NBA Finals: Golden State Warriors takes Game 1 after a 113-90 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers

The Trilogy begins and the energy is very electric from start to finish. But it was the Golden State Warriors who gained some momentum with the help of their home fans, as they demolished Cleveland Cavaliers 113-90 to take Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

Kevin Durant was just to much for the Cavaliers as he finished the game with 38 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists (23 of his points came from the first half). Also a big factor in Today’s game was Stephen Curry as he collected 28 points, 6 rebounds, 10 assists and 3 steals (6/11 3pt FG).

Cleveland was able to limit the other 2 members of Warriors Big 4 as Draymond Green and Klay Thompson only combined for unsatisfying 16 points.

For Cleveland, only their Big 3 scored in double digits as Lebron James finished the game with 28 points, 15 rebounds and 8 assists while Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love was able to contribute 24 and 15 points apiece. Next to them was Richard Jefferson who collected 9 points most of it came from garbage time already.

Game 2 will be on Monday, 8am (Philippine Time).

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Highlights: Show of Power as Warriors Obliterated Cavs to Take Game 1, Key Notes

Photo from GSW FB page

The much awaited 2017 NBA Finals matchup between the Favorite Golden State Warriors and the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers.
Fans of both sides had a great deal of anticipation for this match as this has become a rivalry of two super teams. This was supposed to be a grind out game as both teams showed how great they are coming into the finals series.
The first quarter came out close and Golden State Warriors getting the edge.  The first ended with a 30 – 35 score in what would be the sign of things to come.  Golden State Warriors never looked back and poured in the points dominating the next 2 quarters and ending with the score of 93 -72.
We were expecting a comeback in the fourth but it never came, even with bench player playing for the Cavs. The Game ended with the score of 113-90 as the Warriors dominated each quarter of the game.

Some Key Points:

Kevin Durant with 38 points , 8 rebounds, and 8 assists
LeBron James field goal : 9/20with 28 points
Lebron James with: 7 turnovers
No Love: Kevin Love 4/13 with 15 points
Cavs filed goal is staggering low: 34.5%
Stephen Curry: six 3 pointers with 28 points.
Team Assist in favor of the Warriors: 31 – 15
Warriors attempted 106 shots while Cleveland  only had 86

Highlights: Cavaliers Grounded and Pounded Celtics and Broke 2 Records to Advance to the NBA Finals

Cavaliers finished off the Boston Celtics in another overwhelming victory with the score of 135-102.
Cavs started with a bad intention as they immediately worked in the first quarter scoring 43 points disheartening the Celtics crowd. The onslaught continued on the second half as the Cavaliers finished off the first half breaking another franchise record with the most point in the half with 75 points. 
The 3rd quarter is when the Celtics dug its own grave scoring only 17 points against 34 points of the Cavaliers. 
LeBron James scored 35 points with 8 assists, 8 rebound and a milestone for becoming the leading all-time scorer in the playoffs surpassing the great Michael Jordan.  
The series ended with 4 -1 in favor of the Cavs and they set up a grudge match in the main event of the NBA. 

16 Years Ago – A Dominant Force was named Most Valuable Player of the NBA Finals after putting up an unbelievable performance for the whole series

(Artwork by Sean Curate)

Shaquille O’Neal was named unanimous Most Valuable Player of NBA Finals 2000 following the Lakers’ 116-111 Game 6 victory, receiving all seven votes from a national media panel.
O’Neal averaged 38 points, 16.7 rebounds and 2.67 blocks in the six-game Finals series. He became just the third person to sweep MVP honors for the season, capturing the All-Star Game MVP, which he shared with San Antonio’s Power Forward/Center Tim Duncan, NBA MVP and NBA Finals MVP awards.
See Shaq’s Performance in Game 6 of the 2000 NBA Finals below:

Historic NBA Season Ends as LeBron James and the Cavs Wins Championship

Cleveland Cavaliers and Lebron James took down the historic Warriors team, 93-89. 

The Warriors team had an epic NBA season as they took the record of most wins in NBA history, having the first unanimous MVP in history and the best start to a season in history. However, the Warriors fell to Cleveland Cavaliers as Kyrie took over in the last minute of the game pulling up a three point jumper in the face of the MVP Stephen Curry taking the lead for the Cavs.

Lebron James won the Finals MVP after a triple-double performance with 27pts, 11rbs & 11asts. 

An amazing NBA season with Kobe Bryants retirement, Golden State Warriors best NBA season record of 73-9 and multiple records broken ended with an epic game 7.

8 Years Ago Today – The Boston Celtics won their 17th NBA Championship, defeating the Lakers in a lopsided fashion with a score of 131-92

(Artwork by Sean Curate)

The Boston Celtics won their 17th NBA Championship, defeating the Lakers 4 games to 2. Boston’s 131-92 win in Game 6 is the most lopsided closeout win in NBA Finals history. Paul Pierce is named Finals MVP.

The 39-point margin of victory was the largest ever in an NBA championship-clinching game, breaking the old record of 33, also set by the Celtics over the Lakers in Game Five of the The 1965 NBA Finals, 129–96. This lead was close to the Finals point-spread record set in Game 3 in 1998 where a Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls team beat the Utah Jazz by 42 points, 96–54.The Celtics also improved their overall record against the Lakers to 9–2 in Finals meetings, beating them in the Finals for the first time since 1984.
This was the Celtics’ 17th championship, their first since 1986, extending their record for most NBA championships won by a single team. All this capped off the Celtics’ best regular season (66–16) since their previous championship season in which they went 67–15. It was also a sense of relief, as the Celtics set an NBA record for most playoff games ever needed to win a championship, with 26, surpassing the previous record of 24 by the Lakers in 1988.

Watch the final game below where the Celtics won the 2008 NBA Finals

Golden State Warriors, confident they will get another ring.

Photo Credits to GSW FB Page.

The Golden State Warriors proved their tag line “Strength in Numbers” as they get the first win in the best of seven NBA Finals series against the Cleveland Cavaliers. The splash brothers, Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry struggled in getting points for the squad but with the help of their second stringers they were able to nail the first victory in the best of seven series, Shaun Livingston scored a career high of 20 points with 4 boards and 3 assists while Green, Bogut , Barbosa and Barnes provided a combined production of 34 points.

On the other hand the Cleveland Cavaliers struggled in most of parts of each quarter mainly in their defense, The Golden State Warriors showcased their great and impressive offensive movement that lead their opponent team to be confused on their rotation which GSW made them pay. Kyrie Irving, did a tremendous job in trying to keep the Cavs alive listing a 26 points performance together with Lebron James with 23 points but still had a hard time getting the lead back due to lack of bench scoring on their end. Steph Curry said that the Warriors will not be in the Championship without the help of everyone in the team.

There was a moment when Curry made a three point shot and turned around and threw his mouth piece and when asked why he did that he replied, ” Im just frustrated that I’m missing open shots“, he was also greatful about how his team mates stepped up,
Regardless how the shooting was for me and Klay, we need to get a boost, our bench came out there and played the game, played aggressive, and tonight they really changed the game and allowed us to win.” Curry said in the post game interview with the NBA media .

Shaun Livingston is also one of the impact players and though he’s greatful of what he achieved or done he’s still humble and still saying he’s playing for the team, “It’s all about a feel, just being aggressive when we’re out there we try to make ourselves available for Steph or Klay tryin to relieve some pressure off them.” Livingston said.

The game 2 of the 2016 NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland will be on Monday still in the Oracle Arena as the Cavs try to tie the series and the Warriors to try to continue the domination of the 2016 Finals Series.

Watch my feet – Dwayne Wade
The game was so close and the official cannot even see a simple violation.
I saw this clip from a forum, posted by

Erik Spoelstra, Heat stroke

by: powsalud|

Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra must be going crazy right now after yet another collapse game.
Game 5 was a pivotal game and Spoelstra could not do anything as he see  his team once again crumble during the most important quarter of the game.
Will He sit Lebron James in the bench in the fourth quarter this time?

LeBron James Cursed

by: powsalud|

Wow! I saw some article on the net that Lebron James is under a voodoo spell.
Do you think Lebron knows this? Quick someone tell him so He may have additional excuses on their lost. His poor fourth quarter performance is one of the indication that he maybe cursed and He does really look like someone who is not himself. 
James ability to take over game especially in the last quarter is gone. someone need to find the cure to this spell before its to late. If you have the cure please give it to him before Sunday game 6.  King James will bestow Knight hood to whoever can cure him.

Lebron James the Houdini

by: powsalud|

Now you see him, later you wont. Lebron James the self proclaimed King and the two time MVP scored 17 points and had a triple double game, Wow that is impressive!
What’s more impressive however is the way He disappeared during the fourth quarters of the game. This is Lebron’s second disappearing act performance in the series as He only scored 2 points during the last quarter of the pivotal game 5. Lebron James was criticized when he made the move to Miami and now He is on the brink of being the Joke of the town if they loose this series. Watch game 6 on Sunday to see if He will disappear once again.

Its raining three’s in Game 5, Thumbs up to Barea

by: powsalud|

It was a night of pure shooting as the Dallas Mavericks drained 13 three pointers in the game. Even the smallest man on the court J.J. Barea is hitting three’s from all cylinder. It was the perfect weapon that night as Miami Heats falters in the end once again.
Miami Heat’s could not retaliate as Lebron James struggled especially when it count the most.  J.J. Barea the smallest man on the court with the biggest heart. thumbs up

Dallas defeat and destroyed Miami Heat’s confidence

by: powsalud|

3 – 2, Who would thought that Miami Heat will be down in the series against the Dallas Mavericks? Dallas  Mavericks destroyed the Miami Heat (112-103), game 5 as they are now ready to take the championship ring against the Miami Heat Collapsing game. Dallas will fly to Miami next, but although  Heat will have the home court advantage the momentum now is with the  Dallas Mavericks. Miami Heat could be questioning themselves right now, could we really do it? This is more of an Emotional and Mental defeat to the Heat. 

Would Haywood be a factor in game 3? by: powsalud|

Haywood left game 2 of the Miami Heat vs Dallas Mavericks due to a strained right hip flexor. Although he showed up in their shoot around Sunday morning, his ability to play is still a big question.

He is just garnering 5 points every game but losing a back up big player like Haywood will affect the rotation of Dallas and in the end could affect the game. Haywood can be a big factor defensively in the game especially against the mighty Miami Heat offense.

Do you think he will  play in game 3? I am betting probably yes.

What Lebron James have to say heading to game 3?

by: powsalud|

After a shocking late game winner by Dirk Nowitzki in their game 2 Finals game, Miami Heat was left with a sore heart and a bedazzled mind. 
How can a very large lead and a talented team commit such lapses in the game specifically the later part and ending up loosing it. These questions will hunt them as they continue to battle for the 2011 NBA Championship. Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh could not do anything to stop the raging Mavericks in game 2. Dirk Nowitzki was just unstoppable as He shows more willingness and hunger to finally win a championship.

What can they do now? How will Miami Heat prepare after the heartache and how will it affect their game.  
Lets here it from Lebron James himslef.
“It’s not going to affect us,” LeBron James told reporters.
“We want to win the game. We feel like we have a 15 point lead in the fourth quarter, that our defense will prevail. That’s how much confidence we have in our defense.

“I don’t feel like our confidence will be down going into game three. We’ll be back to square one and figure out how to win the game.” (Reuters)

Why did Shaq retire?

by: powsalud|

After an amazing and entertaining 19 years career in Basketball, Shaquille O’Neal finally retires. 
He accomplished a lot of things in Basketball and his life,  a Championship, an All Star,  A movie and the list goes on. Shaq never failed to entertain the crowd, even on his retirement day He was able to make everyone laugh. We will miss you The Big Aristotle, Shaq-Fu, The Big Shamrock, The Big Cactus, The Diesel and Supeman. He retires his nicknames as well.

Who is Erik Spoelstra of the Miami Heat?

(powsalud) Erik Spoelstra is the First Filipino– American Head coach of any North American professional sports team. That’s nice right?
Although boxing is the sport that is currently making noise in the Philippines, not all Filipinos are able to try it because of its violent nature. And so that makes basketball very welcoming and  with basketball courts almost everywhere it is still the number one sport that everybody loves to play and watch in the Philippines.

That is why it is very exciting and encouraging to know that a Filipino, well at least a half-Filipino have made it to the big  league. Even with Filipinos size disadvantage you see players and fans crazily rave over the sport. That is why when the Miami Heat reached the finals it is inevitable for Pinoy fans to write about Erik’s life. Although we must admit that even without him and with Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh the Miami Heat is already a fan favorite and a force to reckon with.
Erik’s dad is from the United States while her mom is from Laguna, Philippines. He spent most of his life in the United States which means there is probably no rags to riches story here. Well that might be right but it does not mean that his story is not something to hear about. In fact I think Erik is an epitome of hard work, perseverance and above all,  faith.
Spoelstra played at the University of Portland where he was the starting point guard for four years. You heard that right and you probably wont believe me if I tell you that he is a member of Portland’s 1,000-point club. So he is a very good baller himself. 
Erik Spoelstra started as a video coordinator for the Heat back in 1995 and slowly accelerated his career to assistant coach were he was cited by Sports Illustrated for helping star guard Dwyane Wade with his shooting. 
Erik Spoelstra was an assistant coach with the Miami Heat back 2006 when they defeated the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Finals. Two years after (2008) Erik Spoelstra was name Head coach of the Miami Heat. 
Even as a head coach Erik have to battle with defeats and criticism with the fans but through it all, Pat Riley and the Heat management has remained confident that the young coach will be able to pull it off, and they were right.
Fast forward to present time, Erik Spoelstra and the Miami Heat is now in the finals and with a familiar enemy. Who knows the ending of this one, what we all know is that with hard work, perseverance and faith everything is possible.

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Lebron James is the greatest player – Scottie Pippen

“Michael Jordan is probably the greatest scorer to ever play the game. I may go so far as saying LeBron James may be the greatest player to ever play the game.” Scottie Pippen
What is wrong with you Scottie? Lebron James might be great and talented but He has not proven anything yet, He couldn’t even win a championship back in Cleveland.  (source)
Its Michael Jordan for now and  not Lebron James, not today perhaps not even in the future.

Jason Terry knew it?

During the off season Jason Terry did something that most people would not do. You know the saying ” never  have the name of your girlfriend or boyfriend even wife tattooed in your body ” because you never know what will happen in the future.
Well Jason Terry did not do that, but instead he got a tattoo of the Larry O’Brien Trophy last October. but why? He was never in a champion team why do that?   
Now you know… Check out Jason Terry’s tattoo on his right arm