The Return of "The H-Bomb"

Rudy Hatfield   tweeted a  meaty post in twitter about Tim Cone’s transfer to Ginebra. Will it be the right time for the H-Bomb to go back to his previous team? Not impossible. There has been alot of talks about this in the past and Rudy has been vocal in giving out his insights about the  Ginebra’s performance.

Rudy hatfield who was a part of the Ginebra squad when they got the championship trophy in the 2006 Philippine Cup, is one of the key players and energizers that gave the team enough confidence despite of being at the bottom of the standings

The ginebra fans are still left clueless of what’s going to happen during this long season break, will Tim Cone be Transferred to Ginebra?, Will there be any trades that will take place before next season?, Who’s Ginebra’s choice in the rookie draft? and Will Rudy Hatfield reunite with the Barangay Ginebra San Miguel?