Yao Ming Retires?!


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Yao Ming retires
Yao Ming perhaps the most famous international player of the NBA and one of the reason why NBA basketball became global will retire?  Yao Ming Retires?!
Yao Ming who stand 7’5 and  averages of 19.0 points, 9.3 rebounds and 1.9 blocked shots per game had been plagued by injuries, a series of operations and treatments had been done however he was not able to fully recover from it. 
Yao Ming allegedly already informed the Houston Rockets and the NBA of his decision and would probably officially announce it with a press conference soon.
Basketball fans will truly miss the entertaining gentle giant as he was one of the icon of global basketball. (source)

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Yao wants to stay with Rockets

(AP) HOUSTON – Yao Ming says his surgically repaired left ankle is healing properly and he would like to remain with the Houston Rockets.

Yao said Thursday that he won’t know until later this summer if he’ll be able to play next season. He becomes a restricted free agent July 1.

A stress fracture in the ankle kept Yao out of all but five games last season and he had surgery in January.

Yao spoke during a visit to a Houston elementary school. He answered questions in English, and taught the children to say “good morning” in his native Chinese.

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Yao may retire?

Yao Ming the biggest basketball star yet to be ever produced by China and the whole Asia is contemplating quitting basketball.

At only 29 years old, Houston Rockets star 7-6 Center Yao Ming is set to come back this season with the Houston Rockets hopeful for a good and dominating performance.

When Yao Ming is healthy He is able to dominate and dictate the game, Yao broke his foot during the 2009 Western Conference semifinals against the Los Angeles Lakers. He missed the rest of the playoffs and the entire 2010 season.

Yao who amidst his injury is still eager to get into the court and play the game he love is worried, he says that he might retire from basketball if his foot doesn’t completely heal.

“If the foot injury does not heal next season, I might choose to call it quits,” Yao

Also according to ESPN he most likely will not play in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

Yao opened up big opportunities for Asian sports athlete and if He so choose to call it quits, then it will be a while before we can fine the stature and the charisma of Yao, literally and figuratively.

Best of Luck Yao.


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Yao will stay but Dirk opting out as well

Yao is reportedly to be staying with his current team the Rockets, this is good news for the Rockets , or is it really?

Yao is one of the best center in the NBA and there is no doubt a bout it, whats in doubt is his health, Yao has been plagued with injuries and was unable to play majority of the season. So is this good or bad?

Dirk on the other hand is just trying to ensure his future by opting  out and bargaining to get a longer term, reports said that he is not really considering to transfer and is not interested with what other teams have to offer.

This old players are wise!