My Internship Journey: Junior Writer Rica Sanglay (An Intern’s Experience at Powcast)

One thing I’ve learned in my internship at Powcast was that, great experiences come when you get out of your comfort zone. Shyness won’t help us exceed our capabilities. It doesn’t enhance our skills. And it doesn’t allow us to nurture our inner talents. That’s why this internship taught me to grab every single opportunity along the way. No matter what it is, or where it is, I know that I will learn something from it.
Since is a blogsite which is all about sports, Mr. Paulo Salud or what we call him Sir Pow, the CEO and founder of Powcast, required us to write articles and had us attend various events regarding sports. He is very generous to interns like me. Even though he barely knows me, and he doesn’t have a single idea about my capabilities, he still let me experience the things which was way beyond my expectations.
Trusting me to cover events and interview big names in the sports industry was very surreal and a confidence booster experience for a timid girl like me. I remembered my first time talking to Sir Pow and he asked me about my weaknesses. One of my answers was that, I’m having a hard time pronouncing the words that contains letter S and R. And that’s why I told him that I prefer writing rather than reporting or talking.
But I think Sir Pow has something else in mind. He asked me to do a short reporting for the highlights of an event that me and my fellow interns went to. I wish I could say no at that moment, because reporting isn’t really my thing. But even if I was turning pale because of too much nervousness, I still decided to go for it because one thought came in to my mind that moment. If my boss believes that I can, why shouldn’t I? So I stood up, memorized the script he gave me and reported it afterwards. Even if I looked stiff and uncomfortable, I am still very happy because I did it.
Aside from events, Sir Pow also assigned me to write articles about trades and gossips in NBA and the results of each game in PBA. I know I’ve said before that I am into writing. Yes I am, given that it is my course in college, I’ve also been doing it since primary school.
But, there will always be a BUT. Sports writing isn’t my forte. I’m more like into feature and editorial writing. That is why sports writing is really a challenge for me.
I realized that I have to step up if I want to excel and try something new. From then, I followed what sir Pow told me. To read a lot about my assigned sports because it will help me big time and make things easier. I found myself really into it, like I worked my ass off and read every book, blog and article regarding the terminologies used in sports writing just to produce well-written articles. And at the end of day, I know all my efforts paid off.  Because my best reward was seeing my write-ups published online with thousands of views. It was indeed a very surreal and overwhelming feeling for me.
My internship at Powcast has come to an end. But the lesson I’ve learned and moments I have experienced will surely be remembered and treasured, always. Thank you so much to Sir Pow and Ma’am Chance for being so kind. Thank you for letting us experience those great opportunities. I would like to express my deepest gratitude and respect for the both of you. And oh! I would also want to apologize for being not so responsive online. It’s because of my unstable internet connection. Sorry Sir and Ma’am. But I assure you that I have read every single thing. Forever grateful that I’ve been an intern at Powcast.
Thank you, more power and God bless always.
– – –
This was some of the events I covered during my internship at Powcast.Net
A blurred picture (thanks to the shaky hands of my partner, Patrick) of me with the main event champion, John Joseph Tabang of Balikatan 19 – Road to Redemption at Hybrid Yaw-Yan Training Center in Annapolis, Cubao, Quezon City.
It was my first time watching an MMA fight up close. I badly want to scream out loud and tell them to STOP. I can’t even watch it for a minute straight. I’m really really nervous that time. And to my surprise, I was assigned to take pictures. And taking pictures mean I need to go to the ring side to have some great shots. Believe it or not. But I did it. It was scary at first but I enjoyed it afterwards.
A picture with Mr. Andre Esswein. He’s a very handsome football player, and he’s from Davao Aguilas FC. 
Taken at Color Manila Run press conference. It was really hands down fun!
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My Valuable Experience As a Trainee (An Intern’s Experience at Powcast)

Being a trainee at is really something to treasure about.

During my stint with Powcast, I have been given the chance to interview different well known personalities in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Boxing and Football like Gegard Mousasi and Mr. Mike Ochosa and also I personally met basketball and volleyball players Enes Kanter, Dikembe Mutombo, Elfrid Payton, Mika Reyes, Jaja Santiago and etc.

My first event was the Ferlenski International Boxing. I was so excited at that time because it was my first time to watch boxing live. I met the Games and Amusement (GAB) Chairman Sir. Baham Mitra in the GAB press con, watched a football game between UST and Hongkong football team. I also served as a videographer at the Color Manila launching event, the Blacklight Tour. Covering events gave you the awesome privilege to witness everything media is and everything they do.

It was the most unforgettable experience. It’s also such an eye opener to the career I chose. I realize that being a media person has big responsibilities, but to be in that moment gives me a different feeling… shy and nervous? Yes I am, but despite that, the feeling of being in the field, the feeling of appreciation for those media practitioners matter the most.

My experience made me realize that being a journalist, you should be prepared for everything your job wants you to be. It’s hard? Yeah, nothing is easy, just do the best in everything. The satisfaction and enjoyment plus the wonderful people I’ve met during my entire internship are really one of a kind.
The reality starts when you’re ready to be the one you’ve worked for years.

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Curiosity Builds the Cat: My OJT Story (An Intern’s Experience at Powcast)

They say life is about making choices, choices that can shape you or otherwise the one which will give you a lesson at the end. However, others say that life cannot be lived only inside a box that you’ll just get around with all through your life.
In my case, I’m that curious cat who jumped out of my comfort zone the moment I have decided and chose as my first step to achieving my 300-hour goal in lieu to fulfill the requirements of a graduating student.
I’m not a sports person. I really hate sports actually. I’m not the sporty nor the physically fit type to perform sports and I hated Physical Education in school. Even though I grew up watching my three big bros when they play basketball, I was just really there to support them and had not really inclined myself on learning the system.
It felt like a big risk that I needed to compose and ask myself first over a million times if I will continue pursuing this company. Because I know that I need to have so much confidence in entering this kind of job.  But I realized that this maybe the way towards a better version of myself, and at least for once I needed to make a life decision on my own, so why not give it a shot?
From that day forward, the moment when Sir Pow presented Powcast’s mission and vision to us and what it is all about, the events that we will be going to cover and attend to and the perks that we might get from this company, I got a little bit excited and somehow frightened. I finally stood up for myself and started to embody the system and tried to really absorb what it is I am entering. I secretly cheered and told myself “I know you can, yes you can! Go Girl!”
I never imagined myself interviewing someone who I just met and make the conversation become a spontaneous one.

I never imagined myself having the guts to approach a a person with a high stature.

I never imagined myself covering 3 events all just in one day with different locations without getting tired.

I never imagined myself being in line with the best sports photographers in the Philippines.

I never imagined myself writing a boxing article.

I never imagined myself dealing with Philippines most known basketball enthusiasts.

And lastly,

I never imagined trusting myself, making choices, make the most of everything and have done all of this by a simple: “You can do it.” Because somehow, sometime I used to be a dependent scared cat before Powcast came into my life.
I will surely never forget how this company molded me to become a better version of myself.
I will surely miss those sleepless nights and unlimited coffees just to finish my article.
I am going to miss those “Watch this video and make an article about it”.
Sir Pow’s “Please give updates every time you are in an event for people to know you were there”
Ma’am Chance’s never ending patience for my grammatical mistakes and unformed sentences.
Kuya Ian Genada’s  “Don’t call me KUYA, coz we are just about the same age”.
Sir Euge’s advises, Sir Yanyan’s approachable personality and lastly, Sir Aldrin’s thoughtfulness.
We may not have had enough time to meet the other members of this team but for sure they are as cool as everybody else and still hoping to meet them someday.
To Sir Paulo “Pow” Salud, thank you for making my internship story a thrilling, exciting, and an unforgettable one. It was truly worthwhile. You have a huge part of who am I today. Kudos to you and your team.
At the end, I have just realized that is the risk that I’ll always take if given another chance.

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My Internship Story: The Summer I Will Never Forget (An Intern’s Experience at Powcast)

All of it was not what I had expected it to be. The challenge, the experience and that media room in the near end. It all turned out to be so fulfilling. Thank you for giving me a chance, thank you for this summer that will forever be part of my history. Thank you
At first, I was hesistant. The thought of writing sports news and articles all through out summer lowered my confidence. I had even excluded in the choices of where I am going to do my internship. But there goes me, the boy who ran out of choices. So I guess, I’m going to take it then. Since my friend has also been nagging me and that we should all go and hurriedly start our internship so that we finish by the end of the summer.
When our first meeting happened, I was so scared. I’m like, “God, how am I going to face the task that Sir Pow has given us?” And yes, by the end of the meeting, the basketball task was given to me. The most loved sport here in the Philippines. Yes, I am going to write basketball news everyday. I have never been interested in basketball, in sports generally. So I said to myself, “Hold on, you’ll soon finish and get this over with.”
Terms used in basketball were so not in my vocabulary, so how am I going to write 2-3 articles a day? How am I going to get through this? The first days were very hard. When I started it was the basketball league of the Philippines and the US that I am going to write. But then I was assigned to write and focus more on NBA. The pressure is high, because it was so immense to the point that it frightened me. So I read every news after every game and get what’s useful and put it in my article. And that saved me through the day. And somehow I got to understand the flow of the game, and actually enjoyed it.
Covering events was certainly a different story. EDSA is the witness to our exciting journey into going to events. It was so uplifting, getting to cover legitimate events. We went to press conferences, a baseball game, an MMA event and a boxing game among others. Covering events gave me the luxury to try new things I’ve never tried before. But what I am going to treasure the most and I think the highlight of my internship is covering the whole SEABA 2017 Championship which was held here in the Philippines.
Everything that happened in SEABA was like a dream. Getting to cover the basketball games in line with the other writers of prominent news sites and newspapers. The media room gave me butterflies in the stomach. I thought to myself, “This is the dream”. I would never trade it for anything else. I am so happy that I took that opportunity because it made me feel that I am a doing good as a writer that’s why I was there. That fueled my dream more of becoming a writer. Imagine, me covering not just one day but 5 days of SEABA. I get to feel five days of genuineness as a writer and it was totally fulfilling.
I am so happy that all of these happened to me. I will treasure that and keep it with me forever. I am very thankful to Sir Pow, Ma’am Chance and all of the people that I have met during my stay at This opportunity that I was afraid of taking at first turned to be a very wonderful story. I hope I get to meet all of you again in the future when I became a writer someday!

Thank you for the 200 hours of adventure!

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