2015-2016 NBA team preview: Sac Town is on a mission to get to the playoffs.

People tend to overlook the signing of Rajon Rondo simply because he had conflict with the organization but if Rondo’s head is intact he is arguably a top 5-7 PG at least and we all know that this League is all about having a great PG . It is also a fact that Rondo and Cousins have been wanting to play for each other since both played for University of Kentucky. Cousins is the best center in the league right now and with George Karl manning the Kings it is not a reach if they would reach the playoffs and make some noise. 

Kings was able to secure Cousins and having Rondo might benefit the entire team as they were able to do good things with Collison. They also have the perfect compliment to play alongside Cousins, Willie Cauley Stein is a young version of Tyson Chandler, he might end up better and he would thrive playing with Boggie. Rudy Gay is still in his prime, sure its not on the level of Lebron or KD. But Gay is still a stud and clutch as well. I think I would let you be the judge and look at their bench and again keep in mind that their coach is George Karl. 

PG – Rondo, Collison, Stockton
SG – McLemore, Bellineli, Seth Curry 
SF- Gay, Casspi, Anderson
PF – WCS, Evans, Acy
C – Cousins, Koufos 

They are pretty much set in every position its just a matter of being healthy, well that’s been the case for most teams health is the common issue but regardless if all teams are healthy, I wont be surprise if the Kings make some noise in the playoffs this coming season.