First MMA Tournament in Muntinlupa on March 11! ( Buy Tickets Here)

MMA is a growing sports in the Philippines. It is only right that Muntinlupa City has it’s share of the spectacle. On March 11, the action will finally happen at Muntinlupa  Sports Complex when RMA Fitness and Martial Arts, in partnership with the Mayor’s Office of Muntinlupa City and the Yaw Yan Kampilan brings to you Centennial MMA Fight Night.
Details of the event below. 

Amateur / Advance Amateur MMA / Kickboxing Tournament
1st time in Muntinlupa City witnessing its first ever live MMA action at Muntinlupa Sports Complex.



Tickets Prices

General Admission – P200
Court Side – P300
Cage Side / VIP – P400

How-To-Buy-Tickets at

Paying via bank:  You can pay via any BPI Island Branches. Once payment is made kindly send us the copy of the deposit slip via email or Facebook.  With Your complete name, email, phone and the name of the event so we can send you a confirmation message.

Bank: BPI Island
Bank Name: Paulo Salud
Account number: 2669-1094-34
Pay via Paypal/Credit card:

Pay via Paypal or Credit Card:

Centennial MMA Tickets
General Admission P200.00 PHP Court Side P300.00 PHP Cage Side /VIP P400.00 PHP

If you still have questions, Chat with us on Facebook or press the little red chat icon on the lower right of your screen.

Buy Now my friend and get a piece of the action!
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a-a YAW-YAN! (he’ll quit!!)

                                 Check out these highlights from “Hybrid Yaw-Yan fighters”
This 5min video clip shows several highlights from different weigh classes of Hybrid Yaw-Yan fighters
Yaw-Yan,  also known as “Dance of Death” is a complete Filipino martial art which is definitely a  good option for an aspiring MMA fighter. 
This art form is consist of different elements of striking, grappling stick and knife fighting.
In the world of MMA, a professional Hybrid Yaw-Yan fighter is a well-rounded fighter, he can win or survive ground or stand up fighting, video shows how good they are on both areas.
I personally like this martial art style however I noticed that it doesn’t emphasis much on a specific discipline. Could it mean a disadvantage? 
Let’s say a Yaw-Yan fighter is up against high level jujitsu fighter? 
Or could it mean an advantage being said that Yaw-Yan fighter is well a rounded individual?
I did al lil’ bit of taekwondo, boxing and very little jujitsu but I’m NO expert!
 I could be wrong by saying that this martial arts style doesn’t emphasis much on a specific discipline. If you are an expert I would love to hear your thoughts on this?
But one thing that I’m sure of, it is that there are a lot of great hybrid yaw-Yan fighters in the URCC winning by KO, submission or stoppage .

This is when you’d get that expression ” aaYAW-YAN”  towards the opponent.

In our very own MMA league (URCC) is where we can witness how our very own martial art style (YAW-YAN) will do against other types of martial arts.
ABOUT URCC – The Universal Reality Combat Championship is Southeast Asia’s first professional mixed martial arts tournament. We held our first mainstream event in 2002 in front of a sold–out crowd at the Casino Filipino. Ever since 2002, we have always sold out all of our events. The URCC is often referred to as “ASIA’s MOST EXCITING MMA LEAGUE”. This is due to the fact that the league has the highest rates of finishes in the region. Our fighters ALWAYS come to FIGHT!