Goran Dragic is a Target of Denver Nuggets, Will he be Traded?

Goran Dragic Maybe wearing a new uniform if Miami gets a good offer from Denver. 

We all knew that the Denver Nuggets was aggressively pursuing Eric Bledsoe when he was still in the market but unfortunately the Bucks had a better offer and the formidable point guard went on to play for the Bucks.
Denver is having a good season so far is in the fourth place in the tough western division just behind the Warriors, Rockets, and Spurs.
After not being aggressive in their pursuit for Eric Bledsoe, Denver Nuggets could try and trade for Goran Dragic.
And while there should not be any reason to trade, the Nuggets is looking for a better point guard thatn what they currently have. Two of their primary guards are Jamal Murray who is averaging 14 points per game but has been struggling outside the arc with only 28% shooting. His back up Emmanuel Mudiay also averaging double-figure at 10 but his field goal percentage is below 40%.

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Goran Dragic, however, is the primary scorer of the Heat and is shooting a decent 45% from the field. 
The addition of Goran in Denver if it happens would make the already good team somewhat a contender in the west but don’t expect them to get through the three other teams that I mentioned above. 
Goran Dragic has been playing back and forth with three teams in his career. He’s been juggling around Phoenix-Houston-Phoenix-Houston-Phoenix-Miami-Phoenix and back to Miami.
What do you think?

Is LeBron James Going to Philadephia in 2018?

76ers say they will try to sign the King next year

Whether you like it or not, LeBron James remains as one of the most sought-after superstars in the NBA right now. Despite being 32 years-old, the King still has a few good years ahead of him and yes, he can break a few more records before retiring.
Over the course of his well-decorated NBA career, LeBron has switched from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Miami Heat and back to the Cavs. Ever since his blockbuster move to the Heat before the 2010-2011 season, LeBron James has yet to miss an NBA Finals although he is 3-5 in the Finals, so far. But, that doesn’t take away the fact that he already has 3 championships under his belt along with numerous MVP awards.
Now, heading into the 2017-2018 season, speculations regarding where LeBron James would be playing next have been popping out like popcorn. But, there’s one specific team in the Western Conference which appears to be LeBron’s next destination assuming he leaves Cleveland anew next year:  the Los Angeles Lakers to team up with the young core that includes Lonzo Ball.
While the prospect of seeing LeBron make the jump to the Lakers appears to be a near possibility, that doesn’t take away the fact that he can be signed by other teams- not to mention the possibility of him remaining with the Cavs although, given the fact that he already has a strained relationship with the Cavs’ front office, we can at least, eliminate that possibility, now.

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Among the teams that might make a push to land LeBron is the Philadelphia 76ers. Yes. You’ve read it right, folks.

Why? Here’s why:

If LeBron James goes on to leave the Cavs and his goal remains the same which is to win more championships, the Sixers would be among the best choices LeBron would have by then. As of now, the Sixers have been playing one of their best seasons since the Allen Iverson era as they are currently in 5th place in the Eastern Conference with a 12-9 record.  Ben Simmons has been playing terrific basketball as a rookie. So is Joel Embiid. Add a LeBron James into the picture and you have a mixture of two young scoring machines and a veteran leader who can do everything. And that’s scary.


While the LeBron-to-Philadelphia scenario remains a dream especially for the fans of the Sixers, LeBron’s future will depend on how the Cavs will perform this season and how deep they will go come the playoffs. As of now, the Cavs are on a 10-game winning streak and LeBron is on a tear offensively. But, will that be enough for the Cavs to keep him? It depends on LeBron himself,  too. 

Cavs Keep Streak Alive: Beat Miami Despite LeBron’s Ejection

Kevin Love’s explosive start, LeBron’s double-double power Cavs anew

Just a few games ago, the Miami Heat ended the Boston Celtics’ 16-game winning streak. So they technically know now how to take down a streaking team, right? And since they are playing against the Cleveland Cavaliers who came into the game with an 8-game winning streak, the Heat only need to do what they did to the Celtics. However, that wasn’t the case.
The Cleveland Cavaliers successfully extended their winning streak to 9 games after beating the Miami Heat, 108-97, in a game which saw LeBron James getting ejected in the 3rd quarter- a first in the 15-year career of the multi-time MVP.
How did the Cavs beat the Heat this time around? Below are the numbers:

Kevin Love’s Explosive Start

Kevin Love has been criticized due to the apparent fact that his presence hasn’t been much felt even during the time when Kyrie Irving was still manning the point guard position for the Cavs. 
Against the Heat, Kevin Love made sure that his presence was felt especially from the offensive end. He started the game by scoring 22 points in the first quarter alone. He already has 32 of his 38 points by halftime. He was efficient on the floor making 10 of his 17 shot attempts and 14 of 17 free throws. He also grabbed 9 rebounds while playing for 25 minutes.

40 Points in the 2nd Quarter

After scoring 35 points in the opening quarter, the Cavs went on a scoring rampage come the second quarter when they scored 40 points in that quarter which increased their lead to 27 at the break. That run enabled the Cavs to hang onto the win as they only scored 18 and 15 in the 3rd and 4th quarter. 

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Another Double-Double for the King

Despite the ejection in the 3rd quarter, LeBron James still managed to get a double-double as he scored 21 points, going 10 for 16 in the field while grabbing 12 rebounds. He also had 6 assists and 5 steals plus a blocked shot. If he wasn’t ejected, LeBron would have probably gotten another triple-double, right?


The Cavs are now 14-7 in the season which puts them in 3rd place in the Eastern Conference. They may be on a 9-game winning streak but that doesn’t mean that they can go on winning for long. Why? They are still undermanned, to begin with. They don’t have a legitimate point guard as of the moment. Fortunately, LeBron James can now play all 5 positions, right?

Superteam Lookout: Cavs Eyeing for a Big 9th Straight Victory Against Heat

After a not so good performance in the early phases of the season, the Cavs bounced back even stronger as they are now making a winning rally of their own in the Eastern Conference, after Boston Celtics. 

LeBron James

Now, why would be a 9-straight victory matter that much already when the Boston Celtics had been in a 16-0 jaw-dropping streak? 

Let me remind you that it was the Miami heat who successfully ceased the Boston Celtics on their enormous victory regime. But before we get too excited on this, let us add some more spice to this forecasted 9-0 Cavs run.
Well, it may not seem that big but actually, this hypothetical  9-0 win streak of the Cavs will be even more explosive than that 16 – 0 of Celtics. 
Why? Here’s the catch, the Boston Celtics, Detroit Pistons and the Cleveland Cavaliers are on the top three in the East. Now the Cavs vanquished the Detroit Pistons mercilessly in their recent match for their 5th straight win, 116 – 88. This win is huge knowing that Pistons are sitting on the number two spot while the Cavs are on the top three and it is not as though the Cavs managed to ‘survive’ in that clash, but they had established dominance.

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Now going back to the historical streak killer Miami Heat which happens to be the Cavs opponent tomorrow, it will be a morale booster if Cavs will bag this victory. Imagine, the streak stopper Miami being beaten by the Cavaliers. Remember that the Boston Celtics haven’t avenged their loss against Cavs yet on their first regular season game and the victory against Heat will let Cleveland add up to Celtics grief.


Cavs finally found their rhythm. The chemistry of their superstars are now bolstered and the possibility of even lengthening this run isn’t just theoretical.
Will the Miami Heat make another historical stopping victory? Or will the Cavs continue to crush everything on its way to beat what the Boston had done this season so far?

Is LeBron Better Without Kyrie?

Break-up with Kyrie Irving enabled LeBron James to LeBron James

LeBron James isn’t missing Kyrie Irving.
When LeBron James returned to Cleveland after his stint with the Miami Heat, he formed a “Big 3” alongside Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love who came from the Minnesota Timberwolves. That alliance produced three consecutive trips to the NBA Finals for the Cavaliers who won the championship in 2016 after the Golden State Warriors blew a 3-1 series lead. 
Fast forward to 2017, Kyrie Irving demanded a trade and that demand was granted as Irving was traded to the now, league-leading Boston Celtics in exchange for a still-recovering Isaiah Thomas plus additional role players. While many people thought LeBron James lost in that deal, his numbers are saying otherwise. Why?

Here’s why:

Sure, the Cavs endured a 4-game losing streak during the first few weeks of the new season. They may have lost a ton of bad games including ones against mediocre teams. They lost to the Knicks and the Nets in a span of one week.  
They’re on an 8-game winning streak, the second-longest streak this season, so far. That is after the Cavs beat the Philadephia 76ers, 113-91. And LeBron James- the monstrous LeBron James that was missing during the last few years, has been the main reason why the Cavs have been so successful as of late. He’s averaging 28 points per game (3rd leading scorer in the league) and is leading the Cavs in 4 of the 5 major categories. 

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This basketball pundit on wheels is not saying that Kyrie Irving was hampering LeBron’s ability to dominate. This pundit is simply saying that the departure of Kyrie Irving enabled us NBA fans to witness the dominance of LeBron James anew. If anything, don’t be surprised if LeBron James goes on to win another MVP award this season. 

What’s and How’s: The Celtics Falls Against Streak Stopping Miami Heat

The Boston Celtics 16 winning streak is finally broken surprisingly by Miami Heat. 

Kyrie Irving

What does this mean for the Boston Celtics?

Well, from the looks of things, this loss is just nothing for Boston, a 16 win streak is a 16 win streak and it is not as easy as picking flowers in order to have a rally as successful as that.
In fact, it is not as though the Heat shut down the Boston completely, they just played a little bit better and the last phase of the time was on their side when Dion Waiters hit two big three pointers to break away against the reigning Celtics. Kyrie still scored well with 23 points as well as Jayson Tatum with 18.

How about for the Miami heat? 

If the game only had a bit of significance for Celtics, it was or is the other way around for the Miami Heat. Imagine taking down a team after that team had bent so many knees on that 16 straight games. It surely boosted the morale of the whole Miami squad especially those who played huge that night – Goran Dragic and Waiters.

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Moment of Truth

It seemed like the hoop decided to end the Celtics’ climb when Waiters shot a long one, missed but got the lucky bounce as the game approached its near end.
A fortunate shot put an end to Boston Celtics 16 game push which explains that Celtics did not run out of steam or was severely outplayed by Miami, it was a matter of luck that favored Waiters and Miami to deliver the lucky bounced killer three.
The whole league is still eyeing for the explosive Boston Celtics. They haven’t avenged their loss on the Cavs yet and it still is yet to come. It shall be one of this season’s biggest match up.

By the Numbers: Streaking No More: Boston’s Run End in Miami

Goran Dragic leads the way to end the season’s longest winning streak, so far

The Boston Celtics came into this game, carrying a 16-game winning streak and they were hoping to extend it to 17 against the Miami Heat who have dropped 3 of their last 4 games. While things haven’t gone according to plans for the Heat this season, the rest of the league shouldn’t count out Miami just yet because they may surprise you.
And it turned out, the Heat surprised the no-longer streaking Boston Celtics as Miami successfully defended their home court after beating the Celtics, 104-98. And this was just one of those games when Boston couldn’t get anything going. Why? They allowed the Heat to build a big lead. They almost erased that lead late in the game and in the end, the Heat still held on for the win, their second in 3 games.
What happened in Miami? Below are the numbers:

The Heat owned the Boards

If you have a player as tall as Hassan Whiteside on your team, you should be able to get more rebounds, right? Against the league-leading Celtics, Whiteside had only 10 rebounds but he has 5 other teammates who were able to get 5 rebounds or more.  Overall, the Heat outrebounded the Celtics- 48-37.

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Kyrie Struggled

The Celtics won some of their last 16 games despite the fact that Kyrie Irving was struggling offensively. They even won two games without him. However, things finally went south for the Celtics as Kyrie Irving only made 11 out of his 22 shots against Miami to finish with 23 points. He failed to make any of his 3 attempts from deep which would have made a difference considering how slim the final score was. He was also miserable from the free throw line, only making 1 of 4 charities. No wonder why they lost.

52 Points in the Paint

One of the main advantages of having someone like Hassan Whiteside is it gives the Heat the manpower to dominate the shaded area and that’s what the Heat did against Boston. Miami outscored their opponents in the paint, 52-40. 


Like it or not, the Boston Celtics will become a better team after this latest setback. They can look at the things which they did wrong against the Heat and try not to repeat those mistakes in the upcoming games- specifically Kyrie Irving who has been struggling miserably and that cannot be taken granted especially if Boston wants to make a deep run come playoff time. The Celtics will be back on their winning ways- one way or another. 

All-Out Double Digit Starters: Magic’s Spell Prevailed for First Season Win Against Heat

Aaron Gordon slamming the ball

A head-to-head clash boomed as the Miami Heat and Orlando Magic tried to take each other down, The Orlando Magic were tougher, defeating the Miami Heat 116-109 in a full-throttle starter combat.

All starters on both sides finished in double figures, showing that they all deserve to a spot to start a game with their efficiency and aggressiveness.
Heat somehow had the pace of the 1st quarter. They barely allowed Magic to have a taste of the lead.

The first quarter ended 37-32 in favor of Miami.

With Terrence Ross entering the game in the place of Aaron Gordon, the game slowly slid to their side with Ross dishing out assists to Ben Simmons plus hitting a shot from beyond the arc. Magic came behind until they finally pushed the scoreboard into a deadlock at 47 by Evan Fournier’s 16 footer, Nikola Vucevic with an assist. Miami was alarmed by Orlando making a comeback and ceased the action to talk things over.
Coming off the timeout with a fire extinguisher, Miami turned up the heat on their side again with James Johnson penetrating into the defense of Orlando for a jam. But still, they could not break away with Orlando’s grip. Vucevic scored from the inside and Fournier replied to Johnson with his own slam in the hoop. Joining the squad that punishes the rim, Aaron Gordon also sighted an opening to slam the ball down with the exclamation point. Tables were turned, it was Orlando 58-55 at the half.
3rd quarter is all about the Orlando, they established a huge gap, 88-78 to drain Miami’s hope.
Magic sustained their double-digit lead until the 5-minute mark of the final quarter as Johnson awakens his team with another power jam and the Miami sizzled with an 11 to nothing run, they are back in the game down by one basket, 103-105 with less than 3 minutes to play. But it was as close as they can get, Orlando ceased their offense through the offense and they never broke the five-point barrier against Fournier, Gordon and Vucevic shooting impeccably until time had run out.
Magic 116 – Fournier 23, Vucevic 19, Ross 15, Gordon 14, Payton 13, bench – 32
Heat 109 – White 26, Dragic 17, Waiters 15, Olynyk 10, Richardson 10, bench – 28

Miami Heat vs Orlando Magic Full Game Highlights October 18, 2017

(video courtesy of YouTube/G4NBAVideosHD)

Nail-Biting Clash: Orlando Magic Survives all out War with Heat

Domination in the Shaded Area is definitely Orlando Magic’s strength.

Aaron Gordon top score with 19 against Miami Heat 

Magic ousted the Miami Heat 93-88

Orlando awakened the scoreboard by a Terrence Ross’ transition layup out of a steal from Dion Waiters.  Magic operated the inside well as they score their initial points in the paint. Meanwhile, Miami swiftly connected from the outside by Waiters and Rodney McGruder to counter Magic’s offensive stance but the inside crushing game of Orlando, lead by Jonathan Simmons ousted Heat at the first 12 minutes, 28-22.
Sticking with the initial sight of ignition – the outside shooting which worked well in the first, Miami cracked the scoreboard apart with a humongous 15 to nothing run. Josh Richardson and Wayne Ellington joined the deadly 3-point shootout to break away from the stunned Orlando, 40-31. The first half ended 54-49, a turned table in favor of the Miami Heat initiated by Waiters, Richardson and Whiteside which already are in double figures at the half.
Heat continued to threaten Orlando Magic by another run, 9-0 in at the early 3rd but they could not break through Magic’s reach as they operate a bit outside their comfort zone, shooting on the perimeter and from the outside with a perfectly augmented inside play. Gordon and Elfrid Payton kept their prey within striking distance 73-68.

The Jonathans

Magic’s Jonathans (Simmons and Isaac) dashed through at the very start of the final quarter, delivering baskets. Jonathan Isaac drew a crucial shooting foul committed by Justise Winslow beyond the arc and delivered all 3 free-throws successfully, taking a 4 point lead at 77-73. Josh Richardson sizzled and hammered down the ring plus another jam by James Johnson.
Out of nowhere, Arron Afflalo yielded 8 points in less than a minute, 2 long balls and one perimeter jumper to bag an 88-79 lead for Magic with less than 3 minutes to play.
Heat ain’t running out of steam yet, going head-to-head for an 8 to nothing run to bring the game to as close as being down only by a single point at 87-88 as the game approaches the last minute. Isaac makes a 10-point jumper, forcing Miami into a timeout to carefully sketch out the final 48 seconds.
Magic’s defense shaken up the Heat attack, Bam Adebayo was forced to take the shot and the crucial possession went to Orlando’s way by forcing Miami into a 24-second violation calling a timeout for the last 25 seconds of play.
Test of resistance to pressure, Walton fouled Kailin Lucas right after the inbound, Lucas completes the 2 free throws to push their lead to a 2 possession deficit. 

Orlando survived the all-out war against Miami, 93-90.
Orlando – 93 
Gordon 19, Ross 11, Fournier 9, Payton 6, Vucevic 4, bench – 44

Miami – 9
Richardson 19, Waiters 17, Whiteside 17, McGruder 9, Olynyk 2, bench 19

(video courtesy of Rapid Highlights)

The Dwayne Wade Effect

This deal will have a series of rippling effects

The Cavs has just gotten stronger. Or have they?
When the news about the Chicago Bulls and Dwayne Wade finally had agreed on the buyout agreement with regards to Wade’s contract, the rest of the NBA went crazy because of the great number of teams already lining up to get Wade’s services. And believe it or not, one of those teams that approached the Flash is the Oklahoma City Thunder which recently acquired another star in Carmelo Anthony via a trade just last week. 
Of course, there were talks about the possibility of a return to the Miami Heat but if anything, no rumors grew louder than the one surrounding the possibility of a reunion between Wade and LeBron James, in Cleveland. And true to form, one of the greatest dynamic duos that the NBA has seen, has just been reunited after Dwayne Wade agreed to play with his pal, LeBron James, for the defending Eastern Conference champions, Cleveland Cavaliers.
Many NBA pundits, including the one writing this piece, has already predicted this reunion but to some, it’s not the question of the talents of both Wade and LeBron because when it comes to talent, we all know how talented both players are especially during their championship runs with the Miami Heat.
It’s the question of how Wade will be able to blend in a Cavaliers roster that already has Kevin Love, Isaiah Thomas and of course, Derrick Rose. While Wade has been expected to start for the Cavs, Rose will likely start in place of Thomas who is likely to miss some games as he is still recovering from the hip injury he sustained during last season’s Eastern Conference Finals. 
With  everything that has been said, below are the major effects of this deal not just to the Cavs, but to the rest of the league:

A Super Team Gone More Super(?)

During the past 3 seasons, super teams have been popping out in the NBA thanks to the effect that is called, the Golden State Warriors effect. While some say that it was LeBron James who started this trend when he joined the Heat back in 2010, the balance in the NBA has never been the same since  Kevin Durant joined the Warriors last season after the latter blew a 3-1 lead in the Finals the season before it. That’s how everyone wanted to beat the Warriors so badly. 
While the Cavs are still considered as a powerhouse team in the East even before Dwayne Wade came over, there’s no doubt in everyone’s mind that this deal will cement the Cavs’ status as one of the strongest teams in the league- at least on paper. In fact, they might be better come the regular season and the playoffs because we all know that Wade has been one of the most reliable clutch players any coach can trust to make the final shot. It’s now the question of how Coach Tyronn Lue will manage his rotation and how the players will react to Wade’s arrival. 
But like it or not, the Cavs is now a team which can go miles and miles away with four superstars in their starting line-up.

The East Belongs to the Cavs. For now.

Like it or not, even a Boston Celtics team that has Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward plus Al Horford cannot compete with the Cavs- at least on paper. The Bulls have lost Jimmy Butler and Rajon Rondo to the West. The Toronto Raptors will have to hope that DeMar DeRozan will lessen his tendency to shoot bricks should they want to compete against the Cavs. 
The Washington Wizards? John Wall can’t carry the Wizards even if he has magic powers like Harry Potter. Who is left to challenge the Cavs come the playoffs? Answer:  Nobody. The Celtics can try but the Cavaliers will have more firepower by then should Wade, Thomas and Rose stay healthy come playoff time. 

Increased Chances of Keeping LeBron. For now.

While the rumors surrounding LeBron’s impending move to the Los Angeles Lakers come next season are refusing to die, having one of his best pals in the team will help LeBron rebuild his strained relationship with the Cavs front office. Or at the very least, keep the tensions minimal. Wade’s arrival will also add leadership which will be very much needed especially during clutch situations. 
But one important effect of the Dwayne Wade deal for Cleveland, in general, is that one way or another, this deal will increase the Cavs’ chances of keeping LeBron especially if this reunion will produce a championship assuming Cleveland makes it back to the Finals and beat the Warriors. And should that scenario happens, there’s a high chance that the King will reconsider his decision to sign with the Lakers come July of 2018. But given the fact that this is the NBA, anything can happen between now and 2018 so basically, it’s a wait-and-see game. 
In the end, chemistry will dictate how far this reunion will go and if this reunion will indeed, end in a championship parade. Yes, the Cavs have gotten themselves a veteran star in Wade. Yes, the Cavs have no one else in the East to at least, challenge them come playoffs. And yes, NBA fans, the Cavs have formed an even deadlier-on-paper super team who will try to dethrone the Warriors. 

Top 3 Aging NBA Players to Look Out

They may be old but they can still compete

In some cases, players who were able to play in the NBA for 10 years consider themselves lucky because like it or not, playing in the 82-game regular season is a huge sacrifice for anyone regardless of your height and age. There may be times when you’re feeling like you can score at any given time and there may also be times when things weren’t going your way. Health and fatigue will dictate one’s longveity in the NBA because mind you, aside from the fact that youi’ll get bumped. elbowed and sometimes, hit by the knee more than you can possibly count, you will also need worry about Father Time as well who can slow you down no matter how hard you try to avoid him. 
The 2017-2018 season is just around the corner and there are some players who will enter the season already in the final playable years. In this article, we’ll discuss the top 3 NBA players whom, despite their age, can still play at a high level given the opportunity:
Wade is still among the elite guards in the NBA 

First on the list is none other than 3-time NBA champion, Dwayne Wade. He spent his first 14 seasons in the NBA with the Miami Heat before playing alongside Jimmy Butler and Rajon Rondo for the Chicago Bulls. At the age of 35, Wade can still compete alongside the elite slashers and despite the fact that his numbers have went down, just averaging 18 points per game and logging in 29 minutes per game, he will still be a valuable asset to any team that he will be playing because as of the moment, Wade is still waiting for the buyout offer from the Bulls which will enable him to either return to the Heat or sign elsewhere.
Who doesn’t like watching this guy dunk?
Vince Carter is probably one of the few NBA veterans who deserves a shot at an NBA title before hanging his jersey for good. Even as he is about to enter his 20th season with the Sacramento Kings, he remains a fan favourite because of his terrorizing dunks and acrobatic moves which leave defenders in awe. His 3 seasons with the Memphis Grizzlies saw his numbers drop dramatically. During the 2016-2017 season, Vince Carter only manage to average score 8 points per game, his highest with the Grizzlies. He’s now looking to provide the leadership and the much-needed spark with the Kings, a team which too, underwent massive makeover moves over the last few years. If anything, not having won an NBA title doesn’t take anything from Vince. He has proven himself to be  one of the best and most creative dunkers that the league has ever seen. But again, he is more than just about his monstrous dunks and his fellow players know that.
Kyle Korver will remain a threat especially from the 3-point line
While it’s unfortunately true that Kyle Korver has never won the 3-point shootout, it doesn’t mean that he can’t score threes because HE CAN shoot and score 3-pointers like there’s no more tomorrow. In fact, in the 35 regular season games that he played with the Cleveland Cavaliers last season, he made 48% of his three-pointers and in he NBA, that’s already a high percentage for a player like Korve despite his age of 36. His 10 points per game average may be a small thing but he will remain a valuable asset to the Cavs come the new season. And when the game is on the line, Kyle Korver can come through. We’ve seen him take clutch shots and we’ve seen him make many of those.

The NBA will Celebrate the First Filipino Heritage Week



– Celebration in Manila Includes Viewing Party with an NBA Legend, NBA Cares Event and Specially-Designed Merchandise –
– Miami Heat and Golden State Warriors to Host Filipino Heritage Nights in March Broadcasted in the Philippines on ABS-CBN, Sports + Action, Basketball TV and NBA Premium TV –
MANILA, PHILIPPINES, Jan. 31, 2017 – The National Basketball Association (NBA) today announced the first NBA Filipino Heritage Week to celebrate Philippine culture with millions of Filipino fans around the world.  The celebration in the Philippines, which will run from March 13-19, will feature a viewing party attended by an NBA legend, an NBA Cares event, and social media activations on the NBA’s Facebook and Twitter accounts in the Philippines.
As part of NBA Filipino Heritage Week, the Golden State Warriors and the Miami Heat will host Filipino Heritage Nights in March, featuring in-arena Philippine-themed activations including musical performances and giveaways.  All three games will be available in the Philippines on Basketball TV, with the Heat-Minnesota Timberwolves and Warriors-Milwaukee Bucks matchups also airing on ABS-CBN Channel 2 and Sports + Action respectively.
“The first NBA Filipino Heritage Week is the perfect opportunity for the NBA to celebrate the support of our Filipino fans around the world,” said NBA Philippines Managing Director Carlo Singson.  “The activities in the Philippines, Miami and Oakland will showcase the country’s vibrant culture and passion for basketball.”
In addition, there will be specially designed merchandise to commemorate the first-ever Filipino Heritage Week.
NBA Filipino Heritage Week Matchups include:
·         March 16 (March 15 U.S.) – Heat vs. New Orleans Pelicans: Head Coach and Filipino-American Erik Spoelstra, Hassan Whiteside and the Heat will face four-time NBA All-Star Anthony Davis and the Pelicans (Basketball TV)

·         March 18 (March 17 U.S.) – Heat vs. Timberwolves: The Heat will matchup against reigning Kia NBA Rookie of the Year Karl-Anthony Towns and the Timberwolves (ABS-CBN, Basketball TV and NBA Premium TV)

·         March 19 (March 18 U.S.) – Warriors vs. Bucks: Reigning back-to-back Kia NBA MVP Stephen Curry and seven-time NBA All-Star Kevin Durant will take on 2017 NBA All-Star Giannis Antetokounmpo and the visiting Bucks (Sports + Action and Basketball TV)
Fans can also watch Filipino Heritage Night games on NBA LEAGUE PASS.  Globe Telecom subscribers are also eligible for exclusive NBA packages available in three service offerings: NBA499 for a 30-day premium access, NBA299 for 7 days, and NBA50 for a 24-hour access.  Globe users must text the preferred NBA promo keyword (NBA499, NBA299, NBA50) to 8080 to begin the registration process.  
More details on the first NBA Filipino Heritage Week will be announced in the coming weeks.  For all the latest news and updates on the NBA, visit www.nba.com, download the NBA app and follow the NBA on Facebook (www.facebook.com/philsnba) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/nba_philippines).

The ’96 Draft Class Concluded Ray Allen Officially Retires

Today, Ray Allen officially retires from NBA. Check out his Letter to his 13 year old self at Player’s Tribune . He was basically been retired for two years though.

Allen was the fifth pick of the 1996 NBA Draft. He has two championships (Celtics and Heat) and multiple All-star appearances. He is an all-time leader in 3-pointers in NBA history. In the Olympics, he has a gold medal as well.

Thank you for 18 years GOAT shooter.

Here’s a portion of Ray Allen’s Letter to my younger self….

The hell you experience when you get off that bus will be temporary. Basketball will take you far away from that school yard. You will become far more than just a basketball player. You’ll get to act in movies. You’ll travel the world. You will become a husband, and the father of five amazing children.

Now, the most important question in your life isn’t, “Who am I supposed to be?” or even, “What do I have to do to win another championship?”

It’s, “Daddy, guess what happened in math class today?”

That’s the reward that awaits you at the end of your journey.

Go to the court. Stay at the court.

Get your work in, young fella.

Most people will never really get to know the real you. But they’ll know your work.

Basketball Culture : Hassan Whiteside style

Introducing Hassan Whiteside, Miami heat’s Center, named Conference USA Defensive Player of the Year (2010), NBA D-League champion (2013), NBA blocks leader (2016), and NBA All-Defensive Second Team (2016) ; our theme for today’s Basketball Culture.

A photo posted by Hassan whiteside (@hassanwhiteside) on Dec 19, 2015 at 4:12pm PST


A photo posted by Hassan whiteside (@hassanwhiteside) on Dec 18, 2015 at 10:18am PST


A photo posted by Hassan whiteside (@hassanwhiteside) on Jan 19, 2016 at 9:43am PST


A photo posted by Hassan whiteside (@hassanwhiteside) on May 2, 2016 at 4:42pm PDT


Photo courtesy of Worldredeye, and @hassanwhiteside / Instagram

Whiteside Agreed to Re-Sign with the Miami Heat

Hassan Whiteside has agreed to a four-year, $98 million deal to re-sign with the Miami Heat. Whiteside has drawn interest from different teams with the Dallas Mavericks are favorites to sign him. But the defensive big man decided to re-sign with the Heat instead.
Whiteside averaged 14.2 points, 11.8 rebounds and 3.7 blocks in just 29.1 minutes of action per game last season. He led the league in blocks per game and is third in rebounding. 
Re-signing Whiteside is the first off season move of the Miami Heat as they’ll try to convince their star player Dwyane Wade to stay and re-sign with the team.

NBA Free Agency: Update on Hassan Whiteside’s Decision after he met with the Dallas Mavericks

 (Artwork by Sean Curate)

At around 1:45 a.m. Friday (Times Eastern), the Heat reportedly ended their meeting with Whiteside without an agreement in place. He met with the Mavericks after that. (Shams Charania, The Vertical) 

But the rumors about him leaving will now stop.

Just a few hours ago, Hassan Whiteside ended the buzz for the teams that are aiming to acquire him. 

He finally made a decision after he announced his plans on Snapchat, making a post with the message “#Heatnation it is” over the top.

So for Heat Fans. Chill. He is Staying with the Miami Heat.

Where is Ray Allen? – The Question that everybody has in their mind up until now that needs to be answered

(Artwork by Sean Curate)

It has been almost two years now, since Ray Allen last played in the league. It is still a mystery for most of the NBA fans. All of them have one question in mind. Where is Ray Allen?

The last appearance of  Allen was back when the Heat lost their championship run last 2014 against the Spurs. 
After that, Allen was nowhere to be seen.

Ray Allen has passed on multiple offers to return to the Heat, sources told the Miami Herald.
The Heat has reached out “multiple times through multiple channels to Allen,” and in addition 
to having a “standing offer” to return since the 2014 offseason, Miami “made additional overtures as recently as this summer.” Despite keeping himself in excellent shape, it’s hard to see the 40-year-old returning to the NBA after sitting out the last year.
Before the 2015-2016 season started, a statement was released by Allen. “Over the past several months, I have taken a lot of time to deliberate what is best for me,” Allen said in a statement released by his agent. “I’ve ultimately decided that I will not play this NBA season. I’m going to take the remainder of this season, as well as the upcoming off-season, to reassess my situation, spend time with my family and determine if I will play in the 2015-16 season.”

It was previously reported that despite not playing the entire season last year, future Hall of Famer Ray Allen has yet to formalize his retirement.
According to cbssports.com, Allen spoke about his hiatus  and his possible retirement. “I haven’t said anything about that and I won’t officially retire,” Allen said. “Because if something came to the table, contractually and situational-ly, I want to be able to take a strong look at it. I don’t want to be that guy that says he’s retiring and then is coming back.”
There’s even a rumor that Allen may be coming back to the NBA and a possible reunion could occur. As per axs.com, the Los Angeles Clippers are still in pursuit of the sharpshooting guard.
If head coach Doc Rivers can convince the retired player to comeback, it would be a mini-reunion of the 2008 Boston Celtics championship team with Rivers as the coach and Finals Most Valuable Player Paul Pierce in the roster.
Allen has been gone for two seasons, but one thing’s for sure. As long as he doesn’t decide to call it quits, there’s still a ray of hope that Jesus Shuttlesworth will be back in the league. All we have to do is, just wait for his comeback.

Two-time NBA Champion Norris Cole in Manila, weighs in on balancing academics and athletic career.

Norris Cole is not only a two-time NBA Champion. He is a salutatorian of his high school, and earned a BA in health sciences.

Manila, Philippines, April 19, 2016 — Norris Cole of the New Orleans Pelicans and WNBA Champion Taj McWilliam-Franklin arrived in Manila Wednesday morning for Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA Philippines 2016 National Training Camp. Cole and McWilliams-Franklin visited NBA Cafe Wednesday morning and Powcast had the pleasure of asking Cole and McWilliams-Franklin some questions and you will be inspired with some of their answers. Read on below.  

I think being sharp mentally and being educated helps in basketball but also helps in life and that’s what it is all about. Norris Cole


Powcast: Who are your inspirations growing up?

Norris Cole: My father. Michael Jordan as far as basketball is concerned. I’m a family guy. My uncles, aunties, my cousins and I spent a lot of time with them. So my family is my inspiration.  

Powcast: What are your advice for the young athletes here in the Philippines? 

Norris Cole: My advice would be to work hard. Put your time in and don’t cheat the game. That is the only way to be good at something. In Jr. NBA that’s what we teach, we teach sportsmanship, teamwork, attitude and respect for the game and if you keep that in mind, you can be successful in this game.

“I think being sharp mentally and being educated helps in basketball but also helps in life..” – Norris Cole, New Orleans Pelicans.

Powcast: Do you think a lot of student athletes could actually achieve the same thing as far as graduating with honors and balancing their athletic career? 

Norris Cole: Yes, it is very possible. It makes you a well-rounded individual and that’s what I wanted to be. I didn’t want to be stuck in one category. I wanted to be able to be multidimensional and be good in multiple things. I think being sharp mentally and being educated helps in basketball but also helps in life and that’s what it is all about. Achieving high in life and not just in the game of basketball. 

Always be passionate about what you are doing. Whether it is basketball or something else, if it is something you enjoy, you enjoy it with all your heart. – Taj McWilliams-Franklin

“If it is something you enjoy, you enjoy it with all your heart.” -Taj McWilliams-Franklin

Powcast: With all your achievements and accomplices what would you impart to the campers of the Jr. WNBA?

Taj McWilliams-Franklin: I think the main thing is passion. Always be passionate about what you are doing. Whether it is basketball or something else, if it is something you enjoy, you enjoy it with all your heart. I love to exercise but I’m also very energetic and passionate about basketball and so for me they go to hand in hand, it thought me life lessons life like teamwork, sportsmanship, respect, attitude that I carry with. I take this life lessons wherever I go.

Norris Cole will have an appearance tomorrow Thursday at 2:30 pm NBA Store TriNoma. The Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA Philippines 2016 National Training Camp will be held at the Don Bosco Technical institute April 22-23 and at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall on April 24

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Chief Justise Winslow helped Heat get the W over Pacers!

Justise Winslow

Yes I know he only scored 7 points, grabbed 6 rebounds and 1 block but the fact that during the game winning moments he has provided excellent defense against Paul George and sink in a free throw that gave the the lead in OT 102-100 with 5 seconds remaining in the game. 

Winslow played excellent denial on PG during the last seconds of the game causing the Pacers to call all of their time out that led to their victory. The Pacers was able to get the ball into the hands of Paul George but it was still Winslow who was there to challenge the shot.

The future looks good for the heat organization but its even better for Chief Justise Winslow as he is would be a force to reckoned with. He is just 19 years old but plays like Butler on defense and I won’t be surprised if he would be the face of the franchise a couple of years from now together with Hassan Whiteside.

Here is the highlight of his defense to offense;

Full highlights of the game:

Written by:
Team Powcast

Big 3 in Minny 55 pts combined burns Heat but wait Shabazz has 16 pts on 6-8 shooting!

The big four? 

It was a game full of Hassan Whiteside’s monstrous triple double 22 pts 14 rebs 10 blocks! a monster indeed but that wasn’t enough as the big 3 in minny combined for 55 pts, 24 from Wiggins, 17 for Lavine, 14 pts 14 rebs for towns and 16 from Shabazz. Rubio is back as well after missing 4 games.

Here is the highlight of the game:

Written by:
Team Powcast

Paul George IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! 36 pts 12 rebs against the Heat! (+flashback dunk)


The Indiana Pacers strut a new uniform to honor the 1986 Movie “Hoosiers” a small town Indian High school Basketball team that won the state championship. 

That may have inspired PG to come back stronger firing at all angles and stroking it like he’s cooking something special. He ended the night giving the Heat a blast from the past when George did this to them.

I hope he keeps it that way, Healthy. It still early he is just 25 years old. He may have had that injury but boy it didnt bother him at all after being gone. 


Here is the monstrous performance of PG13 courtesy of FreeDawkins:

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Team Powcast

The Brow: Anthony Davis with Monstrous stats 25 Pts, 13 Rebs and 5 BLOCKS!!! and shooting them 3’s

The Brow : Anthony Davis

Davis has been playing insane since he joined the NBA and it just keeps getting better just his 3rd year and only 22 years old, he has been touted to be the favorite to win this years MVP. I know that’s not his ultimate goal but despite playing without 6 players the Pelicans headed by Davis beat the sizzling hot Miami Heat in the last day of the pre-season NBA game with a score of 93-90. 

It is scary for the rest of the league for AD to be this great at such an early age, I remember my hero KG! the Kid, Kevin Garnett back in the day. Davis’ game has evolved a lot and its looking like his squad just needs to be healthy to make more noise in the playoffs.

Injured players for pelicans:

Pelicans: New Orleans played without six injured players — centers Omer Asik and Alexis Ajinca, guards Tyreke Evans and Norris Cole and forwards Quincy Pondexter and Luke Babbitt

Enough about my chit chat, here is the insane highlight of AD:

*I will be using team colors for every NBA Articles I am writing moving forward.
Written by:
Aldrin C. 
Team Powcast

I Love me Some Gerald Green! 24 pts with insane dunks vs Pelicans.


Gerald Green is playing insane in the pre-season last 3 games he has led the Heat with 20 or more points. He also led the team in pre-season with 17.3 ppg. He has accepted the role in this team making the Heat squad looking like the favorites to go up against LBJ and the rest of the NBA’s Eastern teams. 

This game against Davis’ and the Pelicans,
Green scored 24 pts in 26 minutes with 10-15 shooting 1-2 from 3pt. 

I have discussed a lot about Green in the past few days so let me just give you the highlights below. 

Caution: The Rim got murdered!

Written by:
Aldrin C.
Team Powcast