Shaun Livingston Has Outdone Stephen Curry, The Most Ridiculous Shot You Will Ever See

As if Stephen Curry throwing bombs from out of nowhere is not enough already.
Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson has carried the load since Durant was injured and they have done it pretty well. I do not even think they need KD to play the regular season. The Splash Brothers have always complimented each other and has been on the highlight reel but the game against Phoenix, one man stepped up and outdone both Curry and Thompson, accidentally.: )
Watch Shaun just nail a three point shot that was supposed to be a lob pass to McGee. The long bombs of Curry has been a norm lately, but this one is simply once in a blue moon.

Shaun Livingston : Journey to be a world Champ!

Livingston #4th pick 2004 NBA Draft

He is one of the few players that made a great impact from high school to NBA. Livingston was highly touted as the next great because of his height of 6’7 and for his versatility as a PG. Livingston played behind Sam Casell during his stint with the Clippers.
It was in his third season when his injury occurred (February 26, 2007), prior to his injury he averaged almost 10 ppg that season. It was a painful blow because it wasn’t a normal injury his left knee seemed like it was shattered.

Who would have thought that he would come back from that injury and overcome adversity.

After Injury: 

Heat 2008
Memphis 2009 
OKC 2009
Wizards 2010
Bobcats 2011 same year got traded to Bucks
Rockets 2012 same year traded to Wizards
Cavs Dec 2012 
Nets 2013-2014 break out year 

2015 NBA CHAMP! with GSW

Here is his press conference Courtesy of Fox Sports

I almost cried during his speech, because not everyone can accomplish what this man has done. He didn’t lead his team I understand, but the journey he had is something we can use in our lives moving forward.

I am so happy for Shaun! More power! 

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