Powcast.net Sports Podcast 11.22: Kia Movement, NBA Lonzo Ball, Celtics and more

Powcast.net Sports Podcast 11.22.2017

Please forgive us for our shortcoming for it’s been awhile since we had a podcast and but today, we are definitely back and we will try to be more consistent.

On this episode, we touched on Kia’s movement, the signing on Dylan Ababou, releasing LA Revilla and Nico Elorde.  We also talked about Terrence Romeo and why he is unable to play for Gilas, trade rumors and a lot more.


ICYMI: Watch the Replay of Palawan Boxing Fight Festival Featuring Carlo Penalos

Five title fights in one night in Palawan.

Watch the Replay of Palawan Boxing Fight Festival Featuring Carlo Penalos

The OPBF Convention would not be complete without a boxing match and on the second day of the convention, Palawan turned into a battleground for these boxers.

Here are the results:
1. Erika Hanawa Defeats Sornsawan Khunmarh via 2nd round stoppage  to win the Interim OPBF Female Minimumweight title
2. Yuko Henzan and Phannaluk Kongsang Split Draw
3. Jilberth Gomera of the Philippines Defeats Omri Bolivar of Venazuela via 5 round TKO to win the Interim OPBF Featherweight Title
4. Jeronil Borres Wins against Robert Onggocan via Majority Decision to take the ABF Flyweight Champion
5. Carlo Penalosa Wins a close on against Salatiel Amit with a Split Decision to become the WBC Asian Boxing Council Silver Flyweight Title.
Watch the replay below.
Part 1




Kia Picanto Coach Chris Gavina’s Positive Outlook Makes him a Winner Even With Current Challenges

Kia Head Coach Chris Gavina is always a winner even when losing

On the same day I covered for an MMA press conference, I bumped into the head coach of the struggling Kia Picanto of the PBA.
Kia Picanto has been troubled for a while now and is currently the only team in the PBA that has not won any games. We took the opportunity and approached the coach to ask for a brief interview to talk to him about MMA and of course basketball, and to our surprise he acknowledged with a smile.

We knew it maybe a little awkward to ask him about his team but we did anyway and we were impressed on how positive this guy is and how he was able to answer everything with confidence as if he wasn’t feeling the pressure.

I am always positive as long as I put them in a position to be successful, that’s my job – Chris Gavina
Chris Gavina shared his connections with MMA, Bruce Lee, well wishes to MMA fighters, creating a winning culture and imparted some of his positive wisdom to us.
Watch the full interview with Coach  Chris Gavina of Kia Picanto

Matthew Wright Can’t Dunk?

Matthew Wright on dunking against LeBron James

We asked the sharp shooting guard of the Phoenix Fuelmasters and Gilas Pilipinas right after playing along side on of the best NBA players in the world today, LeBron James.
We asked him if he wants to dunk on LeBron James and he answered humbly by saying he would rather stick with his shooting and doesn’t think he can dunk right now. 

URCC XXX: Rising Star Fritz Biagtan’s Post Fight Interview, Ready for Anyone

Biagtan Outworked Dultra for the Win at URCC XXX

URCC XXX: Fritz Biagtan Post Fight Interview, Ready for Anyone
URCC XXX: Frtiz Biagtan vs Solomon Dultra was a hell of a fight and like what our colleague Apple said, we think this was the true fight of the night. Fritz did not get out of this win easily although his face looked unblemished. Though Solomon Dultra gave Frits Biagtan a run for his belt as the two exchanged blows against each other, Fritz who appeared relaxed and more composed however was getting the upper hand as the slimmer Dultra tried to retaliate and survive against the quick hands and relentless attack of Biagtan.
After the fight, we briefly spoke with Fritz Biagtan and he simply said that he was ready for whatever URCC put on top on the table and will train for it.
Fritz, in our eyes, has a big potential to be a real MMA star. He got the skills, the looks and the attitude and if he continues to focus and work hard, we have no doubt that he can be in line for a big break!
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Will Fritz Biagtan be a Filipino MMA Superstar?

Need More Practice

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Powcast July 2017 Sports Scores and Results

Powcast July 2017 Sports Scores and Results

July 2017 Sports Scores and Results

July 30, 2017

MMA: UFC 214, Jon Jones KO Cormier in 3
Boxing: Mikey Garcia Wins UD Against Broner

PBA NLEX 95 – Phoenix 91
PBA Ginebra 124 – Global Port 108

July 29, 2017
PBA: SMB 118 – BW 93
PBA: Meralco 89 – ROS 73

July 28, 2017
PBA: TNT 102 – Kia 96
PBA: Star 101 – Alaska 92

July 26, 2017
PBA: NLEX 122 – ROS 114 (Article)
PBA: GP 100 – PHX 91

Jones Cup, Philippines 90 – Iran 82
PBA: Meralco 93 – Ginebra 78
PBA: Star 103 – Blackwater 86


Jones Cup, the Philippines 101 – India 70
PBA, NLEX 100 – KIA 93

PBA, Phoenix 95 – Alaska 93


Jones Cup, Lithuania 91 -Philippines 80 (Story)
PBA, Meralco 107 – Blackwater 78 ( Story)
PBA, ROS 98 – Global Port 96 (Story)

My Internship Journey: Junior Writer Rica Sanglay (An Intern’s Experience at Powcast)

One thing I’ve learned in my internship at Powcast was that, great experiences come when you get out of your comfort zone. Shyness won’t help us exceed our capabilities. It doesn’t enhance our skills. And it doesn’t allow us to nurture our inner talents. That’s why this internship taught me to grab every single opportunity along the way. No matter what it is, or where it is, I know that I will learn something from it.
Since Powcast.net is a blogsite which is all about sports, Mr. Paulo Salud or what we call him Sir Pow, the CEO and founder of Powcast, required us to write articles and had us attend various events regarding sports. He is very generous to interns like me. Even though he barely knows me, and he doesn’t have a single idea about my capabilities, he still let me experience the things which was way beyond my expectations.
Trusting me to cover events and interview big names in the sports industry was very surreal and a confidence booster experience for a timid girl like me. I remembered my first time talking to Sir Pow and he asked me about my weaknesses. One of my answers was that, I’m having a hard time pronouncing the words that contains letter S and R. And that’s why I told him that I prefer writing rather than reporting or talking.
But I think Sir Pow has something else in mind. He asked me to do a short reporting for the highlights of an event that me and my fellow interns went to. I wish I could say no at that moment, because reporting isn’t really my thing. But even if I was turning pale because of too much nervousness, I still decided to go for it because one thought came in to my mind that moment. If my boss believes that I can, why shouldn’t I? So I stood up, memorized the script he gave me and reported it afterwards. Even if I looked stiff and uncomfortable, I am still very happy because I did it.
Aside from events, Sir Pow also assigned me to write articles about trades and gossips in NBA and the results of each game in PBA. I know I’ve said before that I am into writing. Yes I am, given that it is my course in college, I’ve also been doing it since primary school.
But, there will always be a BUT. Sports writing isn’t my forte. I’m more like into feature and editorial writing. That is why sports writing is really a challenge for me.
I realized that I have to step up if I want to excel and try something new. From then, I followed what sir Pow told me. To read a lot about my assigned sports because it will help me big time and make things easier. I found myself really into it, like I worked my ass off and read every book, blog and article regarding the terminologies used in sports writing just to produce well-written articles. And at the end of day, I know all my efforts paid off.  Because my best reward was seeing my write-ups published online with thousands of views. It was indeed a very surreal and overwhelming feeling for me.
My internship at Powcast has come to an end. But the lesson I’ve learned and moments I have experienced will surely be remembered and treasured, always. Thank you so much to Sir Pow and Ma’am Chance for being so kind. Thank you for letting us experience those great opportunities. I would like to express my deepest gratitude and respect for the both of you. And oh! I would also want to apologize for being not so responsive online. It’s because of my unstable internet connection. Sorry Sir and Ma’am. But I assure you that I have read every single thing. Forever grateful that I’ve been an intern at Powcast.
Thank you, more power and God bless always.
– – –
This was some of the events I covered during my internship at Powcast.Net
A blurred picture (thanks to the shaky hands of my partner, Patrick) of me with the main event champion, John Joseph Tabang of Balikatan 19 – Road to Redemption at Hybrid Yaw-Yan Training Center in Annapolis, Cubao, Quezon City.
It was my first time watching an MMA fight up close. I badly want to scream out loud and tell them to STOP. I can’t even watch it for a minute straight. I’m really really nervous that time. And to my surprise, I was assigned to take pictures. And taking pictures mean I need to go to the ring side to have some great shots. Believe it or not. But I did it. It was scary at first but I enjoyed it afterwards.
A picture with Mr. Andre Esswein. He’s a very handsome football player, and he’s from Davao Aguilas FC. 
Taken at Color Manila Run press conference. It was really hands down fun!
You are welcome to join us!
If you want to be an intern, a writer,  a journalist, a photographer or a social media specialist, please send an email with your resume and a sample of your work at inquiry@powcast.net. 

My Valuable Experience As a Trainee (An Intern’s Experience at Powcast)

Being a trainee at Powcast.net is really something to treasure about.

During my stint with Powcast, I have been given the chance to interview different well known personalities in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Boxing and Football like Gegard Mousasi and Mr. Mike Ochosa and also I personally met basketball and volleyball players Enes Kanter, Dikembe Mutombo, Elfrid Payton, Mika Reyes, Jaja Santiago and etc.

My first event was the Ferlenski International Boxing. I was so excited at that time because it was my first time to watch boxing live. I met the Games and Amusement (GAB) Chairman Sir. Baham Mitra in the GAB press con, watched a football game between UST and Hongkong football team. I also served as a videographer at the Color Manila launching event, the Blacklight Tour. Covering events gave you the awesome privilege to witness everything media is and everything they do.

It was the most unforgettable experience. It’s also such an eye opener to the career I chose. I realize that being a media person has big responsibilities, but to be in that moment gives me a different feeling… shy and nervous? Yes I am, but despite that, the feeling of being in the field, the feeling of appreciation for those media practitioners matter the most.

My experience made me realize that being a journalist, you should be prepared for everything your job wants you to be. It’s hard? Yeah, nothing is easy, just do the best in everything. The satisfaction and enjoyment plus the wonderful people I’ve met during my entire internship are really one of a kind.
The reality starts when you’re ready to be the one you’ve worked for years.

You are welcome to join us!
If you want to be an intern, a writer,  a journalist, a photographer or a social media specialist, please send an email with your resume and a sample of your work at inquiry@powcast.net. 

Curiosity Builds the Cat: My OJT Story (An Intern’s Experience at Powcast)

They say life is about making choices, choices that can shape you or otherwise the one which will give you a lesson at the end. However, others say that life cannot be lived only inside a box that you’ll just get around with all through your life.
In my case, I’m that curious cat who jumped out of my comfort zone the moment I have decided and chose Powcast.net as my first step to achieving my 300-hour goal in lieu to fulfill the requirements of a graduating student.
I’m not a sports person. I really hate sports actually. I’m not the sporty nor the physically fit type to perform sports and I hated Physical Education in school. Even though I grew up watching my three big bros when they play basketball, I was just really there to support them and had not really inclined myself on learning the system.
It felt like a big risk that I needed to compose and ask myself first over a million times if I will continue pursuing this company. Because I know that I need to have so much confidence in entering this kind of job.  But I realized that this maybe the way towards a better version of myself, and at least for once I needed to make a life decision on my own, so why not give it a shot?
From that day forward, the moment when Sir Pow presented Powcast’s mission and vision to us and what it is all about, the events that we will be going to cover and attend to and the perks that we might get from this company, I got a little bit excited and somehow frightened. I finally stood up for myself and started to embody the system and tried to really absorb what it is I am entering. I secretly cheered and told myself “I know you can, yes you can! Go Girl!”
I never imagined myself interviewing someone who I just met and make the conversation become a spontaneous one.

I never imagined myself having the guts to approach a a person with a high stature.

I never imagined myself covering 3 events all just in one day with different locations without getting tired.

I never imagined myself being in line with the best sports photographers in the Philippines.

I never imagined myself writing a boxing article.

I never imagined myself dealing with Philippines most known basketball enthusiasts.

And lastly,

I never imagined trusting myself, making choices, make the most of everything and have done all of this by a simple: “You can do it.” Because somehow, sometime I used to be a dependent scared cat before Powcast came into my life.
I will surely never forget how this company molded me to become a better version of myself.
I will surely miss those sleepless nights and unlimited coffees just to finish my article.
I am going to miss those “Watch this video and make an article about it”.
Sir Pow’s “Please give updates every time you are in an event for people to know you were there”
Ma’am Chance’s never ending patience for my grammatical mistakes and unformed sentences.
Kuya Ian Genada’s  “Don’t call me KUYA, coz we are just about the same age”.
Sir Euge’s advises, Sir Yanyan’s approachable personality and lastly, Sir Aldrin’s thoughtfulness.
We may not have had enough time to meet the other members of this team but for sure they are as cool as everybody else and still hoping to meet them someday.
To Sir Paulo “Pow” Salud, thank you for making my internship story a thrilling, exciting, and an unforgettable one. It was truly worthwhile. You have a huge part of who am I today. Kudos to you and your team.
At the end, I have just realized that Powcast.net is the risk that I’ll always take if given another chance.

You are welcome to join us!
If you want to be an intern, a writer,  a journalist, a photographer or a social media specialist, please send an email with your resume and a sample of your work at inquiry@powcast.net. 

My Internship Story: The Summer I Will Never Forget (An Intern’s Experience at Powcast)

All of it was not what I had expected it to be. The challenge, the experience and that media room in the near end. It all turned out to be so fulfilling. Thank you for giving me a chance, thank you for this summer that will forever be part of my history. Thank you Powcast.net.
At first, I was hesistant. The thought of writing sports news and articles all through out summer lowered my confidence. I had even excluded Powcast.net in the choices of where I am going to do my internship. But there goes me, the boy who ran out of choices. So I guess, I’m going to take it then. Since my friend has also been nagging me and that we should all go and hurriedly start our internship so that we finish by the end of the summer.
When our first meeting happened, I was so scared. I’m like, “God, how am I going to face the task that Sir Pow has given us?” And yes, by the end of the meeting, the basketball task was given to me. The most loved sport here in the Philippines. Yes, I am going to write basketball news everyday. I have never been interested in basketball, in sports generally. So I said to myself, “Hold on, you’ll soon finish and get this over with.”
Terms used in basketball were so not in my vocabulary, so how am I going to write 2-3 articles a day? How am I going to get through this? The first days were very hard. When I started it was the basketball league of the Philippines and the US that I am going to write. But then I was assigned to write and focus more on NBA. The pressure is high, because it was so immense to the point that it frightened me. So I read every news after every game and get what’s useful and put it in my article. And that saved me through the day. And somehow I got to understand the flow of the game, and actually enjoyed it.
Covering events was certainly a different story. EDSA is the witness to our exciting journey into going to events. It was so uplifting, getting to cover legitimate events. We went to press conferences, a baseball game, an MMA event and a boxing game among others. Covering events gave me the luxury to try new things I’ve never tried before. But what I am going to treasure the most and I think the highlight of my internship is covering the whole SEABA 2017 Championship which was held here in the Philippines.
Everything that happened in SEABA was like a dream. Getting to cover the basketball games in line with the other writers of prominent news sites and newspapers. The media room gave me butterflies in the stomach. I thought to myself, “This is the dream”. I would never trade it for anything else. I am so happy that I took that opportunity because it made me feel that I am a doing good as a writer that’s why I was there. That fueled my dream more of becoming a writer. Imagine, me covering not just one day but 5 days of SEABA. I get to feel five days of genuineness as a writer and it was totally fulfilling.
I am so happy that all of these happened to me. I will treasure that and keep it with me forever. I am very thankful to Sir Pow, Ma’am Chance and all of the people that I have met during my stay at Powcast.net. This opportunity that I was afraid of taking at first turned to be a very wonderful story. I hope I get to meet all of you again in the future when I became a writer someday!

Thank you for the 200 hours of adventure Powcast.net!

You are welcome to join us!
If you want to be an intern, a writer,  a journalist, a photographer or a social media specialist, please send an email with your resume and a sample of your work at inquiry@powcast.net. 

Nietes wants to unify flyweight division then targets Estrada after


Donnie “Ahas” Nietes, already one of the greatest boxer in Philippine history wants to unify the flyweight division then targets Estrada fight next.
“Siguro pag napalo natin ang IBF title laban tayo sa ibang title, gusto kong mag- unify ang flyweight. Okay ako sa flyweight division (112 pounds) okay ang katawan ko dito. Pagkatapos baka magkatagpo rin kami ni Estrada” said Nietes to his interview with powcast sports during 17th Gabriel “Flash” Elorde Boxing Awards in Manila Hotel.
Nietes (39-1-4,22) will have the opportunity to become three division world champion when meets Thailand’s Komgrich Nantapech (22-3,15) for the vacant IBF flyweight world title on April 29 in Cebu City Philippines.
Nietes the longest Filipino boxing world champion is a world titleholder for the WBO in two weight divisions and has become a champion for eight years. He vacated the title after his long reigning years in light flyweight division and chase a super fight against Mexican Juan Francisco Estrada as well but the fight didn’t materialized due to Estrada’s decision to step up in Super flyweight (115 pounds).

Melindo 90% ready in his title fight against Yaegashi

(photo by Albert Flores, Melindo landing right to Sakreerin Jr)
IBF interim world light flyweight champ Milan “El Metodico” Melindo will try to upgrade his status to full world champion when he face the the reigning IBF Super flyweight world champion Japanese Akira Yaegashi in Japan this May. 
Melindo (35-2-12 knockouts) of Cagayan de Oro, Philippines became the mandatory challenger after beating Thai boxer Fahlan Sakreekrin Jr (31-5-1) on November 26 in Cebu City Philippines.
“Sa tingin ko 90% na akong ready para sa laban na to, Ito ang pinaka maganda kong condition at training. Hindi naman sa edad tayo mag babase (pertaining to 34 year-old Yaegashi) sa galing yan at experience. Ako matagal ako sa amateur pero iba talaga ang laro sa pro (professional boxing)” 
said El Metodico Melindo
Akira Yaegashi (25-5,13 knockouts) of Yokohama Japan is a five times, 2 division world champion and he will make his third title defense of his IBF world title against Melindo.Yaegashi is (7-4) in world title fight.

SLAM RISING STARS CLASSIC 2017 Kicks Off on March 26, 2017


High-School All Star Game to be telecast LIVE on Abs-Cbn S and A

MARCH 18, 2017 (Manila) – SLAM PHILIPPINES, the #1 ‘in your face’ basketball magazine, is bringing together once again Metro Manila’s top 24 high school basketball players for the fourth annual SLAM Rising Stars Classic, happening on March 26, 2017.  

The country’s premier high school all-star game will return to the Gatorade Hoops Center, the official venue of this annual event, in Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City, and will be carried LIVE on Abs-Cbn S and A, with coverage starting at 6PM.

“The SLAM Rising Stars Classic gives us hoop heads a cheat code, an advanced screening, a quick peek into what the future holds. With RSC alumni now becoming some of the biggest names in college basketball, we at SLAM take pride in being there for them early: providing for them a unique opportunity to play with and against the best competition, on the biggest stage, in front of scouts, coaches and the rest of the country.” states SLAM PH Executive Editor Nikko Ramos. As we go on another year featuring the brightest stars on the come-up, SLAM is proud to be able to say: We was there with them when they was shooting at the gym.

The yearly event has included such blue chip players as De La Salle University’s Prince Rivero Ricci Rivero and Aljun Melecio as well as Ateneo de Manila University’s Thirdy Ravena, Mike Nieto and Matt Nieto. Other notable SLAM Rising Stars alumni include Andrei Caracut (DLSU), Jolo Mendoza (ADMU), Radge Tongco (SBC), JV Gallego (NU), Diego Dario (UP) and Rev Diputado (NU). Last year, current UAAP Rookie of the Year Melecio drilled a dagger three to give Team Punks the 103-98 victory over Team Hype. The former DLSZ star finished with 12 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assists to take home the MVP trophy while NU’s John Lloyd Clemente led the way for Team Hype with 23 points.

This year, guiding Team Punks is PBA legend Willie Miller assisted by coach Gian Nazario of the De La Salle Zobel Junior Archers. Meanwhile for Team Hype, Alaska’s Tony Dela Cruz will man the sidelines assisted by Joe Silva of the Ateneo Blue Eaglets. International Skills Trainer Drew Dunlop heads the Combine and Practice sessions.

Team Punks will be composed of Sam Abu Hijleh (SBC), John Lloyd Clemente (NU), Guilmer dela Torre (AU), Aaron Fermin (AU), Dave Ildefonso (ADMU), Troy Mallillin (LSGH), Unique Naboa (LSGH), Miguel Oczon (CKSC), Harvey Pagsanjan (HCHS), Karl Penano (NU), Kenji Roman (FEU) and Jasper Salenga (MIT).

Team Hype will be bannered by Carlo Abadeza (AU), Rhayyan Amsali (NU), Lj Gonzales (FEU), Winderlich Coyoca (NU), Juan Gomez de Liano (UPIS), Will Gozum (MIT), Rom Junsay (MIT), Germy Mahinay (SBC), Robert Minerva (CKSC), Martin Romero (DLSZ), Joshua Tagala (SBC) and Jonas Tibayan (CKSC).

This annual event is fueled by Gatorade, outfitted by adidas, with Smart as official telecommunications partner, Resorts World Manila as venue partner and supported by Titan.

For more information, log on to http://www.slamonlineph.com, or follow SLAM PHILIPPINES on Facebook, @slamonlineph on Twitter and Instagram. #SLAMRisingStars

Junmar "The Kraken" Fajardo University of Cebu Highlights

Before JunMar Fajardo dominated the PBA, he was wrecking havoc down south. The 27 year old 6’11 Center was born in Cebu and was playing for the university of Cebu during his college years were he showed a glimpse of his greatness.

Since then he has mustered a list of achievements. Lets take a look at some below.

4× PBA champion (2014–15 Philippine, 2015 Governors’, 2015–16 Philippine, 2016–17 Philippine)
PBA Finals MVP (2015 Governors’)
3× PBA Most Valuable Player (2014–2016)
5× PBA Best Player of the Conference (2013–14 Philippine, 2014–15 Philippine, 2015 Governors’, 2015–16 Philippine, 2016–17 Philippine)
3× PBA All-Star (2013, 2014, 2016)
3× PBA Mythical First Team (2014–2016)
PBA Mythical Second Team (2013)
PBA Defensive Player of the Year (2015)
2× PBA All-Defensive Team (2014, 2015)
PBA Most Improved Player (2014)
PBA All-Rookie Team (2013)
2× PBA Sportsmanship Award (2015, 2016)
National Collegiate Player of the Year (2010)
2× CESAFI champion (2010–2011)
3× CESAFI MVP (2009–2011)
3× CESAFI Mythical Team Member (2009–2011)
2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 PSA Awardee for Professional Basketball

The 27 year old is not done and the list will go on…but for now let’s look at how he started.

Vince Carter Brings Vincanity Back!

There is no aging for Vince Carter.  At age 40, he continues to amaze the basketball word and he is not slowing down. Recently, he achieved another feat that only great basketball players like him are able to attain. When he was younger, he was the most exciting, high flying, attention grabbing player. 
Now that he has tapered off a bit and his production has dwindled down, he is still finding ways to deliver and boy, he still gets it done!  Don’t get us wrong, Vince still got hops but now that he’s got a lot of wisdom and shooting, let’s take a look at his perfect performance against the Bucks. Truly  half man half amazing, he is bringing Vincanity back!

Memphis Grizzlies’ Vince Carter scores 24 points (8-8 FG, 6-6 3PT), perfect from the field, to go along with 5 rebounds, 2 assists, and 3 steals against the Milwaukee Bucks. 

(youtube by: NBA)

Young Romero Duno an Instant Boxing Sensation, Pacquiao Like Moment

Young Romero Duno an Instant Boxing Sensation, Pacquiao Like Moment

To be honest, I have never heard of Romero Duno until that faithful night when he knockout the undefeated Christian Gonzalez and became the WBC Youth Intercontinental lightweight title last March 10 in Los Angeles, CA. My Facebook timeline was filled with highlights and praises from other boxers and fans and he became an instant boxing superstar in the Philippines.

I Duno about Duno?

Yes, I am a boxing fan and it is a shame that I have not seen a single fight of his. I had to look up Boxrec.com to learn more about this young boxer who undoubtedly will be in demand after giving his highly touted opponent his first defeat and a reminder that Pinoy boxers are one of the bests in the world.
Duno at 21 years old was born in Cotabato City and is currently residing in Tagum City in Davao. Ah, maybe that is why I do not know about him. ( trying to find an excuse). He has been fighting for awhile and most of his fights are held down south of the Philippines and unfortunately, not a lot of networks care about local boxing until they become a world champion.
Impressive record, not really
On paper 12W – 1L looks impressive coming into the fight with Gonzales but if you look closer into his record, he has been fighting journeymen and fighters with losing record obviously building him up to a bigger and better fights. We have no reason to doubt that he is good but certainly he has not fought a worthy opponent until May 2016 when he was brought to Russia to face undefeated Mikhail Alexeev  and  suffered his first defeat. He might not be ready for an international fight.
Up for the challenge
Duno and his team went back to the Philippines and started building him up again. After 3 successful fights in the Philippines they were convinced that Duno is ready for an international fight and should face no less than another undefeated fighter with 16 wins and 14 knockouts. They must be crazy, right?
WBC Youth Intercontinental lightweight Champ, a new star is born
There is a thin line between being crazy and being genious and Duno’s team (SanMan) and his manager Jim Claude Manangquil had a perfect plan and was confident that their man will be able to pull it off, and they were right. Romero Duno is now the WBC Youth Intercontinental Lightweight Champion and an internet sensation.  That knockout was neat!
Romero Duno an opportunity of a lifetime
Duno now is in the position to become an international star after defeating Gonzales. It is rare for a Filipino boxer to get exposure like what he is getting right now. Starting now his fights will be more important than ever, this could be the turning point of his career, every move from now on should be carefully thought of. A young boxer like Duno might just be the future of Philippine boxing.
Congratulations from Powcast.net Sports Hub, we are proud of you!
Watch the fight below posted by Golden Boy:

John Wall Displays Wizardry and Sinks this Crazy Shot

John Wall and the Wizards are comfortably seated in the 3rd place of the Eastern Conference and is primed to be a real contender in the east and while suffering a loss to Timberwolves recently they are still pretty much wrecking havoc in the NBA having to win 7 of their last 10 games.
John Wall while almost certain they will make the playoffs, we had doubts that he can make this crazy circus shot but we were wrong. Is he a magician?
John Wall Hits The Crazy Layup As He Falls To The Ground!

(youtube by: NBA)

Fil-Can Boxing Prospect Marc Pagcaliwangan Back in Action After a Long Layoff!

                                 (Marc  Pgcaliwangan photo courtesy of The Main Fight.com)
Filipino-Canadian boxing prospect Marc ” El Gwapo” Pagcaliwangan will end up his almost two years hiatus when he steps inside the ring this coming March 18 (March 19 Manila Time) at Powerade Centre in Ontario Canada to take on Mexican Emmanuel Villamar (8-1,1) for a scheduled 8 round-super bantamweight contest.
26 year-old Pagcaliwangan’s parents are both Filipino but grew up in Canada. He holds unblemished record consisting of 9 wins 7 via KO 1 Draw and no defeat. He also trained with Filipino boxing icon Senator Manny Pacquiao and The Filipino Flash Nonito Donaire back in November 2016.
Pagcaliwangan – Villamar fight is under Samuel Vargas (25-3-1) against Armando Robles (31-5-2)  WBA-NABA Welterweight Title fight.

Powcast Vlog: Centennial MMA Fight Night: The First Ever in Muntinlupa

After reaching it’s century mark, Muntinlupa has finally done it. 
RMA Gym, together with the local goverment of Muntinlupa joined forces and brought the first local MMA event in their city yesterday at the Muntinlupa Sports Complex. Titled Centennial MMA Fight Night, the event just is fitting in celebration of 100 years of Muntinlupa. 
The event was attended by local MMA icons including URCC Flyweight champion CJ De Tomas, URCC Match Maker Ron Catunao, Promising WMMAL Champion Jomar Manlangit and other important personalities in the local MMA scene. 
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Sultan vs Jaro and More Intriguing Match Ups All Set for March 19!

Filipino domestic boxing scene rarely give the boxing fans exciting and intriguing match ups. Many prospects of their respective promotions make a high number of mismatches as their fighter to stay busy to open bigger opportunity to fight abroad.
On March 19th  Filipino boxing fans will witness not one but three really mouth watering boxing match ups. The fight card will feature reigning IBF Intercontinental Super flyweight champion Jonas “Zorro” Sultan (12-3,8) defending his title against veteran and former WBC Flyweight World champion Sonny Boy Jaro (43-13-5,30).
In the undercard Sultan’s stablemate (ALA Promotions) three times world title challenger Roli Gasca (23-7-1,7) will face tough Richard Pumicpic (18-8-2,6) who never taste knock out defeat in his entire career. 
In the battle of undefeated someone’s 0 has to go as Edward Heno (9-0-4,3) will stake his unblemished record against fellow unbeaten Cris Ganoza (12-0,6).
The fight card will be held at Cinema Square Boxing Arena in Makati City on March 19.

Juan Hernandez stops Nakornloung to claim WBC Flyweight World Title crown

Mexican Juan Hernandez is the new WBC Flyweight World Champion with third round Technical Knockout win over Thai Nawaphon Nakornloung in Bangkok Thailand.
After a close first two rounds Hernandez dropped and hurt the Thai and unloaded on him causing the referee’s intervention.
In the co main event Mexican Yudel Reyes wins a unanimous decision over Thai Pongsaklek Nakornloung. 77-75 on all cards. 

Sultan will defend IBF belt against Jaro in all Filipino Title Fight!

(Jonas Sultan vs Sonny Boy Jaro)

ALA Promotion’s Jonas “Zorro” Sultan will defend his IBF Intercontinental Super Flyweight Title against former world champion Sonny Boy Jaro who is now fighting under Shape Up Boxing Promotions. The fight will be held on March 19 at Makati Cinema Square Boxing Arena in Makati City,

25, Sultan whose record is 12 wins 8 KOs with only 3 defeats is currently riding on his three fights winning strict all by the way of knockout is hoping to continue his stoppage win against veteran Sonny Boy Jaro. Sultan won the IBF Inter Continental title over home town boxer Makazole Tete (older brother of Zolani Tete) via TKO in Eastern Cape South Africa last year. Jonas Sultan is one of the country’s prospect despite of his 3 defeats.
Meanwhile former WBC Flyweight World champion Sonny Boy Jaro (43-13-5,30) is aiming to get another crack at world title if he beat Sultan this March 19. Thirty four year old Jaro won the WBC crown with a massive upset knock out win against legendary Thai Pongsaklek Wonjongkam in 2012 but ended up losing the title on his first title defense against Toshiyuki Igarashi. 
In the co feature boxing fans will witness another mouth watering match up between Richard Pumicpic (18-8-2,6) and Roli Gasca (23-7-1,7)

Brian Viloria Shakes Off Ring Rust with Hard Fought Win Over Montoya!


Brian “Hawaiian Punch” Viloria victorious in his Japan debut as he earned a hard fought eight Super flyweight rounds over rugged Mexican Ruben Montoya in Tokyo Japan.

36, Former world champion Viloria (37-5-0-2, 22) just started his one last title run with Teiken Promotions yesterday March 2 at Kokugikan in Tokyo Japan after almost one and half year layoff. Viloria fought on the undercard of Shinsuke Yamanaka – Carlos Carlson WBC Bantamweight Championship.
Viloria shook off his ring rust and struggled with Ruben Montoya (14-5-1, 9) , regardless of his long layoff Viloria proved that he was the superior boxer despite of Montoya’s aggressiveness and eagerness to win. Three judges gave Viloria the edge to earn the victory, scores were 77-75, 78-75 and 78-74.

Viloria’s stablemate Shinsuke Yamanaka retained his WBC Bantamweight world Title with 7th round stoppage win over Mexican Carlson while former world title challenger Ryosuke Iwasa also earned a third round TKO win over Filipino Glen Medura.

Knockout CP Freshmart defends WBA belt; Yodmongkol, Palangpol and Noknoi pick up wins!

                                                      (Knockout CP Freshamart)
WBA minimumweight champ Knockout CP Freshmart lived up to his moniker this afternoon in Chonburi, Thailand as he retained his WBA World minimumweight Title with a 5th round TKO win of three time world title challenger Go Odaira. The elusive and awkward Odaira took the first round as he was able to move and box but from there the champ took over, dropping Odaira from a series of bodyshots in the 4th and finally finishing him in the 5th with a hard left hook followed by a right that dropped the Japanese for the count. Very impressive work for Knockout who rivals his compatriot and stablemate Wanheng for top honors at 105 lbs. Perhaps the end of the road for the 32 year old Odaira who tried hard and was brave but seriously outgunned.
In preparation for a proposed title shot against WBA flyweight champ Kazuto Ioka, world rated Noknoi CP Freshmart stopped one time regional title holder Kaenpetch Sithmuangkan in 6th round. Noknoi in control all the way before he pummeled Kaenpetch to the canvas earning an immediate stoppage from the ref.
Former world minimumweight champ and world rated superflyweight Oleydong CP Freshmart cruised to an uneventful 6th round unanimous decision win over Brazilian novice Davidson Baisao? in a super bantamweight bout.
WBA #1 flyweight and former world interim champ Yodmongkol CP Freshmart disposed of Uzbek Xusanboy Abdullaev in 2nd round. A right uppercut to the nose and the Uzbek backed to the corner and turned away, prompting the ref to call a halt to the action. Yodmongkol remains in line to challenge for a world title later this year.
In the final bout earlier world rated light fly Palangpol CP Freshmart returned to action with a 3rd round TKO win of youngster Kompetch Twinsgym. After a mostly uneventful first two rounds, Palangpol landed a series of bodyshots which made Kompetch back off and the ref called a halt to the bout.
by Loriel Macalma of Asian Fight Scene