Singapore Slammers is your 2016 IPTL Champion! #Repeat

Slammers retain the IPTL crown

Singapore Slammers is your 2016 IPTL Champion! #Repeat

Hyderabad, December 11th 2016


After an 10-day 3-nation tour, the Coca-Cola International Premier Tennis League (IPTL) 2016
culminated in an exciting grand finale with an epic showdown between the two table-shoppers,
here at the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium in the historic city of Hyderabad.

The OUE Singapore Slammers retained the IPTL title in a rematch of last’s years final although this
time was played in the Aces home ground. A stunning 30-14 and a marvelous display for each
player of the Singapore side.

“We are waiting for the final”, said the Slammers coach Purav Raja. And he didn’t lie. The Indian
professional tennis player was aware of the comfortable Head-to-head that the Aces have had in
this 2016 edition: a 3-0 in matches, with narrow, tight and strong wins. But he also knew that this
previous results could go in their favor.

As for the match, there is absolutely no doubt that Carlos Moyà could still play on tour. The
former world number one, now retired, was once again in spectacular form. With an outstanding
seven wins in a row, the Spaniard started things off precisely the way that coach Raja wanted.
Beating Mark Philippoussis and also setting a very high standard for his team.

Kiki Bertens continued with her sensational powerful game and the Dutch-woman not only beat
Kirsten Flipkens. She also defeated the Belgian’s substitute, the queen of Hyderabad herself,
Sania Mirza. The Indian tennis star played her first singles game of the year and was close to
upset Bertens, who was extremely relieved once the set was over.

In the Mixed doubles set, Marcelo Melo came with great confidence and, alongside Bertens,
neutralized the power of the Indian duo Mirza/Bopanna. Everything looked on the Slammers
bright side. Two more sets and the title would be renewed.

Nick Kyrgios joined Melo and both took over Feliciano López and Ivan Dodig. All their sets have
been spectacular this season and the final one was not an exception. After four sets, the four
were on the Slammers side. It all came down to Marcos Baghdatis who sealed the final victory
with a great win over Feliciano López.

Raja was right. His team delivered when it mattered. For a second straight year, the OUE
Singapore Slammers are the IPTL champions.

IPTL 2016 championship: Indian Aces or OUE Singapore Slammers a Dream Final Showdown

IPTL 2016 champion: Dream Final Showdown

Just like a Real Madrid versus FC Barcelona. Or a Manchester United versus Liverpool FC. The
Coca-Cola International Premier Tennis League will have its dream final showdown. The two best
teams of this 2016 edition facing each other with just one thing in mind: the title.
Indian Aces versus OUE Singapore Slammers. Same final as 2015. The two strongest teams
fighting for the crown.

In Japan, the Aces had a perfect Day 1 with a 30-17 victory over the Japan Warriors and a
spectacular comeback on Day 2 thanks to team hero Kirsten Flipkens, who defeated Kiki Bertens
after returning to stay in the set and force a Shoot-Out against the Slammers (25-26).
On Day 3, though, the Indian side was beaten by the UAE Royals in a superb display from the
Emirati side (20-30).

In Singapore, the midway station of the competition, the Indian’s fate was written. They took the
first place of the leaderboard and never gave it back to any other team. Tomorrow is time to show
that being the champions in 2014, the first IPTL edition, and runners-up in 2015 is not a
coincidence. They have been the more consistent team over the three years.
And so far in India, they have been the perfect local team.

As the 2015 IPTL champions, the OUE Singapore Slammers have really picked up their game in
the last two legs and that’s the reason they will try to defend their title.

In Japan, they couldn’t find their rhythm but it didn’t stop them to keep trying. The most difficult
task is ahead of them, since they haven’t been able to beat the 2014 champions (25-26 in Japan,
22-23 in Singapore and 19-24 here in Hyderabad).

The time has come. Indian Aces or OUE Singapore Slammers. One will be
the IPTL 2016 champion.

IPTL Update: Home Sweet Home For The Aces

IPTL Update: Home Sweet Home For The Aces

Hyderabad, December 9th 2016.


They know each other so well that the margins are narrower. And that makes the Coca-Cola
International Premier Tennis League more exciting. Because in close matches, you never know
which will be the outcome. Who will be the star of the match.

The UAE Royals and the Japan Warriors faced yesterday in Singapore and today, already in busy
Hyderabad, the two bottom teams had a second encounter in just over 24 hours. And once
again, it was a victory for the Japan Warriors (25-20), who keep faith on making the final on
Sunday. Will they be there? There is one thing sure: they are on the fight. And going up in the


Marat Safin had enough knowledge yesterday in his defeat against Goran Ivanisevic and today
had the perfect revenge taking the first set for the Warriors.

Same situation, but this time for the Royals’ benefit, was the reaction from Ana Ivanovic. After
tough losses in her first matches, the 2008 Roland Garros champion redeemed herself and beat
Kurumi Nara with a strong 6-1.

Alongside Daniel Nestor, Ivanovic also played the Mixed Doubles set but this time was another
Serb-woman, Jelena Jankovic, who came out as victorious in a Shoot-out with Rojer. That was the
perfect reaction for the Warriors.

After taking the Mixed Doubles set, the Men’s doubles was a superb 6-0 for Rojer and Verdasco
against Tomas Berdych and Pablo Cuevas. The turning point.

Both Berdych and Verdasco played the definitive set and the Spaniard lifted even more the
momentum even though the Czech took the match to overtime. A great win to start the last leg
of this 2016 IPTL.


There’s no place like home, and the Indian Aces took advantage of that fact. The local team
landed in Hyderabad already as the leaders of the Coca-Cola International Premier League. But
that was not enough; they wanted more. They wanted to start the last leg, at home, with a win
and the Aces were simply unstoppable.

The Indian side beat the reigning champions OUE Singapore Slammers with a sensational 24-19
the same day that Sania Mirza got to enjoy a sweet homecoming, playing in front of her
hometown crowd.


After delivering yesterday the most spectacular set so far in the competition, Marcelo Melo/
Marcos Baghdatis and Feliciano Lopez/Ivan Dodig offered a new chapter of this special rivalry.
This time, though, Aces duo Lopez and Dodig didn’t give their opponents any chances.

It was a the same story in the Men’s singles, as López needed just 17 minutes to deny Kyrgios a
single game. After two sets, the Aces had already made a statement and were leading 12-2.

Kiki Bertens gave the Slammers a boost when she beat Kirsten Flipkens 6-2 before Spaniard
Carlos Moya carried over her momentum to beat Aces coach/player Thomas Enqvist.

Just as the Slammers were closing in, home hero Mirza and her fellow Indian partner Rohan
Bopanna beat Melo/Bertens in style to wrap up a memorable win for the Aces.

IPTL: Sania Mirza Comes Home Hyderabad

After two intense legs in Tokyo and Singapore, the Coca-Cola International Premier Tennis League lands in Hyderabad, India, December 9 which will be the decisive leg where the final will take place. 
Home superstar Sania Mirza, one of the leaders of the local team, the Indian Aces, is ready to be the main protagonist as she hopes to guide her side to the IPTL crown. 
“I am looking forward to go to Hyderabad”, said Mirza. “Actually the city has a very rich culture of sport, with amazing athletes coming from there. People follow the tennis all year round and have a deep knowledge of the sport in general. I really hope they come to support us.” 
Mirza, women’s doubles world number one and owner of six Grand Slam titles, grew up in Hyderabad, where she lives when the tour gives her time to do so. It will be the first time since April 2015 that she plays in front of her hometown crowd. 
“It is very special for me to play there. The last time was almost two years ago and before that it was actually in 2005 so it is always special to play back home because it reminds you where you come from, your beginnings, the journey you have had,” said Mirza. 
The 30-year-old is not just the best women’s doubles player in the world, she is a global icon. Her near-five million followers on Twitter make her the second most followed female tennis player right behind Serena Williams. 
Playing for the IPTL for the third time, Mirza says she loves the format.  
“As tennis players we play such an individual sport that it’s great to be part of a team. It is a really fun format but also a very competitive one,” she added.
“Even if you play just one set, you are living every point with them because all the emotions you go through. Actually I think it’s tougher to watch than to play, at least in my opinion. Emotionally, when you finish the match, you feel like you have played the five sets. That’s what makes the format so special.” 
From December 9-11, at the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, the best tennis stars from past, present and future will be in Hyderabad. 
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IPTL: In an Epic Comeback, The Aces beat the Slammers

Photo Credit: PhotoConcierge S. Srinivasan
December 8th 2016. MATCH 1: UAE ROYALS 20-27 JAPAN WARRIORS From being at the bottom of the table to find themselves in contention. The Japan Warriors had a resurrection match against the UAE Royals with a 23-20 win over the Emirati side. 
The momentum switch right on time for the Japanese team, who came back from a 1-2 set deficit. It was all about faith. Kurumi Nara proved it so. She was the star and oxygen to her team, right when it was needed. 
“Without Kurumi we wouldn’t have won the match”, said her Warriors coach Josh Eagle. “She is our secret weapon”. 
Fernando Verdasco handled the Japan Warriors leadership perfectly by taking the first set against Pablo Cuevas with a stunning 6-2 to open the match. Both players faced each other again in the Men’s doubles set, and Verdasco, alongside Jean-Julien Rojer, saw like Cuevas and his partner Daniel Nestor neutralized a break to take the set to a Shoot-Out, where the Royals leveled the match.
The Mixed doubles was a monologue from the Royals side. Martina Hingis and Daniel Nestor were unstoppable and took a 15 minute win over Jelena Jankovic and Rojer. 
The MVP award went to Kurumi Nara. In her second set of this year’s IPTL, the Japanese-woman was simply spectacular. She beat a combined rival between Ana Ivanovic and Martina Hingis, taking the set with a perfect 6-0. 
It all came down in the Legends set. Goran Ivansevic versus Marat Safin. First, the Warriors Russian star assured the bonus point for his team when he won the game number 20 and then, the 2001 Wimbledon champion took the match to overtime and also, got the bonus point for the Royals. Safin finished the job with his serve and although he lost the set, his team won the match.
Historically the two strongest teams, the OUE Singapore Slammers and the Indian Aces faced for the last time in Singapore before flying to Hyderabad. The Slammers wanted to make a perfect 3-0 at home and the Indians get a win to land in India as the IPTL leaders. 
The reigning champions were very much the favorites halfway through the match. And then, the Aces reproduced one of the most epic comebacks. The 2014 IPTL champions will go home as the leaders after a stunning 24-23 win over the Slammers.
Carlos Moya showed once again that his footwork and forehand are still intact when he beat Mark Philippoussis to give the Slammers the first set. 
After a nervous Japan leg, debutant Kiki Bertens has been vital for the local team in this leg. The Dutch-woman took the second set with a strong 6-1 win over Kirsten Flipkens. 
Could have been the excitement of going home, but the truth is that Sania Mirza and Rohan Bopanna rallied with a one-sided 6-0 set over Bertens/Melo that kept the Indians alive. From 12-5, the match entered the fourth set with a tight 12-11. 
Melo and Marcos Baghdatis kept coming back against Feliciano López and Ivan Dodig. But in one of the most electrifying Shoot-outs in this IPTL, the Aces leveled the match before the decisive set. 
All came down to Nick Kyrgios and López. The Men’s singles set would be the one. The match finished in a decisive Shoot-Out. And it was the experienced Spaniard who close out the epic comeback.

IPTL: Ivanovic, Happy to be Back with the Royals

Photo credit: Photo Concierge E. Ling

It was big news for the Coca-Cola International Premier Tennis League. Ana Ivanovic joined the UAE Royals in Singapore with her more than one million fans on twitter accompanying her virtually. 
“It’s lovely to be back in Singapore. I have really nice memories from here, specially from 2014”, said Ivanovic, who qualified for the WTA Finals two years ago, and competed at the Singapore Indoor Stadium that is playing host to the IPTL second leg this week. 
The former world number one and 2008 Roland Garros champion missed the first leg in Japan but couldn’t stay away from her team any longer. Martina Hingis, the only woman on the UAE Royals squad before Ivanovic’s arrival, had a wish a couple of days ago. “I hope that Ana can join us soon”. Ivanovic quickly obliged and the Serb’s first hitting session in Singapore was of course, with her team-mate, Hingis. 
Ivanovic was a part of the Indian Aces team that won the inaugural IPTL tournament in 2014. She moved to the UAE Royals for the second season and today joined the Emirati side. 
It has been a long layoff for the winner of 15 WTA titles, who pulled the plug early on her 2016 season to recover from a recurring wrist injury after the US Open and has now made her return to the courts for the first time in three months. 
“It was my first match after a long time and it was quite challenging so I hope I can improve little by little in the next few matches”, said Ivanovic. There is something sure. Her team and fans are over the moon with her comeback.

IPTL: Singapore Slammers Hopeful to get on Top in Home Ground

The Coca-Cola International Premier Tennis League has landed in Singapore, where the defending champions will try to make their way up to the top of the table on home ground. 
The OUE Singapore Slammers currently lie third in the standings behind pace-setters the UAE Royals and second-placed Indian Aces. The Japan Warriors are at the foot of the table, with the same number of points as the Slammers (4) but with a deficit in the overall sets accumulated thus far.
The session will start with a duel between the top two teams. Last Sunday, the UAE Royals had a spectacular win over the Indian Aces and the 2014 champions will be looking for revenge. The Emirati side will welcome one of its biggest stars, former world number 1 and 2008 Roland Garros champion Ana Ivanovic. 
The Singapore Indoor Stadium will be the venue for the next three days of competition. But, how have the teams arrived to the second leg of the league and which players are topping the leaderboards? 
So far, Rohan Bopanna from the Indian Aces, has been literally an Indian Ace, leading with 24 aces. Next on the list is Nick Kyrgios from the OUE Singapore Slammers with 20 and rounding off the Top 3 is Tomas Berdych with 16.
The UAE Royals and Japan Warriors dominate the winners category, with the experienced Daniel Nestor from the Dubai-based team leading with 29 winners, same number as the Japanese side’s star, Kei Nishikori. 
Here are the teams and players in action in Singapore: 
Indian Aces: Feliciano López, Ivan Dodig, Kirsten Flipkens, Mark Philippoussis, Rohan Bopanna, Sania Mirza and Thomas Enqvist. Japan Warriors: Fernando González, Fernando Verdasco, Jean-Julien Rojer, Jelena Jankovic, Kurumi Nara and Marat Safin. 
OUE Singapore Slammers: Carlos Moyà, Kiki Bertens, Marcelo Melo, Marcos Baghdatis, Nick Kyrgios and Rainer Schuttler. UAE Royals: Ana Ivanovic, Daniel Nestor, Goran Ivanisevic, Martina Hingis, Pablo Cuevas, Tomas Berdych and Thomas Johansson. 
This has been a challenging year for the League and we expected to get passed them. With the global economy struggling and ticket sales at what they are, we’ve reached out to Serena. She has been super supportive the last two seasons and we look forward to having her back next year.

PLDT HOME Fibr brings unforgettable tennis experience to young athletes with IPTL superstars


In its second season, the world-renowned International Premier Tennis League (IPTL) is now in Manila for the second stop of the five-nation tennis tour. Once again presented by the country’s most powerful broadband PLDT HOME Fibr, IPTL kicked off Manila festivities with an exclusive tennis clinic conducted by the world tennis superstars for young Filipino athletes and Fibr subscribers. The star-studded mentoring session rolled together intensive warm-ups and exhibition games seasoned with valuable first-rate pointers, honing the skills of the young athletes in an unmatched level. Seen in the photo are (back row, L-R): tennis superstars Rohan Bopanna, Fabrice Santoro and Ivan Dodig.
PLDT HOME Fibr subscribers and young tennis players
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World no. 1 tennis legend Serena Williams to headline Philippine Mavericks in IPTL 2015

MANILA, November 26, 2015 – The country’s most powerful broadband PLDT HOME Fibr is set to bring in the world’s top tennis players for season two of the International Premier Tennis League (IPTL) once again.
Commencing on December 2 in Kobe, Japan, the IPTL’s three-day Manila-leg will be played from December 6-8 at the Mall of Asia Arena as part of a five-nation tour. Scheduled stops at New Delhi, Dubai, and Singapore will follow.
Headlining this year’s crop of tennis superstars for the newly-branded Philippine Mavericks team is none other than the current number one Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) pro, Serena Williams.
Known as ‘Meka’ and ‘Momma Smash’, Williams has won the most major singles, doubles, and mixed doubles titles combined for active players, male or female. Her assault on the four major tennis competitions, also known as the Grand Slam—the Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open, played in that order—has elevated Williams to such lofty status that winning four of those tournaments in a row is now referred to as a “Serena Slam”.
She has achieved this twice in her career: once between 2002 and 2003, and recently with her win at the 2014 US Open and through the first three Grand Slams of 2015. Williams holds a total of 34 Grand Slam titles, putting her seventh on the record books.
Only the fourth player in WTA history to reach 250 weeks as the world’s top seed, Williams recently surpassed Chris Evert, who was ranked number one by a total of 260 weeks, by an additional week. The only players ahead of Williams are the retired greats Martina Navratilova (332 weeks) and Steffi Graf (377 weeks). Since Williams still actively competes and shows no signs of slowing down, it is likely that she will soon hold the all-time record.
A powerful server, Williams was once clocked at a peak serve of 128.6 mph (207.0 km/h), the third fastest in history, putting her behind her sister Venus (at 129 mph) and Sabine Lisicki (131 mph).
Accompanying Williams on the Philippine squad are Mixed Doubles Grand Slam titleholder Richard Gasquet, Wimbledon Championships WTA titleholder Lisicki, 2013 Australian Open Mixed Doubles titleholder Jarmila Gajdosova, the youngest Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) top 100 Borna Coric, ATP World Tour Doubles titleholder and Pinoy pride Treat Huey, and World No. 8 in men’s singles and Mavericks Team captain Mark Philippoussis.
The IPTL format will be similar to 2014, where world-class tennis pros will be grouped to represent teams from India, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore and Japan as an added fifth team in 2015.
“With its expanded lineup, season two of IPTL is definitely going to be bigger and more extraordinary,” PLDT VP and HOME Marketing Director Gary Dujali said. “The competition features more than 30 international tennis superstars, and with legend Serena Williams serving up our very own Philippine Mavericks, PLDT HOME Fibr is very excited to bring this level of premier entertainment to our Filipino sports fans.”
As a treat to customers, all PLDT HOME Fibr subscribers are entitled to a 20 percent discount for their tickets to the IPTL Philippine leg. They also get a chance to win VIP tickets complete with a red carpet treatment—two-way rides via the luxury car service Uber Black so that they can arrive at MOA Arena and go home in style.
PLDT HOME Fibr delivers powerful Internet of up to 1 Gbps, allowing high-speed browsing of multiple websites and the country’s first symmetrical speed service. Recently, it launched the new PLDT HOME Fibr Plan 2899 which offers 50 Mbps. Customers who apply before January 31, 2016 will have their speed boosted to 100 Mbps for the first six months of their subscription.

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Want to see your Tennis Idols here in MOA?INTERNATIONAL PREMIER TENNIS LEAGUE *3DAY PASS (DEC 6-8)

Its time once again to see our Tennis Idol’s! WORLD #1 DJOKOVIC AND SERENA!


DEC.06 (SUN) 4:00 PM

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Team Powcast