Balls-Eye: 3 Reasons for DubNation to Celebrate for Warriors’ loss against Kings

With Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry being sit out due to injuries on the defending champs’ game against the team in the abyss, Sacramento Kings, Warriors fell a step short to victory 110 – 106. 

Celebrate for Warriors' loss against Kings, DRaymond and KLay

If you’re just a fan, of course, you’ll be disappointed. Who’s fan wants his team to be defeated? Of course nobody except if you’re an extreme bandwagonist.
It is a bit disappointing yet in this loss, the Warriors’ had unlocked many chains holding down their team. A handicapped match it is, Warriors faced Kings without two of their main daggers and yet ended up in an ‘almost’ win situation if only Bogdan Bogdanovic was unsuccessful of his bank shot in the final 12.6 seconds.
It’s not as though this loss drained the hopes of the whole Dubnation to make it to the playoffs. So let us cheer up for here are 3 reasons to celebrate this milestone loss.

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1 – Close Fight

Well, who would’ve thought? Warriors being outnumbered in terms of ace weapons still almost clinched the victory. This implies the team not solely being dependent on KD and Steph. It’s a good thing that the rest of the team stepped up to fill in the absence of two huge role players in the team and maybe in the league.

2 – High Scoring

Curry and KD dominate and lead the Warriors in offense and without him, we would expect Warriors’ production wind down, yet they still managed to reach more than a hundred points. Five guys finished in double digits – three starters: Thompson, Green, McCaw and two off the bench: Iguodola, Livingston. Their offense still is highly fluid without their main point guard and main finisher duo.

3 – Outside Presence

Curry and KD as said above are offensive leaders. They run their offense mainly on outside shooting and without them, their outside efficiency may have decreased dramatically. But that isn’t what happened against the Kings. Still, they made 16 from the outside led by Curry’s Splash brother with 5 hits and Draymond Green with 4.

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It could’ve been better if the Warriors less KD and Steph bagged a victory but nevertheless, these will still be the reasons to celebrate if it was a win. Warriors’ core is starting to enlarge ’til it will be a team that everyone is the main weapon with equal extraordinary skills in their own roles.

By the Numbers: Thunder Drop Third Straight, Loses to Sacramento

Another super team loses to another bad team

The Kings were limited to 10 points in the first quarter but came back and won the game.

When you see a team with Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony and Paul George playing together, what do you expect? A win. Almost every single game. 
Why? All three of them have the capability to score 40 to 50 points at ease. Russell Westbrook alone, can notch a triple-double almost single night as we saw last season which enabled him to win his first MVP award.
So technically speaking, the Oklahoma City Thunder is a super team. Or are they?
Right after the first quarter when Sacramento only managed to score 10 points, they roared back before halftime and took the lead for good. And when the Thunder were making a late push, the Kings were able to hold on as they finally scored their second victory of the season after beating the Thunder, 94-86. 
So what happened? Below are the numbers:

Too Many Missed Shots

  • Carmelo Anthony: 4 of 17 
  • Paul Geroge: 4 of 16
  • Russell Westbrook: 7 of 21
If you want a simple explanation as to why the Thunder lost to the worst team in the Western Conference, just look at how horrible their field goal shooting was. Against the Kings, the Thunder only made 29 of their 86 field goal attempts- that’s a 33% field goal shooting, folks.
They were also miserable from beyond the three-point line as Oklahoma City only hit 10 of their 27 attempts from deep. Both Carmelo Anthony and Paul Geroge shot 3 of 9 from deep while Russell Westbrook went 2 of 8 from that area. 
In contrast, Sacramento shot 46% from the field, made 37% of their attempts from long distance and, 91% of their free throws.

More Points from Turnovers

Sure, the Kings had 23 turnovers compared to OKC’s 17 but the Kings were more aggressive in turning those Thunder turnovers into points as they held a 19-8 advantage in points off turnovers. Mind you, the Thunder were uncharacteristically called for 3 shot clock violations in the third quarter alone. All in all, Russell Westbrook had 7 of the Thunder’s 17 turnovers. He’s the MVP, right?


With a record stands at 4-6 which puts them at 12th place in the West, this is something that we don’t expect from a team that has three All-Star caliber players in their starting line up. While chemistry might be the issue for the Thunder’s early struggles, it’s still early for the rest of the league to call the team-up a bust but Oklahoma needs to work things out from their end because if not, it might cause Billy Donovan his job.  

Ball Scrutiny: No Time to Slack Off When Against the Golden State Warriors

Stephen Curry taking a three point shot

A tough and tight game commenced as the Sacramento Kings tried to pull down the defending champs Golden State Warriors. But their hopes drained down when the final quarter started. 

Golden State Warriors is a very dangerous team, especially in close games knowing that they have shooting machines that will easily chop down a huge lead or crack a huge deficit in a short span of time.
Nothing beats a play with extra passes. The Warriors had 34 assists to score easy buckets. Most of the shots made by the Warriors on the late phase of the final quarter were made through assists both inside the paint, perimeter and beyond the arc.
Steph Curry is still the Warriors’ juggernaut. Scoring 18 points for his team’s win number two including 4 buckets from the rainbow country. Despite the absence of his other huge reinforcements like Kevin Durant and Draymond Green who were unable to play due to injuries and the coach’s decision not to deploy Klay Thompson and and Andre Iguodola, Steph Curry pushed the team and sealed the victory at the last minutes of the 4th.
It could’ve been a lot easier if Steph was with his usual squad on the floor. Because of the fact that only him was the center on most of the warriors’ offense, it will be harder for them to break through the defense and penetrate, unlike if there were Durant, and Thompson, defense inside will loosen up due to the threat of their shooting ability.
Though the warriors’ cannot penetrate to the inside, still they had some sort of control of the rebounding (47-40) and let the team have extra possession with 21 offensive rebounds.
The Dubs shot 15 triples compared to Kings, making just 10. Nick Young acted as a support o Curry’s back to carry the team to victory, scoring 15 points all from beyond the arc, filling up the gap left by Thompson’s absence on the outside.
Facing the Golden State Warriors and getting a win against them is more than just difficult, establishing a huge lead early on may still not seal the victory due to their capacity to score long balls fast enough. 
They are just unstoppable, the only way to win is to score more than them especially when their gunners started to be on fire. There’ll be no means to cease their devastation. 

Final Quarter Breakaway: Clippers on Full Thrust to 2nd Preseason Win

Los Angeles Clippers went all out with five players finishing with double-digit production. 
Blake Griffin dishes out a jam

It was a tight game until the end of the 3rd. The one who’ll run out of steam first will definitely lose in a shootout. 
And so it happened. 
Before the end of the 3rd, Clippers are starting to send a threat to the Kings when they started to crack up a lead, ending the 3rd 74-68. Finally freeing themselves from the chains of the tight game to secure the victory from the starting point up to the end of the closing quarter.
The Kings couldn’t keep up with the starters in rage until the end of the quarter. Blake Griffin, Wesley Johnson, Deandre Jordan, Lou Williams (18, 16,13,14 pts.) plus a huge off the bench performance of Tyrone Wallace (16 pts.) prevailed against the Kings starting five. In fact, one starter of the kings, Justin Jackson end up being scoreless after 20 minutes of play.
The 4th quarter totally belonged to the Clippers, led by C.J Williams. Williams even forced the Kings to burn a full timeout after hitting a three, stretching the huge deficit 100-82 as the game approached the final 3 minutes of action.
Though the Kings somehow came out with something after the timeout, the time left is obviously insufficient to close the gap in a flash.
The game ended 104-87 in favor of the relentless LA Clippers.
Clippers 104 – Griffin 18, Johnson 16, Williams 14, Jordan 13, Teodosic 8, Bench – 35
Kings 87 – Randolph 14, Hield 12, Cauley-Stein 10, Hill 3, Bench – 38

Sacramento Kings vs LA Clippers – Full Game Highlights | Oct 12, 2017 | 2017-18 NBA Preseason

(video courtesy of YouTube/NBA Conference)

Zach Randolph’s Feelings was Hurt and the Reason Why He Signed with Sacramento

There is no question that Zach Randolph was one of the players that gave Grizzlies the identity of being a grit and grind team. His rough and inside game became a signature and the Grizzlies became a consistent playoffs team in the NBA.  The Grizzlies made it to the playoffs 7 out of 8 seasons Zach played for them.
Now at 35, the Grizzlies management is looking to change its direction and did not offer the star forward a contract, hence Randolph ended up in Sacramento.
From the outside it looks like everything was mutual but according to a few reliable articles, Randolph was hurt because the Grizzlies did not even attempt to offer anything.
Randolph averaged 14 points and 8 rebounds from 24 minutes of play. A good stat line if you ask me. The Kings thinks that Zach can still be a productive player and offered him $24 million for 2 years. Sacramento traded away their star power forward Cousins last season and Zach is looking to fill that spot this year.
The Grizzlies already shipped Vince Carter out and I won’t be surprised if Tony Allen would also go.

Rudy Gay and the Kings Win To The Lakers

The Kings win to the Lakers, 116-104, in their second exhibition game without Demarcus Cousin, Ty Lawson and Omri Casspi. Lakers beat them in the preseason opener.

Darren Collison  has 20 points, Anthony Tolliver scored for the Kings, made 21 points off of the bench. Rudy Gay finished the game with a 19-9-7.

Lakers went down nineteen in the first half and came back strong. They had a great third quarter. They tied it at 80 a few minutes into the fourth. D’Angelo Russell was killing it. The game showcased what this young prospect is capable of.  He has 31 points.

Tough match up coming up. The Lakers will go against the warriors twice.

Ty Lawson, Sacramento Kings agree to one-year contract

The Sacramento Kings add back court depth to their roster after signing Ty Lawson to a one-year deal.

Lawson will be the back-up of Darren Collison who is recently cleared of domestic violence. He will get a lot of opportunities with the Kings as they are lacking of a point guard after they lost Rajon Rondo this summer.

Lawson averaged 5.4 points, 3.9 assists and 2 rebounds in 66 games with Houston Rockets and Indiana Pacers.

He has career averages of 13.1 points, 2.8 rebounds, 6.2 assists and 1.2 steals over his young seven year NBA career.

Matt Barnes Back Home, Heads to Sacramento after the Kings agreed to 2-year, $12 million deal

(Artwork by Sean Curate)

Matt Barnes has reunited with the Sacramento Kings, after signing a contract worth $12 million for a two-year deal, sources told ESPN’s Marc Stein.
Barnes played for the Kings during the 2004-05 season, but was traded halfway through the season to the Philadelphia 76ers, but hasn’t played due to knee tendinitis. He was later waived by the 76ers.
Barnes then went to different teams. Signed with the Knicks in 2005-06 offseason, waived after playing six games. Went to 76ers again to serve a second stint, until he finished out the season.
Signed with the Golden State Warriors for two years 2006-08, where he averaged 9.8 and 6.7 points per game, his highest ppg during that time of his career.
Went to Phoenix and played with the Suns for one year. He improved since he was traded to the Suns after playing with the Warriors for two years, averaging 10.2 points per game.
After a year with the Suns, he went to Orlando for one season. Averaging 8.8 points per game, until he was traded again to another team.
Barnes then signed with the L.A. Lakers, spent two seasons as a role player, he averaged 6.7 and 7.8 points in Lakers uniform.
He was traded again and landed to the Clippers, he spent three years and had his career-highs with the Clippers. He was consistent throughout his stint with them, after averaging 10.3, 9.9 and 10.1 points for three seasons.
Last season, he played for the Grizzlies and averaged 8.3 points per game.
The Kings brought back Barnes due to his defensive toughness on the perimeter and size. Which they lacked throughout the past seasons.

Best Duo? Cousins and Rondo dominate to win against OKC!

Kings are hot and cold this season and this explains their record of 14-20, but whenever these 2 Wildcats dominate at both ends of the floor they could be the best duo in the league right now, DMC is considered to be the best Center in the league by a lot and Rondo’s talent is arguably top 5 PG. 

All right I know you are questioning my opinion, how about this for a fact:

Rondo – 13 pts (5-11), 9 rebounds, 19 assists and 5 steals. 
Westbrook – 17 pts (5-20), 8 rebounds 15 assists and 1 steal.

Maybe an off night for Westbrook? but seriously Rondo affected his game.

DMC Monster stats – 33 points, 19 rebounds and 2 blocks. 2 out 4 from 3 points. 

Ibaka led the Thunder with 25 points and 7 rebounds. 

The Thunder played without KD due to a sprained right big toe, he is still day to day as per Thunder Coach Billy Donovan. 

Here is the highlight of the crazy duo!

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Team Powcast

CJ McCollum Nasty 35pts to give Blazers a Back to Back Win!

CJ McCollum

Damian Lillard is out but his back up PG isn’t shy of taking over the Spotlight for his team. CJ McCollum played out of his mind last night to give his team back to back victories, something they haven’t seen this season. The Blazers are 13-20 good for the 10th spot for the Western Conference. Honestly the future for this team is just another all star away their bench is already good and they could potentially land a Kevin Durant next year if they play their cards right. 

Back to the victory, the Blazers out rebounded the Kings on this game 52-43. McCollum though almost had a triple double with 35 pts, 11 rebounds, 9 assists and 1 block. Cousins scored 36 pts, 6 rebounds and 2 Blocks. 

Here is the highlight of the game:

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John Wall Best PG in the east 12pts 19 ASSISTS! WATCH!


Yes i know Mr. Wall is a 2 time all star already but hasn’t been a starter yet. I think this is the year that he makes it Wall is the only Franchise pg in the east as great as Kyrie it’s not his team. Lowry may get the nod as well as Teague but John Wall to me is the best PG this year.

Yes Kyrie is great but he’s often injured, Wall on the other hand has been injured but he has been playing through it. I know that Kyrie’s injury isnt as bad as John’s. The fact that John carries this team, it takes a toll out of his body being consistently guarded heavily. The Wizards don’t have any other ball handler as good as wall or at least decent they’ve lost Pierce who was doing that last season. Last night Wall dished out 12 assists vs the Kings. They won by a score of 113-99. Gortat led them with 27 points courtesy of the glorious display of passing by Wall. With the win Wizards improve to 12-14 almost near .500 and the Kings dropped to 11-17.

Here is the highlight:

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Why is Sacramento Kings Arena so Special?

Sacramento Kings new arena will have a feature that none of the best arenas in the world currently have.
The Sacramento Kings will be moving to its new world class home court, the Golden 1 Center, a new state-of-the-art venue nestled in the heart of downtown Sacramento. The Kings management are extremely proud of its unique indoor-outdoor multi-use facility for sporting and entertainment events with a seating capacity of 17,500.
It is a unique and certainly a very convenient feature that other teams may be thinking of doing next.
It will not be the biggest stadium. It is not the LED display nor has unlimited popcorn.
We quote “The Internet connection at Golden 1 Center will be over 17,000 times faster than the average home Internet.”
Sacramento Kings partnered with Comcast to make this happen. Now people can share 225,000 Instagram photos per second. Just wow!

Rondo 17 pts 13 asts 7 reb! With a behind the back dribble and a swift one hand pass to Rudy Gay! SWEET!

Rondo displayed his awesome passing ability again and yet fans from Dallas wished he played like this when he was with Dirk. I guess he prefers DMC more and they actually work well together as a team sometimes the Kings seemed like they can get to the playoffs and if they do its because of Rondo. 

I am not taking away anything from DMC and Gay however we all know what they’ve accomplished without Rondo, Its fair to say that they havent had a true point guard to this date.

I really hope that the Kings make it to the playoffs IMO, Rondo can also be effective against Curry and make him defend on the other end. 

Here’s the highlight of his Amazing Performance that gave them the victory over Utah Jazz

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BEASTS! Cousins 40pts 13 reb Rondo 3ple double 23 pts 10 reb 14 assists ! DUNK OF THE NIGHT! FROM BOOGIE!

Kentucky Wildcat boys: Rondo and Cousins having a great time!

As a Celtic fan, the speculations of trading for Cousins has been around for almost 3 years now but it turned out the other way around. The Kings probably have the best PG+C combination right now, i know it may raise a lot of eye-brows but Rondo is making everyone look like a fool for not wanting him. Rondo has recorded his 3rd triple double in 4 the last games, that may not reflect on the winning record as the Kings are sitting to 3-7 right now. 

Make no mistake about it they started the season slow and the rumors that speculate around the team didn’t help them, The Kings won 2 straight games and looking to make it 3 wins in a row against the Raptors tomorrow. 

It is a thing of beauty for Rondo and Cousins clicking together at times they look unstoppable. 
There is not a lot that could guard boogie one on one, as he keeps stroking them 3’s and if he doesn’t get he goes inside. Rondo on the other hand makes everyone touch the floor and provides balance and spacing for the team.

Here is the dunk of the night video from Boogie!Courtesy of NBA Highlights Daily!

Here’s the highlight of the game a nail biting one 🙂 Great effort from RONDO!

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Rondo playing inspired B-ball again! 42 points combined with THE BIG D.COUSINS!


Rondo 21 pts 8 assists 3 steals, Cousins with 21 points and Gay with 19. If Rondo would play inspired basketball all the time they would be deadly because everyone knows how good Rondo is.

He showed he can toy around with everyone including the 2nd pick D’Angelo Russell and Cousins is just a man among boys out there over powering every body. Cousins had a double double and the Kentucky Connection surely clicked on this one beating the La Lakers 132-114. Clarkson led LA with 22 markers. 

Here is the highlight of the Kentucky Duo. Courtesy of GD’s Latest Highlights

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Brother of Stephen Curry, Seth Curry, turned down Warriors offer

Seth Curry, Stephen Curry’s brother, played a stellar Las Vegas Summer League showing into a fully guaranteed two-year deal with the Sacramento Kings.

It turns out he could have joined forces with his brother, Stephen Curry, on the reigning NBA champions.

Sources said Seth had offers from the Kings, Golden State Warriors, Charlotte Hornets and New Orleans Pelicans—whom he played for in Las Vegas—but opted to sign on with the rebuilding Kings.

“I didn’t want to go to Golden State. I didn’t want to go back in Steph’s shadow.” Seth said.

2015-2016 NBA team preview: Sac Town is on a mission to get to the playoffs.

People tend to overlook the signing of Rajon Rondo simply because he had conflict with the organization but if Rondo’s head is intact he is arguably a top 5-7 PG at least and we all know that this League is all about having a great PG . It is also a fact that Rondo and Cousins have been wanting to play for each other since both played for University of Kentucky. Cousins is the best center in the league right now and with George Karl manning the Kings it is not a reach if they would reach the playoffs and make some noise. 

Kings was able to secure Cousins and having Rondo might benefit the entire team as they were able to do good things with Collison. They also have the perfect compliment to play alongside Cousins, Willie Cauley Stein is a young version of Tyson Chandler, he might end up better and he would thrive playing with Boggie. Rudy Gay is still in his prime, sure its not on the level of Lebron or KD. But Gay is still a stud and clutch as well. I think I would let you be the judge and look at their bench and again keep in mind that their coach is George Karl. 

PG – Rondo, Collison, Stockton
SG – McLemore, Bellineli, Seth Curry 
SF- Gay, Casspi, Anderson
PF – WCS, Evans, Acy
C – Cousins, Koufos 

They are pretty much set in every position its just a matter of being healthy, well that’s been the case for most teams health is the common issue but regardless if all teams are healthy, I wont be surprise if the Kings make some noise in the playoffs this coming season.

NBA BIGS: Trending right now ! which teams will benefit from them ?

That’s right its a hot commodity right now. Bigs that are good enough to make teams better. Today, I will be sharing some of my insights about NBA Free agents mainly Bigs! 

Brook Lopez

Nets – It is hard to imagine that he would leave Brooklyn, because this is the only team that can sign him for 5 years. The Nets need to keep Lopez as much as possible because they won’t win anything if they let him go. 

Greg Monroe

Pistons – Assuming that Kevin Love would walk. Monroe would thrive playing with LBJ, Just look at what Mozgov has achieved this past season. Monroe is equipped with low post moves and the only knack for him is that he doesn’t have a consistent jump shot. Other destinations for Monroe would be Denver, Bucks, Celtics and LA Lakers.

Tobias Harris

Magic – Harris is the youngest here at 22 years old he brings a lot of +/- to a team. Harris is the one of the plays that can give you 17ppg 6-8reb per game and a 3 pointer. Orlando would do everything to keep him, however if he demands more money i could see a team like Dallas or Memphis(if they have cap space) or Lakers to go after this young stud.


Wizards – assuming that there would be a team willing to take Nene’s reasonable contract , the Wizards should let him walk, Nene isn’t a pushover whatsoever but is not the same as before. Both him and Gortat are effective underneath. Nene isnt a great defender as well. The Pistons might be a good fit for him or Dallas depending on how they play their cards. 

NBA DRAFT 2015: TOP Center prospects

Last part of the top possible prospects after this I would create a mock draft for the first round. Enjoy Guys!

Karl Anthony Towns 
Height:7′ 0″
Weight:248 lbs
(19 Years Old)

Ppg: 10.3 pts
Reb: 6.7
Stl: 0.5

Blks: 2.2
Asst:  1.1
MPG: 21.1
FT%: 81.3

Towns is one of the Defensive Anchors for the stacked University of Kentucky last season. His stats doesn’t reflect how great he can be. Potentially this kid can be the next big thing after the likes of Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, etc. He can shoot the ball well and has a jumper already. He can also score using his left or right hand. I put him at the Center position because of his size, He is a listed @ 7’0″ with a wingspan of 7’3.25″. I view him as a better version of Javale McGee. Projected pick 1 or 2. 

Jahlil Okafor

Height:6′ 11″
Weight:272 lbs
(19 Years Old)
Ppg: 17.3 pts
Reb: 8.6
Stl: 0.8

Blks: 0.8
Asst:  1.3
MPG: 30.1 

                                                                                    FT%: 51

Jah is what his teammates call him. Is the #1 prospect coming out of high school before he joined Duke and he has been their go to guy down the stretch which he showed during the Ncaa Men’s Basketball Finals against Wisconsin Badgers, Okafor is viewed as the best big man offensively, he has a great touch around the rim and can finish through contact, the only knack on Okafor’s game is his defense. Its not like he is a terrible defender he just need to commit to it on every possession, he showed flashes that he can be effective because of his size. He also needs to work on his Free Throw shooting as this may results to hack-a-okafor game.
His game reminds me of a Eddy Curry/ Al Jefferson and Brook Lopez, he can surpass all three if he can prove that he can defend on the next level. Height 6’11” wingspan 7’5″ . Projected pick 1 or 2.

Willie Cauley-Stein

Height:7′ 1″
Weight:242 lbs
(21 Years Old)

Ppg: 8.9pts
Reb: 6.4
Stl: 1.2

Blks: 1.7
Asst:  1.0
MPG: 25.9 

FT%: 61.7

WCS is a junior from University of Kentucky Wildcats. He is the team mate of Towns. They were the mean reasons why the team was able to sweep the college season and only lost to Wisconsin Badgers in the Final Four of Ncaa Men’s Basketball. WCS was just known for his defense when he first joined Kentucky, over the years he has improved on his game as a whole. His offense is still not as polished as they could be but he is a defensive monster he can guard multiple position because he is very mobile for his size. His game is a combination of Marcus Camby and Tyson Chandler. Height 7’1″  wingspan 7’3″. Projected pick 6-10

Frank Kaminsky
Height:7′ 1″
Weight:231 lbs
(22 Years Old)

Ppg: 18.8pts
Reb: 8.2
Stl: 0.8

Blks: 1.5
Asst:  2.6
MPG: 25.9 

FT%: 78.0

Frank “The Tank” Kaminsky is the epitome of hard work for Wisconsin Badgers. He has carried this team together with Sam Dekker to the National Championship before they lost to Duke Blue Devil, in the 2014-2015 Ncaa Men’s Basketball. Kamisky has a more polished game due to the fact that he has stayed four years in college, some people thinks that it was a bad decision but for him its just right because he has made strides year after year. His game maybe a bit of an older Pau Gasol or a better Ryan Kelly. Height is 7’0″ wingspan 6’11” this could be a concern for him but i don’t think that would be much of a factor because he can defend guys well due to his experience. Projected pick 7-15

Myles Turner
Height:7′ 0″
Weight:239 lbs
(19 Years Old)
Ppg: 10.1pts
Reb: 6.5
Stl: 0.3

Blks: 2.6

Asst:  0.6
MPG: 22.2 

FT%: 83.9

Myles Turner was actually the 2nd best player right behind Okafor before coming to college. His stock dropped because of possible health issues that may be the biggest concern if not for that he could be right up there within top 5 pick . To read more about this please go here.
His game could be like a Lemarcus Aldridge because he can shoot it well and he could also be a better defender than Aldridge because of his size and length. Height 7′”0 wingspan 7’4″. Projected pick 7-15 

Keep it here @

Manny V. Pangilinan could be the first Asian to control an NBA franchise?

Its not a secret that Sacramento Kings in the NBA is struggling financially and the news of a potential Filipino investor is nothing but intriguing, titillating and above all exciting.
Businessman Manny V. Pangilinan owner of Filipino Basketball clubs is looking to go big time in the NBA by potentially becoming a majority owner the Sacramento Kings.
This is almost close to reality as Pangilinan express his interest to invest and with his recent trip to Sacramento to visit the facilities, its not far from happening.
He said he would need to invest between $200 million and $260 million for a stake in the Kings, and that this would be done in his personal capacity.

Manny V Pangilinan meets with SF officials

source: Waylon Galvez |

The possibility of telecommunications tycoon Manny V. Pangilinan joining the Sacramento Kings in the near future gained positive feedback after his group met some officials of the city the other day in San Francisco.

The meeting was not actually in the schedule of Pangilinan’s group, which included top executives Ricky Vargas, Al Panlilio and Patrick Gregorio, as well as Talk ‘N Text coach Chot Reyes and Meralco mentor Ryan Gregorio.

But in a statement, Pangilinan, “upon the encouragement of the city of Sacramentomet the city officials.

The Sacramento Mayor is former NBA superstar Kevin Johnson.

“The purpose was to explore the possibility of forming an investors’ group which may be interested in investing in the SK,” said Pangilinan, who owns several businesses in the country as well as in Hong Kong.

The meeting took place on Tuesday, and Pangilinan’s group was accompanied by former Sacramento King Chris Webber, who recently visited the country as part of a group that played against the PBA players in an exhibition game.

The Maloof family, led by brothers Joe and Gavin, which has 80 percent share of the NBA franchise, has agreed to stay in Sacramento for one more season, delaying their plan to transfer to nearby Anaheim, California.

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Sacramento making renewed case for keeping Kings

By ADAM WEINTRAUB, Associated Press
SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Business and political leaders in Sacramento have another chance to persuade the NBA that the Kings should stay in town, and they’ll put a full-court press on league officials this week.
Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, a former NBA star, said Tuesday that the city had feared the Kings’ move to Anaheim might be a done deal. But he said at least some of the NBA owners at last week’s league meetings appeared impressed when the city presented $7 million in commitments for new advertising, ticket purchases and other financial support from local businesses and other backers.

On Tuesday, the tribe that operates Thunder Valley Casino northeast of Sacramento agreed to commit an additional $1 million to back the Kings in Sacramento, bringing the total to at least $8 million. None of that money would go toward the multi-million dollar cost of building a new arena, the repeated sticking point in years of efforts to keep the team happy in Sacramento.
“The fact that we’re here and we bought two more weeks, that is a big, big deal,” Johnson said at a City Hall news conference, his first since returning from the meetings in New York City. “We get a chance to put our best foot forward.”
Commissioner David Stern said last week that the league wanted to “do a little bit more fact-finding” and the NBA granted the Kings’ owners another extension until May 2 to file paperwork requesting a relocation. The original deadline passed April 18.
The NBA will send two representatives to Sacramento on Thursday, including relocation committee chairman Clay Bennett, chairman of the ownership group for the Oklahoma City Thunder. The franchise was the Seattle SuperSonics until 2008, when Bennett relocated the team amid calls for a new arena.
Besides giving the Maloof family, which owns a controlling interest in the Kings, more time to formally request league approval for a move, the extension also gives Sacramento more time to make its case to keep the Kings and show how it could build a new arena the team wants.
Local backers want both the Kings and the Maloofs to stay in Sacramento, Johnson said. Failing that, they’d like to keep the team with new owners, or attract a different NBA franchise. The emergence of supermarket tycoon Ron Burkle as an interested buyer for the team created a buzz last week, but Johnson said he may not be a factor in the discussion if the city can make the case that Sacramento is a viable market for the Maloofs and the Kings. The Maloofs have insisted they won’t sell the team.
To make their case to the NBA, Johnson said, local backers will stress the strength of the fan base, the fact that Sacramento is in a top 20 media market with no other pro sports team, and the new surge of support from businesses.
While a full financial and feasibility analysis of a sports and entertainment complex in Sacramento won’t be complete by May 2, Johnson said he hopes to present some preliminary data on alternatives and revenue streams to the NBA by that date.
Johnson kept beating the drum for the local effort Tuesday. His visit to the tribal council of the United Auburn Indian Community won a commitment of $1 million, said Doug Elmets, spokesman for the tribe and Thunder Valley. The tribe, he said, “sees value not only in keeping the Kings in Sacramento, but in being part of the business community commitment that Kevin Johnson is seeking.” The tribe already pays for a luxury box at Power Balance Pavilion, and expects the $1 million would largely go for advertising and sponsorships, Elmets said.
The mayor also was working out the details for a meeting Wednesday with political leaders around the Sacramento area to present a broad regional appeal to the NBA.
The mayor declined to identify what businesses were involved in the $7 million in new commitments of support, but said he hopes to disclose them after they’ve been discussed with the league.
Johnson said he didn’t know much about an effort to collect signatures in Anaheim to force a public vote on $75 million in financing for a Kings deal, not expected until June 2012. “I’d be dishonest if I didn’t say I was glad that was going on” because it may buy Sacramento more time, he said.
Rob Stutzman, a Sacramento political consultant who is organizing the signature drive, said the effort is in its final stages and could be wrapped up by the end of the week. The signature drive has been backed by many small contributors, he said, and has not worked with the Burkle group. Among the backers and organizers of the Committee to Save the Kings are former city councilman Robbie Waters, real estate investor Ethan Conrad and steel company executive Steve Ayers.;header=true&height=55






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Brokers await Manny Pangilinan move on NBA deal

source: Joaquin Henson |

Two US-based female brokers – one a Filipina marketing specialist from Cincinnati and the other an American financial analyst with an investment bank

– are negotiating a deal for a group led by PLDT chairman Manny V. Pangilinan to take over majority control of the struggling NBA franchise Sacramento Kings.

The brokers were in Manila two weeks ago to confer with Pangilinan on an offer to buy up to 80 percent of the team owned by the Maloof family. Pangilinan was reportedly with Maynilad president Ricky Vargas, MVP Sports Foundation president and Meralco senior vice president Al Panlilio, Maynilad senior vice president Patrick Gregorio and Talk ‘N’ Text coach Chot Reyes when he met the brokers at the PLDT building in Makati.

A source close to the brokers said the amount of $250 million was mentioned as “a possible opening bid to get the ball rolling.” It was not certain if the Maloofs, saddled in debt, knew the brokers would approach a Filipino group but the source said Sacramento City Mayor Kevin Johnson was aware.

Mayor Johnson even remarked that Sacramento and Manila are sister cities,” said the source. “He wants to keep the team in Sacramento because there is a move to relocate it to Anaheim. Mayor Johnson hopes to lead a drive to put up a new state-of-the-art coliseum for the Kings. He’s excited about the possibility of a Filipino group owning the franchise.”

The source added that the team owner of another California NBA franchise was informed of the approach to the Filipino group and expressed support. “In fact, he even asked if the Filipino group could send a letter of intent to buy the franchise to the NBA in time for the Board of Governors meeting,” said the source. However, no letter of intent was given.

The NBA Board of Governors meeting started yesterday and will end today (US time) in New York. The Maloofs were given a deadline of up to Monday to request the NBA for approval to relocate to Anaheim. Mayor Johnson was scheduled to attend the Board meeting and make a pitch to save the Sacramento franchise. Several groups, including one linked to former Kings star Chris Webber, have indicated support for Mayor Johnson’s campaign.

The source said 20 percent of the franchise has been offered to a New York investment group. He added that the two brokers are receiving vital information on basketball operations from an NBA assistant coach and a former NBA player who is the shooting instructor of an NBA superstar.

Mr. Pangilinan was even invited to watch the Los Angeles Lakers-Oklahoma City game in Los Angeles last Sunday,” said the source. “We were told that Lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss wanted to meet Mr. Pangilinan although that wasn’t confirmed. We were also informed that Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban would support the move to keep the Kings in Sacramento.”

Whether the Maloofs will sell the franchise or not if it relocates to Anaheim is a question mark. At the moment, the Maloofs owe the Sacramento City government $77 million to operate the Kings franchise which reportedly absorbs a loss of $25 to $28 million a year.

The source said that while Pangilinan may be interested in considering the offer, he has other business priorities to tackle. “It’s no joke buying an NBA franchise,” said the source. “It may not happen in the near future but who knows? So far, no lawyers have been assigned to look into the offer.”

Another source close to Pangilinan said yesterday there are no developments regarding the offer.

We were told that the NBA wants to invite Mr. Pangilinan for a meeting just to talk, know the NBA better and chat with commissioner David Stern,” said the source. “The things for consideration in owning an NBA team are absentee ownership, not too keen on being a part of a stadium construction, viability of the team and compelling justification linking the acquisition to the business.”


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