Metta World Peace wrote a childrens book?

Metta World Peace wrote a book? don’t look surprise that he did, come on give the man a credit. Metta World Peace released a children’s book called  “Metta’s Bedtime Stories.” Inside the book are stories like “Tomorrow,” “Reach for the Sky,” “One Wish,” “Mud in My Bed,” and “I’m Afraid of the Dark.” hmmp I am wondering who’s parents are going to buy their kids this book. Will you?
Metta World Peace Therapy

Metta World Theraphy Video!

Metta world Peace isn’t the nicest guy on the basketball court, contrary to his name he probably initiated some of the most viscous and necessary foul in the game of basketball. That is Metta World Peace on the court but Metta isn’t all that, apparently he is also a nice guy and a funny guy, well at least when you watch this video. The Lakers’ Metta World Peace sits down with his team of kid therapists to discuss how he copes with pressure in The Noc’s premiere episode of “Metta World Therapy.”