San Miguel Beermen Signed Unrestricted Free agent Gary David

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David is set to join the beer men this season after coming into an agreement last Thursday.
Gary David was rumored to join either Mahindra Enforcers or Ginebra San Miguel but with this current development, all the PBA fans now have a clearer view on what’s going to happen to this 37 year-old gunner from bataan.

As the San Miguel Beer men continues their journey to another play off spot, this addition will sure have a great impact in to their future games as this guy, if given enough opportunity and playing minutes will be able to provide quality minutes based on his previous performances, Gary David can contribute in long range scoring and tough defense.
He is a five-time All-star and co-holds the longest streak for consecutive games recording 20 points or more.

Meralco suspends David for one game and fined for a undisclosed amount of money. The suspension was served during the team’s game against Blackwater Elite on March 18. This was because Norman Black asked Gary to go in to the court but the PBA’s Mr. Pure energy refused to enter the game in the 4th quarter.

Gary David to Ginebra? Will he fit on Triangle Offense System?

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Gary David is a deadly shooter and a prolific scorer. The two-time scoring champion are looking for a team that will finally give him a championship with a maximum of couple of years remaining in his PBA careeer.

And Ginebra is one of the team that he could join to finally get the thing that all of the PBA players were dreaming of, a championship ring. But the question is, will he fit on Ginebra’s triangle offense system? Well I could say that there’s a big possibility that Gary David will have a big role on Ginebra’s campaign this conference and even on the next couple of years (until his retirement).

On his younger years, Gary David is not known on his three point shooting. He is more of a slasher and you can see that on his stats as he led the league on most freethrows made on 2006-2007, 2008-2009, 2011-2012 season. But later on, Gary David transformed into a catch and shoot player that would play a very important role in triangle offense. Ginebra were lacking of a three point shooter and they could sign David to fill that hole. David is still a great shooter and scorer if given playing time but is a liability on defensive end. He could provide a much needed scoring off the bench for the Kings.

If Ginebra succeed on signing the 37 year old shooting guard, I could see them challenging the Alaska Aces or the San Miguel Beermen on the title quest. But if they will sign the former Lyceum Pirates guard they need to put one of their players on their reserved list.