Mark Caguioa’s 38th Birthday and his 38 Important Achievements

Mark Caguiao still got Spark

November 19, 2017 – At 38 years old, most professional basketball players would have called it quits but not Mark Caguioa. 
This will be the first time that Mark Caguioa will be without his buddy Jay-Jay Helterbrand. The two have formed one of the best duos in the PBA and this year, it has come to an end after Jay-Jay officially announced his retirement. 
Mark Caguioa was drafted in 2001 and is looking to play his 18th season in the PBA. Today, he celebrates his 38th birthday and to honor his achievements, we put together 38 Important Awards and Achievements for the Spark.

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Here they are: 

1 to 66× PBA champion (2004 Fiesta, 2005 Philippine, 2007 Philippine, 2008 Fiesta, 2016 Governors’, 2017 Governors’). Of course, Championship will always be on the top of the list after all, basketball players play to win them.

7: PBA Most Valuable Player (2012) – He received an MVP award in 2012, this is his best personal performance although he failed to win any championship this year.
8- 20: 12× PBA All-Star (2001, 2004–2008, 2011–2013, 2015–2017) – You would not call yourself a star if if you haven’t been a part of the All-Star, right? Mark has total of 12 appearances.
21. PBA Rookie of the Year (2001) – The start of a great thing for Mark as he made immediate impact in the league.
22-24: 3× Best Player of the Conference (2007 Philippine, 2012 Commissioner’s, 2012 Governors’) – Two of his best conference awards were the same year in which he won the MVP.
25- 27: 3× PBA scoring champion (2005, 2007, 2011) – Three years, Mark has led the PBA in scoring. While what he has accomplished back then is going to be difficult to redo at this stage of his career, Mark has never failed to give some scoring spark when his number is called. 

28-31:  3× Mythical First Team (2008, 2011, 2012) – Three times, he had been included as part of the best players in the PBA. 
32- 33: 2× Mythical Second Team (2005, 2007)
34: PBA Press Corp Comeback Player of the Year (2012)- The same year were he was crowned the MVP, he was also given the comeback player of the year award. 

35- 36: 2× PSA Professional Cager of the Year (2007, 2012)
37: Member of 9,000 PBA Career Points Club
38: PBA 40 Greatest Players

By the Numbers: A Lookback at the 17 Years of Jayjay Helterbrand

Just how good Helterbrand was in his prime years?

Jayjay Helterbrand Barangay Ginebra
After 17 years in the PBA, Jayjay Helterbrand is walking away from basketball. And this time, it’s for good. 

If there’s one guy who was to blame for Bal David losing his playing minutes during the latter part of his career and eventually lost it totally mainly because he got injured, it’s Anthony “Jayjay” Helterbrand. 
To begin with, Helterbrand, the one who wore number 13 for the Barangay Ginebra Gin Kings, began by playing one game with the Batangas Blades in the now-defunct Metropolitan Basketball Association (MBA) in March 2000 before he was recruited by then Ginebra Coach Ron Jacobs to be the backup point guard to Bal David.
Since then, Jayjay Heltebrand’s basketball career took off as he took over the starting role and formed what Ginebra fans thought as arguably the best backcourt duo the PBA has ever seen, at least during those years. 
Helterbrand, alongside “The Spark” Mark Caguioa, formed the dynamic duo which earned the moniker as “The Fast and the Furious”, a moniker they earned during the 2004 season thanks to the duo’s exciting plays in games when they won back-to-back championships during that same season. 
Now that Jayjay Helterbrand has announced his retirement just a few days after the Gin Kings won their second consecutive PBA Governors’ Cup championship,  let’s take a look at some of the highlights of Helterbrand’s 17-year stint with Ginebra:

6 Championships. And More

His points-per-game average didn’t reach 20 points in his 17 years in the league but whether you like it or not, Jayjay Helterbrand’s mere presence on the court, as we’ve seen during the recent 2 championship runs of Ginebra, was enough to energize the team and the crowd. 
In the end, the now-retired Ginebra floor general has totaled 6 championships. Aside from that, he also had an MVP award in 2009 and a Finals MVP award during the Philippine Cup of the 2006-2007 season.

Oh and don’t forget, folks. He was sidelined in the early goings of the 2005 season but came back and won the MVP plaque during the 2005 PBA All-Star Game and, the MVP award during the Sultan Cup in Brunei when he led Team Pilipinas’ run. 
Now that’s a complete career, folks. Helterbrand may not have scored the highest number of points but there’s no question that he has already earned the respect, and the love of the Ginebra community who will forever be grateful for his contributions. 

577 Games in 17 Years

Can you just imagine how fast those 17 years went by? Despite being injured during the latter parts of his career, Jayjay Helterbrand played 577 games in his career. In those games, he had averaged 8 points per game which were highlighted by an 18 points per game average during the 2007-2008 season and was followed up by a 17-points per game average during the following season- the same season when he bagged his only MVP award. 

The Fast and the Furious: A Brotherhood Never to be Broken

Forget the numbers. Forget the awards and all. 
The one thing and probably, one of the best things Ginebra fans will always remember and love about Jayjay Helterbrand is his partnership with backcourt partner, Mark Caguioa. They may not be as “fast” and as “furious” during their early years together but if there’s one thing that kept Giinebra together and what enabled the Gin Kings to become back-to-back Governors’ Cup champions, that would be the bond that has been influenced by the two oldies’ brotherhood. Brotherhood. 
If anything, Helterbrand’s partnership with Caguioa may have won Ginebra 6 championships together but together, they also built their own family and it’s called the Ginebra family. Why? Brotherhood is why.


Jayjay Helterbrand is someone you can’t easily replace. Sure, the Gin Kings have LA Tenorio, Sol Mercado and latest draft pick, Jett Manuel to take turns in playing the point guard position for Tim Cone but if there’s something that separates Helterbrand from the rest, Jayjay Helterbrand can instantly energize the crowd just by preparing to enter the court. That’s how loved Helterbrand is. That’s how he will forever be loved. 
Enjoy your retirement, #13.

Mark the Spark is still Explosive, Triangle Offense Ideal for Him – Tim Cone

Old but dependable Mark still performs when needed

37-year-old Mark Caguiao might be in the twilight of his career but he still delivers the goods when needed. Tonight, Mark Caguioa’s number was called and the 15 years veteran put on a show.
It was like watching old highlights of Mark Caguioa when he was still in his prime.  The guard scored a total of 16 points on 8 out of 9 shooting in just 13 minutes of play.

Mark Caguioa is explosive,  he is on a roll – Time Cone

Coach acknowledged the performance of his veteran but sighted how they strayed away from triangle offense during the time that Caguioa was on the floor.

I believe that Triangle is ideal for Mark and other players – Tim Cone

Mark’s highest point average was the 2006 to 2007 season where he is scoring 24 points per game. His last double figure scoring season was 2013. Today, Mark Caguioa no longer plays as much and it’s always a treat when we see the Spark inside the court being effective.

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Caguioa and Maliksi’s Social Media Comment Exchange

Photo by Aldrin Alejo
The PBA Finals stage is set after Barangay Ginebra San Miguel booked the last Philippine Cup Championship slot. Barangay Ginebra defeated the Star Hotshots in game 7 of the All Filipino Cup in front of a huge crowd and in front PBA Legend Coach Sonny Jaworski. 

Allein Maliksi a former Barangay Ginebra player who got traded by the Barako Bull to Barangay Ginebra in a three team trade with B-Meg Llamados on November 2011 has always looked up to his former team mates especially Mark Caguioa, the heart of the Barangay Ginebra San Miguel who guided Maliksi through is campaign with the most popular ballclub. 

Through the conflicts that the fans had during their series, these folks have maintained the respect and sportsmanship after a well fought semi finals series that Ginebra eventually won to have the rights to get the title against the San Miguel Beermen. 

In an Instagram post of Allein Maliksi courtesy of Sports5, Mark Caguioa has shown respect and has stated his encouraging words to his former team mate by putting up a good fight and praising Maliksi of what a player he has become. These players fight like warriors inside the court but at the end of the day, they all have the same respect for each other and that friendship remains on and off the court.
Photo from Allein Maliksi’s Official Instagram Account

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Photo from Allein Maliksi Official Instagram Account

Mark Caguioa extends ties with Ginebra, signs two year deal

The Barangay Ginebra San Miguel Franchise player renewed his ties with the PBA’s crowd darling after signing a two year contract extention.

After a successful conference in the last PBA season where they won the title, Mark Caguioa decided to continue his journey in the PBA after Jayjay Helterbrand discontinued his retirement plans after winning a championship.

Joe Devance and Dave Marcelo were also reported to have signed their respective contract extensions with the Governors’ Cup Champion team.

After 12 years, Ginebra’s Mark Caguioa proposed to his longtime partner Lauren Hudson during their championship celebration

Being together for 12 years, Mark Caguioa and girlfriend, Lauren Hudson has gone through thick and thins.

Lauren was there in Mark’s first 4 championships and she was there also when the basketball fans calling Ginebra as Kangkong because the wasn’t able to win a championship for the last 8 years.
And for Mark, there’s no other fitting way to do a wedding proposal after winning a championship and in front of thousand of Ginebra fans.

Minutes after winning the game, Mark and other members of Ginebra huddle in the middle of the court then Lauren was pulled by RR Enriquez (JJ’s Girlfriend) to the middle and Mark just simply asked Lauren if she can marry him and Lauren responded with a YES and all the fans and members of Ginebra felt the “Kilig” and shouted for joy for the both of them.
A day after the game Mark hinted that he will propose to Lauren soon by posting a photo on his instagram account.

The Fast and The Furious to try and win one last title together.

Photo by Aldrin Alejo

This duo of the Barangay Ginebra San Miguel a team with the biggest fan base has been together for quite sometime and has been through a lot of battles, frustrations, disappointments and success. Earlier this year, Jay Jay Helterbrand, former PBA MVP announced that this might be his last season with Barangay Ginebra San Miguel and this season will be the only chance for him to win a title before he retires from professional basketball.

After their win against the multi-titled team San Miguel Beermen, that mission is close enough to be real. The entry of their new coach and new faces in the team, the hopes of the fans went up that they may finally get a title after 9 years and having that crown this time is a great timing for Helterbrand to have as he try to exit the PBA with flying colors and good memories.  Without their big man Greg Slaughter it was not that easy to defend a team with a powerful front liner that includes Junmar Fajardo. As a sign of maturity and veteran mentality, these two point guards sets aside their will to play in the crucial minutes and make way for the younger guys which includes Scottie Thompson who delivered the goods for them and contributed a huge part in their win. They are the face of Ginebra and this will be the most memorable Finals appearance ever for the two as they will again face a tough road before getting the title by trying to beat a new comer in the finals stage Meralco Bolts.

PBA Finals Best of seven series will commence on Friday October 7 at the Araneta Coliseum 7pm.

The Fast and The Furious Ignites Lucena Crowd

The scores:

GINEBRA 107 – Brownlee 26, Mercado 19, Aguilar 15, Caguioa 13, Devance 9, Tenorio 9, Thompson 7, Bonifacio 2, Cruz 2, Helterbrand 2, Mariano 2, Marcelo 1.

MERALCO 93 – Hodge 19, Hugnatan 18, Durham 17, Newsome 16, Uyloan 9, Jamshidi 7, Alapag 3, Bono 2, Nabong 2, Caram 0, Dillinger 0, Faundo 0.

Quarters: 32-21, 51-47, 81-71, 107-93

The good ol’ tandem of Mark Caguioa and Jayjay Helterbrand ignites the Lucena crowd as they both made their signature shots and dished assists to ginebra team mates as the most popular ballclub downs meralco bolts to get their 3rd win in this conference.

The Lucena crowd screamed theit hearts out when they saw mark and jayjay shared the same court again. Together with the triples and made baskets of their team mates, Scottie thompson, LA tenorio, justin brownlee and more, the crowd also had a great time with the close scoring game of both teams as the Meralco Bolts try to get over the lead and Ginebra trying to protect their advantage.

Sol Mercado was chosen as the best player.

Mark "The Spark" Caguioa never STOPS!!

A 35 year-old Barangay Ginebra superstar  Mark Anthony Caguioa was born on November 19, 1979 in San Juan, Metro Manila. He was drafted last 2001 by Barangay Ginebra in third overall pick in first round. 
When Jayjay Helterbrand returned to PBA last 2004  the two backcourt tandem in PBA gave back-to-back championships to Barangay Ginebra. Their tandem was known as “The Fast and The Furious”. In  2004 PBA Fiesta Conference, Caguioa set his career high of 43 points during this season.  
Caguioa is the first ever guard to finished a single season as the league’s leading scorer after Allan Caidic in 1995. He is also the third Ginebra Player named as the Rookie of the Year award after Dondon Ampalayo 1986 and Marlou Aquino 1996. Mark Caguioa known as the “The Spark” or MC47.
“The Spark” is known because of his killer crossover moves, tear drop shots, slashing drives to the basket, pull-up jumpers and hitting the crucial shots. 
Some PBA players idolized Mark Caguioa like Jay Washington, Terrence Romeo, Paul Lee and Mac Cardona. They mentioned that Caguioa was — “Mark Caguioa is a classic player”, “I admired him since I was playing in UAAP and I adopt his crossover moves” and one player stated that “When I saw Mark (Caguioa) doing the tear drop shots, I started copying that shot”.
“The Spark” Caguioa took home the 2011-2012 Most Valuable Player in PBA beating Gary David, Arwind Santos and James Yap. 
Here are the awards and career highlights of MC47. 
  • 4× PBA champion (2004 Fiesta, 2004–05 Philippine, 2006–07 Philippine, 2008 Fiesta)
  • PBA Rookie of the Year (2001)
  • 3× Mythical First Team (2007–08, 2010–11, 2011–12)
  • 2× Mythical Second Team (2004–05, 2006–07)
  • 3× Best Player of the Conference (2006–07 Philippine, 2012 Commissioner’s, 2012 Governors’)
  • Mr. Quality Minutes (2001)
  • 2× PSA Professional Cager of the Year (2006–07, 2011–12)
  • PBA POW Order of Merit Award (2011)
  • 2× PBA Top scorer (2004–05, 2010–11)
  • Most Minutes Played (2004–05)
  • Most 2-Pointers Made (2010–11)
  • PBA Press Corp Comeback Player of the Year (2011–12)
  • 7× PBA All-Star
  • 3× PBA scoring champion (2004–05, 2006–07, 2010–11)
  • PBA Most Valuable Player (2011–12)
  • Member of 9,000 PBA career Points

With coach Tim onboard Ginebra fans will expect more of these awards. 

Mark Caguioa’s Highlights compilation

source : Alexjann47

Mark Caguioa is probably one of the modern basketball great of the Philippines, although he is not currently included in the line up of the 2012 National basketball club many would say that he deserve a spot in that team.  I encountered one you tube video from Alexjann47 and I thought that it would be nice to post some highlights of Mark  Caguioa.

highlights of Mark  Caguioa