The USA Court Kingz electrified the crowd as they threw a bunch of Rim-Rattling Dunks that reverberated throughout the MOA Arena #GlobalHoops2016

(Photo by Sean Belarmino Curate)

       Court Kingz in #GlobalHoops2016

      By Sean Benedict B. Curate I

      PASAY, PHILIPPINES The Court Kingz put on a show inside the MOA Arena, led by                        Hot Sauce, Jumping Joe, Megatron, Zig Zag, Mr. Viral and many more. 

         The Court Kingz showed their explosive hops on their first game against Team China which                    was led by More Free. The Chinese players, including their bigs, were lighting the arc with                      three-point bombs. While the Americans had always left the crowd in awe, by throwing                          powerful dunks on most of their possessions. 
         The game between USA and China ended 38-24. with USA commanding the game until 
         the end with a double-digit lead.
         The first game was followed by a Halftime show. Andrew E. started the show which gave a lot                of energy to the crowd. Abra performed after Andrew E. Followed by Gloc-9, in which he                        performed his hit songs, “Simpleng Tao” and “Sirena”. Loonie also performed his popular                      song “Tao Lang” with Quest on the vocal parts. The Halftime show ended with Mike                                  Swift as the last performer.

           The last exhibition game of Team USA’s Court Kingz was against the Team Philippines, 
           which were composed by PBA Players such as Don Allado, Ren-Ren Ritualo, Willie Miller                          and Ronjay Buenafe. Each players had their moments. Don Allado scored on the post,                            Ren-Ren delivered jump shots, Willie Miller displayed his court-vision with                                                  some flashy passes and Ronjay Buenafe showed his ball-handling skills with                                              some nasty ankle breakers.
           See the Video Below:

(Video by Royce San Antonio)