Pacquiao the destroyer era no more? We may have seen the best of him already

by: Pow Salud 

Manila, Philippines – Coming in to the Pacquiao vs Bradley 2 fight people are expecting a knockout ending. For Pacquiao, the 8 division champion who has destroyed and bulldozed practically every opponent he faces for a century, the fans are expecting nothing less than an old fashion beating.

The rematch between Timothy Bradley and Manny Pacquaio are expected to answer their disputed first bout, both fighter came in the ring with fire and bad intentions. Knocking each other out seems the only resolution to the controversial decision that favors Timothy Bradley during their first encounter. For Manny Pacquiao, it would be another step to the top which he lost when he was knockout cold by his arch nemesis Juan Manuel Marquez. For Timothy its a validation that he is better fighter  than Pacquiao, both looking for vindication. 
Excited as always people cheer and watch closely as both fighter engage and exchange blows in a sports were brutality and blood is a sign of a great show, an indication that someone will fall sooner or later. Timothy Bradley, the undefeated champion showed his resilience and aggressiveness throughout the fight, he went out of his comfort zone and was trying really hard to knockout Pacquiao. The unexpected strategy by Timothy in someway hurt Pacquiao, in fact the 8 division champion took some heavy blows from Timothy in some of the rounds but was able to withstand the onslaught as he was able to come back with a flurry of punches of his own. The fight was very engaging and full of action as usual, Manny Pacquiao was dominating the fight with his exceptional footwork and his improved technical skills, but people seem very eager to see Bradley get knocked out. But that never happened.

Manny was declared the winner by unanimous decision by a wide margin but clearly some people are still criticizing Manny for not being able to put down Timothy Bradley. May I remind everyone that Timothy Bradley is a young unbeaten fighter, no one has defeated this guy in his last 31 fights, no one has knocked him out. A win is a win.

To some extent Manny is not the same as he was, he is now an improved boxer with tremendous footwork, boxing skills and respect for his opponent. He is a thinking fighter. The old agressive all-out- bang-bang-power puncher Manny is history. It has been almost 5 years since Pacquiao won by knockout and in that span of time Pacquiao have reinvented himself as a fighter that he is right now

Age may be the only opponent that slowly defeats Manny, in the earlier days he does not need to win a round and all he need is one clear punch and you will find his opponent down and out. This is why he was called the destroyer but I guess that is gone. But Manny was able to adapt to his body and with the help of his trainer Freddie Roach, they are able to maintain relevance and stayed on top of the boxing scene. Manny Pacquiao is still one of the best fighters there is and no one can argue with that, knockout or no knockout. Funny no one seems to be criticizing Floyd  for his style, Pacquiao still got a higher knockout ratio and definitely still an aggressor in a fight, a true boxing analyst and fans would appreciate what Manny had become.

Its not the first time that an athlete has to change style in order to stay on top, one that stuck on top of my head is the great Michael Jordan, during his earlier days he was dunking all over the place, however as time goes by and age start to catch up on him he developed his fade away shots, he reinvented himself and became a post up and a pure shooter, not as flashy when he was young but still effective and was able to get the job done. Manny Pacquiao in essence is doing the same thing, they both have their own businesses, they both own a sports team and sooner maybe Manny could be a president too like Michael Jordan, only Manny would be to a country. That is another blue print to greatness.

The Pacquiao era seems to be dwindling to an end, Manny Pacquiao is 35 years old, and if he continue to fight for a couple more years, he would be too old for an average boxer, while his greatness is an exception and we have seen others do it, the Likes of Bernard Hopkins and Juan Manuel Marquez fighting at an old age of 40, we don’t want to see our national pride get hurt. We want him to continue providing inspiration even after his career in boxing.

Admit it or not the Pacquiao era of knocking out opponent may be over, Pacquiao the Destroyer no more and while Pacquiao still have what it takes to win and probably can still box and dominate with the young and the best boxer out there, we may have seen the best of Pacquiao already. If you are a fan, these are the moments that you don’t want to miss out on, you can probably count in your hand the number of fights that he will be in, and you don’t want to regret missing an opportunity to witness what is left of his greatness.  

Do you think we have seen the best of Manny Pacquiao already?

Pacquiao to make ring return in May or June

Filipino boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao plans to return to the ring in mid-2012.
Pacquiao is not rushing things on choosing his next opponent, especially now that his supposed fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been shelved.Among the fights being considered for Pacquiao are possible rematches against Juan Manuel Marquez and Miguel Cotto. (source)  

I Want to see Pacquiao with either Bradley or Peterson, don’t want anymore rematch. How about You? (click)

Blake Griffin, professional ping pong player video?

A lot of athletes these days are multi talented, In the NBA most of the players spent their time using their other skill and talent during the NBA lockout and of them is the star forward of the LA Clippers, Blake Griffin. Yes its Blake Griffin watch him as he shows off his ping pong skill against one of tough lady Ping pong player in the world.  Its something to be hold, I mean literally he needs to put a hold on it and stop. Its a good thing that NBA is back. Watch Blake Griffin as a ping pong player.

Blake Griffin, professional ping pong player video?

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Pacquiao vs Marquez fight Preshow Pt 1Preshow Pt 1

Pacquiao vs Marquez fight will be a very entertaining match. Pacquiao vs Marquez Preshow Presentation by Top rank is really good. Watch the Pacquiao vs Marquez fight Preshow Part 1 and Watch the Pacquiao vs Marquez fight live.

Pacquiao vs Marquez fight Preshow Part 1
Watch the Marquez vs Pacquiao live stream 

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Winless Alaska in PBA needs help!, Terminate Banal!

Gone are the days of the championships, grand slam and triangle offense. Its all down to the drain as Alaska continue to struggle under their new coach. Being one of the worst team from being one of the top  team is heartbreaking for the Management of Alaska especially if their former head coach left to transfer to a different team.  I think Alaska should terminate Joel Banal, he is not fit for the team. Should Alaska terminate Banal?!

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Donaire post fight interview, Come on fight me – Donaire

A must see video of Nonito Donaire after his fight with Omar Narvaez. Nonito is not just a good fighter but also a photographer and may be a good reporter putting his promoter Bob Arum on the spot with some difficult questions. I guess Nonito Donaire want to ensure that Bob Arum do his job and give him more fights next year. four or five fights! Good Job Nonito! 

Donaire post fight interview, Come on fight me – Donaire  

 Swoosh Nonito KO Bob Arum  

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Darn! NBA lockout I have nothing to blog about!

I complain as if I am really writing articles for the NBA or other sports, ha ha ha! I am not a real writer.
Blogging is graffiti with punctuation mark!, I heard this once in a movie and frankly I liked the saying. My blog does not really reach a lot of people yet like I intend it to, so what am I worrying about?

Oh well forget about it, I guess I am just pretending to be a real good writer with lots of followers, but no matter what I write, or no matter how wrong the grammar, punctuations, spelling of my post there is really no one out there that can stop me from writing what I feel and what I want! right? tell me I am right?! oops! except when Zuffa sent me an email stating that I should stop posting pictures and videos of  the UFC. Sh!t I am wrong again. Its ok I was not really writing my own article about UFC but illegally posting their videos here and they don’t like it. I hate you Dana White!
Lets forget about the first few paragraphs though because this post is about the NBA lockout issue. I like basketball especially NBA yes NBA! oh don’t give me those patriotic crap, I support our own local league too but quite frankly the Philippine Basketball Association is not quite the same as before and NBA is more level higher than the PBA, I will not go to that issue today. 
Its easier to find videos and highlights of the NBA which make blogging about the NBA easy until the dreaded NBA lockout and now I am drained with few things to blog about, all I am left of are the usual exhibition games updates, players playing outside US, players twittering and that is very lame. I want to post more videos and talk about the games but its still far from happening as players and owners still cant bridge their differences. grrr!
Here is my point of view about the NBA lockout.
Its simple players should give in to the owners after all the owners are the boss and players are just the employees. Its true that with out the players especially the likes of Lebron and Kobe the NBA will not be as popular or lucrative but they are forgetting the fact that with out the NBA they would not have the big stage to showcase their skills that made them as popular and rich as they are now. So its only right that the owner gets the bigger share of the revenue and if the players don’t agree to that then my suggestion to them is to start their own league, good luck to that. I see some eyebrow raising and if you continue to read this I may see your comment below telling me to f%ck off. Your welcome to do just that but remember to always smile. NBA lock out sucks!

Nonito Donaire vs Omar Narvaez Final Presser

WBC/WBO World Bantamweight Champion Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire and undefeated two-time world champion and current WBO Jr. Bantamweight Champion Omar Narvaez of Argentina met for the final press conference at Gallaghers Steakhouse In New York City for their upcoming world title fight, Saturday, October 22 in the Theater at Madison Square Garden (Oct 23 in Manila). Promoted by Top Rank, in association with Madison Square Garden. The Donaire vs Narvaez fight will be telecast by HBO and ABS-CBN in the Philippines. Watch Nonito Donaire vs Omar Narvaez Final Presser.
Watch Nonito Donaire vs Omar Narvaez Final Presser

Where are you watching the Donaire vs Narvaez Fight?

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Rajon Rondo must see no look alley-oop Video

Some of the basketball fans maybe getting tired of seeing basketball highlights from exhibition games but I don’t because of two things . 
One is obviously because the NBA season is still in jeopardy and we still need to wait for a long time for great basketball highlights such as this. NBA season already suspended for two weeks. darn it!
Two is that Rajon Rondo will rarely or might not even throw a crazy pass like this in the NBA only because its not an exhibition game. Yes, so you better savor the moments of the NBA lockout and the exhibition game highlights  that come with it. Watch Rajon Rondo no look Alleyoop


Watch Rajon Rondo no look Alleyoop

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Toshiaki Nishioka vs Rafael Marquez Video Fight Replay

Nishioka vs Rafael Marquez Video Replay

Nishioka beat Rafael Marquez and extend his winning streak.  Toshiaki Nishioka will most probably fight Nonito Donaire next.  Nishioka vs Rafael Marquezis brought to you by Top Rank.

Watch the fight of Nishioka vs Rafael Marquez below

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Toshiaki Nishioka vs Rafael Marquez Video Fight Replay

Toshiaki Nishioka vs Rafael Marquez Video Fight Replay 

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Ateneo won 4th straight UAAP Championship

Like what I said the FEU don’t stand a chance against the Blue Eagles this year, and I am right the Ateneo Blue eagles sweep the FEU Tamaraws  for their fourth straight championship in the 74th UAAP men’s basketball finals at the Araneta Coliseum. 82-69 what a lame score by the the FEU Tamaraws. Nico Silva won the MVP award.

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2011 FIBA Asia Championship Final Standing

2011 FIBA Asia Result

Its hard to look at this standing as we suffered defeats in our last two games to be disqualified for the Olympic . Jordan and Korea gave two major defeats that left our hunt for basketball glory tumbling down. I can still feel how upsetting loosing to the Koreans. 

1. China (Gold) – 2012 Summer Olympics – London
2. Jordan (Silver) – 2012 FIBA World Olympic Qualifying Tournament
3. Korea (Bronze) – 2012 FIBA World Olympic Qualifying Tournament
4. Philippines
5. Iran
6. Lebanon
7. Japan
8. Chinese Taipei
9. Syria
10. United Arab Emirates
11. Malaysia
12. Uzbekistan
13. Indonesia
14. India
15. Bahrain
16. Qatar

FIBA Asia All-Star/Mythical Five:
Daghles (Jordan), Kawamura (Japan), Bahrami (Iran), Yi Jianlian (China), Haddadi (Iran)

FIBA Asia Most Valuable Player:
Yi Jianlian (China)

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Mayweather Sr mouth is full of Sh!t

Read this article first (link)

Mayweather Sr mouth is full of Sh!t, What is this guy talking about? I am so tired of hearing the Mayweather’s demanding for so many different things, If they want to fight then fight, now they want Pacquiao to train in the US full time. This fight is never going to happen because the Mayweather  camp is scared.  And don’t talk about cleaning the sport of boxing if your son Floyd jr cannot even fight clean against Victor Ortiz. Floyd jr so scared he punched Victor Ortiz while defenselessly still apologizing. Great Sportsmanship, so much for cleaning the sport.  You disappoint even your fans. 

Morales vs Cano Replay Video

Erik Morales beats Pablo Cesar Cano to be Champion once again

It’s like watching Erik Morales in his early years. Erik Morales once again stand in the podium of boxing greatness as he beats Pablo Ceasar Cano in dramatic fashion. Erik Morales got his fourth division title winning light welterweight Championship today.
Watch Erik Morales vs Pablo Cesar Cano Replay

Morales vs Cano Replay
password: sweetboxing

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Antonio Margarito vs Miguel Cotto Press Conference Video

 Margarito vs Miguel Cotto Press Conference

The Antonio Margarito vs Miguel Cotto Press Conference

Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito will meet in the ring once again in their anticipated rematch. They met in New York City for the start of their promotional tour. The Match will be held in New York inside the world famous Madison Square Garden on December 3. Cotto lost their first meeting via KO.

Photos by Chris Farina

Video of The Antonio Margarito vs Miguel Cotto Press Conference
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Philippines 83 – Douthit 25 (18r), Alapag 15, Lassiter 15, Williams 12, Barroca 6, de Ocampo 4, Casio 4, Taulava 2. Lutz 0, Tiu 0.

Japan 76 – J.Takeuchi 22, Shonaka 14, Hirose 13, T.Kawamura 12, K.Takeuchi 6, Ishizaki 5, Amino 4, Sakurai 0, Takeda 0, Kashiwagi 0, Matsui 0.

Group E
4-0 I.R. Iran (8pts)
4-0 South Korea (8pts)
2-2 Chinese Taipei (6pts)
1-3 Lebanon (5pts)
1-3 Malaysia (5pts)
0-4 Uzbekistan (4pts)

Group F
4-0 China (8pts)
3-1 Philippines (7pts)
3-1 Japan (7pts)
1-3 Jordan (5pts)
1-3 Syria (5pts)
0-4 UAE (4pts)

Police arrest four in burglary of boxer Pacquiao’s home

Pacquiao House caught with burglar

(AFP)LOS ANGELES — Four people were arrested for burglary at the Los Angeles area home of Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquaio, authorities said Saturday.

Police said no one was in the house at the time of the incident and an attorney for the Asian southpaw, who also serves as a Philippines Congressman, said nothing was taken from the house

Sheriff’s detectives were in the neighborhood where Pacquiao’s house is located on another matter and saw the burglary in progress, officials said.
Identities of the four people involved have not been released, but they were being questioned by police. Charges have not yet been filed against them.
Pacquiao, 53-3 with two drawn and 38 knockouts, is in the Philippines training for a November 12 defense of his World Boxing Organization welterweight crown against Mexico’s Juan Manuel Marquez, 53-5 with one drawn and 39 knockouts.

Ateneo Coach Norman Black and the Blue Eagles

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Coach Norman Black talks about the defeat and how they handled all the question and being ready for the next game( Finals). Kiefer Ravena also talks about the game. UAAP Final Four. Watch the Interview Video. Ateneo is waiting for the winner of Adamson vs FEU, one more game on September 28.

Kiefer Ravena and Norman Black Interview

Video courtesy of PhilStar

409 athletes to carry PH banner

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MANILA, Philippines — After trimming the outer edges further, the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) said the combined delegation to the 2011 Southeast Asian Games has been lowered to 599 athletes and officials from the original 900.
As of the latest count, 409 will make up the athletes, while the remainder will be comprised of coaches, trainers, managers, technical officials, medical personnel and secretariat as the POC has vowed to send a lean contingent to the Nov. 11 to 22 sportsfest that will be hosted by Palembang (main hub) and Jakarta.

Uichico in DLSU short list for new coach

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MANILA, Philippines – Barangay Ginebra Gin Kings coach Jong Uichico is among those being considered to replace Dindo Pumaren as head coach of the De La Salle University (DLSU) Green Archers.
According to ABS-CBN News sources, Uichico is included in the short list of mentors eyed to take over the coaching reins from Pumaren, who resigned following a dismal performance by DLSU in UAAP men’s basketball.
Source: ABS-CBN

FIBA Asia 2011 Free Live Streaming (Day 3) Smart Gilas Pilipinas vs. Bahrain

The Scores:

Philippines 113 – Aguilar 21, Douthit 18, Casio 15, Taulava 13, de Ocampo 13, Baracael 11, Tiu 10, Barroca 8, Alapag 2, Williams 2.

Bahrain 71 – Malabes 15, Sarhan 13, Mahri 11, Ali 8, Isa 7, Khamis 7, Akber 6, Mubarak 2, Ashoor 0.

Quarters: 30-18, 51-41, 86-47, 113-71

Game Schedule & Results / September 17 (DAY 3)
09:00am – Japan def. Syria, 77-55 [GAME STATS]
11:00am – Philippines def. Bahrain, 113-71 [GAME STATS] [VIDEO]
1:30pm – Korea vs. India [LIVE STATS]
3:30pm – Ch. Taipei vs. Qatar [LIVE STATS]
6:00pm – I.R.Iran vs. Uzbekistan [LIVE STATS]
6:00pm – Jordan vs. Indonesia [LIVE STATS]
8:00pm – Malaysia vs. Lebanon [LIVE STATS]
8:00pm – China vs. United Arab Emirates [LIVE STATS]

FIBA Asia Second Round
September 19: (6:00pm) Philippines[D2] vs. Jordan[C2]
September 20: (6:00pm) Philippines[D2] vs. Japan[C1]
September 21: (6:00pm) Philippines[D2] vs. Syria[C3]

Intense Video Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Victor Ortiz: Final Press Conference

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Intense Video Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Victor Ortiz: Final Press Conference. You got to see the Final Press conference of Victor Ortiz and Floyd Mayweather Jr. Watch it as confident Victor Ortiz threatened Floyd Mayweather Jr. 

Watch Video Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Victor Ortiz: Final Press Conference.

 Video Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Victor Ortiz: Final Press Conference

Mercito Gesta vs Manuel Perez!

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Im excited to wear this in the fight.. Represent my dad’s gym
Mercito himself is pumped up for his fight this September 17 against the American Manuel Perez. Mercito Gesta   vs Manuel Perez will be held at BlueWater Resort & Casino, Parker, Arizona, United States. Undefeated Mercito Gesta hopes to continue winning as he will be tested once again. I am not sure where to find Mercito Gesta   vs Manuel Perez live stream or Mercito Gesta   vs Manuel Perez replay.