Nike Hyper Court Unlocks Access to Basketball Training and Content for Manila Ballers

Digitally connected courts created by Nike, powered by Google

Nike Hyper Court Manila Philippines

In a city where basketball is the pulse and access to data and training is limited, Nike is launching Nike Hyper Court, the first ever on-court digital experience that unlocks exclusive HD basketball content without the need for data, to inspire ballers across the city to take their game to the next level.

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Turn up to one of the initial five courts across Manila and ballers can connect to Nike Hyper Court and gain free access to content, powered by Google technology, that includes training drills, elevated member activities and the best of Nike global basketball content.
“The passion for basketball in Manila is unlike any other city in Asia. We want to inspire young ballers to realize their full potential through the physical and digital aspects of their sport. Nike Hyper Court enables these ballers to train anytime without worrying about access to training drills and data costs,” said Nike Southeast Asia & India Senior Marketing Director, Bulbul Khera. 
“Nike Hyper Court, powered by Google, presents a great example of how businesses can partner with the community to customize technology and provide an original, digital solution aimed at empowering Filipino basketball players and youth across the capital. We are excited to see Nike Hyper Court use Google’s technology to change the game. This technology allows for endless possibilities on and off the court,” mentioned Miguel de Andrés-Clavera, Google Creative Technology Lead.
The content is designed with a hyperlocal approach with the help of experienced coaches. Features include drills and skills training programs addressing power, quickness and versatility tailored for different types of players, all delivered through a program that learns and makes recommendations from continuous user interaction. 
Each of the Nike Hyper Courts in the five Barangays (districts) are visually stunning thanks to the design of Arturo Torres, internationally renowned artist known for his signature superhero themed illustrations of rappers, basketball stars and New York Times bestselling books. Arturo’s design for each court features an emblematic identity of five basketball superstars: LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and Kyrie Irving. 
“I want the kids that play on these courts to know that they can be like the superstars I’ve drawn. Sure you have to put in the work, but no one can tell that you can’t do something. With Nike Hyper Court you can go out there and prove them wrong – to anyone that’s ever said no to you,” said Torres. 

The first five courts are launching this holiday season: 

Titan Love Court, BGC – LeBron James Court
Ususan Court, Taguig – Kobe Bryant Court
Comembo Covered Court, Makati – Kevin Durant Court
Scarlet Homes Covered Court, Paranaque – Russell Westbrook Court
YCL Covered Court, Quezon City – Kyrie Irving Court

What and Why are there Nike Hyper Courts? Will there be more of ’em?


  • Nike Hyper Court is an on-court interactive experience, powered by Google that unlocks exclusive basketball content, through free data, to inspire ballers across the city to take their game to the next level. 
  • Through Nike Hyper Court, Filipino ballers gain free access to exclusive content that includes training drills, elevated member activities and the best of Nike global basketball content
  • Nike Hyper Court, powered by Google, is a joint initiative between both brands for the first time in bringing access of videos and contents relevant to sports where data access can be scarce, resulting in slow or disruptive content access. 

  • The Google technology eliminates the need for high speed data connectivity and enables ballers to watch YouTube content on the designated courts. This is an original project developed for the Philippines and the first time the technology has been used anywhere in the world.
  • Nike Hyper Court, powered by Google, helps break down connectivity and data barriers – a prevalent challenge for the youth in Manila with limited data connectivity. 

  • Nike Hyper Court content is streamed via high-speed platforms enabled at every designated Nike Hyper Court using Google technology.
  • Ballers at the Nike Hyper Court simply need to connect their smart phones to the local network via the Nike Hyper Court wifi and sign up when prompted.
  • These ballers will then be able to access exclusive training videos, coaching tips and athlete content.
  • The Nike Hyper Court experience is complemented with physical coaching / training sessions on a periodic basis to enhance the ballers’ learning experiences. 

  • Nike saw an opportunity to team up with Google to provide a unique application of their technology paired with exclusive Nike basketball content.
  • Nike Hyper Court provides an avenue for youth in the Philippines to raise their game by providing access to exclusive inspirational and interactive training and content through the power of mobile.

  • Nike and Google have teamed up to develop a unique technological solution bringing Nike Hyper Court to life. We don’t have further details to share about the agreement. 

  • The content accessible through Nike Hyper Court is designed with a hyperlocal approach with the help of experienced and credible coaches, where some of the features will include the following:
  • Athlete-inspired drills and training programs for different types of ballers. For example: 

  1. Programs based on power, quickness and versatility on court
  2. Skill-enhancing tutorials in the areas of shooting, passing, handles and defense 
  3. The best of Nike inspiration, innovation and enablement content
  4. Exclusive Nike athlete content

  • NikeConnect is an app used by scanning a chip in the NBA jerseys with a smartphone to access Global Nike contents for fans and consumers to tap into the game on and off the court with contents encompassing performance, culture, innovation and inspirational aspects of the game; whereas with Nike Hyper Court users simply connect their smartphones to Nike Hyper Court directly on site, at designated basketball courts to access mainly training-related contents to raise one’s game.
  • NikeConnect can be accessed anywhere whereas the Nike Hyper Court is only accessible at designated courts. 
  • The NikeConnect requires access to data whereas the Nike Hyper Court is powered by Google technology, eliminating the need for high-speed data connectivity. 

  • The Nike Hyper Court will be launched in five Barangays around Manila during this holiday season:
  • Titan Love Court, BGC – LeBron James Court
  • Ususan Court, Taguig – Kobe Bryant Court
  • Comembo Covered Court, Makati – Kevin Durant Court
  • Scarlet Homes Covered Court, Paranaque – Russell Westbrook Court
  • YCL Covered Court, Quezon City – Kyrie Irving Court

  • Under optimal circumstances, Nike Hyper Court can serve up to 60 people at one time, per court, which allows steady streaming of contents and videos. 

  • No, as the two are different from a functional and technologically-driven perspective. 

  • Arturo Torres is renowned for working on illustrations for New York Times bestseller Shea Serrano’s “The Rap Year Book: The Most Important Rap Song From Every Year Since 1979 Discussed, Debated and Deconstructed”. It featured more than 150 of Torres’ drawings – a blend of photorealism, as well as youthful and lively 1980s cartoons. 
  • With a blend of his artistic craft and tonality – vibrant and youthful – as he dimentionalizes each athlete’s life-size personality to match the murals’ scale, Torres was approached to illustrate and express his vision for Nike Hyper Court with such talent and vision that resonates with basketballers in Manila and around the glbe, in addition to his familiarity with the sport while playing basketball in high school.

  • Arturo wanted every single drawing to have something that represented the athletes in a way, nostalgically paying homage to his roots and affiliation towards comic-book style illustrations.
  • For KD, he focused on capturing the high energy and versatility KD has in every game he plays. 
  • For Kyrie, he was inspired by how fast the athlete can move around players and that comes through with the wind depicted going past him in the illustration.
  • Lebron James was depicted to intentionally draw parallels to the fictitious God of Thunder comic character, Thor. Hence, the lightning to amplify the effect, coupled with the athlete depicted “flying”.
  • For Kobe, Torres honed in on the athlete’s ball-handling skills and his ability to remain calm in all scenarios during game-play. Hence, the depiction of smoke at the bottom of the mural. 
  • For Westbrook, he draws on the fiery, passionate emotion the athlete brings to the court, depicted through fire and lava.

  • Yes, there are plans to launch more courts in the near future.

More Than Meets the Eye: Check out the List of Manila’s New Hyper Court

The Titan Love Court, BGC featuring LeBron James


From a distance, Manila’s new Nike Hyper Courts ooze basketball vitality. Richly illustrated by Arturo Torres, each of the five courts carries a super hero version of a basketball superstar: LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and Kyrie Irving.
Pull out, and the courts offer more than just comic book charm. An outline of a phone, which forms a portion of Titan Love Court in BGC, teases the Hyper Court’s secondary appeal: Each court unlocks exclusive HD basketball content direct to mobile web.
Powered by Google, this content is delivered data-free, including training drills, elevated member activities and the best of Nike global basketball content. For example, videos from experienced coaches relay drills that address power, quickness and versatility tailored to different types of players. The program also learns and makes recommendations from continuous user interaction, which helps promote ongoing progress.

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1. Titan Love Court in BGC featuring LeBron James  
2. Ususan Court in Taguig featuring Kobe Bryant
3. Comembo Covered Court in Makati featuring Kevin Durant Court
4. Scarlet Homes Covered Court in Paranaque featuring Russell Westbrook
5. YCL Covered Court in Quezon City featuring Kyrie Irving

Nike and Titan Launch The Titan x Nike Pop-up Store in BGC


18 OCTOBER, 2017, MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Nike and basketball retailer Titan have partnered together to launch the exclusive Titan x Nike pop-up space that showcases the best of Nike & Jordan Brand innovation, services and experiences this holiday season.
Titan’s flagship store in Bonifacio Global City has been transformed into a hub for those who play, live and obsess the game with the newest Nike Basketball, Jordan Brand and hoops-inspired Nike Sportswear innovation on full display – Nike NBA jerseys with next-level access to athletes and special rewards, the Nike LeBron XV and Air Jordan XXXII and the timeless streetwear classic, the Nike Air Force 1 which celebrates its 35th year anniversary this year.
Since 1982, the Nike Air Force 1 has inspired communities, artists and musicians the world over with its basic white silhouette and endless iterations (more than 2,000 since 1982), on and off the court.  The Nike Air Force 1 Low NBA celebrates the connection to the game of basketball as Nike kicks off its relationship with the NBA. Throughout the season, new Nike Air Force 1 silhouettes will also be released during Nike Air Force 1 Fridays each week, from October to mid-December. Every purchase of the Nike Air Force 1 at the Titan x Nike pop-up space comes with an exclusive pin, dubrae or chain.

Beginning November, Nike will be staging Battle Force Manila – a series of tournaments open to young Filipinos to compete in various battles across basketball, dance, music, art and style – in celebration of the game and culture of basketball at the Titan Love Court, BGC from November 4th onwards. More information on Battle Force Manila can found on
The Titan x Nike Pop-up store is open Mondays through Sundays, from 11am to 10pm.

LeBron James and Teammates Launched the New LeBron 15’s in Cleveland, His Favorite to Date

LeBron James Capped Off Season Crazyiness with Launch of his New Signature Shoe

A couple of days before NBA opening night, Cleveland Cavaliers Superstar LeBron James and a couple of his friends showed up in a pop-up store in the city of Cleveland, Ohio to help launch the new Shoe of LeBron James.
LeBron 15
The LeBron 15s will be available in three colorways: Ghost, Ashes and Pride of Ohio.  In the US, it will sell at $185 (9,250 Php). The shoe featured Nike’s Flyknit technology and it looks different from its predecessors.
We do not have a date on the release in the Philippines but I bet this would be one of those sneakers which will be highly sought after, it’s a shoe fit for a King.

Breaking: LeBron James is Coming Back to Manila with Strive for Greatness Show, How to Register and Get tickets



LeBron James is Going Back to Manila

What:  Strive for Greatness Show
Location: SM Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay, Manila
Date: September 2, 2017
Time: 3 PM
The King is coming back to Manila for another spectacle of the country’s finest basketball competition and culture. Get a chance to get two (2) tickets to the LeBron James Strive For Greatness Show by registering on the Nike website.
Basketball fans are going crazy again and you better hurry up because registration can close anytime. This would be your chance for an evening to witness LeBron’s greatness in the flesh.
LeBron James is a native of Akron, Ohio the Overall 1st pick of 2013, a 3X NBA Champion,  4X NBA MVP, 13X NBA All-star and many more.. the accolades of this Superstar is just too many to mention.
On September 2, 2017 at 3 pm, the Mall of Asia will be filled with raving fans as LeBron James will once again single handedly bring the house down and rock the world class arena.

LEBRON JAMES visited Manila for his “Witness Tour” on July 23, 2013 at SM Mall of Asia (MOA) Arena for the first time.

Manila Sneaker Expo returns for it’s 5th straight year

MANILA –  Another huge sneaker convention is returning to Manila for it’s 5th consecutive year. Which means it’s that time of the year again where you break your piggy banks and save those payday cheques (That’s if you’re into sneakers or streetwear fashion, of course.)

The Manila Sneaker Expo is perhaps, if not, the biggest sneaker event in The Philippines. Many resellers, shops, and collectors gather together at this event showcasing their exclusive collections and “deadstock” (Sold out, meaning hard to find) and sample pairs up for sale. You don’t need to be a sneakerhead or into fashion if you want to go, as there will also be various exhibits of sneaker art and looking at the unique designs of each sneaker, limited or not, is already appealing to the eye.

    Manila Sneaker Expo 2 (2014) Photo Courtesy of

The event isn’t just about kicks, but also streetwear fashion with many products ranging from jackets to pants. Popular brands such as Supreme and BAPE are among the brands that MSE has to offer.  

    Photo courtesy of 

The infamous “Sneaker Arcade” machine will also be present, which is a keymaster machine loaded with different sneakers from different brands as the prize for those who will be lucky and accurate enough to score. 

    The machine that emptied the wallets of those who tried their hand. Photo courtesy of

Like last year’s event, there will be a pair of Adidas Yeezy Boost V2’s raffled, the only difference being it will be the “Zebra” colorway up for grabs instead of the “Beluga” colorway from last year. The winner get’s to keep the pair of his/her size for free. Anyone can join the raffle as long as they have purchased tickets to the event. The stub will come with the ticket and you can drop it at the admission table before entering the event hall.

           The Adidas Yeezy Boost V2 “Zebra” This will be raffled off at the end of the event.

There will also be a sneaker auction. Various sneakers in different sizes from Jordan Brand, Adidas, and Nike will be up for grabs in an ascending-open auction style. Last year’s auction included pairs like the Adidas Triple Black Ultraboost and Jordan 1 “Banned”.

And of course, the event wouldn’t be complete without a special guest. Last year featured sneaker personality and performance tester Chris Chase a.k.a. Nightwing2303 of This year will feature musician/actor/sneaker personality Jacques Slade a.k.a. Kustoo, who is well known for his videos and reviews of early releases, sample pairs, Player Exclusives (PE’s) and limited edition sneakers. 


The Manila Sneaker Expo 5 will be held at the SMX Convention Center Aura in The Fort BGC, Taguig on August 20, 2017 from 1 PM until 8 PM . Tickets can be bought at an early bird fee of 200 pesos until Friday, August 11, 2017. Afterwards, admission rate will be at the regular price of 250 pesos. Tickets are now available at .

Nike Unveils Revolutionary "REACT" Cushioning in Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit

Nike Basketball redefines the limits of the game this season with its latest and most innovative shoe – the Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit. Designed to extend the shoe’s legacy with its action-oriented nature expressed in sleek, minimalistic lines, the newest Hyperdunk sports a modern twist to its classic look. 
Tucked inside its very soul is the game-changer for cushioning. Called React, the all-new Nike foam is quite the experience. Soft and ultra responsive as it is strong and stable, the cushioning foam reacts swiftly to every step, then bounces back to its original state, ensuring the player a consistent energy uplift every minute of every game. Born from thousands of hours of basketball testing inside the Nike Sports Research Lab, it is the most energetic and durable, breakthrough foam you can find in Nike Basketball. There is simply no other shoe in the brand’s history that has delivered better energy return than the Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit.  
This shoe is made for quicker cuts, smoother lift-offs and longer playing time on the hardwood. Its outsole sports a data-informed traction pattern that offers consistent grip in specific zones of the foot. Its internal shank plate is encased within the cushioning and outsole, providing all-important rigidity and control. Hardworking but loaded with attitude, the all-Flyknit upper combined with a decoupled collar provides comfort, breathability, and mobility for that custom one-to-one fit. 
For more information on Nike React and the Hyperdunk 2017, please visit
The new Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit will be available in the ‘White Metallic’ and ‘Pale Grey’ colorways at select Nike and Titan doors starting August 3 for 8,995 PHP. Other colorways and variations of the Hyperdunk are set to release throughout the year.

NIKE and the NBA Reveal the First of the League’s 2017-2018 Game Uniforms
Nike tuned the uniform design to the rigors of this increasingly intense 82-game season by employing 3D-body maps of players, including heat and sweat maps.
The 2017-2018 NBA Season officially marks the beginning of a long partnership between the league and the Swoosh. Today they gave us a glimpse of just how they intend to give the Association a new and modern look.
Backed by more than 25 years of research, the latest uniforms are built on a refined version of the Nike Aeroswift basketball chassis. Specifically designed to outlast the 82-game season grind, it employs 3D-body maps of players that include heat and sweat maps. These uniforms were worn and tested by last year’s Olympic gold medal-winning USA Basketball team and provided specific feedback that prompted the brand to evolve the designs in ways that included moving the armhole, neck, and side seams to get rid of distractions for the athletes.
The uniform is comprised of a combination of Alpha Yarns and recycled polyester (each athlete uniform represents approximately 20 recycled PET bottles). 
A combination of Alpha Yarns and recycled polyester comprises each uniform that represents approximately 20 recycled PET bottles). Not only does this support Nike’s broad commitment to sustainability, it also removes moisture more quickly than previous NBA uniforms, wicking sweat 30 percent faster than current ones.
But the most significant change of all is that the league is eliminating its ‘Home’ and ‘Road’ uniform designations. Starting next season, home teams are given the chance to pick which of the uniforms they will wear at home games while the visiting team has to choose a contrasting uniform from their own assortment.
Due to this, there are now four (4) core uniforms for a team – all classified as ‘editions’ – which draw from the rich heritage of the NBA and its franchises.
1. The Association Edition – this is the traditional home whites all 30 teams will have from their choices, which links them together as the most exclusive basketball club in the globe. It symbolizes the achievements that these athletes have worked all their lives to achieve.
2. The Icon Edition – formerly known as the Road uniform, this stands for the rich heritage and iconic identity that exists within each franchise. This edition makes use of a team’s primary colors – one that dominates the closets of most diehard NBA fans.
3. Classic Edition – This season, there will be eight teams who will have the opportunity to celebrate some of their most iconice uniforms in league history and can be worn at their discretion. Releases later this Fall.
Nike and the NBA worked together to create four primary uniforms for each team, classified as “editions,” which draw from the rich heritage of the NBA and its respective franchises.
Aside from these new editions, Nike will be unveiling a new on-court collection that includes tights and socks to provide a seamless look for the world’s greatest basketball players when they play in the game’s grandest stage.
For more information, you can check out:

Buying Sportswear: Divisoria vs. Original Brands

All athletes have a problem with clothes. It’s a constant struggle to find something to wear for the gym or on the court. Original, dri-fit clothing is hard to come by, especially since it comes out in the thousands. Female athletes have to worry about purchasing yoga pants and sports bras as well. If you’re a student or short on cash, buying these expensive sportswear can be impractical. This is why some Filipinos opt to buy their sportswear at Divisoria.
Shoppers at 168 Mall, Divisoria, sportswear are generally available at some of the malls there. Most can be bought at a minimum of P100, and the prices go up from that point. But buying can be quite a task. One has to check for defects and inconsistencies in the designs. One tip is to always double-check the item. 
In Divisoria, sportswear can come in three types: factory overruns, local brands, and the ubiquitous imitations. Most people go for the imitation brands, which can look and feel quite real. Factory overruns are a rare find, and the closest thing one can get to a “legit” buy. People occasionally buy the local brands. The cheap prices and attractive features of the items are great deals to the common Filipino fitness enthusiast.
For the serious athletes, however, quality is a priority. Most sports call for uniforms after all. Triathletes need to have tri-suits, and while basketball players have their jerseys. Athletes need fabrics that can withstand the constant sweat and stress that they make. A lot of top-notch brands that sell sportswear (2XU, UA,  Nike, Adidas) can retail at P4000, minimum. Clothing from those brands can take a lot of stress. If you saturate your week with high-volume, high-intensity training, you can’t expect your Divisoria bought dri-fit shirt to keep up with you. 
High-end brands found as imitations in Divisoria
The cheap fabric that Divisoria retailers use are not top-notch. They might look good, but they can’t wick sweat away as efficient as an original. An imitation running shoe might feel good, but if you run a 10k with it everyday, the material won’t be able to cope with the stress and will break.  That iron-pressed sticker can wear off. The fake Under Armour or Nike logo can stretch and fall off the shirt. After multiple washes, the color and design might look different. But all those factors depend on the quality. The life of the average Divisoria product will depend on the person’s sport and training volume. 
It’s simple. If you like wearing dri-fit clothes for fashion, then go for it. If you’re a casual gym-goer, a mountaineer, or the occasional runner and biker, go buy that Divisoria dri-fit. However, if you’re a serious athlete, then you should already know that quality sportswear can affect your training. Your allowance/salary, and sports lifestyle are all factors on the choices you make. It all depends on YOU.

Draymond Green was the first to wear the Hyperdunk …to win a title in it – HYPERDUNK 2017

 orn by champion Draymond Green, the Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit delivers comfort, support and the responsive energy return of all-new proprietary Nike React cushioning platform.
Draymond Green at the global launch event for Nike React in New York City on June 20
Since its debut in 2008, the Hyperdunk has become the epitome of Nike Basketball design. In each of its iterations, the silhouette has simultaneously flexed fresh innovation and stood as the brand’s purest expression of a basketball shoe. The Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit extends the legacy, advancing the proposition with a sleek, minimalistic aesthetic approach that result in a modern take on a classic look.

Starting from the bottom, the Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit is rooted by an outsole with a data-informed traction pattern that synthesizes pressure maps from the Nike Sports Research Lab to ensure a supportive base, highlighted by circular pistons, tuned to offer traction exactly where needed. Encapsulated within, a Nike React core serves up an unprecedented trio of benefits: it’s lightweight, responsive and durable. A shank plate, situated between the Nike React cushioning and the shoes outsole, creates rigidity and manages torque.Translated to basketball, these collected benefits buttress quick cuts, smooth lift-off and sustained play. “This shoe is lightweight, it has a resilience in it. It has the bounce for sprinting and moving around just like I want to,” notes Green.
The Flyknit upper, providing target stretch and breathability, follows a familiar ‘80s style topline with a contemporary material twist. Like the Nike React foam, which is both soft and springy, the Flyknit upper balances a best-of-both-worlds aesthetic that recalls icons of the past in stance while simultaneously casting a cutting-edge nod to the future. Of note is the subtly decoupled collar, which allows for natural mobility and customizable fit.

When the Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 Flynkit launches August 3, it comes complete with an undeniable, championship pedigree.

“To be the first to wear the latest Hyperdunk…to win a title in it…means the world to me,” says Green.

Inspirations on Paul George First Signature Shoe


In Nike’s 44-year history, fewer than one percent of its endorsed athletes have been given a signature shoe. 

Joining one of the most exclusive clubs in all of sport, Paul George will debut his first signature shoe, the PG1, this week on an international stage as Indiana plays Denver in London on Thursday, January 12.

He becomes Nike Basketball’s fourth active signature athlete, and the 21st basketball player to receive a signature shoe from Nike.

Blending George’s smooth personality with performance attributes, the PG1 is tailored to PG13’s two-way game. The lightweight, low cut PG1 is a true collaboration between George and designer Tony Hardman. The simple, highly functional silhouette features a distinctive forefoot strap anchored by Flywire cable loops providing a dynamic, contained feel, while a forefoot Zoom Air unit delivers low-profile, responsive cushioning.

Specific performance benefits of the PG1 include:

Forefoot strap with Flywire technology loop system provides adaptive support Zoom Air unit under the forefoot and plush sockliner provide responsive cushioning Full-bootie construction delivers a snug, 1-to-1 fit Multidirectional scale-inspired blade traction provides ultimate court grip

The PG1 2K colorway connects to George’s love of gaming and his status as cover athlete of the video game NBA 2K17; the shoe features a unique sockliner. A bobber inspired lace lock serves as a special nod to his other favorite pastime, fishing.

Chelsea and Nike Seal Long Term Partnership

Chelsea Football Club today announces a new technical partnership with Nike, which represents the largest commercial deal in the club’s history.

The long-term agreement will see Nike, the world’s leading sports footwear and apparel company, become the official kit supplier beginning with the 2017/18 season. Nike will produce strips for the first team, Academy and Ladies teams, as well as a full range of clothing for Chelsea’s millions of supporters around the world.

Chelsea director Marina Granovskaia said: “This is an incredibly exciting and important deal for the club. Like Chelsea, Nike is known around the world for its excellence and innovation and we look forward to working together in what is sure to be a successful partnership. We believe Nike will be able to support our growth into new markets as well as helping us maintain our place among the world’s elite football clubs.”

Trevor Edwards, President of the Nike Brand, said: “Chelsea is a world-class club with a rich tradition and passionate fans across the globe. The partnership with Chelsea reinforces our leadership position in football. We are excited to help grow the club’s global reach, serving players and supporters with Nike innovation and design.”

Here’s how you can get your hands on Nike Air Mag! The Future of Shoes

The Nike Mag, complete with “Adaptive Fit,” is now available in an effort to speed a cure for Parkinson’s disease.

Almost 30 years ago, Nike inspired a future vision of footwear — an individually responsive shoe that senses the wearer and adapts on its own.

Famously worn on the silver screen by Michael J. Fox, the shoe quickly became a cultural icon. Today, Nike and The Michael J. Fox Foundation proudly announce the release of the 2016 Nike Mag 

— a limited-edition release of only 89 pairs available globally through an online draw — to once again channel the excitement of the Nike Mag to raise awareness in the fight against Parkinson’s and the Foundation’s tireless efforts to speed a cure.

How to get the Nike Mag

–          The majority of these will be available to residents of the United States and Canada through a digital draw process. Entrance to The Draw is via or via the Nike+ App, with each entry granting equal opportunity to win a pair of the Nike Mag. Tickets are $10 donations to The Michael J. Fox Foundation. There is no limit to the amount of tickets that can be obtained per individual — the more tickets, the greater chance of winning. The Draw will begin on October 4, 2016 and end October 11, 2016. Winners will be notified October 17, 2016.

–          One pair of the Nike Mag will also be auctioned live in three places: Hong Kong on October 11, 2016; London on October 14 and 17; and in New York on November 12 at The Michael J. Fox Foundation’s benefit gala, “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Cure Parkinson’s.”

100 percent of the proceeds will go to The Michael J. Fox Foundation and drive critical research to accelerate development of a cure for Parkinson’s disease.

To find out more on how to get the 2016 Nike Mag, you can visit

Nike’s Chairman and CEO Mark Parker talks about the shoe in this short video:

Nike treats sneaker enthusiasts with their Buy one and Get one deal this weekend.

Sneakerheads and sneaker lovers, here’s an early treat from Nike, they will be offering a great deal on all of their Running, Training and Skateboarding shoes this weekend (17th and 18th of September). Buy one Take one promo is on as they let you pay for the highest amount of one of the two pairs of your choice and get the other pair for free. Buyers will go crazy and  buyers will be massive so make sure you get there early and cop your favorite kicks.

Soon to be released: Nike PG1

The highflying superstar, Paul George will finally have his own basketball shoe line under Nike and it will be released this September.

Let us check the design:
This shoe is minimalist in design, with a neoprene slip-on upper recieving lockdown support through an asymmetrical midfoot strap. The sleek midsole unit should boast Zoom cushioning and is reminiscient of earlier Kobe entries.

The shoes will be priced at 110 US Dollars or around 5,200 Pesos.

Kobe 11 Mambacurial sets to be released by Mid September

Nike and the retired superstar are making a good retirement work for the sneakerheads out there.

This soccer inspired shoes has a different design from other Kobe 11. There’s the NIKE name in the side of the shoe and the swoosh that is original in the side are now located at the forefoot.

This shoes is priced at 160 dollars or around 7,500 pesos.

Sister Madonna Buder Got Unlimited Youth, At 86 You won’t Believe What She Can Still Do

Sister Madonna Buder Got Unlimited Youth, At 86 You won't Believe What She Can Still Do

When Sister Madonna Buder needed a little extra oomph to complete her first IRONMAN® World Championship triathlon in Hawaii, she predictably channeled the divine. “I thought of the finish line as the entrance to the final finish line, into the Pearly Gates,” she recalls. “That’s what drew me to [it].”
Sister Buder completed that race in 1985, at the age 65. At 75, the American nun became the oldest woman to ever complete an IRONMAN triathlon. At 82, she set a world record as the oldest IRONMAN triathlon competitor. Today, at 86 years old, she has completed over 40 IRONMAN races, each comprising of a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike and 26.2-mile run. Her steely resolve has earned her the epithet the “Iron Nun.” Along the way she’s had some setbacks — missing a race finish by a matter of seconds, multiple broken bones, wetsuit issues — but, she proclaims, “The only failure is not to try, because your effort in itself is a success.”
Sister Buder’s introduction to sport came just seven years before her first race in Hawaii, when she attended a workshop on the Oregon Coast that was led by a priest who championed running as a way to harmonize the mind, body and soul. Sister Buder took this creed to the extreme, burning out on the sport before discovering the variety of the triathlon. “That was the salvation,” she declares. Her physical endurance she attributes to listening to her body and maintaining a positive mindset. 
“You carry your attitude with you,” Sister Buder elaborates. “You either achieve or you self-destruct. If you think positively, you can even turn a negative into a positive.” Along with this spiritual guidance, she imparts simple, yet easily applicable performance advice to younger athletes: “One step at a time makes a marathon.”

Kobe Bryant Returns To His Roots As Nike Tour to Reggio Emilia

On the third day of his Nike Europe Tour 2016, Kobe Bryant went to the Ferrari world headquarters in Maranello then followed by Reggio Emilia.

In Reggio, basketball is huge. It is where Kobe Bryant spent seven years and started playing the game because his father Joe ‘Jellybean’ Bryant was playing for the team from 1989 to 1991.

Kobe shared his memorable stories of childhood to the fans and media in Italian.

For more updates, visit the Nike news: Kobe Bryant Europe Tour

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Kobe Bryant Returns To Where He Grew up- Italy for his Europe Tour with Nike

Milan- Kobe Bryant is adored in Europe, too. Nike Europe Tour 2016 began with his summer basketball camp in the Netherlands and continues in Italy, friday.

The Bryant family moved in Italy when the Black Mamba only aged six until fourteen years. It was when ‘Jellybean’ Bryant left the NBA to play for the Italian professional basketball.

Retired Los Angeles Laker steps out and speaks in Italian to the fans flock waiting outside to see one of the greatests on NBA. The fans chant Kobe! Kobe! Kobe! and MVP!

The video was captured when ‘Vino’ Bryant went to visit the House of Hoops: Footlocker Milano where a Q & A session with fans and media was held.

The five-time champion was welcomed at the same time by the Italian NBA player and Champion in 2014, Marco Belinelli.

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Nike Brings Kobe Bryant To Europe

Nike Basketball and Laker Legend Kobe Bryant returns to Europe to kick off his multi-city tour. Netherlands is his first stop before moving on to Italy where he moved with his family at the age of six. The Black Mamba will inspire and engage young athletes while affirming the 5- time Champion’s legacy as a dedicated teacher and relentless innovator.

Bryant’s visit begins with a stop to the Nike European Headquarters in Hilversum.

Kobe then hosted a basketball clinic in Dudok Arena, a local public gym, for kids aged 9-18 years.

“Reading subtle nuances of your competition can give these athletes an advantage, like the footwork on a pump fake”, as Bryant explains.

As the basketball clinic draws to en end, the retired Los Angeles Laker definitely inspired the athletes who look up to him.

Source and Photo Credit: Nike Basketball

Basketball Culture : What’s Kobe up to now?

Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant closed out his career of five NBA Championships and 18 All-Star Titles. As one of the most prominent face in the NBA, a lot of attention was redirected to him.

Here’s what the “Black Mamba” is up to and all the attention he get in his retirement.




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The first time Kevin Durant wore his latest signature shoe, the Nike KD9, on court, he scored 33 points. “My interests have changed, my game has changed and this is a perfect shoe for who I am now,” says Durant. The shoe, by designer Leo Chang, introduced Flyknit technology to the KD line and, with it, a refined fit engineered for Durant’s fluid playing style.
Durant debuted the KD9 Zero colorway with a 33 point playoff performance, it goes on sale June 20.
“The upper allows me to shift to the right and come back to my left really quick and pull up on a dime,” Durant notes. “The shoes are perfectly catered to my foot, like I molded these and got a special pair made. That’s what I want everybody to feel who puts these on. It will feel personal.”
The shoe’s Flyknit upper sits atop a visible, tapered Zoom Air bag unit running from heel to toe. Developed over three years of advanced wear testing, the new Zoom Air bag is 16 millimeters thick at the heel and progressively narrows to 10 millimeters at the forefoot. This architecture is tuned to provide exceptional impact protection in the heel with the snappy feel when pushing off in the forefoot.
Leo Chang’s KD9 sketch.
The KD9 Zero colorway is available now in limited quantities globally at and select retail stores. The KD9 Premiere (white/blue/red) and KD9 Mic Drop (black/white) follow in the weeks to come. The suggest retail price of the KD9 is $150 USD.
Learn more about the progressive KD9.

Basketball Culture : LeBron James x Nike Shoes

LeBron James and Nike set a new record for the biggest shoe contract of all time when then an 18 year old high schooler signed a 7 year, $90 Million deal with Nike who had not played a single NBA game. In his rookie season, LeBron James played in the Nike Air Zoom Generation, but subsequent years followed with a sequential number for each shoe making the AZG the unofficial LeBron 1. The AZG was designed by Eric Avar, the LeBron II-VI were designed by Ken Link, and LeBron VII-Nike LeBron 13 have been designed by Jason Petrie.

Things are going well for the King. Nike Basketball has never produced and made available so many LeBron James shoes for sale than ever. In addition to the signature Nike LeBron shoes, Nike also brings out a Soldier series shoe plus other special editions of LeBron shoes. Below are examples of the latest LeBron shoes for sale:


Gilas Pilipinas New Nike Vapor uniforms with AeroSwift technology, What is it?

Gilas Pilipinas New Nike Vapor uniforms with AeroSwift technology, What is it?


Pioneering Nike Vapor basketball uniforms impose a new order on the court by pairing progressive knit jerseys and shorts featuring Nike AeroSwift technology with innovative base layers to minimize game-time distractions and maximize performance.

Gilas Pilipinas New Nike Vapor uniforms with AeroSwift technology, What is it?

The system is anchored by basketball-specific base layer options, including arm sleeves, padded compression gear and knee sleeves, which together wick sweat from the skin, providing a feeling of protection and compression, and keeping the players’ arms and legs warm off-court.

Designed to interact with the base layer but not cling, the lightweight, tailored jersey features stretch knit with engineered mesh as determined by extensive sweat-mapping studies.

 The short also introduces a FlyVent waistband that addresses the discomfort of traditional basketball waistbands via a new manufacturing process that combines two types of knit mesh into one highly secure, breathable band. This is matched to a hybrid of engineered knit mesh in the back and a hydrophobic four-way stretch woven fabric in the front. Additionally, the front of the shorts features a mobility vent. Placed specifically where basketball players need it most, based on their five key movements, it reveals a flash of tights as athletes move. The result is a 35% more breathable kit than that worn in 2012.

Gilas Pilipinas New Nike Vapor uniforms with AeroSwift technology, What is it?

Philippines Nike Vapor basketball uniform with AeroSwift technology focuses on a sharp and eye-catching play of the country’s national colors of Scarlet red, Royal blue and white. The home jersey has a base of clean white, with the country name, the player’s name and number in red. A gestural line runs down the side of the jersey and around the front of the shorts in the Royal Blue of the Pambansang Watawat ng Pilipinas. The away jersey is in a contrast base of Royal blue, with numbers and letterings in white, and an accenting Scarlet red line runs down the sides of the jersey to the front of the shorts forming a visually seamless line to define the fluidity of the uniform as the player moves on the court.

Gilas Pilipinas New Nike Vapor uniforms with AeroSwift technology, What is it?

 Sustainable Innovation

Nike Vapor uniforms with AeroSwift technology have been partially constructed from recycled polyester, which is rendered from plastic bottles to produce fine yarn. Since 2010, more than three billion plastic bottles have been diverted from landfills and converted into recycled polyester for Nike performance products.