Korean Novela in Wuhan: Philippines Dream Shattered

Sad Ending to a Promising Start for the Smart Gilas Pilipinas

An excellent start has ended with ah ah  well ended. Smart Gilas won almost every game in the elimination round of the 2011 FIBA Asia Championship in Wuhan, China. Smart Gilas was cruising the elimination round and was playing like a well oiled machine. They are poised to win it all, but what seemed to be a good sign of things to come turned out to be a  preparation for a much bigger heartache. Oh well it must’ve felt like falling down from Mt Everest and landing face first on a rock and to make matter worst we lost to the same team that gave us the same feeling back in the Asian games. 

I hate Koreans, Koreans made us cry with their telenovelas and it looks like its the same with basketball.
The Philippine team  played their heart out but just could not pull it off when it mattered the most. Last two games were the biggest games for the Philippines of the tournament but just (exhale) could not hold the lead. The loss to Jordan was acceptable it was really a bad game for the Philippines but with the lost to the Koreans was just painful. Losing this way to the Koreans is just , is just……… I cant find the words to explain, its more than upsetting. Imagine leading the whole game just to give it away in the end. Its a total eclipse of the heart. Smart Gilas is a very talented team however they showed that they are bunch of newbies choking themselves to death in the fourth quarter. 
What is next for the Smart Gilas? 
Most of these players are going pro so we will still see them play in the Philippine Basketball Association so this means that the national squad would have to rebuild once again and start a new.  Well cycle goes on and the quest for the Philippines to reach the Olympics would have to be on hold for now however the road to being one of the supreme team in Asia is still open, its long way ahead but its now clearer, with this tournament we have established once again that we are a team to beat in Asia and our quest to be on top of the podium is within the grasp of our hand. Sooner hopefully not later we will be the the number 1 team in Asia once again, we should be as we are the craziest basketball fan in the world.

I am still proud of our Philippine basketball team.  Go Smart Gilas!  

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2011 FIBA Asia Championship Final Standing

2011 FIBA Asia Result

Its hard to look at this standing as we suffered defeats in our last two games to be disqualified for the Olympic . Jordan and Korea gave two major defeats that left our hunt for basketball glory tumbling down. I can still feel how upsetting loosing to the Koreans. 

1. China (Gold) – 2012 Summer Olympics – London
2. Jordan (Silver) – 2012 FIBA World Olympic Qualifying Tournament
3. Korea (Bronze) – 2012 FIBA World Olympic Qualifying Tournament
4. Philippines
5. Iran
6. Lebanon
7. Japan
8. Chinese Taipei
9. Syria
10. United Arab Emirates
11. Malaysia
12. Uzbekistan
13. Indonesia
14. India
15. Bahrain
16. Qatar

FIBA Asia All-Star/Mythical Five:
Daghles (Jordan), Kawamura (Japan), Bahrami (Iran), Yi Jianlian (China), Haddadi (Iran)

FIBA Asia Most Valuable Player:
Yi Jianlian (China)

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Will Smart Gilas win against Korea?!

PH Choker wins against Korea in my dreams!

Forget the heartaches from loosing against Jordan, If its not for us its for them. Smart Gilas Philippines had a bad showing against the Jordanians and none of our players really stood up except for the naturalized player Douthit who is really not Filipino. Its funny right? Anyways Korea is a tougher team than Jordan so do I expect a win here. Nah! Smart Gilas dropped every important games as if they are not mentally ready for it and  why do these things happen? I don’t know! All I know is that many Filipino are still supporting the Smart Gilas club and if they don’t win tonight we shall change the name of our National team to Smart Choker! Go Go Go Smart Gilas choke the Koreans! kidding aside I really hope they win this to still get a chance to qualify for the Olympics.

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Good Luck Smart Gilas vs Taiwan

Good Luck Pilipinas Smart Gilas vs Taiwan!

This is it!, another critical game and this time its for the Final Four qualifier. Chinese-Taipei is a very good basketball team but we can beat these guys. Go Gilas. Watch their game on AKTV at 6pm Manila time.

Lutz & Lassiter have been cleared to play

Finally Complete Smart Gilas

After week of not being able to play for the national squad, Lutz & Lassiter have been cleared to play game.  Their first game will be against the Jordan National squad. The Smart Gilas team is now in the 2nd round of the 2011 FIBA Asia Championship. Watch Smart Gilas vs Jordan live on BTV at 330 pm September 19.

FIBA Asia 2011 Free Live Streaming (Day 3) Smart Gilas Pilipinas vs. Bahrain

The Scores:

Philippines 113 – Aguilar 21, Douthit 18, Casio 15, Taulava 13, de Ocampo 13, Baracael 11, Tiu 10, Barroca 8, Alapag 2, Williams 2.

Bahrain 71 – Malabes 15, Sarhan 13, Mahri 11, Ali 8, Isa 7, Khamis 7, Akber 6, Mubarak 2, Ashoor 0.

Quarters: 30-18, 51-41, 86-47, 113-71

Game Schedule & Results / September 17 (DAY 3)
09:00am – Japan def. Syria, 77-55 [GAME STATS]
11:00am – Philippines def. Bahrain, 113-71 [GAME STATS] [VIDEO]
1:30pm – Korea vs. India [LIVE STATS]
3:30pm – Ch. Taipei vs. Qatar [LIVE STATS]
6:00pm – I.R.Iran vs. Uzbekistan [LIVE STATS]
6:00pm – Jordan vs. Indonesia [LIVE STATS]
8:00pm – Malaysia vs. Lebanon [LIVE STATS]
8:00pm – China vs. United Arab Emirates [LIVE STATS]

FIBA Asia Second Round
September 19: (6:00pm) Philippines[D2] vs. Jordan[C2]
September 20: (6:00pm) Philippines[D2] vs. Japan[C1]
September 21: (6:00pm) Philippines[D2] vs. Syria[C3]

FIBA Asia 2011 (Day 2 Game Results) Smart Gilas Pilipinas 60-75 China

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As expected the Philippine National Team Smart Gilas loss to the mighty China Team. Smart Gilas playing without Lassiter and Lutz bow down and suffered the first lost in the FIBA Asia tournament. Smart Gilas is back against the wall as they need to win their next game.

The Scores:

China 75 – Yi Jianlian 20, Whang ZhiZhi 16, Sun 15, Zhu 13, Zhang 3, B.Zhang 2, Liu 2, Yi Li 2, Ding 1, Yu 1.

Philippines 60 – Douthit 17, Tiu 12, Williams 6, Alapag 5, Casio 5, Aguilar 4, Baracael 4, de Ocampo 3, Taulava 2, Barroca 2.

Quarters: 22-13, 43-21, 55-40, 75-60 [COMPLETE GAME STATS]

Day#2 Game Results (September 16)
09:00am – Syria def. Indonesia, 74-61 [GAME STATS]
11:00am – Ch. Taipei def. Uzbekistan, 81-71 [GAME STATS]
1:30pm – Japan def. Jordan, 92-87 [GAME STATS]
3:30pm – Korea def. Lebanon, 80-62 [GAME STATS]
6:00pm – I.R.Iran def. Qatar, 40-4 (by default) [GAME STATS]
6:00pm – Malaysia def. India, 71-67 [GAME STATS]
8:00pm – China def. Philippines, 75-60 [VIDEO]
8:00pm – UAE def. Bahrain, 91-53 [GAME STATS]

FIBA Asia 2011 (Day 1 Game Results) Smart Gilas Pilipinas vs UAE

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Philippines 92 – Baracael 15, Douthit 13, Taulava 13, Casio 11, Tiu 9, Barroca 9, de Ocampo 7, Alapag 6, Williams 5, Aguilar 4.

UAE 52 – Ahmed 12, Alhattawi 11, Ahmad 10, Alzaabi 7, Salem 6, Al Braiki 3, Abdalla 3, Banihammad 0, Alsari 0.

Quarters: 17-12, 41-20, 69-35, 92-52

Game Schedule & Results / September 15 (DAY 1)
09:00am – Jordan def. Syria, 71-58 [GAME STATS]
11:00am – I.R.Iran def. Ch. Taipei, 49-37 [GAME STATS]
1:30pm – Japan def. Indonesia, 81-59 [GAME STATS]
3:30pm – South Korea def. Malaysia, 89-42 [GAME STATS]
6:00pm – Philippines def. UAE, 92-52 [GAME STATS]
6:00pm – Uzbekistan def. Qatar by default [NEWS]
8:00pm – China def. Bahrain, 101-49 [GAME STATS]
8:00pm – Lebanon def. India, 71-68 [GAME STATS]

Will JV Casio play in the 2011 FIBA Asia Championship

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Smart Gilas Coach Rajko Toroman may cut JV Casio from his current 14 players line up in order to trim it down to the allowable 12 member team for the 2011 FIBA Asia Championship this September 15.  JV Casio is reportedly still recovering from the injury he suffered from the recent Jones Cup.  JV Casio, Mark Barroca, forwards Mac Baracael, Dylan Ababou, Marcio Lassiter, Chris Lutz , Japeth Aguilar and center Jason Ballesteros are still uncertain if they will be included in the line up. Who do you think will be cut?