Overall Review: Adidas D Rose 7 Boost " Hydration"

Adidas continues to transform its basketball line through the use of boost cushioning.

D Rose 7’s original colorways has been released this months and the new colorway are going to be release and we will review the most interesting colorway, the “Hydration”.

Color: 9/10 – The bright neon color of this shoes for me was sick and addition to this was unorthodox 3 line dash of adidas who is now located at the forefoot.

Traction: 9/10 – Only problem is the traction once you move sideways but overall it is good

Cushion: 9/10 – The heel part is quite cushy and way responsive. Boost is tighter and rides lower that  D Rose 6 and the response of it was way quicker.

Materials: 8/10 – It was made out of Mesh, Syntheti Leather and Neoprene. The mesh that was used for this shoe is almost the same with the running shoes. Almost good, but the side wrap of the shoe was too bad, it looks thin and looks like a little cheap.

Fit: 9.5/10 – The fitting of the shoes was good this time, no more adidas sizing issues. This shoes fits dead on length-wise and width-wise, unless you have a wide feet.

Support: 9/10 – D Rose shoeline was known for its support. They upgraded its ankle collar ofcourse for the needs of Derrick Rose itself.

Overall: 9/10 – This shoes is a true value for money. There’s other colorway to choose for. If you are hard driving player or a power player, this is the right basketball shoes for you.

This colorway will be available my mid September 2016.

Pelicans Introduce Mardi Gras-Themed Uniform

The New Orleans Pelicans’ seemed to have a good time during this offseason.

After they re-signed point guard Norris Cole, the Pelicans unveiled their new uniform for next season which celebrate the famous carnival at New Orleans, Mardi Gras. The uniform unveiling is also joined by a big parade in the city of New Orleans, September 16,2015.

However, the jersey is not yet to be released for sale. New Orleans Pelicans’ official Twitter, @PelicansNBA tweeted “For those asking, Mardi Gras uniforms will be available for sale soon! We’ll keep you up-to-date with details” on the same day as the launching.

Beside securing Norris Cole, Pelicans also signed former Cavaliers’ Kendrick Perkins and guard Sean Kilpatrick for the upcoming season.