Melo Passed Ewing at NBA All-time Leading Scorer but Just Like Ewing, Melo will Never be a Champion

Last night, Carmelo Anthony passed Patrick Ewing to move into 21st on the NBA’s all-time leading scorers list.

At 33 years old, Carmelo Anthony has played with three teams: Denver Nuggets, New York Knicks and this year he teamed up with Russel Westbrook and Paul George at Oklahoma City Thunders. His 14 years in the NBA is certainly an eventful career and one that would be called a good one especially as he continues to lead teams as a prolific scorer.  Recently, the 10x NBA All-Star has achieved another milestone and has passed another all-time great player in Patrick Ewing in the all-time scoring leader in the NBA.
Patrick Ewing has 24,815 total points in his career while Carmelo now has 24,829 and counting. The season is still young and looks like by the end of his career, Melo could potentially go up as high as top 10 but this year he might be able to already go as high at 18th place.
While this individual achievement seems to be very achievable for Melo, there is one thing that he, Patrick Ewing, including Karl Malone (2nd on the all-time scoring list) would probably not achieve and that’s to win an NBA championship.
These great players would have probably won championships but unfortunately, they existed before another great player. The likes of Michael Jordan and LeBron James and this year it would be no different as OKC are faced with other super team rivals in the west that put their chances of winning the championship from slim to none.

Thunder Trio Suddenly Makes them a Heavy Championship Contender, But They are Not Done Yet

Crowded West Became Tougher with Thunders new Trio

Here’s your first look at Carmelo Anthony in his Thunder uniform:
Russel Westbrook (31.6), Paul George (23.7), Carmelo Anthony (22.4), these are the point averages of these players last season. Put them together and you got about 77 points just within these three players. It is a scary thought if you think about it and now that it will happen this season, the Thunders is just about to go struck some heavy lightning this season that will skew the association again and make the western conference even tougher than ever.
OKC, however, may not be done yet as they are also in the running to get the service of veteran star Dwyane Wade and to put things in perspective.  With the already combined 77 points of the current big three, adding Dwyane Wade in the mix would make a total of 96 points. That’s crazy.
We know that these productions may not actually be the same playing with a new team as most of these players were used to be the focal point of the offense with their former teams, the idea of putting four offensive players in their prime is somewhat just as chilling and risky as ever.
A team doesn’t win with offense, it only sells tickets, it’s defense that wins championships.
But the OKC Thunder are going all in this season as they make one risky and bold move after another giving Westbrook enough ammunition to compete with today’s super teams heavy NBA season.

WatchNBA Players React to Carmelo Anthony Trade to the Thunder

With Carmelo Trade, Here are the 5 Legit Super Teams that can Compete for Championship this Year

Carmelo Anthony trade puts Thunder in superteam conversation.

Just one hero isn’t good enough for the world, this is why Superman needs super friends. Why Nick Fury put together the Avengers and why OKC Thunders traded for Carmelo Anthony.
Already making a high-risk move by acquiring Paul George, OKC Thunders is going all in by getting disgruntled Carmelo into the mix as the Thunders put together another monster trio that could potentially compete against other super teams in the NBA, particularly in the west.

But who are the legit super teams that can compete for the title now in the NBA?
OKC Thunder –  It would be absurd not to put the Thunders in this conversation and even without Carmelo they were already one of the top teams as Westbrook and Paul George combination will certainly keep the opponent on their toes every time. With the arrival of Carmelo, the Thunders had become louder as they put together one of the best offensive teams in the NBA today. This is reminiscing when OKC still had Durant and Harden. The real question now is if they can make the three ball-dominant players work together and with the experience they had in the past, I am sure they would have already learned how to keep superstars on their roster.
Golden State Warriors – Still considered as the best among super teams. The Warriors are tested on the battlefield and among super teams, they have learned to compliment and work together as one unit. Led by Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, the Warriors are still the favorite to win it this year as they still possess one thing that none of the other super teams have.
Cleveland Cavaliers – LeBron James is probably on the top as an individual player but we know that he still needs his friends to work in order to win. Now with Isaiah Thomas and an improved bench, the Cavaliers are certainly in the position again to be a contender in the finals as the King and the Cavaliers will be much more determined this year to avenge their loss to the Warriors as well as a championship win would at least give LeBron James something to think about before he considers leaving for next season.

Boston Celtics – Even without superstars, the Celtics were able to be the top team last season and now with the addition of Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward, the Celtics have repainted the team and brought in some new materials that will change the complexity of the game and could give them the opportunity to finally compete against their top rival in the east.  Kyrie Irving certainly would be a big factor for the Celtics as he proves that he is ready for a lead role after leaving Cleveland. Gordon Hayward, on the other hand, is one of the most versatile players today would perfectly complement the team which consists of a veteran star like Al Hartford and rising Rookies like Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum.

Houston Rockets – It’s amazing how James Harden has elevated the Rockets by himself and with the MVP-like performance last year, you can bet that the bearded one will be more determined this year especially as his former teammates in OKC Westbrook and Durant put together a great team of their own. Harden and the Houston Rockets was initially favored to land Carmelo but with limited assets to give in return they forfeit their chances of creating a big three in Houston, instead, he is left with a new point guard in Chris Paul. Most people think that these two players would not work together because they like holding the ball most of the time but all I can say is, great players know how to adjust and Harden and Paul are both brilliant. Watch out for the Houston Rockets as they arguably showcase the best backcourt duo in the NBA.
Honorable mention: Minesota Timberwolves, San Antonio Spurs.

No Man is an Island: Westbrook 51 points but OKC Fell Short Against Houston

Westrbook is a monster but he is not superman!
Scoring 51 points with 10 rebounds and 13 assists, there is just nothing more you can ask for from this man. He did what he could but the supporting cast wasn’t there.
Meantime, the Rockets got some big scoring boost from the bench with Eric Gordon scoring 22 points and Lou Williams getting 21 points.
They also got some contribution from the pesky defender Patrick Beverly who scored 15 points.
Harden was his usual self leading the scoring parade with 35 points.
Westbrook was the reason why they were in contention. He was the reason why they are keeping up with the Rockets but he is also the reason why they fell tonight as he missed a number of shots late in the game.
 Rockets got a commanding lead with 2 wins in the playoffs series.

Game 2 final score: 115 – 111, Houston. The Rockets leads the series 2- 0.

Harden and Westbrook Performance Went Opposite Directions as Rockets Crushed OKC

In the battle of the two MVP candidates, James Harden and Russel Westbrook had a lot to prove to the world and against each other as this series might help in determining who the rightful MVP is this year.
OKC started nicely in the first quarter leading the game at 29 -27.  The Rockets, however, was on steady ascend since the first quarter while the Thunders showed weariness as the game went on.
OKC scored  29 in the 1st, 25 in the 2nd, 20 in the 3rd and 13 in the last quarter. Their performance was dwindling down and the game went out of their hands.  The Thunders as a team had a measly field goal percentage at 37%.  Two of the main guys of OKC was just out of their game.
Victor Oladipo only had 6 points with 8% (1/12) field goal percentage. On the other hand, Westbrook almost had a triple-double with 22 points, 11 rebounds, and 9 turnovers. Looks like he had a great game but not really. His field goal was 26% (6/23).
Both Oladipo and Westbrook were shutdown.
Credits have to be given to the backcourt of the Houston Rockets, who not only played great defense but was shooting the lights out against the struggling Thunders.
James Harden scored 37, while Patrick Beverly scored 21 points.
The final score 118 – 87, Rockets won game 1.

(courtesy: youtube/Motion Station)

Westbrook doesnt seem to miss KD. gets another 3ple double with the win over Lakers 113-96

OKC is off to a great start thanks to none other than Westbrook who has scored at least 100 and grabbed atleast 30 rebs and dished out 40 assists in just 3 games.. crazy stats right there. This OKC team surely doesnt seem to cry over Durant leaving although we have yet to see how OKC would be against playoff teams. The Thunder offense looked a bit better and Steven Adams is being utilized better now on the offense. The pick and roll with WB is working wonders for them. Dont sleep on the Thunder to make some noise in the playoffs as crazy as it sounds right now I think they have a good chance to snatch the top 4 seed.

Here is the replay of WB crazy state line 33 pts, 16 rebs and 12 assists.

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