By the Numbers: 7 Majestic Things LeBron James Did against the Wizards

As if we needed to be reminded of the King’s greatness

At 32 years-old, LeBron James is still breaking records
Love him. Hate him for all you want. Hate for his past decisions to leave and later on, return to Cleveland. But regardless of what you think about him, LeBron James deserves your respect not just as a fan of the Cleveland Cavaliers but as a basketball fan in general. 
Why? We haven’t seen a basketball player this “great” since Kobe Bryant in his prime years and Michael Jordan during his championship winning years with the Chicago Bulls. While many people are putting Kobe Bryant over LeBron James owing to Kobe’s 5 championships and LeBron’s sorry 3-5 record in the Finals, we all know that His Majesty still has a lot of fuel left in his tank as his 15th season in the NBA gets going.
The defending Eastern Conference champions have undergone a heavy amount of retooling during the very busy offseason which saw the Cavs got Dwayne Wade, Isaiah Thomas, and yes, even Derrick Rose. While the deals that have landed these players have yet to pay off as evident by the Cavs’ 4-5 standing after breaking a rare 4-game slide in the LeBron James era, one thing has been paying off for the Cavs: LeBron James and his numbers.
After enduring 4-game losing streak, losing 4 games to 4 relatively bad teams, the Cavs woke up against the Washington Wizards and pounded on the points and by the end of the night,  one man stood the tallest: #23.
Aside from getting the Cavs back into their winning ways, LeBron James did tons of things and below are some of them:
  1. LeBron James tied Kyrie Irving’s franchise record of 57 points for the most points scored in a game. Had he scored in the final 52 seconds of the game, he would have broken the record.
  2. He became the 7th player to score 29,000 career points.
  3. He also became the youngest player to reach 29,000 career points. And he’s 32 years-old, folks.
  4. #23 just registered his highest-scoring game while on a Cavalier uniform. What about a 60-point game, ‘Bron?
  5. His 57 points against the Wizards marked the 11th time in his career that he scored 50 points or more, tying Allen Iverson for 6th place for number of 50+ points games.
  6. The record for number of consecutive games when one has scored in double-figures is 866- still owned by Michael Jordan. After his latest offensive onslaught, LeBron James has scored in double figures for the 800th consecutive game. And he’s not slowing down anytime soon. 
  7. Before last night, Kobe Bryant stood as the only player who has been in the league for 15+ seasons to score 50 points. Not more. LeBron James joined the Black Mamba after scoring 57 points in his 15th season.


Regardless of the early struggles that have been bothering his team, LeBron James won’t be stopped in breaking records. If anything, his 15 years in the league have all of us awed in his greatness- if that what you call it. And if anything, don’t get surprised at all if, by the end of his career, LeBron James will have more championships than Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. Might. 

LeBron James: Current Era’s Michael Jordan, How Accurate?

Who’s the real GOAT?

Michael JORDAN and LeBron JAMES
Michael JORDAN and LeBron JAMES

I know you all are searching for some reasons, arguments and comparisons between the juggernauts of two different eras. Here’s a synopsis of the indirect clash between the two ball monsters of different centuries.
Everyone who knows basketball is guaranteed to have had heard about Michael Jordan. The Greatest Player of All Time.
He was the greatest during his time in the NBA. It was but unquestionable, he possesses the exquisite talent any basketball aspirant may ever wish and may never have their entire life.

But that era is far over, Jordan now remains as a living memory that will never ever be forgotten.
The closest player that may be compared to Michael Jordan is, of course, today’s king of the hard court, LeBron James, the immovable object of the east.

The question is, “How close is close?”

Jordan, in his NBA career, won 6 titles whilst LeBron having only 3. James is halfway, apparently. But how far? How tough? How rough is the remaining portion of the road to 3 more NBA titles? LeBron James and the Cavs are slowly being flushed out by teams like the Golden State Warriors, beating them twice in three times they clashed for the championship. How odd.
The sad thing is, Jordan played 15 NBA Seasons while LeBron is already playing his 15th this year, meaning, even though the Cavs become this season’s champ, out of 15 NBA seasons, LeBron will have just a maximum of 4 championships, the king is two steps short to surpass the Greatest Player of All Time.
With 11 games behind, lights get dimmer for LeBron to oust Jordan’s point production. Michael had 32,292 points in 1,072 games whilst LeBron with 28,787 in his 1061 games.
Despite the odd chance of breaking the seemingly unbreakable championship record of Michael, still, LeBron James has shown the universe he is deserving to be compared with Jordan. James is a monster in terms of controlling the boards 1922-1152, also in dishing out assists 1489-1022.
The quantity of the championships aside, LeBron undoubtedly has shown that he has this “G.O.A.T” spirit and is this era’s Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan Answered a Tricky Question About Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard is the best two way player right now

Kawhi Leonard Strong arm

Can Kawhi Leonard score on Kawhi asked a kid to Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan received a witty question from a kid during a basketball clinic that he was not able to answer.  All he can say was: “Kawhi is the best two-way player right now.”
The 26 year old forward from Los Angeles, California has been progressing steadily. Last year is probably his best all around performance as of yet. He averages 25 points, 5 rebounds, 3.5 assists and almost 2 steals per game. He is the face of the Spurs right now.
Personally, I think Kawhi can definitely score against himself.  Aside from being a great defender , Kawhi has now evolved to be a potent offensive weapon of the Spurs and would still find away to score but of course against himself is efficiency would go down.

Jordan and Pippen Together Again in the Same Court, Gave Away Free Shoes

Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen Reunited

Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen are hands down the best basketball teammates ever. Their accomplishments during the 90’s were incomparable and their teamwork complements each other that’s why they were successful. Recently, Scottie Pippen took the time to join Michael in his basketball clinic in California.

Pippen and Jordan have not been on the same basketball court for awhile and it’s a treat to see them together again. The two hall of famers played together with kids and gave away free basketball shoes.
Jordan and Pippen were teammates and were one of the best dynamic duos ever. They won six championships together.
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Are Jordan and Pippen the best basketball duo?

Not Sure

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A Popular Shoe Brand in China Called ‘Qiaodan’ sued Michael Jordan Brand, Really?

China-based sports brand Qiaodan Sports Co had some trademark woes, registering logos that are ripped off of the original Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan. The company has lost the battle in court but still continues to operate under the Chinese name of the legendary basketball player.
Recently, they even got the guts to sue Jordan back for infringement of reputation and demanded a hefty amount of money in return as reported on a Chinese website.
A few months ago, Jordan wrote a letter to the 13th National Games of the People’s Republic of China, citing intellectual property rights and urging the committee to stop dealing Qiaodan as a sponsor for the event.

7 NBA Players Who Hated Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is considered by many to be the Greatest Of All Time in the history of the NBA. He is less known for playing the role of the bad guy. But there some NBA players who hated playing against him and some who held ill feelings towards him. 
Here’s a list of 7 NBA players who hated playing against Michael Jordan while he was playing as a Chicago Bull shooting guard.

(youtube by: CaineLovesCali)

Michael Jordan: The Ultimate GOAT

Let’s take a look at the life and career of the man who changed the game of basketball, as well as the reach of sports altogether, Mr. Michael “Air” Jordan.

The Fumble has created the Fumble GOAT series, which features the best of the best, with THE best. Please subscribe to The Fumble’s youtube page so you won’t miss every episode!

(youtube by: The Fumble)

Air Jordan XXXI Black Toe are set to be released on January 7

Jordan Brand will start the year with a bang by releasing a sick colorway of its Jordan 31.

This shoes will hit the stores on January 7 with a retails price of $185 or most likely its price will be 10,000 to 13,000 pesos here in the Philippines.

Let’s just wait for the further details for this awesome release.

Phote credits to the owners.

Top 5 Greatest Shooting Guards of All-Time

Shooting Guard, also known as the “two” or “off guard”, one of the most exciting positions of the game. Their goal is to score points for their team, and must score in various ways and be reliable in crunch time or crucial plays. Most of Shooting Guards are combo guards, guards that can bring up the ball, and can be swingman. In short, there are scorers:

Check this list of players that excelled in this position:

5. Clyde Drexler

          Clyde Drexler was one of the most athletic shooting guards in the NBA. He was a great team player, with his great game on both ends, scoring and assisting in offense and intercepting passes on the defense. He amazed audiences with his tremendous all around play that led him to win a championship in 1995.

NBA Career Statistics:

  • Points – 22,195 (20.4 ppg)
  • Rebounds – 6,677 (6.1 rpg)
  • Assists –  6,125 (5.6 apg)

4. Jerry West

          West is a great combo-guard, assisting like a point guard and scoring like a shooting guard. He was given the nickname “Mr. Clutch” because of his clutch game winners. He had proven that he was great when he recorded a quadruple-double, scoring 44 points, dishing 12 assists, grabbing 12 rebounds and 10 blocks. In his career, he won a championship and a Finals MVP. West is ; “The Logo”, in reference to his silhouette being incorporated into the NBA Logo. 

NBA Career Statistics:

  • Points – 25,192 (27.0 ppg)
  • Rebounds – 5,366 (5.8 rpg)
  • Assists – 6,238 (6.7 apg)

3. Dwyane Wade

          Dwyane Wade made his name very popular in the NBA, and quickly emerged as a productive player and developed into one of the most prominent players in the NBA. He was known for his euro step, splitting defense, windmill crossover, bank shot, post moves, on offense and his ability to intercept passes and chasing down blocks on players taller than him, to prove that he’s a great finisher and defender with his 6 ft 4. In his career, he won three championships (2006, 2012, 2013) and won one NBA 2006 Finals MVP and helped out James winning their last championships.
          Wade signed for the Chicago Bulls this 2016-2017 season.

2. Kobe Bryant

          Kobe really did a great job in his entire 20 seasons playing in the NBA, that made him compared to Michael Jordan. He had proven his self in the NBA, becoming one of the most elite scorers and tenacious defender in the NBA, giving the Lakers five NBA championships (2000, 2001, 20002, 2009, 2010) where he won the Finals MVP from his two last championships and NBA MVP in 2008.

NBA Career Statistics:

  • Points – 33,643 (25.0 ppg)
  • Rebounds – 7,047 (5.2 rpg)
  • Assists – 6,306 (4.7 apg)

1. Michael Jordan

         Michael Jordan excelled in everything about the game. His great performance that dominated in both defensive and offensive end are enough reasons for him to be the greatest shooting guard and be called GOAT. He have done everything he can do and everything possible, because of this he is known around the world to be the greatest basketball player, he had proven this with his awards, titles, and stats.

             In his entire career, he won 6 NBA championships (1991-1993, 1996-1998), 6 NBA Finals MVP and 5 NBA MVP.
NBA Career Statistics:
  • Points – 32,292 (30.1 ppg)
  • Rebounds – 6,672 (6.2 rpg)
  • Assists – 5,633 (5.3 apg)

23 Years Ago Today – Michael Jordan was named the NBA Finals MVP for the third straight year

(Artwork by Sean Curate)

June 20, 1993 at Phoenix  – John Paxson hit a clutch 3-pointer with 3.9 seconds left and Horace Grant blocked Kevin Johnson’s shot in the final second that lifted Chicago to a 99-98 win at Phoenix in Game 6 of the NBA Finals, clinching the Bulls’ third consecutive NBA Championship. 

Chicago became only the third NBA franchise (along with Boston, 1959-66, and Minneapolis, 1952-54) to win three straight titles. Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls was named the NBA Finals MVP for the third straight year after averaging a Finals record 41.0 points per game, along with 8.5 rebounds and 6.3 assists. Magic Johnson is the only other player in NBA history to win at least three NBA Finals MVP awards.
See the Bulls vs. Suns Game 6 Highlights below:

Jimmy Butler and Michael Jordan battles, who won?

Jimmy Butler and Michael Jordan battles, who won?
Jimmy Butler and Michael Jordan teamed up with kids and had a shooting battle in front of maybe hundred of  students. We all know Michael Jordan as the greatest Bull to ever play the game and to watch him play is just insane. Jimmy Bulter on the other hand, is the current Bull star,  he will try if the 52 years old can still go far.  Watch ’em!

Breaking: LeBron James is joining Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan too

LeBron James is joining Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan too

Exclusive: Consulting firm Teneo has lured the three biggest basketball stars on the planet, along with golfer Graeme McDowell, to its beefed-up sports arm. Will it usher in a new era?

How do you get Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James to join your new sports business?
You bring on board a former Nike  NKE -1.51%  executive that has close, personal relationships with all three.
The business is Teneo Sports, which has existed since Teneo Inc., a global consulting firm, launched in 2011. The key executive is Charlie Denson, who worked at Nike for 34 years and was brand president from 2001 until last January, when he retired.
That retirement didn’t last long: Fortune has learned that Denson has joined Teneo Sports as its chairman; Jordan, Bryant, James and pro golfer Graeme McDowell are its first four athlete clients.
That’s a star-studded opening lineup that contains the world’s most famous living retired athlete, the NBA’s two biggest stars, and one rising-star golfer with a U.S. Open win under his belt. Two of those men landed in the top ten of our 2014 Fortunate 50 list of athlete earnings, and they compete with each other on the court, which made getting each of them on board particularly challenging. But Denson was the draw for the basketball players. McDowell, meanwhile, already had a sponsorship with Teneo, which meant placement of its name on his sleeve.
Declan Kelly and Paul Keary, both formerly of FTI Consulting, co-founded Teneo (pronounced teh-NAY-oh) in 2011 along with Doug Band, who spent a decade as an advisor to President Bill Clinton. The company provides services such as strategic communications, management consulting, investment banking and financial restructuring to a number of Fortune 100 corporations and CEOs.
Teneo has had a sports business since the beginning, but that business primarily helped cities or organizations make bids for sports events, such as the Winter Games in Vancouver in 2010 and in Sochi in 2014, both of which Teneo had a hand in. The company also has existing relationships with NASCAR and the WTA, among others. Teneo did not, previously, work with individual athletes, with the exception of McDowell and retired tennis legend Billie Jean King, who are official partners. Under Denson’s leadership, Teneo Sports will now provide athletes with a one-stop shop for their marketing and branding needs.

Michael Jordan vs Kobe fan, one on one. Who do you think won?

Michael Jordan vs Kobe fan at Jordan Annual Basketball academy

There are a lot of great basketball players in the NBA today but for some reason we still can’t get enough of Michael Jordan. Check out 51 years old Michael Jordan play against a young Kobe Bryant fan. 


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Michael Jordan gets engaged to model girlfriend!

Looks like Michael Jordan isn’t only trying to work things out with  the Charlotte Bobcats as he also wanted to rebuild another family. the best basketball player of all time just proposed to his long time girlfriend Yvette Prieto. Jordan was married for 17 years but divorced Juanita last 2006 in which he has to settled an amount of 168 million dollars. They had 3 kids, Marcus, Jeffrey and Jasmine. Jordan is 48 while Yvette Prieto is 32. Picture of Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto. 

Yvette Prieto is Pretty but no Matter what Michael, Make sure you get a prenup! 

What do you think guys, Is she a keeper?

Chaos over Air Jordan 11 shoes Video

It’s Michael Jordan time once again! 
Nike and the Jordan brand re-release the air Jordan 11 shoes and all fans are in frenzies to get their pair of the Michael Jordan Shoes. People lined up outside the mall very early just to get the Air Jordan 11 shoe
One Police saw a kid locked up in a car for a long time and had to break the window, some got bulldozer by crazy people running toward the mall and they even broke the glass door. Watch it below
But these things don’t really matter to these people as long as they get a pair of the Air Jordan 11 shoes.

Chaos over Air Jordan 11 shoes Video

Air Jordan 11 commercial

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Heir Jordan Video!

Being the son of the greatest basketball player on the planet is such a big pressure. So lets here it from the heir Jordan themselves. Check out this new campaign video for the Heir Jordan lifestyle. 

Heir Jordan Video!

Michael Jordan – So many Great teams to choose from

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Even With out NBA Season, NBA 2K12 ave found a way to market their game and they have done it successfully with the Legends. Here Michael Jordan talks about the greatest team and not the greatest player. He got six teams on his mind. So Who do you think is the greatest team of all time? 
If you think there is someone else then prove MJ wrong. Watch the Video.

Michael Jordan 2K12

Lebron James is the greatest player – Scottie Pippen

“Michael Jordan is probably the greatest scorer to ever play the game. I may go so far as saying LeBron James may be the greatest player to ever play the game.” Scottie Pippen
What is wrong with you Scottie? Lebron James might be great and talented but He has not proven anything yet, He couldn’t even win a championship back in Cleveland.  (source)
Its Michael Jordan for now and  not Lebron James, not today perhaps not even in the future.

Scottie Pippen a Broadcaster for the Bulls

After playing with the Bulls, Scottie Pippen will now suit up as an announcer for the Chicago Bulls
Chicago Bulls legend and team ambassador Scottie Pippen will join Comcast SportsNet’s game announcing tandem of Neil Funk and Stacey King as an additional game analyst for the network.

The six-time NBA champion and Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame Class of 2010 inductee will make his announcing debut on Friday, March 4 at Orlando (6:00 p.m. start). Pippen will also handle game analyst duties for every Bulls playoff telecast on Comcast SportsNet beginning in mid-April.