Bob Arum: WBO Doesn’t Settle Anything

Top Rank CEO Bob Arum said that the of WBO (World Boxing Organization) review of the fight doesn’t settle anything. Two weeks ago Aussie boxer Jeff Horn pulled off one of the biggest upset win in boxing history against Filipino boxing legend Manny Pacquiao at Sun Corp Stadium in Brisbane Australia. Many boxing fans slammed the judges and believed that Manny should have been the winner of the fight so the WBO conducted a review of the fight and confirmed that Jeff Horn is the real winner of the WBO Welterweight title after three of the five judges have ruled in favor of Jeff Horn.
“First of all they didn’t [rule] that Jeff Horn clearly won the fight. They (WBO) had five judges scoring the fight: three had Horn winning narrowly, one had it at draw, one had Pacquiao winning,” Arum told News To Go in an interview. 
He said the way that result of the WBO review shows that the fight was “very, very close.” “Well it doesn’t settle anything. It was a very close fight. It could have been scored either way. I had Manny winning the fight by one point, but you know when it gets that close, the fight can go either way,” he added. 
 “Manny has to decide what he wants to do in the future and we’ll take it from there,” he said. Arum said that after two weeks, he may travel to the Philippines to determine from Pacquiao himself if he would want a rematch with Horn. “I will see whether he really wants to do a rematch, whether he wants to continue boxing, or whether because of his senatorial duty, he is unable to continue,” he said.

Pacquiao fight moved in October, Opponent will be…

Since when it was easy to negotiate fights? even with Pacquiao’s two consecutive lost against Timothy Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez, he is still consider as one of boxing most marketable fighter. 
While negotiations are still ongoing for Manny Pacquiao’s boxing comeback, we have learned that his fight is now moved from September to October 2013, Bob Arum has announced this. What’s uncertain is his opponent, up to right now they have not identified the opponent of Pacaquiao and I have a bad feeling that it will not be Marquez, I hope I am wrong. 
Among Pacquiao’s potential opponents are Marquez , Bradley , Brandon Rios or Mike Alvarado. Manny’s coach Freddie Roach however only wants a fight with Marquez. 
We will find out next week who will be the opponent? Who do you like to be Pacquiao’s opponent next?

Meet the Yao Ming of Boxing video, is he for real?

Bob Arum and Top Rank thinks that they found the next boxing star from China, even Freddie Roach is impress, is  Zou Shiming for real.
Zou Shiming was born May 18, 1981, he was an amateur boxer from China. Zou was the silver medalist at the 2003 World Amateur championships, he also won the Light flyweight bronze medal at the 2004 Athens Olympic , the 2005 world championships and the 2008 light flyweight gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympic games. 
That is a pretty impressive record, but what can a 31 years old amateur boxer do as a professional,  will he make history or is Bob Arum just trying his best to market boxing and his brand in China? Let us wait and see. 

 Would he make an impact in the US professional boxing world?

Impossible to work with Bob Arum – Oscar Dela Hoya

Oscar Dela Hoya must have been really fed up with Bob Arum as he puts the blame on the Top Rank Promoter on the fights that is not happening specially with Manny Pacquiao and Julio Ceasar Chavez jr. Oscar Dela Hoya said that it is impossible to work with Bob. Watch  the interview here.

What do you think about what Oscar Dela hoya’s statement?

Arum eyes November date to hold megafight

Top Rank chief Bob Arum said the highly anticipated Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather Jr. superfight could take place in November 2012 after the flamboyant unbeaten American fighter was sentenced 90 days in prison for a 2010 domestic violence case.The earliest Mayweather could get out of prison is on the first week of March through good behavior. (source)

This Fight keeps getting cancelled and moved, I doubt that it will ever materialized. Do you still think it will happen (click)

Pacquiao vs Mayweather Please…

Bob Arum the promoter of Pacquiao and the once promoter of Floyd jr is the key to making the fight happen literally I think he can make it happen he just choose not to do it because of some reasons. I may be wrong at this but Bob Arum and Richard Schaefer needs to make this fight a reality. No time for childish and stupid acts. There is no reason for this fight not to push thru if they both claimed that all party wants the fight, it should freaking happen. If it don’t materialize then it only means one thing. They are all full of crap and they should go to hell. Everyone wants this fight its the real dream match, It’s what the boxing universe need, Its the cure of all of the boxing sickness, Its the redemption of boxing from all of its sins. Pacquiao vs Mayweather jr will you please become a reality. 


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Pacquiao won, forget Marquez and fight Mayweather!!!

Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez trilogy was one of the best there is, only few can be compared to the kind of excitement and competition they bring whenever they step to the ring. These fighters are the ultimate nemesis and it is only right that they fight one more time to determine who is the better fighter of the two. But before the fourth fight happens I believe it makes more sense to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. first.

There is just no way they can pass this opportunity. We all know how elusive Floyd Jr is, we all know that it’s very hard to make a deal with the Mayweathers and now that they are publicly saying that they want to fight Manny Pacquiao this May. Bob Arum will pass up the opportunity in favor of Marquez. Hell no!! Let Marquez wait, why do Top Rank and Manny Pacquiao feel obligated to fight Marquez? They won the fight, there is nothing for Pacquiao to gain, it’s stupid to fight Marquez first.
With Floyd Mayweather suddenly feeling more confident because of the recent performance of Manny Pacquiao it is the perfect timing to make the fight happen. So Bob Arum better make this deal or else….
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