the Father?

Kobe and Benjie Paras’ basketball journies. 

Kobe Paras and Benjie Paras, father and son
Photo by Sherwin Vardeleon

Kobe Paras is currently one of the highly touted young basketball players today. He gets a lot more attention than practically everyone else in the roster. Let’s admit it, the guy has potential and he is the father of a Filipino basketball legend. He dunks and he is good looking. What more can you ask for?

Benjie was a dominant player

Decades ago, his father was one of the biggest stars in basketball in the Philippines. He was dominating the Philippine Basketball Association and was the only player who has won rookie of the year and MVP as the same year. Benjie Paras at 6’7 was one of the biggest players during his time, he was the equivalent of JunMar Fajardo.
Benjie Paras’ accomplishments in the PBA is what legends are made of, to say the least. Not a lot of players can duplicate his achievements. Given that the competition now is different and the players are now far more athletic, stronger and taller. Benjie was ahead of his time and was able to do things that not a lot of players can do back in the days.

Kobe captivates and promises

Kobe, as of today, is only 19 years old. While the young 6’6 guard still got a long way to go, his accomplishments is already impressive as it can be. Aside from being more good looking than his father (thanks to mom’s genes), Kobe Paras has already reached global popularity because of his impressive YouTube dunks (thanks to dad). Put these things together and you have the perfect package for a YouTube star.  Too bad Youtube was not a big thing back then.
Kobe has also represented the country and has won multiple gold medals in FIBA under 16 and under 18 3×3 basketball tournaments. Today, Kobe is a member of Gilas Pilipinas and is bound to represent the country once again in the SEABA tournament. Like his father, Kobe Paras has evolved as a player. Unlike his father who played the center position, he plays guard and is developing his outside shooting.

Can Kobe Paras be better than his father?


Only time will tell. At this stage, we can say that it is a possibility given the opportunities that he is getting. However, the level of competition today is higher and if Kobe wants to surpass his father, it would take a lot of practice and dedication so he can put himself in the right situation to achieve great things. We know Kobe will unquestionably have a place in the PBA but it looks like he is paving his way to the NBA. No natural-born Filipino player has ever made it to the NBA yet and if Kobe can be that person he would definitely make a name for himself and the rest is history.
Benjie Paras Achievements 

2x PBA MVP (1989, 1999)
PBA Rookie of the Year (1989)
PBA Slam Dunk Team Co-Champion (w/ Elmer Lago) (1995)
PBA Comeback Player of the Year (1999)
5x PBA Mythical First Team (1989–1991, 1995, 1999)
3x PBA Mythical Second Team (1992, 1994, 1996)
PBA All-Star (1989–1992, 1994–1999)
PBA All-Star Most Valuable Player (1994, 1999)
Only PBA Player to win the Most Valuable Player and Rookie of the Year at the same time

Watch some of the highlights of Benjie Paras

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Who will be better after it’s all said and done

Benjie Paras
Kobe Paras

Quotes 2 Know


Watch the Much Awaited, Kobe Paras Break Away Slam Dunk!

Kobe Paras isn’t exactly playing heavy minutes in the Jones Cup. To be exact, he only played a little less than 7 minutes against Iraq. It is obvious that the coaching staff is not forcing the issue on Kobe Paras as the young baller still got a lot of time to prove himself.
The fans, however, could not wait and have been demanding to see Paras on the court and every time it happens, all eyes are on him. Tonight he did not disappoint as his only points of the game came in a form of a slam dunk.
Even Kobe Paras was happy to finally get a score in the game.
Let’s watch Kobe Paras’ Slam dunk at the Jones Cup. 

Watch Kobe Paras vs Lonzo Ball, Who’s the Better Player?

The Philippines’ very own Kobe Paras is probably not as popular in the United States as Lonzo Ball right now but  in the Philippines, Kobe undeniably is very much sought after.
Kobe is on a mission in the US and has been showing signs that he is ready for the big league. Recently however, he has been delegated to the bench and has not been given enough opportunity to flourish yet.
On the other hand, Lonzo has been all over the news not only for his awesome playing abilities but also because of his father who has done a good job in making him famous in the NBA. Only time will tell if Lonzo Ball can be as great as what his father thinks he is. 
In the meantime, let’s watch Kobe Paras and Lonzo Ball playing against each other.  Who do you think will be the bigger star?

Kobe Paras on Fox Sports in The US: The Most Popular Basketball Player You Have Not Heard Of

Kobe Paras comes from a well off family and enjoys the good life. Everything basically is being handed to him but that just wasn’t the way he wanted things to be. He is also celebrity and his family’s popularity in the Philippines is nearly unrivaled. Rather than following the footsteps of fame, he opted to move to the US to pursue his dream of playing in NBA. Although he is still a work in progress, he is going all out and already is making an impact in many ways. We know that his chance to stepping into the limelight will soon come. 

Watch Kobe Paras as he gets featured on Fox Sports in The US.

The Most Popular Basketball Player You Have Not Heard Of.


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Kobe Paras has withdrawn from UCLA

Kobe Paras Cathedral
images by LA Times

LA Cathedral Kobe Paras will no longer joining the University of California, Los Angeles or the UCLA due to academic academic conditions of his admission not being met according to the school and tweeted by ESPN’s Jeff Borzello.


New Kobe Paras Highlights: Improved Jump Shots and Gained Weight?

For awhile we have not posted anything about this kid, and it seems he is no longer uploading those slam dunk highlight reel.  Well here is something new plus a little bit of something old. Check out Kobe Paras new highlight video featuring his improved jump shot and of course his high flying dunks.

It looks like he  gained a little bit of weight though?

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All-star game: Basketball current and past stars will meet at Rise Legacy Night

The old vs the young, the past vs the future, Destiny vs Legacy, who will win?

The House of Rise along Sheridan Street in Mandaluyong will be packed with basketball rising stars, current players and legends as the two era will collide in an exhibition game dubbed by Nike as  Rise Legacy Night.

Two teams, The Destiny team comprised of young and up and coming players and Team Legacy which included current and legends of the PBA.

Leading the pack from the Destiny squad will be Kobe Paras, Kiefer Ravena and Jeron Teng, while their respective father will be playing against them. This should be an interesting and entertaining match-up of youth vs experienced.

Here is the complete line-up.

Kobe Paras Wins Dunk contest again Fiba 3×3 U-18

That’s right our Dunking Sensation delivered another great performance to win another Dunk Contest under Fiba. Kobe’s competition this year got tougher as he went up head to head with Mark Boros (Hungary), Jalek Felton (USA) and Agustin da Costa (Uruguay)

For the dunk highlights credit goes to Fiba 3×3 

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