Albert "The Prince" Pagara Shines in US debut in amazing fashion, KO’s Gonzalez in round 6! (FULL FIGHT INSIDE)

The Prince – Pagara

I believe that with the right training, conditioning and discipline this guy is the next deal! Pagara has been tested in this fight and i know that he has a lot to work on to be the the next dominant champion .

Round 1 – Both fighters were trying to test the waters first and trying to feel each other first, Pagara fought wisely as Gonzalez tried to engage early, It was a bit lack luster in round 1, Pagara 10-9.

Round 2 – Pagara showed the eagerness to win the fight early, he smiled at times as well, bought fighters trying to exchange blows but at within 2 minutes left Pagara connected a beautiful left counter punch to the jaw but Gonzalez kept pressing forward and tried to taunt Pagara to bring it on, Pagara was calm enough to just keep boxing and even with the ref threatening Pagara at times to fight clean (although I don’t think he was hitting way below), Pagara delivered a knockdown within 20 seconds remaining in round 2, however it was waived because Pagara delivered a punch with Gonzalez down on his knees, The referee stepped in and warned to disqualify Pagara if he would do that again. The knockdown has been waived because of the illegal punch. Pagara 10-9 could have been a 1-8 easily.

Round 3 – Gonzalez started the round as if he was looking for a knockout pressing Pagara at times but that didnt really matter at all as Pagara counter punched his way into round 4. Pagara 10-9

Round 4: Gonzalez kept pressing forward and got Pagara on the ropes a number of times but often his punches didnt really bother Pagara, Pagara showed that he can take a punch at the same time box wisely, I am really impressed how he handled the pressure that is given to him by Gonzalez, Pagara still dictated the fight and delivered the more telling blows. Pagara 10-9.

Round 5: The situation didn’t really change but at this point the punches thrown by Gonzalez is telegraph well by Pagara. In the last 2 mins of the fight Pagara connected a 1-2 combination that staggered Gonzalez but Pagara was being cautious knowing that his opponent is a power puncher. Pagara won the round 10-9

Round 6: Gonzalez really wanted to KO Pagara and delivered a series of combination trying to head hunt Pagara. Pagara was cornered on the ropes as Gonzalez tried to unleash punches but Pagara was able to get out of it by pushing Gonzalez away and within the last min Pagara connected a 1-2 combination that floored Gonzalez to the ground and didnt get up as the referee counted him out. 

With the win Pagara improved to 25 wins 18 KO’s no defeats.

Full fight courtesy of Tribuna news.

Written by:
Aldrin C. 
Team Powcast

Pagara brothers and Magsayo Received a customized mouth guard!

CANOGA PARK, CA — ALA GYM boxers Prince Albert Pagara (L), Jason Pagara (2nd from right) and Mark Magsayo (R) proudly display their customized mouthguards crafted for them by Canoga Park based dentist Dr Ed de la Vega (2nd from left). De La Vega has made it his task to supply customized mouthguards for free to any Filipino boxer who fights in the United States. The Pagara brothers, Magsayo and WBO world champion Donnie Nietes (not in photo) will headline ALA Promotions’ maiden event in the US at the StubHub Center in Carson, CA on October 17. 

This is quite fun because this could be the first time that they were given a mouth guard that has been customized by Dr Ed Dela Vega.

Enough about that

lets give you the highlights of Pagara brothers :

Albert “Prince” Pagara

Jason Pagara

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Aldrin C.
Team Powcast

Pinoy Pride 33: Philippines VS The World!

Pinoy Pride 33: Philippines VS The World!

This bout is scheduled on Oct 17, 2015 @ the StubHub Center in Carson, California. It will be headlined by one of the longest reigning Champ in the world, our very own Donnie “Ahas Nietes”. This will be the 8th title defense for Nietes and the first time for ALA boxing to promote boxing in the US after its success in Dubai. 

Nietes will go up against Juan Alejo (21-3) from Mexico. 

“Philippines vs The World” will also include Jason Pagara Albert Pagara and Mark Magsayo.
Jason will face challenger Santos Benavidez (25-7-2, 19 KOs) of Nicaragua while Albert will battle William “Chirizo” Gonzalez (27-5-0, 23 KO’s) also from Nicaragua. Magsayo is set to square off with Yardley Suarez of Mexico, who is unbeaten in 13 pro fights with eight coming by knockout.

It will be tough battle for the the under card however, I am sure that they will all win in a convincing fashion specially Nietes who will get the attention that he deserves and its been long due. 

Here is a highlight reel of Donnie Nietes

Written by:
Aldrin Castronero
Team Powcast