Watch WWE Wresting Submission used in a real MMA Fight and it Worked!

Who says WWE isn’t real? You should take a look at this!

We have seen a lot of great moves in MMA and while a few attempted WWE style moves, this guy made it to the top of the list for us for actually pulling it off as his opponent tapped out.

The Walls of Jericho was popularized in the WWE and this guy must have been watching too much wrestling to think about doing it in a real MMA fight. 

Watch “Walls Of Jericho | MMA Fighter Pulls Off 1st Ever WWE Boston Crab Finish.

Joel Embiid Tribute to Tripple H, Yes he did it! One of the reason why he is an All-Star

Joel Embiid Tribute to Tripple H, One of the reason why he is an All-Star

We can all argue that there are other players worthy of the spot, probably other big men better than him but no one else can do this.  Joel Embiid making some noise not only because he is playing tremendously, certainly not because his team is doing well but also because he is an entertainer and he got that quality that people want to see and follow, He is a darn charismatic player. NBA All-star is for the fans and I can already imagine how much fun it would be with him participating. He got my vote for the all-star.

Check out this video.

Hulk Hogan was all pumped up for the USA vs Germany football

Hulk Hogan message world cup

While the rest of the United States were nervous because USA will be facing a tough team, Hulk Hogan was pumped up… here is his message to Germany… unfortunately  US lost.. and Hulk Hogan is  nowhere to be found. Oh well we love this guy, don’t worry no one will dare to bash you!

Hulk Hogan Message to Germany

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This WWE tribute to a young cancer patient will make you cry

Clearly we all know the the WWE is scripted, but no matter what we say, people around the world still stay tuned in to watch the longest running Wrestling drama, for most it is for entertainment but for young kids like Connor Michalek its an inspiration.
Connor Michalek a young kid who is battling cancer, he has been one of the biggest fan of WWE,you can tell that he is really passionate about it.
WWE did a great thing here by making this young kid wish come true as he was able to meet his idol Daniel Bryan and the rest of the WWE stars. This would truly be an experience for the young kid.
Connor passed away shortly after WrestleMania XXX this past April.
Kudos to WWE!

WWFX Championship Showcase Tour 2012 in Manila

A new brand of live American pro-wrestling comes to Manila featuring all your favorite TV superstars as you have seen on WWE RAW and WWE SmackDown! World Wrestling Fan Xperience is coming to the SMART Araneta Coliseum, Saturday Feb. 4th for the CHAMPIONS SHOWCASE TOUR 2012. Featuring more former world champions on one card than any other event ever held in Manila and the only pro-wrestling event where you, THE FAN, have the opportunity to “XPERIENCE” and meet the Pro-Wrestling Superstars live and in person!
Included on the cast are John Morisson, Shelton Benjamin, Snitsky, Carlito, Chris Masters, Rhino, Melina and others. If you like Wrestling entertainment this might be worth to watch. check ticket price here

 WWFX Championship Showcase Tour  2012 Video
Why are these guys not on WWE anymore?

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